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Center Weighted Cloth Filter 11.5-inches Wide Q&A

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287C Filter?

I have a older beam central vac...and there is a #287c also on canister. It also says self cleaning fitration system...cannot seem to find that number for filters..I measured the diamiter of the cloth bag and it is 15 inches..can you guide me to right bag

Hi, we have these two but not any 15 diameter.,710b Please try another internet search.

440066 Filter Replacement?

Hello, I have a Eureka Boss #180 1B vac. I am sure the cloth filter has never been replaced, and it is beyond cleaning. I cannot tell from your site what I need to order. The cloth bag says part #440066. I would be ever so grateful if someone could tell me A) what to order and B) how to get the old bag out to replace. The stench of dirt and dog hair is overwhelming every time we turn it on! Thank you in advance for rescuing us from this nasty problem!

Please send the dimensions of the bag and we will give you the information you need to find/purchase one.

AirVac Bag?

Hello, I have a Air Vac Central - Model AV3500. Which exact type of filter do I need to replace the old one? Thanks much! Paula

Hi Paula, we show your unit is 14 in diameter and would take this filter Please remove the bottom of your vacuum and measure your diameter to be sure.

AirVac Need Cloth Filter?

We have an AirVac AV-4500 that blows dirt and dust anytime we turn it on. Would putting a cloth filter in the canister help this? If it will which one is apprpriate for it?

This AirVac must have an inverted, center weighted, cloth filter in place at all times or the debris simply goes through the motor and out the exhaust. This will ruin the motor and pollute your home! We have some filters here and you'll have to measure the diameter of your can to make the right decision. If we don't have the right one contact Linear Corp via Google.

AV600 Bag Size And Instructions

Hello, I have AV-600 central vac, could you tell me from where I can get the instructions to replace filter and do i need 11 or bigger inch bag. Thanks ( Naperville IL)

You'll need to measure the diameter of your old bag to be sure which one you need. To remove, pull one side towards the center. Once loose just pull down.

AV700 Filter?

tom Milton We hava M&S AV700 I see it is a cloth filter and looks like it has never been replaced. Prior owners did not leave a manual and need to know what kind and size of cloth filter to purchase as well as how to replace it. Your input is appreciated.

Hi Tom, we have two diameter sized filters. Please measure yours to determine if either will work.,711B&title=Cloth+Filter+-+Measure+Diameter. To remove grab a top edge and pull directly inward.

Beam 183 Compatible?

Beam central vac model 183 Filter replacement, what part # do i need? also should the dirt canister/collector have a bag in it? Thanks

Hi, this page does not yet have the 183 model but one of the filters on this page will be the one you need. Please see the two different sized inverted center-weighted filters (11.5 and 14-inch) and the paper filter bag.

Beam 189 Filter Replacement?

I need to know what is the correct bag for an older Beam #189. I just purchased a new motor from you, installed it as you instructed and the system is working fine. We have purchased the home used and I doubt if the systems bag has ever been replaced. Also does it install like the above listed mod. 177. ? Thanks Tony

Hello Tony, to remove the filter grab the top side and pull to the center. The stiff outer rim flexes and the filter drops out. We have the diameter of the unit as 11.5" and the filter is our number 710B. Take a look at that filter here and the two below it. We have different diameters if you need them.

Beam 199F Filter

I need replacement bag for Beam 199F which one? thank you

Hello, we show that the 11.5 inch wide center weighted filter is what the 199 models take. Please measure your diameter to make sure, thanks.

Beam 2100 Compatible?

Will this bag fit my Beam 2100

Hi, please measure the diameter of the unit. If it is 11.5 inches then you good to go.

Best Way to Clean

Judi - Clayton, DE I moved into new home in 2006. Had the builder install the Air Vac 3500. It has a cloth bag which is a terrible thing to keep clean. I use an indoor/outdoor vac to clean off the exterior after removing the bulk of the dirt. The dirt is hard to control as the unit is mounted high above the floor and tends to get all over the place. There are insufficient instructions as to how to go about this. 1. Is there any type of disposable bag that will fit this unit? 2. Is there a better way to clean it? 3. Should I be removing the bag to clean and reinstalling it? I just read your instructions above for the first time, the manual seems to say not to remove the bag. Replacement bags are very expensive! Thank you for answering.

