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Intermittent Power to Vacuum Head

Jonathan in Hamilton, Ontario Kenmore power brush 2 yrs old - intermittently loses power when moving it back and forth over the carpet. This is most prominent when pulling it backward and I can cause it to come on and off by playing with/raising and twisting the handle. I read somewhere about a neck-tilt switch. Does this have anything to do with shutting off the power to the head? The actual c-vac unit is working fine. Thanks


The connection at the handle is most likely at fault. You will need to replace the female receptacles before they fully fail. Return it to the seller for warranty work, if possible.

Kenmore Replacement Parts

I'm looking for a replacement part for the central vaccum which is identified by the following tags. It was installed 15 years ago Kenmore central vaccum Model UMC18 SA File LR775 Serial No. 970201794

We don't have records of Kenmore serial numbers. You can find all Kenmore parts and compatible replacments that we carry at

Kenmore Low Voltage Line

How do I know which is the low voltage line on my Kenmore 116? The unit did seem hot to me, but everything looked really clean when I took it apart. Is there someplace I can get a schematic for the wiring? Thanks, James

The low voltage line on your system will be the thin wires that run along the pipe back to the inlets. The Kenmore systems were discontinued well over a decade ago and no wiring diagrams are still available. You can use our wiring diagrams as a guideline to help determine how yours is wired inside.

Kenmore Vacuum No Suction

I have a kenmore cansiter 116. I have power to the handle and the beater bar but no suction at all. Seemes no power is getting to that component?

Either your motor has failed, or it is not getting the signal on the low voltage lines that tells it to turn on. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate the issue at

Kenmore Not Starting

Kenmore 116-501 vac worked fine in one of 3 hose ports; didn't start at the second and then no longer worked at first. It started when I opened first clasps to empty dust canister. I pulled the plug. Emptied canister, cleaned filter & vacuumed out inside of wall-mounted unit. Before installing filter & canister, I plugged it and it started. Turned it off with switch at hose port upstairs. Reinstalled filter & canister but it no longer worked. When a switch is pressed, the unit in the basement clicks--like a relay tripping. At the switch, sound can be heard; not sure if that's the muffled sound of the relay clicking in the basement or the flapping of a valve at the hose port. Now doesn't work with or without filter or dust canister. Rich, Tomahawk WI

Most likely your motor has finally died. You can find replacement motors here,

Access Vacuum Nozzle

Kenmore vacuum cleaner Model #116.26512690 The vacuum will not turn OFF. I check the switch on the hose and it is OK. I removed the hose from the vacuum, and it still won't turn OFF. This unit only has a relay# 4152600( no motor control PCB). I suspect the the contacts in the relay have welded closed. My problem, I can not find the screws to open up the vacuum. Two of the screws are shown under the Cord Return Pedal and two are shown under the Tool cover lid according the parts breakdown. HELP. How do I access these screws??? I can not see how to get to them. Thanks Wally Fort Wayne, IN

Did you try to squeeze the sides of the top cover to lift it up and off to expose the screws?

Replacement Relay?

Hi, this is Gary from Oak Ridge, NC. I have a Kenmore Central vac Model: 116.40553280. The relay part #732146 appears to have a short in it as the only way to switch the unit off is to unplug the 110. Any suggestions were I might find a replacement relay. Appreciate your assistance

Actually, that is hard to find and expensive. Instead, for less money you can replace all the electronics with this single board. An electrician can do that in half an hour. Use the larger photo of it as the wiring guide.

Filter Clogged?

Hi, we have a Kenmore Elite Central Vacuum. The powerhead is spitting out dirt and dust on to the carpet so we emptied the dirt receptacle. There was not a lot of dirt, but the unit is still telling us to empty the receptacle. We also vigorously shook the filter into a garbage bag. Problem is, there is alot of dirt on the INSIDE of the filter but we don't know whether or not to remove it because it is firmly affixed to the bucket and the manual says we shouldn't need to remove it. Help! Any suggestions you have is much appreciated.Thanks,

Actually, the cloth filter has material sown into it as a weight to bring the filter into the down position when it is shut off. The reason the vacuum spits dirt is because of no suction at the hose do to a clog or or the suction is actually not on, though it sounds like it is from the motorized brush. Use this guide for help

Sears Vacuum With No Suction At The Powerhead

I have a Sears central vac system and I find that lately when I use the power heard, it doesn't work well on our carpet anymore. It doesn't seem to pick up anything. When I turn it over, I can see that the roller is working, but it is not picking up lint etc on the carpet. No problem with the suction as it works fine with other attachements. Thanks

There is most likely a clog in the brush head. Turn the Brush over with the neck in down position. Look behind the brush roller and up into the neck where the debris travels to see if any blockage is visible. You can also insert a pencil or screw driver down the neck, while the neck is in the down position, to clear any debris. Also check the extension wand that connects the hose to the brush. Disconnect from the hose and brush, then hold up to a light and look up the inside. If you can't see light, there is a clog that needs to be removed.

Switch Bad?

Hi I have a kenmore central vac 550 watts. power bar has one switch. When i put to left only suction and main system work, when i put to right only the beater bar works. How can I get this solved. Help !!


You have a bad switch. This one here may work for you It was sold under a number of brands do don't mind the Hayden name.

Unit Breaker Tripping

I own a Kenmore central-vacuum model #34226(Sears Canada). After approx 15-20 minutes of use which doesn't matter if it is with the power brush on carpet or attachment for hardwood floors the safety overload button on the outside of the canister goes off, and i have to walk down and reset it, and the "overloads" become more frequent approx 3-5 mintues of use. The model is less than 3 years old. Help me please b/c wife wife wont stop complaining! Alex - hamilton ,Ontario

That is the typical sign of a bad motor. Replace the motor and you'll be back in business. Is there a 116 number on that unit so we can cross reference a motor?

