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Weighted Inverted Cloth Filter 14-inches Wide Q&A

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AirVac AV425A Compatible?

I have Air Vac Model #AV425A (M&S Systems) and I'm thinking on getting the cloth bag replaced. First is this the right bag for me? Second how do I take the old one out and install the new one? Please give me as much details on installation as possible. Thanks.

Hello, yes this Inverted Cloth Bag is the correct replacement bag for your central vacuum. To remove, grab cloth at top side and pull in towards the center. The sewn in rim flexes and the filter drops down.

AirVac Central Vacuum Model AV650 Filter?

Bill Philadelphia I have an AV650 what bag do I need?

Hi Bill, most likely you have a 14 wide can and would take the 14 filter here

AirVac Filter?

We have a Air Vac AV525 that we had installed when we built our house in 1996. I really need a new bag! Which one do I order and how much is it? Kristi, Round Rock, TX

Hi, measure the diameter of the unit where the bottom bucket comes off. We have two sizes and hopefully one will fit.,711B

AV-625 Filter


We have two size diameter filters. Please measure yours,711B

AV425 Bag?


Hi, if the unit diameter is 14 inches then this bag will work at the inverted, center-weighted, replacement. To remove grab an upper side and pull into the middle. The rim flexes and the bag drops out.

Beam 110340 Filter Cloth Bag

How about a 110340 (old Beam vacuum bag)? Which one should I replace it with?

The Large Inverted Bag is what you need.

Beam 14" Diameter

I have an old Beam unit model 253, It does measure 14" in diameter. Will this bag fit?

Hi, this bag does fit the 14 diameter unit. If you have any issues with it we will do offer a 30-Day Satisfaction 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Beam 2250F Replacement Bag

My Beam Model number is 2250F. Is this the replacement filter bag that I need? Penny Centreville, MD

Beam models take either the 11.5" or the 14" diameter bags, a quick measurement is all you need.,710b

Beam 2700 Bag Replacement

Hi we have a Beam 2700EA and need a replacement bag. Which bag is the correct one for this model? Thanks.

Hello, if it is the cloth bag with weighted center then this is most likely the bag. If the diameter of the vacuum is 14 inches then it will fit.

Beam 697C - Dirt in Layers of Filter?

I have a beam model 697C. What is this the correct filter for it? The filter I have is filled with dust between the layers.

Pull from the edge towards the center to remove it, measure the diameter. We have a 14 and 11.5 for replacing. Also, the filter does have a weighted center that is mistaken for rocks between the layers. But yes, there will also be some trapped dirt in it as well. The filter should be changed every five years or so, in our estimation. Here is our filters,711B

Beam Replacement?

I have a 1987 "Lifetime" vacuum system. I heard it was made by "Beam" ? I need to replace the filter, A 14" (approx.) x 9" high With a rubber ring that snaps in place in the canister ring .It has a taper to the cloth bag and a square weight on the bottom.I just replaced the 2 motors and it worked fine for a day or so then back to sq. 1. I checked to see if the rubber ring was in place and it was so i'm guessing it's the filted.

Hello, this bag will replace yours. If it doesn't please let us know and we will take it back on our dime.

Beam with Fallen Bag, No Suction

Hello, I have a Beam Central Vac with the bag #110340. My bag 10 yrs old is snapped into place but once I turn my Vacuum on I lose suction so I turn it off and the bag is laying on the bottom. Would a new bag correct that problem or could there be something else wrong? Thank you for your help.

Hello, the new bag would solve this because what is most likely happening is when the machine is on the bag is suctioned to the top and clogging the motor air hole. You should also make sure the hole screen is clean before replacing the bag.

Broan 99010174 Filter?

Hi.. I have a Model CV40C Broan Central Vac. and I am trying to find the lower filter for it. The numbers in my parts list that came with the Vac. are-99010174 filter F/CCV40. Can you help me? Thanks Wm. Cataline

Hi, this filter is a bit too narrow to replace the filter you need. It will not work, sorry.

Broan Replacement?

I have a Broan Model CV30-D. What replacement filter do I need? R. Chappell

Hi, our industry standard 14 replacement may fit. Measure the diameter of the unit after removing the bottom and then guess how much wider the space is where the bag's rim snaps in. (To remove bag pull inward from a top side.)

Can it be Washed?

Can the vacuum bag be washed? If so how?

It can't. the metal with rust and the dirt between the layers will not come out.

CV-40 Replacement?