Hi Judi, the cleanest way to clean it is to take a trash bag up over the bottom of the unit and shake the center-weighted cloth out. There is really no reason to vacuum the vacuum filter as the tinest pores are going to be clogged still after and the double liner is not thoroughly reachable. You can remove it and many times replace it though. To remove grab a top side and pull directly inward. The stiff rim flexes and the filter falls out.

Broan CV20 Filter?

Broan-Central model CV20-10A. I took the canister (metal) off and saw the filter (cloth). How do I change it? Do I have to open any parts (main-chamber) ?. Is the one shown on the website is going to fit ? Where do I have to measure for the correct size of the filter-bag?

To remove the filter, take off the metal bottom of the unit, grab a top edge of the cloth filter, and pull inward. The stiff outer rim flexes in and the filter falls down. Do the best you can to measure the diameter of the filter and the unit. If 11.5 inches is what you come up with then this is the correct filter replacement.

Broan CV30D Filter?

What is a direct replacement filter for a Broan CV-30d and can the old one be cleaned in anyway? Mitch Mpls.,mn


Hi Mitch, the width of your can is 14 inches, right? Then you'd take this filter here You can clean them but the dirt trapped in tiny air ways and in between the layers is never totally cleaned. Be sure it is dry when replaced. To remove pull from a top side directly inward. You may be able to convert it to a disposable paper bag for better filtration at all times.
How to convert an inverted cloth bag filtration type to a disposable bag type:
If you have a tube entering into the can that is 2 inch outer diameter, put a PVC Coupling on the plastic pipe that enters through the side. Add a Bag Adaptor to the Coupling and finally put a #723MF-5 bag on the Bag Adaptor. Attach the bottom dirt holder and you are done!
Click here for all the parts you will need.

Budd Canada Filter

Hi, I have a Bud Vac of Guelph Ontario system and it also says all Canadian but I can't find cloth filter bags to fit. My old one has broken and it is a flexible kind that snaps into a grove in the canister.It is about 45 inches round and 10 inches deep. The model of the vacuume is model 157, serial # 1571275. The only one that I can get around here are 46 inches round and the company says that I need to crimp the edge to make it fit but I am afraid of it also snapping in half like the old one did. I hope you can help thanks.

There is a Budd Canada and Budd East Coast. Please contact our representative in Canada with your question.

Convert to Disposable bag?

Hi, Have an airvac av3500. Is there anyway to convert this to a disposible bag system? Thanks, Dave Plattsburgh

Dave, take a look at the last product on this page It is the #726M Pipe Adapter. If fits into a 1-7/8 inch diameter tube and a closed bag, found on the same page, fits on to it. The Sealed Bag Adapter #726 slides OVER a 1-7/8 inch diameter tube. If there is anyway that one of the adapters would work with the intake tube into your can then you can convert it.

CV40 Versions Compatible?

I have a Broan CV40-D, about 13 years old. It has a mesh filter. Do you have replacement filters? Thanks, John, LaPorte

Hi John, the CV40 models are slightly wider then our 14 inch bag so it will not work, this one in question will not fit either. We are working on finding a compaitible bag.

Direct Replacement?

I have a Beam Classic,model 199f . Is the filter offered the direct replacement? The one review left on this product spoke of "performance" issues. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

This is the same bag used in earlier Beam vacuums. There are no performance issues with the bag itself unless installed wrong or the system may have other issues.

Fasco Bag?

I have a FASCO central vacuum with a hanging bag that seems quite thick and I had to vacuum it since I didn't know how to get it out. Do I remove this one the same way as you have suggested above.

Yes, it is removed the same way. The Fasco actually uses a larger diameter bag but read the filter information on the Fasco motor replacement page. It is not easy to replace for most machines.