Brush Not Working

Kenmore 116. Vacuum works fine, belt in fine, no obstructions, but beater bar will not turn on

There are electrical connections that can fail in an Electric Hose. The wall end connection has a hidden diode that can fail. The switch on the handle can fail, and the connections in the hose can be off. A continuity tester will help you find which area is at fault. Or you can buy a new hose from here. There are two hose options

116.2219181 Kenmore Central Vacuum Hose Replacement

I need an electric power hose for my Kenmore central vacuum cleaner, Power-mate model #116.2219181. Becky Beldenville, WI 54003

You have a couple options and they are spelled out here. The direct replacement is option 2. It is really that easy. Let us know if you have any questions. We also have replacement heads and parts there as well. See the link in option 1.

Kemore Model 116. 52313200 Vacuum Replacement?

I'm looking for Model 116. 52313200 Toni A

We have the replacement and it includes the wands because the replacement has a foot release at the vacuum unlike your original one. Foot release is a very convenient feature. If you want something better you can get the products below the first one on this page. The second option is the Ace vacuum brush and separate two wands.,406HS,406H. The second option is lower to the ground and gets under more furniture and it's belt rarely ever breaks compared to the older version. If you have any questions please let us know.

Bad Relay

Kenmore Central vac Model 34430 will not shut off. From reading your posts and following the troubleshooting it is a bad relay. Is this part of a main circuit board or is it a standalone part and is it something I can replace.

The only way to solve this is replace the entire vacuum unit or have an electrician easily replace all the electronics with one of these boards Use the large photo of it as a guide.

Shuts Down Quick

We recently bought a house with a Kenmore centra vac (model#34226).It has an electrical cord attached to the hose. We put the hose in the wall,and when we put the cord into the outlet,the system doesn't work.When we remove the cord from the outlet,it works great for a few minutes then shuts off.And it blows a circuit breaker. Do you have any idea why this is? Joyce,fr Halifax,NS

Joyce, the breaker on the power head or the breaker on the central vac collection unit? If the unit then the motor needs replacing. If on the head then you need a new head. Call us for more clarification please.

Canada Kenmore Model 34226

Is a pc(b)? board available for a kenmore model #34226 central vacuum. Thanx Much Gord, Bowmanville, On.

Please contact Sears of Canada for that part. Thank you.

Replacement Bag?

I have a model 116.40521 central vac and need the replacement filter bag, but don't have any part numbers for them. No manual either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Steve - Swansea ,MA

Steve, watch our video on Kenmore filtration here. There is not a bag in these units.

Replace Motor or Unit?

Have a Kenmore 116.4053280 with motor whose bearings are gone. I know you have the exact motor replacement. But if I replaced the power vac unit with an MD or FloMaster, would I notice a difference? In suction, quietness, etc? We use your Stealth Kit and love it..just trying to weigh the motor cost against benefits of a more costly new unit. No dealers really nearby, unfortunately. I installed the Kenmore 25 years ago, house is 2300 sq ft. Love your appoach, by the way! Mark, South Freeport, ME

Mark, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you again. For about double the money you can have 50% more power in a quieter unit. The FloMaster M85 can use the same wire and pipe as your system and only requires a small section of pipe and a couple elbows to connect. The filtration is a disposable bag and the exhaust has no visible dust. Give us a call and we'll go over it with you.

Missing Gasket or Filter, Need Complete Kit

Hi, we purchased a home that had a Kenmore 116.40534BI central vacuum unit in it. Unfortunately we can't use it because it is missing something (either a gasket and or/filter) in the middle of the upper and lower metal drums. Hopeing you can help. Also, we are missing all the hoses and attachments and would like to know what would fit with this unit?

Hi, please watch video #2 here on Kenmore filtration Be sure all screens are cleaned in the unit. Also, the motor could be full of hair. From the bottom look up into it. If it is you'll need to replace the motor. The videos are help for that as well and for what you can get in a hose and a kit. Here is a link to buy kits for your system. Do read the NOTE about adapters and let us know if you need any further help.

Unit Works, Hose Doesn't

I have a Kenmore Central Vac 34226, all of a sudden it stopped working. When I plug the hose in it doesn't work. If I use the main switch the vacuum works. What do you believe would cause this problem? Bryan London

Hi, something shorted. Remove an inlet and short the wires (low voltage wires) and the vacuum should start. Or short the connection of the low voltage wires at the unit, it should start. Basically you are going to find the failure point. See video number 12 here

Exhaust and Filtering it

Bagless or not filter or not. I have a Kenmore vacuum cleaner model B1-5 116.4703080c There was a pipe connected to an exterier exhaust. Does it require or not a filter if so what type or a bag. Or does it really need to be connected to an exaust pipe. thank you serge carrier

Hi Serge, the Kenmore Central Vac usually has a dirty exhaust so you want to connect it to pipe and send it outdoors. If it is going indoors then you may want an exhaust filter - just be sure to change it often. Please read about the filter here and ask us any questions you have.

Shuts Off Quickly

We recently purchased a Kenmore Central vacuum system and once we turn on the vacuum (via the hose switch) after it running for more than 5 minutes if we shut it off and then try to turn it on again it won't. The light flashes on the cannister indicating it has tripped itself and the machine does turn on again after a couple minutes. Do we have a faulty cannister?

Usually these older machines need the motor replaces. Five percent of the time the minibreaker is bad. If the machine is new you need to take it back to get checked on.

115 52513202 Belt

i have a kenmore powermate sweeper and need a new belt. The model #115 52513202 serial D31723902

Hi, the PowerMate brush did come in different looking designs. It appears the one you have doesn't look like the one supported on this website. Sorry.

