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4-Screw Inlet

I need to replace my inlet. It has a 4 screw pattern, a hole in each corner of the inlet valve. What type of inlet can I use to replace it. Thanks,

Those are a different brand and not readily available. Please call for options.

Available in Black or Metal?

Do you have these in black or stainless? Leonard Rich III Merced Ca 95340

Hello Leonard, sorry these special faceplates for the ElectraValve rough in kits that include the molded plug end that snaps in are only available in white, ivory, and almond color plastic.


do the vacuvalve units come in brown? Thanks Jeff

Sorry Jeff, they don't make brown yet!

Come in White?

Does this valve come in WHITE Color

Compatible Electric Kits

DuoVac 1600 or 3200 was installed in house built in 1989; it has this type of inlet valve; would like to purchase electric kit, which one would be compatible??

All Corded Electrical Kits would fit, but we (and our customers) highly recommend the Stealth Attachment Kit . Please take a moment to read it over.

Compatible With 5590 Valves?

I need 2 replacement inlets for my central vac. I had bought a Nutone brand that was slightly too small for my hose. The current inlets are M&S 5590. Will these fit? Thanks! -John in Zephyrhills, FL

Yes, these valves replace M&S 5590 valves.

Compatible With 5590 Valves?

I need 2 replacement inlets for my central vac. I had bought a Nutone brand that was slightly too small for my hose. The current inlets are M&S 5590. Will these fit? Thanks! -John in Zephyrhills, FL

Yes, these valves will replace the M&S 5590 valves.

Electrolux E130A

We have an electrolux central vacuum, Model No. E130A, 120 volts/120 amp. The system is 18 years old as are the inlets. We are in the process of painting our home and would like to change the inlets that are almond in color to white. I am not sure which specific inlet I need to purchase. Help. Thanks.

If your inlets have an inside diameter of 1.5 inches, then any of our inlets will work for you.

Exhaust Door

I have an older VacuMaid unit. The exhaust vent door for central vacuum pipe on the outside of the house has lost the little cover. You used to have a #518 outdoor cover (3 5/8 X 4 5/8) but I cannot find it. Do you still carry it? How long would it take to ship some items to Connecticut? Thank you.

The exhaust door can be found here, Shipping time to Connecticut is about 6 business days.

Filtex Upgrade Inlets and Attachments

I have a system that has "Filtex" metal inlet doors, 1 5/8" hose hole and low voltage push button switch. Mount holes are 3 1/2 inch center to center. What replacement doors can I use on my system? System is old. Dave Morgan Louisiana

Hello Dave, we have a great solution for you. This link takes you to a home just yours. (Question first, when you say push button switch you mean a button pops out on its own or you have to push it to start and stop it? If you have to push it then you'll need to buy a new vacuum unit such as the SilentMaster S4 and follow the directions on this link.) The results are incredible! The homeowner of this change over was simply delighted to have a new hose and power cleaning nozzle for the carpets.

Hose Hole Diameter

what is the size of the hose hole in your part 653CW? Thanks

The diameter of the hose hole is just a hair under 1-1/2". This is the industry standard for all brands.

Kenmore Central Vac Replace Inlets?

I have a Kenmore Central Vacuum System, the model# on the cannister is 116-4053280. We need to replace the inlet valves...what type do we use? Also can I get hose and other replacement parts for this vac? Thanks for your help, Jim

Hi Jim, if the inlet hole is about 1-1/2 inches wide then you can use any of our Basic Inlets. If it is about 1-1/4 inch wide then you have proprietary inlets that require a lot of work inside the wall to replace.

Kenmore Inlet Valve

I need a kenmore sears replacement inlet valve # 701836 1.25" inlet. also found #4202 in the original manual for the system. this system was installed in 1980. Thanks Phil Lenora

Hello Phil, as you probably are figuring out, contacting Sears and others, this is a frustrating quest. Unfortunately Sears abondoned their central vacuums and left customers with a non-standard vacuum faceplate. It is the toughest issue to deal with in our industry. Our website under the Kenmore link gives an outline of how to convert the inlets to standard ones but it is no easy task. If there is any way to salvage your original one please take steps to do it for now until you decide what to do. Let us know how we can assist you further. Take care.

Kenmore Inlets Replacements

I have a old kemore centeral vaccum system. The wall outlets into the duct pipe is 1 3/8 OD. The hose inlet is 1.25 ID. we need to replace the wall outlets. The problem is that each piping outlet has a metal plate over the front that was put there prior to the wall being put in place and was secured with a screw. Is there a replacement we can buy? thanks Scott

You have one of the most difficult situations in our industry. There are no valve cover replacements and to replace the backing plate is a difficult task. It involves saw-zawing the metal plate and getting access to cut the PVC at the 90-degree sleeve going over the pipe. Then a new 90 and backing plate can be put on. Call us for more information.

