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Intermittent Power to Vacuum Head

Jonathan in Hamilton, Ontario Kenmore power brush 2 yrs old - intermittently loses power when moving it back and forth over the carpet. This is most prominent when pulling it backward and I can cause it to come on and off by playing with/raising and twisting the handle. I read somewhere about a neck-tilt switch. Does this have anything to do with shutting off the power to the head? The actual c-vac unit is working fine. Thanks


The connection at the handle is most likely at fault. You will need to replace the female receptacles before they fully fail. Return it to the seller for warranty work, if possible.

Kenmore Replacement Parts

I'm looking for a replacement part for the central vaccum which is identified by the following tags. It was installed 15 years ago Kenmore central vaccum Model UMC18 SA File LR775 Serial No. 970201794

We don't have records of Kenmore serial numbers. You can find all Kenmore parts and compatible replacments that we carry at

Kenmore Low Voltage Line

How do I know which is the low voltage line on my Kenmore 116? The unit did seem hot to me, but everything looked really clean when I took it apart. Is there someplace I can get a schematic for the wiring? Thanks, James

The low voltage line on your system will be the thin wires that run along the pipe back to the inlets. The Kenmore systems were discontinued well over a decade ago and no wiring diagrams are still available. You can use our wiring diagrams as a guideline to help determine how yours is wired inside.

Kenmore Vacuum No Suction

I have a kenmore cansiter 116. I have power to the handle and the beater bar but no suction at all. Seemes no power is getting to that component?

Either your motor has failed, or it is not getting the signal on the low voltage lines that tells it to turn on. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate the issue at

Kenmore Not Starting

Kenmore 116-501 vac worked fine in one of 3 hose ports; didn't start at the second and then no longer worked at first. It started when I opened first clasps to empty dust canister. I pulled the plug. Emptied canister, cleaned filter & vacuumed out inside of wall-mounted unit. Before installing filter & canister, I plugged it and it started. Turned it off with switch at hose port upstairs. Reinstalled filter & canister but it no longer worked. When a switch is pressed, the unit in the basement clicks--like a relay tripping. At the switch, sound can be heard; not sure if that's the muffled sound of the relay clicking in the basement or the flapping of a valve at the hose port. Now doesn't work with or without filter or dust canister. Rich, Tomahawk WI

Most likely your motor has finally died. You can find replacement motors here,

Access Vacuum Nozzle

Kenmore vacuum cleaner Model #116.26512690 The vacuum will not turn OFF. I check the switch on the hose and it is OK. I removed the hose from the vacuum, and it still won't turn OFF. This unit only has a relay# 4152600( no motor control PCB). I suspect the the contacts in the relay have welded closed. My problem, I can not find the screws to open up the vacuum. Two of the screws are shown under the Cord Return Pedal and two are shown under the Tool cover lid according the parts breakdown. HELP. How do I access these screws??? I can not see how to get to them. Thanks Wally Fort Wayne, IN

Did you try to squeeze the sides of the top cover to lift it up and off to expose the screws?

Replacement Relay?

Hi, this is Gary from Oak Ridge, NC. I have a Kenmore Central vac Model: 116.40553280. The relay part #732146 appears to have a short in it as the only way to switch the unit off is to unplug the 110. Any suggestions were I might find a replacement relay. Appreciate your assistance

Actually, that is hard to find and expensive. Instead, for less money you can replace all the electronics with this single board. An electrician can do that in half an hour. Use the larger photo of it as the wiring guide.

Filter Clogged?