Will Not Turn Off with Hose

Kenmore Canada 34226 - Unit activates as soon as plugged into inlet. Cannot shut off with handle 3 way switch, Cannot shut off at unit when hose is plugged into wall inlet. If hose unplugged from inlet, then on off switch on main unit works normal. Switch on handle has been replaced.

There is a short in the hose if it did work correctly before. Otherwise are you putting it in so the electric is at 12 or 6?

Service or Replace?

I have a Sears built-in vac(116.4053280). Motor makes loud noise and smokes. Sears says they don't repair built-in vacs anymore. Is there someplace to get it repaired? If not, where can I find a replacement unit or different brand that'll fit in the same footprint (attach to existing pipes)?

You can replace the motor with the one listed here There are instructions and many have done it. This way you save money. Otherwise you can replace the entire unit. We have adaptors and such to hook it up.

Remove Plastic Filter

We have model 116 4803080C Class B15 - Is this bagless and there appears to be a final filter on a central pipe. How do I remove the plastic disc to get at it to clean it

Hello, the plastic disk and tube slide straight down out of the machine after the buttom of the tank is removed. There should be a screen, sometimes a filter, on the lower half of the tube, down by the disk. Keep that area clean.

Dusty Exhaust

We just got our Central Vacuum and it is working fine, great suction but all of a sudden when we use it, we get a cloud of dust that fills the room that the main unit is in. Any suggestions, is something wrong with it.

Hi, sounds like dirt is getting around the filter or the filter is broken? You may also want to vend the unit.

Kenmore Sears Mark 5 Motor

need a motor for sears Kenmore built in central vacuum (called sears best Mark V) purchased in 1979. can you tell me if you have one, the motor # and cost. thank you Sally - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hi Sally, we have heard of the Mark V before and it should not be difficult to find the motor. The best way is to look at the few motors that Kenmore used in the central vacs and measure yours to find the match (click on motors The other way may not work. That is to find the model number which looks like this: 1164090080. If your's is the same then there is not a cross reference and you'll need to to the visual, or you can email us a photo of the motor at the top and we will let you know which motor it is.

Replace Electronic Components

Dave Carmichael LeRoy,NY Do you have any info for replacing the starting components on a Kenmore 116.500 central vac. Motor relay pulls in but won't hold and I feel problem is in low voltage Touch Transverter(?). I have taken the 4 starting contacts out of circuit and it acts the same using only the pushbutton at motor location. Unit is 45+ years old so I'm having hard time convincing owner that parts are not available, and he keeps insisting that transverter can be repaired. But so far he has had NO success in having it repaired. Do you have any info OR replacements that can help to "get this guy off my back"! An e-mail to that affect would give me some leverage to help resolve this. THANKS!!!!!

Hi Dave, you can have an electrician install this circuit board. It replaces all the electronics and is easy for them to install. Print the enlarged version of the photo here for installation reference

Need Attachments for Kenmore Hose

I have a Kenmore Built in vacuum # 11640532. I am in need of some attachments. The hose seams fine. Can I order these from your company? Also would you have an owners manual?

Hello, yes you can use any of our accessories. If you want a new electric power head then buy the Hayden Brush with Wands. It is the exact PowerMate replacement just sold under a different name. We understand how difficult it is for Kenmore customers with built-in vacuums but you have finally found the place to meet all your needs.

116-4090080C Motor Available?

need new motor for sears kenmore model #1164090080C central vacuum where can I find this. sally Saskatoon

Hi, we looked up variations of this number and had no cross reference, but if the vacuum looks like this,480I, then all the parts for it are here It is the same brush and parts under a different name.

Replacement Kenmore Central Vacuum Hose

I have a Kenmore built in vac,model # 116.40524. I need replacement hose that is 30 or 35 ft long. Can you help me out? Thank You JT Seretna

Hello, we have plug-n-play replacements right here. There is a 30ft and 35ft here.,343C.

Accessories for Whirlpool FB9900-XSO

I have a Whirlpool central vac installed in 1989. I am looking for a new hose and head. It is a fb9900 xso model 11 amps. Where do I find parts for this central unit. Mary

Hello, we have a lot of great options that fit right into and work with your system. The system is actually a Kenmore so please use this helpful page and let us know if you have questions.

Copper Band Engages Vacuum

Brian - Chicago I have a pre-1970 (kenmore) system that activates by PRESSING a copper band on the outlet and has 1.25 inch diameter hole. What outlets can I update my system with without changing anything but the wall outlet?

Hello Brian, since Sears left this industry there are no more inlets this size at all that fit into the backing plate hole in the wall behind them. We are so sorry! Plus having to touch it once for one and another time for off means you have an out dated unit as well with a latching relay. Please call us for some ideas on how to upgrade.

Motor for 20.40521

Neil, New Gloucester, Maine I have an older Kenmore central vac. 600, Model 20.40521, s/n 3f3 63006, 120v. The motor has died (electrical smell, loss of power) and knowing it is an older unit, is it possible to still get a replacement that will fit???? Thanks

Hello Neil, it is a 116.40521 that you need a motor for. If there is any question a visual comparison with assure you that this is the replacement motor,220,how2mtr .

Add Port to Kenmore System

We have Kenmore Built-in Vacuum System model#116.40523 and are looking for parts to install the system into a new room in our house. Do you know of any place that carries the inlet value assemble kit to fit the 1.25", PVP pipe and joints to fit that model? We have checked with no luck. Any other suggestions of where we can look. Thank You, Patti Plymouth, NH

Patti, those backing plates and inlets are not available any longer thanks to Sears existing the market. You'll have to use the standard ones and put a new end on your hose that will work for both types For the pipe you will see in the pipe and elbows page an adaptor (#507P2) that will mate older with new pipe.

