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Metal Stub Tube - Inlet Valves 1.25 Inch Diameter Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Fit Larger Hose End?

Hi, I believe this adapter will work for the 1.25" diameter WALL OUTLET opening. My question...will the opposite end of this adapter work/fit into the METAL end of a 1.50" diameter 30 foot power hose???

Correct, the one end hose into 1-1/4" diameter wall plates, but the other end slips in to a plastic hose end hole that is also 1-1/4" diameter.

Nutone Inlet Adapter?

I have nutone outlets that are slightly rectangle (over 30 years old) and a Hoover power unit that plus into the house electric. The hose part does not make the connection to power the Central vac on when pulled in. My old one was all metal at the hose end and the hover is not, Do you have an adapter that I can use to get this working together?

Yes, we have the adapter. You'll need to cut your hose or remove the old hose end. They are usually threaded backwards when you twist it off. Here is the adapter for Nutone inlets and hoses that do not have an on/off switch on the handle

Kenmore with Push Button Inlets

have a kenmore cental vac model #2040590 you push a button inside the outlet to turn it on what is replacement # for hose with no electric deb kenosha

If the diameter of the hole is 1-1/2" or so then you take any Basic or Low Voltage Hose. We suggest the Low Voltage Hose because, though you can't use the on/off switch, it is a better hose all around, rarely kinks, and is easier to handle. If you have a diameter more like 1-1/4" then you'd use the Low Voltage Hose with this stub tub pushed into the hose wall end. Or the Basic Hose with reducer already on it,303RC. For those of you who want an electric kit you can buy any "corded" version of any kit and it will fit the larger diameter inlets and the smaller with this adapter.

Electrolux Inlet

Does the stub tube fit a 1.75 in. opening and not loose any suction. I need it to fit an Electrolux central vacuum inlet in my garage. Please respond asap. Thanks. Beverly-RI

If fits something 1/2 inch less in diameter. It fits a 1.25 inch diameter inlet. Interesting that you have a 1.75 one, never heard of that. Can you send a photo of it to us?

QuietDrive Hose

I have a new Quiet Drive Electric Brush and ordered your adapter to fit my Kenmore system. I tried to fit the adapter into the new hose (corded pigtail), but there is a lot of resistance. Will it fit? I'm afraid to damage the hose by hammering it in and forcing it. The tapered end fits the Kenmore inlets. Thanks, Maureen, Wall, NJ

Hello Maureen, a super tight fit into the overseas hose that comes with the QuietDrive kit can be an issue. Over time it may split the plastic. Best option is to have someone scrape a tiny bit of plastic from inside the hose or super heat the metal and insert it.
We don't sell QuietDrive hoses, so who you bought the kit from should be responsible for this. Our adapter is used in our superior Plastiflex hoses without any issues.

On & Off Functionality?

With my older Kenmore 1.25" outlet,will I still have the convenience of turning off the suction right where you are ? with the on/off switch on the hose handle?

Hello, just as before with your Kenmore inlets, you will not be able to control your suction but you will be able to control your power brush. There really is not a good process to get that additional functionality. Anyhow, we hope our products make your cleaning easier.

Use with Other Hoses?

Will the metal stub tube adapt nutone hoses to an old style Kenmore inlet? I have a relative with the old style kenmore (1.25") wall inlets and nutone hoses sets left over from a house I just sold.

Hi, yes this adaptor will help you as long as it is going into a plastic interior hose end, not a metal one. Good find!

Fit all Hoses?

So glad I found you! I have an old central Kenmore vacuum system in need of a hose. It has the 1.25 diameter and is the kind that the suction starts when you open the inlet. It looks like I need the Metal Stub Tube to convert it to 1.5. My questions to you are: 1. can I use the low -voltage hose with the button lock and the switch on the hose? 2. what is the longest hose I can get for it? Thanks so much!

Hi, we are glad you found us! Yes, you need the adaptor for your 1.25 inch diameter inlets. It fits all hoses with a plastic body end. Using the low voltage hose is a great idea. It has a comfortable grip, 360-degree swivel for less kinking, and is made better than basic hoses. We sell the hose up to 50ft long and you can check them out here

Vacuum Nozzle Stop, Under Load

I recently bought a new hose (not from you) for my Kenmore built in vacuum I have 2 older power heads. The hose says its a 3.5 amps and the powerheads are 2.4 amps. I am haveing trouble with the heads sounding like they are under a load and stopping. When I take them apart and run the motor without the brushes (which I have cleaned) they seem to have much more power. Is the power discrepancy the problem for these motors and which power head can I get for this system that is compatable.

Hello, this sounds like a different issue than electricity. Could be clogged bearings or new thick carpet. Please call us to work this through.

New Hose Needed

Jackie New Hartford I have a central vacuum system that has been in this house for 30 years. I need a new hose but can not find one. What do I do

Hello Jackie, we will have a hose that will work for you. The best thing to do is call us when we are open and when you are at home. We'll be glad to help.

Outlet Opening Size

The metal tube for 1.25" outlet-is that inside diameter of the outlet opening?

Yes, that is the diameter of the inlet hole in the wall 1.25 inches. This is made to fit into any hose end in order to fit the rare 1.25 inch diameter inlets / outlets.

Stub Tube Needed?


The Basic Hose fits a 1.5 diameter vacuum inlet. The Stub Tube makes it fit a 1.25 diameter vacuum inlet (which are quite rare except for Budd and some Kenmore systems).

For Small and Larger Inlets?

I have a kenmore central vac system. I added a room to the house and added a vac outlet. this outlet is the larger size. I prefer to not change the existing outlets. can I use both sizes at the same time? Does this adapter (metal tube stub) work that way? thanks

Great question. Yes, you can buy a new hose and insert this stub tube far enough so that on the new larger inlet the tube goes in so that the regular hose end makes contact. In fact, if you buy a Low Voltage or Electric hose, the on/off switch will work on the hose handle to control the suction.