How to Remove

Hi, I have an Air Vac 3500 and want to know how to get the filter out to check to see if it needs replacement. Do I grab the rim of he filter and pull it toward the center out of the groove of the canister body? Thanks, Richard

Hello Richard, yes pull the top edge to the center to flex the stiff outer ring. The entire bag will just fall down.

How to Remove

I have Beam model 177. What is the trick to replace the cloth filter bag. There is a cloth loop for a finger on the bag's rim. Do you pull on it to get it loose? What is the model number of the replacement bag? Can you add a HEPA filter of some kind to it, may be attached to the outside exhaust pipe end? Thanks.

Hello, pull inward toward the center of the vacuum. The stiff outer rim will flex inward and the whole filter will fall out. HEPA is not an option but you can pipe the exhaust out. The replacement bags we have are cross referenced by measuring your diameter and comparing to our inventory.

Loss of Suction after Cleaning

Hi, I have a AV3500 Red Series purchased with my home in 2002, I recently removed and cleaned the filter bag, the cleaning unit now inside is much quieter and the suction seems to be less. I have checked the bag to make sure it was put back properly. Can you tell me if there is something else I need to do to get greater suction inside. Thanks.

That is interesting. It may or may not be the unit at fault. Use the guide here to narrow down the issue and resolve it

Need 12-inch Version

My Built-in is labelled a Filtex but has the number AV-400-L. I measured the diameter of the collection chamber and it appears to be 12 inches. When I removed the bag it also seemed to have a diameter of 12 -- not the 11.5 you advertise. Is your product right for thisw model or can you steer me in the correct direction. Unit was purchased in British Columbia about 24 years ago. Need a new filter!!

Yikes, not sure where to get 12 . Sorry.

Replacement Guidelines

how often does this bag filter need to be changed ? how do you determine if it needs to be replaced ?

Hello, our opinion is the bag should be changed every 2 or 3 years or earlier if it is too clogged. One test you can run is to remove the bag, put the unit back together and test the suction. If significantly increased then replace the filter.

Shiny Side Down

Hi, I have an older beam. I have removed the cloth filter to wash it and now I can not remember which side goes in. One sie is shiny the other is not. Thanks. Bill, Toronto Ontario

The shiny side goes down and gets dirty.

Signature 495 Bag?

I have a Signature model 495 what bag should I use?

Hi, we do not have a cross reference for that model. It is a cloth, center weighted bag? Measure the diameter of the unit and see it if is 11.5 or 14 inches. Then we have that replacement.

Smaller Version

The 7x11" cloth bag does not have a hole - the top is open similar to the photo on this page. The weight hangs on the outside at the bottom. The open end fabric is gathered on the flexible, stretchy sewn-in support rim.

Sorry, that is the smallest version we have. Call us and we may be able to get you in contact with someone else who has it.

Swift-way Central Vacuum by Centra-Flo

Sue Pleasant Hill, Oregon I have a Swift-way model # S-500 central vacuum by Centra-Flo out of Salt Lake City. I cannot get filter bag out to clean or replace. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

If the filter comes out the bottom and is center weighted you need to get a screw driver under the rim of the side of the bag and flex the rim inward. It will then simply drop out. We have several replacement sizes,710b,710k

Vacu-Matic Bag

Hi. I have a Vacu-Matic Built-in and the bag is 7" inches diameter and 11 inches long. Any idea of where to find one that size?

Is there a round hole in the bag or is the top completely open? If a round hole where on the bag is it?


Can you wash the cloth bag??? It looks fine and when shaken out does work better but it is still dirty! Kingsley in Palm City, FL

Yes, you can wash them but they must be 100% dry before reinstalling them.

Weighted Center?

I have a Airvac AV600, S/N L971559 (M&S Systems). We've had it for 5 years. There is a collection of sand/stones on the inside bottom of the bag (about a fist-full). Does this impede performance? Do I have to change the bag. If so, which one? Thanks! Ron (Princeton, NJ, USA)

Hello Ron, actually the center of these filters is weighed down so the bag lowers to that position when the unit is turned off. It is a good idea to replace the bag every five years or when the machine works better without it (do a test). To remove, pull the top edge toward the center and it flexes and falls out.