Accessories for Kenmore Canister Vac

I have a kenmore canister vac and just received a new hose and metal fitting. Both seem to work great. Now I realize that i need a brush or two. I don't plan to use the beater bar anymore. We have lots of tile and a couple of rooms with carpet. What do you recommend for a brush (or two if necessary)?

Hi, all our accessories from the links on this page will fit your regular vacuum. Start on the hard floor tools page. There is a Combo Tool that will do the floors and carpet in your home without any moving brush roll.

How to Take Apart


Hello Jim, did you first press the sides of the top plastic section and lift up? The screws are under that section.

Sears Hose to Narrow for Inlet

Looking for the electrified vacuum hose for a kenmore power mate model 116.34889c i think the powermate part number is 4154916 i did order a new hose from sears but the pipe that goes into the wall is too small

Hello, the hose from Sears may be easily changed to fit your industry standard 1.5 inch diameter inlets. The reducer should pull out of the end of the hose leaving the standard size end ready for use.

Hose for PowerMate

Woody, Pahrump, NV Which powered hose for a Kenmore 1.25\" inlet that plugs into a standard wall outlet for the Powermate should I buy to replace the hose? The (Powermate works OK, the hose has had it) Thanks.

Hello, you can use this 30ft or 35ft hose AND the metal stub tube in order to fit your 1.25 inlets. The hose is used by and enjoyed by many of our Kenmore customers.,343C,302-1.25ST

New Attachment Kit, New Vacuum Receptacles

I have a hour with an old 1.75 inch kenmore system. i need all new hoses and tools, and a new vac unit as well. (currently my vac turns on when the door is opened) Since I am replacing everything else, can i just replace all of the inlet valves to the industry standard on your page What else would I need to buy except the 6 inlet valves to make them fit? Thanks!So sorry for this! Of all the items we deal with this is the most difficult to get around. Please read this write up here and then call us if you have more questions.

Hi, we have awesome new attachment kits for your system that plug right into your 1.25 diameter inlet valves. In fact any of our kits fit into your inlets by simlpy adding our adaptor to the hose Here isour Kenmore page to get you started For the wall ports, of all the items we deal with this is the most difficult to get around. Sears doesn't make the inlet plate any longer and there are no compatible replacements. Please read this write up on the difficult process to put new inlets in and then call us if you have more questions.

No Suction, Switch to Right Side

I have a new Kenmore central vacuum. I've installed the system and the suction is excellent. There are 3 settings on the switch on the wand (left, center, right). When the button on the wand is pushed to the left, the suction turns on but there is no power to the head (which makes sense for tile and floor applications), when the button on the wand is pushed to the right, the powerhead turns on but the suction turns off. Is this a faulty wand/hose, or may there be a wiring problem?

Hi, you have a bad switch. We sell parts that may work for it here. A lot of these parts fit the vacuum cleaner itself but may not fit the hose switch. Scroll down to #342S

PowerMate Replacement Motor

We have a Sears' PowerMate central vacuum. The motor in the power head is bad (doesn't work). Do you have replacement motors?

Hello, if your power brush looks like the one on this page then you find the correct motor lower down on the page. The vacuum was sold under other names including Hayden as you see here.

Replacement Inlets?

I need several new inlets for a Kenmore 500 Cyclone Model #116.504 Serial # 7G4 20065, 115 V 60 Cycles 12 amps. The ones I have have a button to push to start. Do you have anything to replace these. Thanks, Denise, IL

Hello Denise, typically there are no replacements for Kenmore Central Vacuum wall receptacles. That is if the intake hole is 1.25 in diameter. If it is around 1.5 you are fortunate but it will take some work to get new ones because you have to press the button to start it and to shut it off. That is a latching relay and obsolete. You have two options. Buy this inlet and door bell buttons from a hardware store and create your own push button inlets,653HA,653HI. Or buy any of these inlets and replace your central vacuum unit with a modern one (no latching relay). For more help please call us toll-free!


My Kenmore central vac hose has a small attachment that is the adapter for the power cord. This allows a right-angel turn where the power cord plugs into the hose. this part is lost, and I do not see it in the Kenmore parts lists. Without it, the power cord interferes with the connection of the hose to the vac wall socket. The needed part is worth a buck, while a new hose is 180 bucks. Any ideas?

Hi, our experience with Kenmore Central Vacuum customers is that our #320 cord replaces the L connection and the cord. Here is the part

Fit all Hoses?

So glad I found you! I have an old central Kenmore vacuum system in need of a hose. It has the 1.25 diameter and is the kind that the suction starts when you open the inlet. It looks like I need the Metal Stub Tube to convert it to 1.5. My questions to you are: 1. can I use the low -voltage hose with the button lock and the switch on the hose? 2. what is the longest hose I can get for it? Thanks so much!

Hi, we are glad you found us! Yes, you need the adaptor for your 1.25 inch diameter inlets. It fits all hoses with a plastic body end. Using the low voltage hose is a great idea. It has a comfortable grip, 360-degree swivel for less kinking, and is made better than basic hoses. We sell the hose up to 50ft long and you can check them out here

Upgrade to Electric Vacuum Brush?

