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Hose Cuff with Metal Ring Q&A

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Replace End Alone?

A few years ago I purchased a 30 ft. basic hose #302 from MD. The metal fitting end that is inserted into the wall was damaged and now does not seal well receptacle. The rest of the hose is perfect. Could I purchase a replacement fitting from MD that I could install? I do all of my own appliance repairs. Thank you, David Agneta Westford, MA

Yes, you can replace the end of a hose that doesn't have an on/off switch on the hose handle with one of these end that are made for standard 1-1/2" diameter inlet valves.,302HC.

Cut Old Cuff, Replace with New?

I have a Broan system and the hose near the cuff has split. I tried to unscrew the cuff from the hose and it did not budge at all. Can I cut the hose off of the cuff and screw the hose into a new cuff?

Yes, you could buy a new cuff to put on the hose but the cuff should come off. Put it in hot water and then pull the hose out with some force. The hose is weaker then the cuff so don't worry about damaging the cuff. Try putting your old cuff back on. Remember the threads are backwards.

M and S Replacement?

I have a M&S system approx 18 years old. The intake is in the wall has a flip door. The opening for the hose is 1.5 inches in diameter. The metal ring on the end of my hose will not stay on- the plstic holding it on is worn down. The hose is fine. Will this product work?

Yes, this part will replace the cuff there now. Pull and twist the old one off and put this one in its place. It may screw on clockwise.

ElectraValve Compatible? Fit Any Hose?

The parts that I ordered for one of my systems (Vacumaid motor with rectangular Nutone wall inlets) work great. On my other system, my motor is Vacumaid, but my wall inlets are Electra valve, wall valve type A, household type. This Hose Cuff with metal ring, Part #302 HCR, looks like the one that I am replacing for this system, but I would like to know if you think it will fit. I have an extra hose that came off of a friends broken system (I don't know the brand). To use on my system, I want to replace the cuff end because the existing cuff end has no metal ring and won't start my system. My problem in this question has to do with the hose diameter. The old cuff has a screw-on.

Yes, this cuff will screw on to your used friend's hose (they are all the same diameter or at least close) and will work in the ElectraValve.

Kenmore Hose

will this fit on an older hose that plugs into a sears/kenmore inlet? i ask because i am updating my valves and want a simple solution

Hi, if you are updating your inlets to 1-1/2" diameter then this will fit them and it will screw on to the vacuum hose (reversed thread usually).

Replace Older Broken Cuff?

My Vacuum hose has on and off switch,The metal ring on the Hose cuff lost, can I buy the house cuff with metal ring 302HCR, or I have to buy the l hose with the cuff.

Yes, you can replace the hose end itself. Pull and twist (reverse threaded so twist opposite of normal) to take yours off and put this one on. If yours is really tough to remove let it soak in hot water and just pull if off. If you have to you can cut the hose at the cuff and put the new cuff on where you cut. You have a lot of options to make this happen and save money!

Fit Stretch Hose?

Can I put it on the stretchy hose? I hate having to manually turn on at a vac pan in another room!

The Stretch hose comes with a metal ring wall end connection already.

Use with Wired Hose?

Hi. My dog chewed the inlet end of my hose so I need a replacement cuff like this one but with a split ring and wiring as it is a switched hose. I saw that you answered this question previously. The answer was that a new hose is required but won't this work and just start on plug in in stead of with the switch?

Hi, you can use this on a wired hose and, as you said, the suction will start when the hose is inserted. The split metal cuff is not available for replacement on hoses with a switch on the handle, as you also noted.

Nutone Square Inlets NOT FITTING

I just received one of these along with a basic hose kit with the same type of end. Unfortunately it does not fit into the wall outlet. The smallest diameter at the end fits but where the diameter increases that is as far as it will go into the wall fitting. The wall outlets are rectangular Nutone with a spring loaded lid. What can we do now? Bill Miller

Hello Bill, please call us and we will help you get this hose end for the perfect fit

Fit on Other Hoses?

I currently have a hose with this end piece on it - the hose cracked, do I need to buy this or will the one I already have work the same way as this does?

Hello, this end you have will fit on virtually all vacuum hoses. Usually a person needs to buy a new hose, which you didn't make clear if you where doing or not, but if you have an good condition older hose then you can remove the end and put it on the other hose. Remember the threads are reverse and you may have to pull it to loosen the glue that may have been used.

Cuff with Wires Available?

Hi. My dog chewed the inlet end of my hose so I need a replacement cuff like this one but with a split ring and wiring as it is a switched hose. Is this kit available? Thanks. Larry/Lakeland

Hello Larry, sorry but the hoses with an on/off switch at the handle do not have repair parts for replacing the hose ends. It looks like you will have to buy a new hose. Sorry!

Door Opens to Start Suction

I'm finishing my basement and they don't sell the valves with the switch that's triggered by opening the cover anymore. Can I use this to adapt an older hose without contacts to a newer valve requiring the contacts? Thanks, Tom Geneva

Hello Tom, yes you can put this cuff on an old hose to use in new valves. The only issue is if will fit into your older inlets. It fits into inlets just a hair under 1.5 inches in diameter.

Work with My System?

would this work with a Brute system, model XB12119, new 20 yrs ago? bruce, mt. vernon, wa

Yes, this type of product is very universal and adaptable to vacuum hoses of all sorts.

Outer Diameter of Plastic


Larry the plastic side outer diameter is 1-7/8 .

Broan / Nutone Compatible?

Is this compatable with broan central vacuums?

Great question, there are older Broan / Nutone systems that had a 1/32 smaller diameter vacuum inlet hole that this will not fit into. You'd have to buy a low voltage or electric hose and simple shave plastic off its two insertion ridges. But here is not a way to reduce this end in question.

Help Remove Clogs?

how exactly does it work to clear clogs and/or partial clogs?

When there is a clog you want maximum airflow to help remove it and nothing hinders that more than the long central vacuum hose. So this little product starts the suction at the inlet without the hose. Then, with the suction at full strength (or lack thereof because of the clog) you simply cover it with your hand and let the suction build up. Then you let go. This sends a rush of air through system and by doing is over and over quickly, many clogs are resolved.