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Replace S5673 Power Unit with New Model

I have a Hoover Central Vac S5673 Unit that needs to be replaced after 13 1/2 years of use. What unit will replace this unit and match up the existing tubing for the intake and the out take?

We highly recommend the FloMaster C650. It has 50% more power, is quieter, and easier to empty. It can be hung to match the intake on the Hoover. The same low voltage wire can be used. The C650 is available through dealers. https://builtinvacuum.com/flomaster/compare.html

GUV Stops After 3 Minutes

My GUV stops after 3 min of operation. Then resets and repeats the same process. Filters are clean, canister is empty !

Typically a central vacuum will shut itself off but later work when the motor is going bad. If it was a relay it would stay on all the time.

Muffler for Hoover Central Vac

we have a hoover generation 2 central vac , model # s5567. I have 2 questions. First one is, can i put this unit in the garage and it is cold (we are from Canada)since it's in the basement at the moment and second , is there a muffler for the outlet. The unit does make alot of noise. Thank you for your help.

Yes, you can put this unit is a freezing cold garage without any issues. We have mufflers here and they usually work good on all central vacs. www.builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=260,260AV2K

Bags for SH80750

I cann't find bags for central vacuum SH80750 on your site. Hoover US is stopped shipping products to Canada. Please advise. Thank you in advance. Vladimir

We don't have a cross reference but we have had success with customers matching the bag that looks closest to theirs. See these bags and let us know which one is most like yours. There really are only a few bags used within this industry and few of them are truly unique. https://builtinvacuum.com/bagsfilters/paper-bags.html

Hoover Quadraflex Replacement Options

i have a hoover central vac system S5557 with a quadraflex agitation power nozel its a G111power i cant find the model no. the power nozel wont work its SN00004623 can it be replaced if so where and what price its about 20 yrs old and in great condition

Unfortunately, the Hoover Quadraflex is discontinued. We do carry other brands of electric power nozzles, however, they are not compatable with your Hoover electric hose. If you click on the link provided, you will see four options ranging from $449-$569, along with information to assist you with your decision: https://builtinvacuum.com/comparison.html

Stopped Working

We were using the vacuum when some glass broke, I accidently picked up large pieces of glass. Not a while after it stopped working. I would like any advice that would fix this problem because its been a few months and we have literlly tried many things and it is still not working. Thanks in advance.

It is on but there is no suction or will it not turn on at all? Both issues can be dealt with here https://builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Connecting Low Voltage Wire to Tank

I have a Hoover S5673 and the vacuum motor does not start when switched on from inside the house, but it runs perfect when the switch on the vacuum unit is turned on. I found the wires that connect to the device were torn off from the two connector pins. Can you tell me how the wires should be connected back (which colour to which pin), and where should the ground wire be connected. Thanks Zaman

It doesn't matter which wire goes on which connection. The low voltage wire from the inlets in the home connect to the tank but in no particular order. It never matters which wire goes to which terminal.

How to Use without Home Connection

Ivan - Newmarket, On. Just bought a Hoover S5671 used and need to get instructions on how to install it. I've never had a central vac before and looking to try it out and see if I like it. There is a port to plug the hose in (with electrical connector) and there is a rubber inlet also. Can I just plug this rubber inlet off to test the unit? A manual would be best to understand the low voltage wires installation. Thanks!

There should be two ports besides the on-board hose inlet. One would be for the motor exhaust, the other for home pipe connection to bring in the dirt. The dirt intake one needs to be blocked in any way you can, then you can use the on-board hose port. The low voltage wire connections on the unit would connect to the wire that comes from the home.

Replacement Canister Options

I have a generation 3 central vac that has served me well for several years. The motor has given out. Is there a compatible model that I could buy so that all of my duct work could stay the same? I would like to buy a new canister and motor. Thanks, Sandra

There are a few top mount central vacuums that will use the pipe, plug-in, and low voltage wire - and be stronger than your current central vacuum. Please call us for more information.

Unit Low Suction

Suction was fine, but was very loud. emptied bag, still working fine but still very loud. Yesterday, suction very weak even if plugged directly into the unit.

With there being low suction right at the unit, there is either a clogged filter or the motor is going bad. If the unit is running at the same volume as normal, check all the filters. If it is running at a lower volume, then the motor has died and needs to be replaced.

Convert to Disposable Bag?

I have a Hoover central vac model # S5604 and I would like to use a bag with it will the sealed bag adapter part # 726 work for me ? Andrew Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Sorry, we are not familar with how to convert Hoover central vacuums to a disposal bag. When the unit dies you can replace it with one of our's for more power and disposable bag. They start at $500.

Spin and Scrub Vacuum

Don't know how to attach the upholstery attachment to the spin &scrub steam vacuum. Julie Mont Vlg

The upholstery tool is not designed or intended for anything other than a central vacuum system. Steam vacuums are a different design and will not work with standard vacuum products.