I have a sears Kenmore model 116.40531 built in vacuum, recently the hose has gone beyond repair and the wand needs to be replaced. is it possible to upgrade to an electric model. I have the 1.25" hose wall unit. What is the difference between using an electric power head and the turbo cat? is the electric unit better than using the non-electric turbo cat? deb/st louis

Hello Deb, you are one purchase away from being stunned at the effects of an electric brush on your carpets and working flawlessly with your existing system. On our Kenmore page we have the Stealth Kit for the smaller diameter ports. If you want to save money and have have a great system, buy our EdgeLift Kit and this adaptor which you will push into the end of the hose. The electric works far better on carpet. The electric motor is stronger and the suction is many more times that of the air powered brush. Here is the Kenmore page: the EdgeLift page: and the adaptor:

New to Central Vac

We just purchased our house and it has a kenmore central vacuum system. I have not used it yet. It is an older model and put in here when house was built. I think it is bagless. Model # is 115440 and there is a plastic thing in the middle which looks like it hangs up at the top but cant get it to stay. would you have any books or info on this model? Thank you

Congratulations on the new home and the central vacuum! Let's get it up and running and with good accessories. Vacuuming is so much easier, quieter, and less of a hassle with a central vacuum. The only maintenance is the filter. We have not heard of it not staying before though, interesting. It looks like it floats in the the space with the bottom of the unit is put on. Sears has long since been a help to it's central vacuum customers when they left this industry years ago. But we have motors, hoses, and replacement units to help you out. How do the accessories look? If you have a PowerMate for the carpet and it works that is a good brush. We have parts and new hoses for it and complete replacement kits and upgrades. If you want to test the system thoroughly then use this general guide Let us know if you have any questions.

Motor for 116.40531

I am looking for a replacement motor for a Kenmore model# 116.40531. It is very old but worked perfectly until recently when the motor went.

Hose part for my Hoover Upright

Hi: We have a Kenmore Progressive Upright with Hepa Filter Cleaner, 120 AMPS, Model 116......34613305. Where the hose is attached at the bottom right hand side of the cleaner, the tip of the hose has broken off. Is there any way we can replace the plastic tip of the hose that pushes into the plastic receptor at the base of the cleaner without having to buy an entirely new hose. Dave, Falls Church, Virginia

Hello Dave, Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) for more information.

Starts, Quickly Stops

My Kenmore central vac turns on on for a moment and then immediately goes off. It started to do this after I emptied it. Thank Catherine. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hello Catherine, older central vacuums fail many times after being jarred from their normal positions. Try bumping into the machine to get it in back in its position. But it may be time for a replacement motor, which we have and provide excellent shipping and rates to Canada.

Replacement Handle Release

HI,I have an old KENMORE BUILT-IN VACUUM CLEANER MODEL NO 116.4053280. it has the POWER MATE MODEL NO 116.2219181 I only need the handle release part NO.742755 Would like to know if part is still available thanks. JOHN, Los Angeles CA,

Hello John, those parts where sold under many names. We sell them under Hayden . What is available can be found here:

Kenmore PowerMate Wand

I have a old kenmore model.116 # 27085790 Will the Older Lower Wand for PowerMate fit it? Is this wand new or used? Ana J

Hello Ana, yes this is most likely the wand. It was used with a lot of PowerMates, but please do a visual comparison. And, yes, it is brand new. We sell a lot of them for Kenmore / Whirlpool older models.

Replace Motor for Nozzle Brush?

I have an old 1980 model Kenmore central vac. The motor on the beater brush is bad, is there a replacement motor available? The brush and other parts of the unit are still in relatively good shape. Thanks, Joseph from Philpot, KY

Hello Joseph, we have a lot of PowerMate parts because it was actually a generic brush used by many companies and sold under many names. This long page is full of parts and replacements including the motor in the brush.

Sears 116.5718180 Needs Parts

I have a Sears Central Vac system. Model 116.5718180. Love it, but needs parts. Do you carry the hose and power head? If not, can you make a recommendation on replacement without removing canister or tubing in walls to support. Thanks!

Hello, You will not need to remove the piping or anything to use our replacement hoses and nozzles that are the replacements for your model. Please start here for the complete kits and possible adaptor you may need. Look around on the Kenmore help page for more information. If you have questions please let us know.

Kenmore Central Vacuum Remodel - Add Inlets

I'd like to add 4 inlets to an old Kenmore central vac. Existing connections, inlets, etc. are for 1.75" tubing, all of which are no longer available. How do I extend the existing system when no manufacturer makes compatible parts?

Hello, you can pull this off quite easily. The part #507P2 adapts the central vacuum pipe to your old pipe. Here is the adaptor and pipe and fittings For the new inlet use #517 backing plate and any Basic Inlet Valve Run low voltage wire spliced into your existing wire or all the way back to the Kenmore Vacuum Unit. The bigger issue once it is all installed is the two different hose port diameters and using one hose. But that can be fixed easily as well for a little money. Buy these and put the metal part into the end of the plastic cuff. Put it in far enough so when you use the new inlets it goes in and allows the plastic cuff with metal ring to engage. Here is what you need and they will fit on your old hose,302-1.25ST. Or you can buy a new hose and put that metal part into it directly,303,302-1.25ST. If you have more questions please ask.


How do you get access the belt, motor and guts?!

Answer: has instructions for taking the brush apart. The trick is to put the neck in the down position and then squeeze and lift the sides of the top-most plastic section. It comes off and the screws are under that.

Troubleshooting Nozzle

I have a Kenmore Power-Mate 2 Motor System Model # 116 56766690C. When I turn the vacuum on with the power-mate attached, the power-mate motor does not work. If I push the overload protector Reset, the light and motor comes on for about two seconds only, but the roller to do not move. Any suggestions? Don - Kitchener Ontario

Hello Don, sounds like the roller brush is clogged up and making resistance or the motor is going bad (we have new motors under Parts/Hayden Parts). Clean the bushings on the roller first. Access the parts by first pushing in the sides of the top section to remove it. Screws are located under that section.

On/off Bad at Hose

I have a kenmore central vacuum model #34604. I can no longer turn it off and on from the hose. I have to start and stop the vacuum from the main switch at the vacuum itself. What would be the main cause? Randy Athabasca

Hello Randy, for your case it sounds like a bad hose handle switch. Did the suction come on originally when you opened the port door before? Or on after hose insertion? If after then look inside the port for two small metal contacts. Use foil to short them (no shock). Suction should work which means you need to replace the hose switch, if available, or the hose. Here are the hose options: and here is a switch that may work (Hayden is same as Kenmore, same original manufacturer, but the switch may have changed after all these years). Hope that helps! Oh, and always consider a new complete kit as well, just look at the top of the page from first link given in this answer.