Low Voltage Hose Tab Holder

Thanks for prompt response. From looking at the picture of the unit you recommend, it appears to have a couple of protrusions above the hole. Are those protrusions supposed to hold the tab in place? If so, it looks like another unit you carry, White Inlet, Oval Door, PVC Part#651HW , would hold the tab even better. I may be mistaken, but it looks like the tab would fit into the recess on the bottom of the hole, which appears to be a pretty deep recess. Thanks. Don

Don, correct that would work for the tab on the Low Voltage hose. Good catch

Magi-Vac M119 Inlet Replacement?

I have low voltage Magi-vac inlets. The hole in the front of the inlet is about 1 7/16", in the back of the inlet (going to the pipes) is 2". There is a M119 on the back of the old inlet door. Can these be used to replace my inlets? If the old inlet cover is 3 1/2 by 5 5/8, do I need an additional trim kit if I want to cover the old opening completely? Mitchell Connecticut

Hello Mitchell, it doesn't sound like that is going to be a fit. Yours is quite large diameter wise on both sides. We don't have anything in stock that we think would fit. You may want to Google for the actual company, sorry.

Need Black Inlet for Floor

I bought a house with an old Nu-Tone central vac system. All is well except for one outlet coming out of a tile floor. 1. it needs to be black (black slate tiles) and 2. one of the tiny metal conductors is missing, the spring I found lying in a corner of the hole. What to do? Thanks, Jeff Clarksville, TN

Jeff, simply replace it with this complete, universal black inlet

Nutone/Broan Inlet Additions

I'm finishing my basement and would like to add 2 new outlet to my existing Central Vac system. I have the Broan CV20-C and the only number I can find on the existing plates is 5590. Is this, part #653CW, the correct outlet for my system? Besides the outlets I think I just need the PVC and low voltage wire to complete the job, is this correct? Thanks, Vinnie Miller Place, NY

Hello Vinnie, you can use any of the Basic Inlets, a #517 backing plate, the elbows and central vacuum pipe, and low voltage wire. Check to make sure the OD of existing pipe is 2" if not you will see #507P1 or P2 on the pipe and fittings page to use as an adaptor up to the normal size. Easy 1/2 day project.

One Inlet Not Working

I have a Vacuflo vacuum unit which was installed in Oct 2007. Worked fine since then until yesterday when the inlet valve on the upper (2nd floor) was noted not to be working. The total number of inlet valves in house is 4 - One (1) on first floor, two (2) in Basement.and one (1) on upper floor. Suction occurs at upper floor inlet valve when vacuum is turned on at first floor level. Could you advise what the problem may be. Thanks

You should feel the two metal nubs inside the 1-1/2 inch wide hole. The should be there and have spring tension. If they are bad you need to replace the inlet. If they are good then remove the inlet and see if the low voltage wires are connected. You can use this video to help you understand inlet removal. Having said all that, you may have the proprietary 4940 inlets. If so, there will be some differences.

Opening Size

I have a Bass central vac system with low voltage flip up rectangle receptical the opening for the hose is 1-1/2". I didn't see the opening size, are they all 1-1/2"? I would like to order some but need the opening size. David Walden Old Saybrook Connecticut

Hi David, yes all the inlets sold here are a 1-1/2 opening size.

Plastic Tab on Hose

The hose tends to rotate in the inlet, causing the unit to turn itself off when we\'re trying to vacuum or turn on when we don\'t want it on. The hose end has a plastic tab sticking up, and I think we need an inlet valve that will hold the tab in place. Don Leverty

Hi Don, you need one of these inlets to work with your Low Voltage hose (that has the plastic tab on the wall end).,653CA,653CI.

Replace Entire Inlet?

I recently painted a wall that had an a/c inlet on the wall. The inlet was removed during the painting process and am just now realizing that it doesn't work. I discovered (too late) that one of the small metal pieces inside the screw hole (where the metal on the hose comes in contact with) is missing. Do I have to replace the entire inlet?? I am now recalling hearing something drop when I took the inlet off the wall, I didn't notice at the time that it was this very tiny, very important little piece. :-( thanks for the info

Hello, sorry to say that you will need to replace the entire faceplate. Parts are not available to us or end customers. Sorry. Try here:

Replace Gasket Only?

Can I order a gasket for the inlet only? Mario de la Piedra Fillmore, CA

Hello Mario, we'd love to sell the gasket only but they are not available to us that way from the maker. You will have to replace the inlet faceplate.

Spray Paint

I have similar inlet faceplates in my home that we purchased a few months ago. The home is around ten years old. The inlets were originally white but have yellowed over time. Can these inlets be spray painted back to their original color? Any tips would be appreciated.

Hello, you can use 600 grit to rough up the faceplate and paint it, but in the near future it will not look so good. There are a lot of angles and with the moving parts, friction. We suggest replacing them. Thanks.

Thick Wall, Need Adapter or Extender

I have installed a wainscot. Following the installation, I reinstalled the vacuum trim (VacuValve 5590, 5595), however the tube on the back of the trim does not reach the mounting bracket. The wall is about an inch and a half thicker than it was previously. Is there either a trim piece with a longer tube or a coupling I can use so the trim tube will reach the bracket?