Hi, we have a Kenmore Elite Central Vacuum. The powerhead is spitting out dirt and dust on to the carpet so we emptied the dirt receptacle. There was not a lot of dirt, but the unit is still telling us to empty the receptacle. We also vigorously shook the filter into a garbage bag. Problem is, there is alot of dirt on the INSIDE of the filter but we don't know whether or not to remove it because it is firmly affixed to the bucket and the manual says we shouldn't need to remove it. Help! Any suggestions you have is much appreciated.Thanks,

Actually, the cloth filter has material sown into it as a weight to bring the filter into the down position when it is shut off. The reason the vacuum spits dirt is because of no suction at the hose do to a clog or or the suction is actually not on, though it sounds like it is from the motorized brush. Use this guide for help

Sears Vacuum With No Suction At The Powerhead

I have a Sears central vac system and I find that lately when I use the power heard, it doesn't work well on our carpet anymore. It doesn't seem to pick up anything. When I turn it over, I can see that the roller is working, but it is not picking up lint etc on the carpet. No problem with the suction as it works fine with other attachements. Thanks

There is most likely a clog in the brush head. Turn the Brush over with the neck in down position. Look behind the brush roller and up into the neck where the debris travels to see if any blockage is visible. You can also insert a pencil or screw driver down the neck, while the neck is in the down position, to clear any debris. Also check the extension wand that connects the hose to the brush. Disconnect from the hose and brush, then hold up to a light and look up the inside. If you can't see light, there is a clog that needs to be removed.

Switch Bad?

Hi I have a kenmore central vac 550 watts. power bar has one switch. When i put to left only suction and main system work, when i put to right only the beater bar works. How can I get this solved. Help !!


You have a bad switch. This one here may work for you It was sold under a number of brands do don't mind the Hayden name.

Unit Breaker Tripping

I own a Kenmore central-vacuum model #34226(Sears Canada). After approx 15-20 minutes of use which doesn't matter if it is with the power brush on carpet or attachment for hardwood floors the safety overload button on the outside of the canister goes off, and i have to walk down and reset it, and the "overloads" become more frequent approx 3-5 mintues of use. The model is less than 3 years old. Help me please b/c wife wife wont stop complaining! Alex - hamilton ,Ontario

That is the typical sign of a bad motor. Replace the motor and you'll be back in business. Is there a 116 number on that unit so we can cross reference a motor?

Brush Not Working

Kenmore 116. Vacuum works fine, belt in fine, no obstructions, but beater bar will not turn on

There are electrical connections that can fail in an Electric Hose. The wall end connection has a hidden diode that can fail. The switch on the handle can fail, and the connections in the hose can be off. A continuity tester will help you find which area is at fault. Or you can buy a new hose from here. There are two hose options

116.2219181 Kenmore Central Vacuum Hose Replacement

I need an electric power hose for my Kenmore central vacuum cleaner, Power-mate model #116.2219181. Becky Beldenville, WI 54003

You have a couple options and they are spelled out here. The direct replacement is option 2. It is really that easy. Let us know if you have any questions. We also have replacement heads and parts there as well. See the link in option 1.

Kemore Model 116. 52313200 Vacuum Replacement?

I'm looking for Model 116. 52313200 Toni A

We have the replacement and it includes the wands because the replacement has a foot release at the vacuum unlike your original one. Foot release is a very convenient feature. If you want something better you can get the products below the first one on this page. The second option is the Ace vacuum brush and separate two wands.,406HS,406H. The second option is lower to the ground and gets under more furniture and it's belt rarely ever breaks compared to the older version. If you have any questions please let us know.

Bad Relay

Kenmore Central vac Model 34430 will not shut off. From reading your posts and following the troubleshooting it is a bad relay. Is this part of a main circuit board or is it a standalone part and is it something I can replace.

The only way to solve this is replace the entire vacuum unit or have an electrician easily replace all the electronics with one of these boards Use the large photo of it as a guide.

Shuts Down Quick

We recently bought a house with a Kenmore centra vac (model#34226).It has an electrical cord attached to the hose. We put the hose in the wall,and when we put the cord into the outlet,the system doesn't work.When we remove the cord from the outlet,it works great for a few minutes then shuts off.And it blows a circuit breaker. Do you have any idea why this is? Joyce,fr Halifax,NS

Joyce, the breaker on the power head or the breaker on the central vac collection unit? If the unit then the motor needs replacing. If on the head then you need a new head. Call us for more clarification please.