Replace Inlet on Hoover Main Unit

I have a Hoover model #5673 with an inlet located on the canister for easy garage cleaning. But, the outer cover is broken, so it just leaks air and makes the whole thing unusable. We put electrical tape around and across the inlet on the canister so we can still use the vacuum on the inside of the house, but we'd sure like to be able to vacuum the garage and vehicles. The molded, rubber part that fits snuggly to the canister is still in good shape. Will one of your basic inlets fit on this molded, rubber part on the canister? Although the inlets inside the house are electrified this unit on the canister itself is not. Thanks for any help/guidance. From Sharyl in Seabeck, WA

Good idea and it will work if the inner diameter of that rubber is 1-5/8". If larger then maybe this will work https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=613.

Filter Needed

I have a Hoover Central Vac Model # S5569-011. I need to replace the filter and would also like to purchase a new round brush attachment to my original attachment set Model S5613. Do you know where I may get these parts? I do not have the manual and cannot locate the original part numbers for the filter or the brush attachment. Thank you for your assistance. Bobbi from Newnan, GA

Hoover discontinued their filter but we have a good replacement for it. Look at the filtration column here to understand this option https://builtinvacuum.com/help/hoover/motor.html. For the brush, the original is not available. We have dusting brushes under Accessories, Standard Tools. Please take a look there.

Hoover S5639 Motor

I am looking for a motor for a generation III model S5639. the bushing is gone on the top. I would like to replace the hole motor and am having no luck finding one in Canada. Is their a replacement available. Bernie Whitewood,Sask. Canada

The only hope we can offer is that the motors they used in other models they happened to you in yours. Click on the details link to use the photo and measurements to compare to yours. Each motor is unique so if you see a match, you found your motor. https://builtinvacuum.com/help/hoover/motor.html

Loss of Suction

I have a Hoover s5673 central and i would to get the user's manual to be able to clean it. The succion is way down from what it was before. I emptied the can but is there any other maintenence to do on it? Thanks

There are some tricks here for testing the suction issues www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. Please try that.

Hoover GIII Motor?

I have a 1990's Hoover GIII system. Will the 116765-00 work in this system?

Hi, we are 99% sure that is the correct motor. Please measure the height of the motor and if it is 8 inches or just over then this is it.

Suction is Lower

I have a Hoover Central Vac which seem to have less suction than when we bought the house 5 years ago. Unit is, I think, about 12 years old. I have cleaned the filter and made sure the intakes and hoses are clear. Any suggestions?

Hi, we have a helpful guide to assist you finding and fixing the issue. Please go to www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html to begin and get back to us if you have any questions.

How to Connect the Low Tension Voltage Wires

hello my name is Martin and and living in Kingston Ontario , my question is pretty simple but i cannot have any answer from the Hoover company about the low tension (voltage) wire. Do I have to connect them (the 3 receptacle wall outlets) in series or each receptacle have to connect directly to the centrale unit. And my second question is about the 120 v cable , they say to not use extension coord with it, but can I use a bigger electric cable cause i really dont want open the wall. thanks for your consern

Hi, the wire that goes from the unit to the wall valves can be in series or direct runs or splices into a main line. Use 20 guage wire or 18 gauge when the home is over 5,000 square feet.

Hoover S5673 Filtration

I've got a Hoover S5673, Does it use a bag? or it's just the filter cloth?

Hello, if it open from the bottom then it is just the weighted center inverted cloth bag. To clean put a trash bag around it and shake. To remove, grab a top edge full of cloth and pull directly towards the center. It flexes and falls out. If the diameter of it is 14 inches we sell new ones such at #711B .

Stops and Goes

Hi, I have a Hoover Central Vacuum, when I plug it in, it would work, but then it would stop of a period of time, after which it would work again. It would stop and go, stop and go for the duration of the vacuuming. It seems that the longer the vacuum has been working, the longer the period of the pauses. What is the problem with the vacuum, and where or how would I fix it? Thank you!

Hello, sounds like the motor is getting older and hotter and tripping the minibreaker that is resetting itself. You may need to replace the motor.

Will not Shut-Off

Our Hoover gIII Power Central Vacuum model S5573-011 has a problem. It will not turn off. The on/off switch didn't turn it off. Finally, we unplugged it. Have you seen this problem before? What should we do? Donna Dallas

Hello Donna, simply follow the instructions on this webpage to find the issue and the solution: www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html.

Lost Suction

my vacuum is less than two years old belt and bag are ok but there is no suction. what could cause this problem?

Hello, please start by using this easy troubleshooting guide at www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html

Hoover Generation III Filter

Does the generation III central vac have a bag filter? Our resale home came with this central vac but I am not sure of the filter set up is correct.There is no diagram or instructions in the manual that they left me. The main unit( in the garage) is alway getting clogged after one use and there is no bag attachment to catch the dirt - It just falls into the metal drum. Please help me with the correct set up. Thanks

Yes, here is the filter. You will also need the retainer piece. https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=730HV,730HAYR

Finally Stopped Working

My hoover (Hoover Gerneration III) central vacuum was working, I turned it off for a minute then turned it back on and it wont work. For the last few months I have had to turn the hose connection slightly before the power kicked in. Today, I can't seem to make it work. I tried cleaning the brass connectors in case they were dirty. I'd appreciate ANY ADVICE. Thanks.

If you are saying you twist the hose as it goes into the hose handle in order for it to work then you can most likely fix that. Unplug the hose. Take the handle apart, find the brass rings and the brass fingers that touch them. Push the fingers down to add more spring to them.