Replace Unit and Accessories

Our house has a Kenmore Built-in Cleaning System Model No. 11640532. We would like to purchase a replacement along with new accessories. We would like a suggestion on a model that would be a good retrofit. We do not want to replace the PVC piping that is already in place. Thanks. Ken St. louis

Hello Ken, we suggest the SilentMaster S4. It has high waterlift or torque, perfect for the restricted pipes used in Kenmore systems. We have the adaptor to bring the smaller diameter pipe to the larger 2 OD pipe and to the S4. For the home we highly recommend the Stealth Kit. Your original Kenmore wall ports are not replaceable, by the way, sorry. The S4 is available through dealers or through us if a dealer is not close to you. Here are some links and let us know if you have more questions.

Kenmore Mark 5 Relay

I have a Kenmore Mark 5 central vac and need a new relay motor. The model# is 116-4090080C. The terminal is broken but I need the whole relay motor. Joe Caledonia

Hello Joe, sorry but that is not available as far as we know. It is possible for an electrician to use something else though. Please call us for some options.

Cord Needed

we need the cord for our sears central vacuum

Hello, by cord do you mean the 30ft hose? The please read about the options here or call us. Or did you mean a cord that attaches to the hose end? This replaces that cord and elbow

1.25 Inch Hose into 1.5 Inch Valve?

I have a central vacuum that has 1.25 inch wall inlet valves. I am running a line to the basement but the problem is I can't find 1.25 only 1.50 inch inlets. Is there some type of a adapter I can put into a 1.50 inch inlet valve so it will fit into a 1.25 inch hose nozzle. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Frank Holtsville, NY

Good question Frank, we have a way of making a newer hose fit into both valves but not a way to convert an older hose. Sorry!

Hose for Kenmore Sears 11640540.

need replacement hose for model 11640540. has beater. any ideas?

Hello, we have the hose you need, it is just a matter of figuring out which one. We detailed it on this Kenmore page here. Please start here and call us if you have any questions.

Ship to Canada?

There seems to be no option for shipping to Canada. Do you ship to Canada, I am in desperate need of this part. Thanks, Grant in Toronto

Hello Grant, we do ship to Canada, and have great shipping rates and prices.

Utility Valve Replacement

We have a Sears Model#4052 Built-In Vacuum Cleaner. We need part #20 4240 Utility Valve Assembly, Spring-operated cover. Whirlpool Manufacturer - Now built by Matsushita(don't know their product #) Josef - Ashland/West Salem, Ohio

Hello Josef, those are no longer available. Please call us for more information.

116-40521 Motor

Kenmore built-in vacuum model 116-40521, motor original number 70033 (569184?) do you have a replacement? Regards George A Oregon City, Oregon

Hello George, we have the motors that fit the Kenmore vacuum systems but we don't have a cross reference for all the models. We have come across a lot of their systems and have that these are the motors they used It is quite simple to measure and see the one that is yours. If you need help please let us know.

500 Model Motor

Dear sir or Madam, I have a kenmore central vacuum system model 500, I need a new motor for this system but on your web site I cant find the motor model I have on the system, my motor model number is 116.504 is the another motor that fits or do I have to order this special. regards Ian P

Hello Ian, we have the motor. It is always one of the ones listed on the Kenmore page online at our website. If you need help finding it please call us when you have the motor and a tape measure near you. Thanks.

Low Suction, Possible Clog

Hi. My Sears Central Vacuuming system has suddenly decreased in suction. I thought perhaps something was caught in the hose. But I ran something through the hose without it being attached to the wall. It went through ok. Then I vacuumed a marble sized object and though it hardly had any suction, it did go into the wall. But it hasn't come out in the dust can, so I am thinking it is stuck in the wall. Could it be something in the wall pipes is stuck, jamming it? How could I go about dislodging it if this is so?

Hello, follow the steps here and let us know if you have questions.

Need Valve Assemply and Unit Parts

Hi! I am looking for replacement parts for our Kenmore Model 116500. The parts I need are 1)unit valve assembly (p/n 616588); 2)unit remote control/power button (p/n 616633)and 3)canister clip (don't have p/n). I looked on the Sears site but was informed the above parts are not available. Eventually, we'll need to break down and buy an MD unit, but are trying to economize for now. Thanks much! DLD PS I ordered an attachment kit and hose for our unit in '05 and they still work great. The service and ease of purchase was terrific! Thanks.

Hello, we feel your pain with Kenmore. Worst of the issues is the inlet covers. They are nowhere to be found AND are not replaceable with anything on the market unless you spend hours on each one to cut the pipe in the wall through the 4x2 hole. Parts you need for the can are not available either. Grade A units are available for a significant discount when you have the funds though! Sorry.

Motor for Kenmore 500 Central Vacuum

I have a Kenmore 500 central vacuum in need of a motor replacement. The model number of the vacuum is 116504, serial number 8F327654. It is a 115 v 12 A motor. Can you recommend a replacement motor and cost. Thank you

Hello, Kenmore built central vacuums using one of the motors listed here: Use the dimensions and overall look of the motor to find the one you need. It is really quite easy and if you need a hand we can do it right over the phone.

Need Replacement Hose

Need to replace Kenmore electric vacuum hose to fit power-mate model #1162219181C. Serial #83M4412176 Previous hose part #204465 Canister Model #11640540 Serial #9M522933 Wall unit 1.25 inch dia. Beverly/Littleton

Hello Beverly, so glad you found us. Our Kenmore customers have two choices of hose. The first is a new technology hose that works with your system and allows you to upgrade to a new power brush easily when yours fails. The second hose option fits much better into the Power-Mate head and it is the heavier feeling hose compared to the new hose in option one. You will have to buy an adaptor to fit the smaller inlet valves and it inserts into the hose wall end. The options are explained more hear and we are also here to help you by phone, toll-free.