I was wondering if this bag will fit on my broan cv-40 canister?

It may, please measure the diameter of inside of the canister. This bag works for ones with a 14 diameter.

Dust Care Vacuum Filter

I have a 'Dust Care' Central Vac with cloth bag (print inside says CVF 058 202111 625224) Do they just require shaking clean periodically? How often do they need to be replaced, how do I know when? How do I know what size I have? Thanks. Michael

Hi, you can put a trash bag up over it and grab the middle weighted bottom and give it a good shake. You can remove it by grabbing a top side and pulling straight inward. The outer rim flexs and the bag falls out. We have two diameter sizes available here,711B You can replace it if you get a lot better suction without it installed.

EasyFlo 2100 Filter Bag Replacement

hello i have a model 2100, the filter has 110330 stamped on it. the 11" is it offered? here's a dumb question, does the weighted bag go toward the can or the motor? thanks for any help. joe from whiting

We do offer the bag for your unit. It measures 11.5" and is found here,710b . The metal rim of the bag fits into a groove inside the vacuum chamber near the motor and hangs down when not in use.


When we built our house in 1987 we installed a Fasco Central Vac system--Model#85105;Sre.# 106133. We understood at that time there was a lifetime guarantee. The cloth filter bag has deteriorated. Can it be replaced? Edward Durham

Fasco has long been out of the central vacuum market and has no direct cloth bag replacements.
The black rubber gasket type is obsolete. You can either unstitch it and put the new cloth bag in the old rubber or you can buy similar rubber material and create your own. To retrofit a new cloth filter, use this 14 wide one here.
PS: There are no more gaskets available, from any vendors, that go on top of the bottom bucket.

Fasco 852SVDM Bags - No more?

So basically what you are saying is that if we have one of these units there is no way to replace a filter that has a hole in it? We have model #852SVDM, serial #105418 and need the bag filter. Is there another bag that might fit? Thanks. Penne

Yes, that is it for Fasco. They are not in business and so there are no more original filters. Homeowners in your position make this work or buy a new unit such as the SilentMaster.

Fasco 852SVDM Compatibility

I have a Fasco MasterVacII #852SVDM (1994) and since there is not a replacement filter available anymore, I wonder if I can retrofit with a closed bag filtration system as you demonstrate in your video.

To ensure if it will work for your model, you will need to check the intake on the side of the unit. For the closed bag adapter to lock onto the unit from the inside, it needs 1 1/16 inch of steel neck. If the inside measurement of the intake length matches this, it will work for you.

Fasco Cloth Bag Replacement?

Hi We have a 20 plus year old fasco model 851dm. Which filter should we get to replace the original one.

Hello, that can be a difficult issue. Since they went out of business their are no propriety ones left. Read the text to the right of this page for help

Fasco Filter

I know Fasco is out of business. i want to replace the cloth/rubber filter bag. I understand I can use the rubber gasket but would one of your bags work for a 14 3/4 inch diamter rubber gasket. Also can you recommend the SilentMaster/ Looking forward to your response. Susan Presland.

You can use our 14 inverted bag but you'd have to find 3/8 thick gasket material. If your inner diameter is 14-3/4 then you could very well use our #710AVL. Let us know how it goes! Regarding the SilentMaster, the model S2 is most like your Fasco except it also is quieter and empties with a disposable paper bag from the top. The intake is on the top side. Exhaust is on the bottom.

Filtex T300LR Bag?

I have a model T300LR vacuum and would like to know if I can use it for a small wood shop vacuum and what filter should I use? Exhaust will be vented out side the shop. Thank You Richard. Eagle ID.

Yes, you can use the unit for a wood shop. Use this bag though,, and it should be set into a support cloth bag already in place.

Hoover S5673?

I have a hoover S5673 and the internal weighter cloth filter bag is torn. do you have a replacement? How much?

We have a couple cloth filters with certain diameters. If yours is a different one try contacting Hoover dotcom for help with a replacement. We do not have a cross reference for that particular model.

How Hard to Pull when Removing

I can't seem to get the old inverted bag out of my AV625. I try pulling the sides in to pull it out, but it wont budge. It seems like it's built in. Am I just not pulling hard enough? Rosy, Orlando

Yes, you need to pull hard from the side, directly inward. Older ones will be tougher and may bend out of place when removed instead of bouncing back into shape. We suggest replacing older cloth bags.

How to Empty

Hi, We have an Airvac 525A. We have just bought this home and the built bag is full. I cannot determine how to empty it. I know the answer is right in front of me so feel silly for asking. Advice?