Canada Kenmore Model 34226

Is a pc(b)? board available for a kenmore model #34226 central vacuum. Thanx Much Gord, Bowmanville, On.

Please contact Sears of Canada for that part. Thank you.

Replacement Bag?

I have a model 116.40521 central vac and need the replacement filter bag, but don't have any part numbers for them. No manual either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Steve - Swansea ,MA

Steve, watch our video on Kenmore filtration here. There is not a bag in these units.

Replace Motor or Unit?

Have a Kenmore 116.4053280 with motor whose bearings are gone. I know you have the exact motor replacement. But if I replaced the power vac unit with an MD or FloMaster, would I notice a difference? In suction, quietness, etc? We use your Stealth Kit and love it..just trying to weigh the motor cost against benefits of a more costly new unit. No dealers really nearby, unfortunately. I installed the Kenmore 25 years ago, house is 2300 sq ft. Love your appoach, by the way! Mark, South Freeport, ME

Mark, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you again. For about double the money you can have 50% more power in a quieter unit. The FloMaster M85 can use the same wire and pipe as your system and only requires a small section of pipe and a couple elbows to connect. The filtration is a disposable bag and the exhaust has no visible dust. Give us a call and we'll go over it with you.

Missing Gasket or Filter, Need Complete Kit

Hi, we purchased a home that had a Kenmore 116.40534BI central vacuum unit in it. Unfortunately we can't use it because it is missing something (either a gasket and or/filter) in the middle of the upper and lower metal drums. Hopeing you can help. Also, we are missing all the hoses and attachments and would like to know what would fit with this unit?

Hi, please watch video #2 here on Kenmore filtration Be sure all screens are cleaned in the unit. Also, the motor could be full of hair. From the bottom look up into it. If it is you'll need to replace the motor. The videos are help for that as well and for what you can get in a hose and a kit. Here is a link to buy kits for your system. Do read the NOTE about adapters and let us know if you need any further help.

Unit Works, Hose Doesn't

I have a Kenmore Central Vac 34226, all of a sudden it stopped working. When I plug the hose in it doesn't work. If I use the main switch the vacuum works. What do you believe would cause this problem? Bryan London

Hi, something shorted. Remove an inlet and short the wires (low voltage wires) and the vacuum should start. Or short the connection of the low voltage wires at the unit, it should start. Basically you are going to find the failure point. See video number 12 here

Exhaust and Filtering it

Bagless or not filter or not. I have a Kenmore vacuum cleaner model B1-5 116.4703080c There was a pipe connected to an exterier exhaust. Does it require or not a filter if so what type or a bag. Or does it really need to be connected to an exaust pipe. thank you serge carrier

Hi Serge, the Kenmore Central Vac usually has a dirty exhaust so you want to connect it to pipe and send it outdoors. If it is going indoors then you may want an exhaust filter - just be sure to change it often. Please read about the filter here and ask us any questions you have.

Shuts Off Quickly

We recently purchased a Kenmore Central vacuum system and once we turn on the vacuum (via the hose switch) after it running for more than 5 minutes if we shut it off and then try to turn it on again it won't. The light flashes on the cannister indicating it has tripped itself and the machine does turn on again after a couple minutes. Do we have a faulty cannister?

Usually these older machines need the motor replaces. Five percent of the time the minibreaker is bad. If the machine is new you need to take it back to get checked on.

115 52513202 Belt

i have a kenmore powermate sweeper and need a new belt. The model #115 52513202 serial D31723902

Hi, the PowerMate brush did come in different looking designs. It appears the one you have doesn't look like the one supported on this website. Sorry.

Will Not Turn Off with Hose

Kenmore Canada 34226 - Unit activates as soon as plugged into inlet. Cannot shut off with handle 3 way switch, Cannot shut off at unit when hose is plugged into wall inlet. If hose unplugged from inlet, then on off switch on main unit works normal. Switch on handle has been replaced.

There is a short in the hose if it did work correctly before. Otherwise are you putting it in so the electric is at 12 or 6?