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Inlet Adapter Kit (for Proprietary Vacuflo Valves) Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Not all Vacuflo have Vacuflo Inlets

I recently received outlets and the adapters for a vacuflo that is at least 30 years old. NEITHER FIT, the adapter kit holes don't align (the adapter holes are set too close to center) and the inlet valve is too large to fit into the fitting in the wall. This system has a doorbell type activation system. Will it even work if it the inlets are updated?

Central vacuums can be mixed and matched to nearly no end. It sounds like you have a Vacuflo main tank but not traditional inlets. Please send us a photo of the inlet and a photo of the backing plate for more help. It sounds like you have two issues against you. The narrower diameter backing plate and the push-on / push-off button. That means you have a latching relay so if you change the inlets you'd need to have the electronics in the unit replaced ($50 part) or buy a new main unit.

Update to the New Century

I have a 20 year old Vacuflo system. I would like to upgrade it to the 21st century using the RING CONTACT The Vacuflo has 2 pins on the hose that insert in to the inlet which makes the contact. I want to change the inlet. What I need is an inlet door that has an O ring like the Facuflo inlet door so that a seal can be formed. I have looked at many adapters. NONE of them insert into the pipe to form a seal. I hope that I have made myself clear. Thanks, Ron

Hello Ron, our customers remove the proprietary Vacuflo inlet cover and replace it with an adaptor and new cover. See here This allows for the use of all our electrical kits such as EdgeLift or Stealth with 8ft cord here Welcome to the new century and superior cleaning using your older built-in system.

New Inlet Will Not Fit, Will This Help?

The inlets don't fit with what was plumbed into my wall. While the inlets have screw holes in the top and bottom, what's in the wall appears to have screw holes just diagonal to the pipe itself. I think the guy who plumbed it when they built my house may have been planning for a Vacuflo system. I've got wall anchors to help the inlet hold tight, but I've still got some air leak. I've tried building the inlet up with electrical tape, with some success. My next step is to try some type of sticky putty that my neighbor is recommending to stop the air leaks. Do you have any other suggestions please?

Hell, this product is made to overcome the proprietary Vacuflo backing plate. Click the enlarge photo of the white graphic with text on it. See if the backing plate in the drawing looks like yours. If so, this will solve your issues.

Add 110 volts?

Is there a device that allows 110-120 volt from the hose rather than using a separate cord, plug and outlet. thanks mike gelfand

Hello Mike, you know the cord is not bad because it sticks out the wall of the hose. You don't carry around a cord, only the 30 hose. If that is undesired then depending on the backing plate you have you may be able to use ElectraValve Rough-in Cords and Faceplates to add 110 volts. The backing plate must have gaps between the middle hole and the top and bottom edges.

Faceplate Included?

Is the face plate included in this kit. We have a motor coach with an inlet valve that looks identical to this. The dimensions are 2 3/4 and 4 1/2 height. Kathy, Riverview, FL

Sorry, no the faceplate is not included. We did it like that so you can have a choice in style and color. Simply use any of the Basic Inlet Covers.

Replace One and Use Same Hose?

If my only need is to get my existing intlet to stop leaking air when another inlet is in use and I do not wish to change the other inlets in my house, can I purchase one of these and keep using my existing hose? Or if I purchase one of these am I required to replace the hose for just this new inlet?

The issue is that your all plastic end hose will not short the metal connections in the new inlet to turn on the suction.