Unlatch the bucket on the bottom and dump it into a plastic bag. Put a plastic bag up over the dirty bottom and grab the center-weighted filter and shake it clean. It is supposed to be permanent but can be changed out, if the diameter is correct. The remove you grab a side and pull inward strongly. The stiff outer rim flexes in and the filter falls out.

How to Remove and Replace

How do I remove the inverted cloth bag, and how can I put it back? Do I need to open any screws to reach it or just remove the bottom bucket and put my hand from under the cloth bag and reach the top and grab the cloth & pull it towards the center to make it fall? And then how do I put it back in place? - Sukhbir NJ

Hello, it should be the same as the other vacuums where you pull inward and the other rim flexes and the filter falls out. It just sits in a shallow indentation or between two impressions. The put it back you flex the rim in and let it pop back into place.

Inverted Cloth Bag 14-inches Wide

We have just purchased 2 new motors for our Beam 677S Vacuuum. We would be interested in a new filter bag. The 14 inch filter bag shown on your site does not look deep enough. Our old bag is almost 16 inches deep. We would be worried that the 14 inch bag which does not list the 677S as a suitable model would not have sufficient air flow capacity. Is there a specific 14 inch bag for the 677S???

Our 14 inch bag refers to diameter. So if you unit/old bag is 14 inches in diameter, this bag is the replacement. I would not worry about loss of airflow, it will not be an issue.

Losing Suction

Hi, I have a Beam Model 297c,12 years old -- losing suction. The motor *seems* to be OK - but I'll perform the motor brush check you explained. What filter model should I use? I regularly vacuum both inside and outside of OEM filter with a shop vac, but I see small smounts of dust getting past the filter (to the fan) Replacement time??

Try removing the filter to see if the suction is better. But first just run through this guide to rule other things out Motors don't usually lose suction, even if a motor brush was worn.

Nutone CV180 Filtration

We purchased a home with a CV180 Central Vacuum. Upon use we discovered it leaks dust into our garage very badly. I found two (2) internal filters that are very dirty. No cloth bag is in vacuum tank. I will try and get replacement for the foam filters because they are coming apart. Is a cloth bag to be used with this unit? The vacuum has good suction but the leaking dust is unacceptable. Do we need to change the tank seal get a cloth bag or will the two foam filters remedy our problem? I await your reply. Jerry in Conway, Arkansas

Hi Jerry we may have the CV180 filtration wrong on the website if you see two foam filters in yours. If there are foam filters there will not be a bag of any type involved. Replace the foam filters and the dust problem should stop.

Nutone CV180 Foam Filters

I have a CV180 product with foam filters. Can I buy them or do I replace them with another product?

Hi, there are foam filters here that work with your system. Most likely the 6x6 one.

Old Bag Falls Out

Took out my filter on an M&S airvac 525 and cleaned it. It keeps falling out when I put the power on. I am securing the rim inside the groove. Is this the correct way??? Lauren, Jacksonville

Hi Lauren, yes the stiff rim goes inside the groove. When you think you have it in there, grab the side and twist it around 360-degrees just to be sure the bag is fully in the groove at all points.

Removing the Cloth Filter

I "inherited" a Fasco Master when we bought an existing home and need to know how to remove the filter. Can you tell me?

To remove the filter pull from an inner upper edge. Pull the cloth inward and it will flex the outer rim causing the bag to fall out. Let us know how else we can help!

Securing Bag

would a large zip tie hold the bag on, such as those used on heat/air ducts.

The bag is inside the central vacuum. The flexible metal ring snaps into place like a tupperware lid. There is not a place to wire tie it to anything in the canister.

Sequoia Filter?

We have a Sequoia Central Vacuum (new in 1998) model #SV400, serial # 29703. I have not replaced the filter. I do empty the canister, and blow out the dust from the bag. Do I need to replace the bag at any time? What about the rigid frame that supports it? Thanks, Mike Brentwood, CA

Hello Mike, the flexible rigid sides of the weighted center cloth bag hold it in place. Grab the cloth on the top edge and pull to the center and the bag will flex and fall out. You should replace it with this Inverted Cloth Bag.

Shiny Side Up or Down?

Hi, My name is Joanie and I am from Olympia WA..I have a built in Beam...I hand washed the cloth filter and now I don't remember which side goes in our out...the cloth or the shiny side out? Or does it matter?

