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Paper Bag Replacement

need bags for model husky pt8410se

We sell generic paper bags that fit nearly all central vacuums. Take a look here at any bag that looks like your old bag and it will work as a replacement

Husky HV0200 Bags


You can use any bag on this page that looks most like your last ones. The position of the intake is really all that matters, not the size of the hole, cardboard, or bag size (except for the really small one gallon bags we sell).

8610SEE Motor?

Hi . I need motor to Husky vacuum cleaner model 8610SEE ( 210V )Please let me know the price. I have US shipping address in NJ 07036. Thanks. Piotr

Hello, are you sure it is not a 8510? We show the motor for that model here Compare the overall dimensions of the motor and see if it is close. If so you are good. The shipping is under $15, no tax.

Accessories for Husky

I have Husky 6 gallon I need accesories for the product.

Hi, we have accessories for your vacuum here

Suction Issues

we bought a house with husky vacuflo and have not used this system before - where do we get instructions on it as we are having trouble with the suction at the moment. Darcie, Calgary Alberta

Hi, the help can be found at The usage of the system is quite simple. The only maintenance is emptying the bottom bucket on the unit and knocking off the filter (put a trash bag up over it first). Plug a hose into the wall inlet and you are working it. You can upgrade to any kit and hose and add any accessory you find here.

Bags for Husky Central Vacuum PT3211

I have a Husky model (on Manual) is for G325/G3211/G3311 in hand written near bottom it has Model PT3211, we need some bags and those are number 4465 can you help? Thanks. Michael

Hi Michael, the bags we show for that model are here Let us know if you need anything else, thank you.

Husky Central Vacuum 36JT Motor

carol w., cardston, alberta we have a husky vacuum, i think the model is 36JT, it is 115 volts, 13.2 amps, 2.5 hp, cycle 60. there is a strong smell of burning wiring when we tried to use it. could that be the motor and if so what motor would we replace it with and what is that cost, also to have it shipped to us. thank you.

Hi Carol, take a look at the motors here. Yours sounds like it takes a 116765. Click on the link for it and do a visual check and some measurements.