Hose for 1.25

I have a built in central vacuum system (Kenmore 600). I need a replacement hose with an inlet diameter of 1.25". Do you stock any?

Hello, yes, help all of Kenmore's frustrated customers! We have electric and non electric hoses. You may call for help on our toll free number or take a look at our Kenmore page for details at

Need 50-foot Hose and Kit

I have a Kenmore 600 built in central vacuum system. I need a replacement hose (50'), wand, and nozzle. Do you have what I need?

Hello, we have what you need but want to make sure we get it right based on your inlets and vacuuming needs. Please call us toll-free to help you out most efficiently. We need to know the diameter of the inlet hole in the wall, if you have carpeting, and if you need electric or non-electric hose and beater brush.

Replacing Belt

Kenmore Vacuum Model 116 3966180 Need to know how to install replacement belt. Becky Newaygo, Michigan

Hello Becky, on the Powermate you need to push in the sides of the top most section, where the light is, and lift up. The screws under under it that allow you to take the brush apart.

Rust Spots on Central Vacuum

The actual (Kenmore central vac bagless)Canister we have has some rust spots which is probably reducing our vacuum suction. Do you have replacement canisters? We already bought the stealth kit and a new motor....suggestions? Thanks Karen

Hello Karen, if there are holes in the section below the motor top section then you are loosing valuable suction. I would duct tape the holes for now. Later, you can replace the unit with any of our vacuums. We have adaptors to make them fit right in.

116.52512201 PowerMate Nozzle Parts

My name is Brendan. I have a Kenmore vacuum with a power mate head. The power drive seems to be not working although the vacuum strength is very strong. The model is: 116.52512201 and the Serial is: D21204516 please advise how I can have this section of the unit replaced and at what cost. Thank you

Hello Brendan, that PowerMate brush was sold under several names. The exact brush was also called Hayden. Here is a shopping page of all the parts we sell for it. Most of the parts are near the end of the page.

Electric Kits Besides Stealth - for Kenmore Central Vac

I have a Sears mod. 116.4053380 and need replacement electric kit. Besides the Stealth models what else is available that will replace what I have? Looking for a more reasonable price. Len Sykesville, MD.

Hello Len, we have the BlackHawk, Hayden, and EdgeLift (coming out July 5, 2007). The corded verion of any of these will fit an inlet of 1.5 inches diameter and if you have 1.25 diameter just buy this and swedge it into the hose end.

116.5718180 and 20-44620 Replacement Kit / Tools

I am looking for replacement parts for the Kenmore Power-mate vacuum cleaner model no. 116.21195 116.5718180 Power-mate Brush w/wands. The original brush (116.21195) was replaced with this model. 20-44620 Attachment set with electrified hose. (includes all tools) Please email me part numbers, pricing and availability. Thank you, Sandy Bellmawr, NJ

Hello Sandy, you have a couple of choices. You can upgrade to more modern equipment that fits right into your system or you can still use the older equipment. The newer would be the Stealth and the older is referred to as Hayden or Kenmore replacement. You need to decide which kit and then take a look at your wall ports to determine if they are 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 diameter. Then you will know what to buy when using this information and this guide here for the Stealth and this for the Hayden (first three products)

Replacing Belt

show me how to put on a belt for a 116 model

On PowerMate vacuum heads the top most part is squeezed in on the sides and lifted up. The screws to take the nozzle apart to get to the belt are under that top part.

How to Replace Belt on PowerMate Central Vac

how do i replace belt on model #11659312990

On the PowerMate you squeeze the sides of the top headlamp cover and lift up. Under that cover are the screws to take the vacuum head apart.

Noisier Recently

My old Kenmore central vac has become extremly noisy over the last few years. The motor has a loud high pitched noise . I put a muffler in the exhaust line but it doesn't help.Is there some way to reduce this motor noise? The new machines currently being sold hardly make any sound at all.

Hello, that usually means that the motor is going bad. It is best to use it until is stops working and then replace the motor inside the vacuum unit.

116.4053280 Kenmore Central Vacuum Issues

I have a central vacuum cleaner #116.4053280 which stopped working all of a sudden. How can I tell if it's the transformer or the motor? If it is the motor what is the replacement motor for part 732090 (motor)? Thanks Ken Port Washington, NY

Hello Ken, here is an FAQ on testing the components And here is the link the motors used in Kenmore machines. Measure and visual check will help you figure it out or you can call us when you are near the exposed motor. Sorry we don't have a cross reference for that model.

Replacement Hose and Brush Attachments for Kenmore

I need to replace the hose and floor/rug brush attachments to my Sears central vac, model# 116.40590 Serial# 8L5 32225. Thanks, Sharon Nashua

Hello Sharon, your Kenmore system with love the new attachments, especially the electric Stealth. There are a couple of things to consider about the hose connection to your wall. We have something great to fit your wall inlets and you can figure it out on the Kenmore page in the link here or you can call us for helpful assistance

How to Access Screws on PowerMate (some models)

Light bulb changing: Owner's Manual on Pg. 17 says to remove PM cover as shown in BELT CHANGING AND AGITOR CLEANING SECTION. These instructions say to turn PM upside down - Unscrew two PM cover screws. Our vacuum cleaner (Model 116.15512506) has no screw holes on bottom of the machine. I can find no screws to loosen. Where are they? Jim West, Forney TX

Usually you squeeze in the sides of the head light section and that top most cover lifts off. The screws are under there.

Bag? New Kit?