The shiny side is exposed to the dirt so it goes down. The shiny side is slicker and dirt falls off it easier.

Smart Vacuum - Dirt, Pet Smell

We recently purchased a home with a SMART central vac installed.I want to say it is like "presidential select" model. We estimate it to be about seven years old. The previous owners had two dogs and two cats and we have allergies. When we took the base off and pulled down what I assume is the cloth filter and it is PACKED with dirt, dander, and animal hair. When we turn the vac on you can actually smell pets. My fiance at one point had an asthma attack after we used it. So at this point we can't even use it. What do I need to replace to get it back in working order?

Hi, we feel for you! You need to buy a new inverted cloth filter - and maybe have someone else install it. The filters are here,710b. The smaller diameter is probably what you take. Also, see if you can vent the exhaust oudoors or in the attic (maybe) using the materials here This gets rid of the smell where the unit is located.

Snaps in Where?

Where does it snap into place?

Inverted cloth bags are suctioned up into the vacuum when it is on. What keeps it in place is its metal band at the top of the bag. Typically this band snaps in below a ridge or between two ridges. The metal band bends inward as you pull the material connected to it toward the center of the circle.

Unit Turns Off in Minutes

I can't continue using vacuum machine because power automatic be drop swich off (just using 2-3 minute). This problem is never changed filter? or... other? (I never cleaned filter on past 5 years) Jay.

Hello Jay, that usually means that the motor needs replacing. Motors go bad because of use, heat, and dust. By not changing or cleaning the bag the motor may have died sooner. It may also be the circuit board / minibreaker but they rarely go bad.

Wash it?

Broan Cv 40, 12 years old, works fine. I was wondering ABOUT how long the motor brushes last? I saw your info and checked mine, they do not arc around the armature, however do look short. Also not to contradict but...I see you do not recommend washing the cloth filter? I have cleaned my filter well vacumming it etc every few months for 12 years. In that time I also washed it a few times and seems to work fine and looks good as new..... no rust. I will say I let it dry VERY well over a heat vent overnight before reinstalling. I just felt $80. for a new one seems high.... yes I know it's only 7 or 8 dollars a year, maybe cheaper then a typical paper filter vac.

Hello, yes rust is the issue and you avoided yours from rusting. Your posting here will help others do the right thing as well and we are okay with that! Regarding motor brushes, they should be replaced about 500 hours into the motor life. You may be too late but if you have a little time on your hands and wish to prolong your motor life for while, hopefully, then go ahead and replace them. There are no guarantees though because the armature that they rub on may be getting rough and may tear through new brushes quickly. The bearing sometimes goes out regardless of the brushes. You are doing well for 12 years...

Weak Suction

Have cv30d looses suction after couple of cleaning have to beat filter claen .Wash filter last a little long then looses suction .Would filter replacement fix this problem or is motor weak motor seams to work fine

Hi, lets do a complete suction test. Remove the filter and put the bottom back on. Test the suction directly at the unit, then put the hose there and test the suction from the hose end. Test the suction at the closest inlet and work your way down the line. Where is the suction bad? Do you have a filter under the motor? Motors do not slow down so there must be something clogging it. It could be the bag slipping up toward the motor. See if you can get it to stay better.

When to Change

I have an AirVac AV4500 and my filter is filled with dust and debris. How often should the filter be replaced? How do I know which filter to purchase? Terri Pennington, NJ

The center weighted cloth filter is always dirty. You can remove it and see if the suction is better without it. If so, see if one of these diameter filters will fit in place of it,711B. To remove, grab a top side and pull hard inward. The outer rim flexes and the filter falls out.

When to Replace

hi, I have a Hoover s5673 and remove the lint frequently. We bougth the house about two years ago. Should the inverted bag be replaced? If so, how often and what is the replacement part?

Hello, the weighted center cloth bag should be replaced at least every five years. We have this one at 14 inches diameter and other at 11.5. Please measure the diameter of your round vacuum unit to find yours.

Zenex 275 Filter?

I need to purchase a replacement filer for the Zenex 275. Could you tell me which filter I need?

Hello, this center-weighted cloth filter with flexible rim fits your model if the diameter of the can is 14 . Please measure your vacuum by removing the bucket and placing a tape measure across the metal can.

Zenez 200 Filter?

do you carry vacuum bags for a zenex 200 central unit? If so, what is the cost? Thanks Lou Philadelphia

Hello Lou, this is the correct bag if yours was a weighted center cloth filter in a can that is about 14 in diameter. Thanks for asking.