We have generic Inlet Valve Extenders here for this purpose

Vacuflo Inlet Replacement

I have vacuflo 260 that uses the low voltage inlet. I am finishing my basement and want to add another inlet in the basement. What is the matching inlet that would go with my Vacuflo 260 and what gauge wires would be needed to supply the low voltage. Randy.

Hi Randy, they used two types of inlets. Here is their proprietary one that is only available through them. The others looked like any of these here: - all of which are interchangeable (except for the square ones).

Vacuflo Inlet to Standard Inlet Conversion

Hello, I need a new low voltage hose. I have the vacuflo 4940 inlets. I don't need/want an electric carpet brush, but I do want to be able to control the vacuum at the hose handle. What parts do I need for my system? Thanks.

Yes, great idea to get away from the proprietary Vacuflo inlets and go with the industry standard ones. You have more options and save money. The adaptor is real easy to screw in and so is the new face plate. Here they are,517VA,382,382BL

Vacuflo Inlets

I have a Vacuflo Model 560 and want to replace the wall plates with white (they are kind of yellowed cream color now). Can you tell me what wall plates I should order?

To view your options for basic non-electric inlet go here, If you are needing full electric 110volt inlets go here,

Vacuflo Inlets auto-start replacements

I am replacing our old vacuum inlets and the ones we currently have go on when you open the lid on them, witch ones do i replace then with? I currently have a vacuflow thats about 20 years old thanks.

Hello, you have proprietary Vacuflo inlets. We recommend updating them to industry standard ones that are available on this website. This will save you money down the road and give you a lot more options for hoses. To replace, you will have to use an adaptor behind the new faceplate. The adaptor and explanation are here Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you. And if you want the proprietary inlets instead, please call us.

Vaculine Inlet Replace Hayden Inlet Plate?

Hello, I currently have Hayden inlet covers (3-1/8 width by 4-7/8 height). Would these Canplas Vacuvalve covers (3-1/2 width x 5-3/16 height) fit my current openings as they are slightly larger? I prefer the look of these. Also, are the locations of the screw-holes exactly the same. Thanks, Arshad Ali


If your current valves have the two holes for 110 V then you have to continue to use the same valve. If the two holes are not present then you can use a different face plate. The one you're looking at has an opening for 110 V. So without the proper plug there will be a hole in the new valves. The Hayden plug will not fit into the Vaculine inlet plate.

VacuMaid Singer Trigger Inlets Replacement

I have a Vacu-Maid model #P128. One of the inlet valves is bad. It looks like this one. It has one ball inside that the hose makes contact with. Which valve do I need? Thanks, Joe

Modern inlets have two contacts inside the hole and the METAL end of the hose shorts them out - starting the suction. Modern inlets have two screws on the face that are 4 inches apart. If you have that screw pattern then you can use these inlets to upgrade your single contact inlets. If your hose doesn't have a metal end you can buy that separately (#302HCR).

VacuValve 5580 Replacement

Our Inlet Valves are VacuValve 5580 models. Will this inlet work as a replacement? Mark Austin, TX

Hello Mark, the Vacu Valve 5580 replacement would be the 5590 (the one(s) in question) since the VacuValve 5580 is out-of-date.

VacuValve 5590 Inlets - Which Central Vacuum Kit?

I just bought a house with the 5590 Vacuvalve inlets, the previous owners took the vacuum unit and the hose attachments, what hose kits are available for this type of inlets? Are there any keywords that I can use to search for the right hose kits? Also, are there specific vacuum units that will fit my house and some that will not? Thanks, Gianni @ Toledo Ohio

Hi Gianni, you are looking good. You have many options and none are specific to the system but they all work with the system. You get to choose the right one for your cleaning needs. If you have carpet we highly suggest an electric hose and nozzle. It is compatible with your system and inlets as they are. The electric hose has an 8ft cord on the wall end that you plug into a nearby electrical outlet after you plug the hose into your 5590 inlet. Start here to determine the options and your needs Let us know if we can help you in any way. Going a little deeper...The little contacts inside the hole are for suction only. If you had two female connections above or below the main hole, about 3/8 inch apart then you'd have 110 volts available as well. But it sounds like you don't so you need the corded hose if you choose electric kits.

What Hose Fits?

Hello... I need a new hose for my Vacuflo unit. The inlet valve is the above part #653cw and it has a switch on the handle. What part should I order? Thanks... Kathleen

You have all your options. The Low Voltage hose is probably what you are used to. You can upgrade to an electric hose and kit such as Stealth - get the kit with the corded hose end that you plug into an electrical socket within 8ft of the vacuum inlet. The Stealth will clean your carpets like no other central vacuum - guaranteed.

What Inlets for My Rough-in?

I'm not sure what I need........I had my central vac rough-ins when I built my house about 5 yrs ago...Now I'm not sure what to use ..I need vacuum, and kit...... I think I have the 653cw inlets...What is my next step ?????? Thanks, Tony

It sounds like you should call us from the home so we can ask key questions and help you through it. We have 5-star customer service and never twist your arm to buy anything! 1-800-997-2278 M-TH 7-5 PST.