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Can I Use More Than One?

I am adding a 2" stone veneer to the wall and this will require an extension . Can these be added to each other to make a 2" extension or do you have one that is longer that can be cut?

You can connect as many of these extensions as you need. Each extension adds 3/4 of an inch and can be cut to shorter sizes.

Cut to Size?

how do you "cut to size"? This is very unclear to me. Thank you Esther VonHarten

You can use one or more of these and if one or more is too long then cut some off. You'll see what you get it. Sometimes one just is not enough but two is two long. Cutting them to make a shorter extension is completely doable.

M&S Vacuum Needs Inlet Extension

I have a M&S vacuum system. I had to replace a Wall Inlet in a wall with paneling on it. The flange was not long enough to fully seal against the fitting in the wall. Do you sell an \"Extension\" that will fix this problem? I can pull it out and measure the OD if you need it.

We do carry an inlet extension. It can be found here, all the dimensions are provided there.

Flooring Installations Too?

What is the length of the extension piece? I also have thick flooring 2 1/4 thick. Will this work?

Hi, regardless of the length of this piece, it will always help you because it can be cut down from either or both sides depending on what you need. Put a couple of them together and go as far as you need. So yes, it will help you for wall installations as well as flooring.

Cutting Extension?

I have extra thick plaster walls. The installer did not set all of the mounting brackets properly. The tailpiece of the inlet valve does not seat on the "O" ring in the bracket. The tailpiece is about 1/4 to 3/8 inch short of the "O" ring when the inlet valve is attached. Is there a basic inlet valve with extra long tailpieces? I see how this extension would work but I worry about the clearance between the inlet with extension attached and the bracket. I suppose I could always cut the tailpiece back on the inlet valve and then use the extension. Would that work?

Actually, you'd cut this extension a bit and it will work perfectly.

Floor Installation

we installed our hoover central vac system so that the inlet valves are floor mounted. problem is we didn't allow for the hardwood floor thickness, so now we need to find a part to extend this so the valve is flush mount to the surface of the floor. is this the right part? thanks!

Yes, this is exactly what you need. If too long you can cut down.