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Hoover S5682 Switch Only Works In One Position

We own a hoover Central vaccume system model No. S5682. We have plenty of suction when the hand grip control is set to (C) right looking down. When we attach the agitator brush roll and switch to (B) left, roll spins fine but no suction. Can you help? Greatly appreciated David

With the switch in the position to turn on your floor brush, your suction should be on. You have a bad switch in your hose that needs to be replaced. Fairly easy to do, and a quick fix.

Always Running

I have a Hoover Generation II central vacuum and twice already that I noticed the motor running even when not being used. Seems like a relay or something is stuck closed so I have to disconnect the plug to stop the motor.What part do I need to replace and how much is it? Any Hoover parts supplier around Pickering, Ont. Canada area. Thanks. Franklin

Hi, first you need to really determine if it is the vacuum unit or the wiring in the home. Disconnect the low voltage wire coming from the home with the pipe. Plug your vacuum back in and see what happens. If it is fine then there is a short somewhere in your system and that is hard to find. You may have to use remote frequency to control the vacuum. But if the vacuum still remains on then your circuit board or relay needs changing.

Hoover 550 Motor

Gentlemen We have a Hoover 550 Central Vac. guessing 20+/- years old. When I try to use it, it smells hot and kicks off. I reset the breaker on the side of the vacuum and it immediately kicks off when I turn it on. I removed the cover, motors on top of unit. When I try to start it, I see sparks inside the motor and it kicks off. I blew all the fine dust out of the motor compartment with no luck. If I need a new motor, what information is needed off of the old motor, if they are available? Thanks, Jim Mize, Lodi, California 95242

Hi Jim, if you'd send us a photo we can point you in the right direction. Or if you see a green number stamped on the side of it send it over. The motor is probably a flo-thru motor like this one https://builtinvacuum.com/search_products.html?search_string=thru+flow, compared to the majority of bypass motors used today that have a cooling fan at the top.

Add a VacPan?

We have a Hoover S5569 central vac and I'm trying to figure out if it's a low voltage system so I can add a vac pan to the system. Jon, Craven

Hello Jon, all central vacuums are low voltage except for the recent invention of AirForce. You can add a VacPan and tie the low voltage in anywhere along the current low voltage or directly into the unit where the low voltage wires are currently connected.

Damaged Electric Hose Repairable?

I have a Hoover central vac hose that has torn just before it enters the ring attachment (which is inside the handle). How can I repair this? There doesn't seem to be a way to remove the hose, trim it and put it back in.

Sorry, once there is an issue with the hose ends or hose it is not repairable. Hoover did have some proprietary hoses. Use the information at the top of this page to find compatibility https://builtinvacuum.com/hoses/electrichoses.html. You may need a new Electric Kit if the hose is not replaceable. We recommend the Stealth II or EdgeLift.

Not Working

We recently bought a home in Lakeville, MN and the central vacuum cleaner doesn't work. How do we go about finding a repair service? We have a Hoover 400 and the home was built in 1991.

Hello, you'd probably be the best person to do an initial troubleshooting using www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. These systems are really not to complicated and our customers are happy to find that they can resolve many of their own issues.