My husband and I purchased our home three years ago. It was equipped with a Kenmore Central Vacuum (Serial # 9821216328; model 34606 c 107. The power head is not working properly for the vacuum; it will not move the brushes very fast and dirt seemingly gets stuck in the hose. The suction portion works great. Also, I can not find the proper sized bags to fit the canister. Any advice?

Hello, we have not seen a Kenmore Central Vac with a disposable bag. You have a filter up in the can right? That is all that is need, simply dump the bucket without a bag. Let us know if you have something different. It sounds like you are ready for a new attachment kit! We have a variety based on your flooring and cost. We highly recommend the Stealth Kit, as do our customers, if you have wall to wall carpet. Please visit the Kenmore Help Page.

Cord and Fuse Plug Replacement for Kenmore / Sears

I have a part for my central vacuum system which is marked fuse link, a number 2, Htrs. Inc. 125V 5A. This is an L shaped plug. It is broken and I would like to replace it. Can you help me? Thanks

Our #320 Cord is both the cord and fuse and fits all Kenmore central vac hoses.

Will Not Turn Off

I have a kenmore model #116.40534 that will not turn off after hose is unplugged. I have to unplug the power cord. Thanks Byron

Use our trouble shooting chart to find the issue at

What is "Corded Hose" Plugging into?

I have the Kenmore central vac model 116.4053280. The suction starts the moment the wall valve is opened, and your website suggests buying the hose with 8ft electric cord. I do not understand what the cord will be plugging into. Please explain before I purchase. Thanks very much.

Yes, the hose for 1.25 diameter inlets like you have will come with the 8ft electric extension cord that is attached to the wall end of the hose. It plugs into a normal electrical outlet within 8ft of the vacuum inlet. It is usually plenty long to reach the closest outlet. If not you can easily use an extension cord. If you'd like take a tape measure and see about your situation. The outlet can be down the hall, around the corner in a room or kitchen, etc. It is a little more work now having to plug in the hose and the cord but you will not be let down with the incredible job the Stealth does on your carpet. We guarantee it or all your money back.

Need Replacement Cord, Not Hose

I have a Kenmore Model 116.4702C built-in vacuum with an electric hose Sears No. 34564. I need to replace the 8 ft electric cord / pigtail. Are these sold separately?

With our experience, the #320 cord has always worked for the Kenmore hose. See it here

Stealth Kit with Corded, not 2-pin, Hose

I have a Kenmore model 116.4053280 and would like to purchase the Stealth kit or something comparable. The Stealth kit hose however shows that the hose which plugs into the wall has 2 little pin connections. My vacuum outlet does not have any little holes for the pins. It just has the vacuum hose hole and the suction starts as soon as the cover on the hole is lifted. Any suggestions? Thank you.

We certainly have and sell many of the Stealth Kits for the Kenmore system you have. The wall end of the hose has an 8ft corded, unlike the one you saw in the photo. Click here and the drop down on the top right shows the compatible Stealth Kits for your built-in system

Sears Vacuum Transformer

dear sirs,I had sears repair look at my cvs Model # 2040521 they said the motor was fine,needed a transformer,they no longer stocked you have what i need,they said i needed part #701368. the unit is 12 will not turn on.can you help me. serial#om146547.sears did not won"t to work on it,can you tell me who to call.

We don't have the transformer. You can replace the central vac or have an electrician put in circuit board #235S (in electrical parts).

Kenmore 204464 Hose Replacement

Do you have the 25 foot hose, longer would be better, for Kenmore built-in 20.40521? The hose # 204464.

Kenmore is not showing this as a part. Please call us, we are 99% sure we have a replacement. We just need to ask you some questions so please be home when you call. 800-997-2278 PST M-TH

Replace Old Handle?

I have a Kenmore/Sears central vac serial number 9841228843. Everything works great but the handle/grip with the on/off switch that connects the hose to the upper wand is broken. The handle receives two prongs from the wand. I do not know what year the vacuum is but the house is 11 years old. Is it possible to buy a new handle? Thank you

As far as we know there are not handle replacements. You will need a new hose.

116.040531 Hose

do you have hoses and attachments for model 116040531 serial # 8c396038. its a kenmore and what will the cost be?

We don't have a cross reference for 116.040531. That number is not coming up. If it is a central vacuum then yes. If it is a PowerMate central vacuum we have an awesome Stealth Kit that fits right into your system.

Power Brush and Price

Do you have a Power Brush for Kenmore Model 116 and what would be the price? Thanks, Emma

If you have a PowerMate Central Vacuum, the power brush is usually replaced with this brush here (a few products down on this link). Costs over $200.

Model #116.5015090 Replacement Hose

Do you have replacement hoses for Model #116.5015090?

The Kenmore PowerMate Central Vacuum hose is replaced with one of these hoses (varying lengths and colors) and if your vacuum wall inlet is 1.25 inches in diameter you will need the stub tube as well.,342GC,342C,343C,302-1.25ST

Hose for Canister Vacuum?

I have a Kenmore Canister vacuum cleaner, Model 116.28450. The hose is wearing out and I would like to replace it. The vacuum works just great, but the hose has two holes in it. The parts list shows Part # 4150579 for the hose for Model 116.2845081. Can I buy a new hose? Thanks for any information you can give me. Nancy Elbert

The hose we sell is 30ft long and will fit PowerMate built-in central vacuum systems but may not be what your canister vacuum needs. Take a good look at this hose and see what you think. For Kenmore Central Vacuums with a hole in the wall that is 1.25 diameter you will also need this hose insert adaptor.

PowerMate Shutting Off

I installed a new Sears 116.4054 Central Vac sys in 1980. Lately the powerbrush motor cuts off when under too much load (pile adj). Starts again with cycling the on-off switch. Which do you think is the problem, the motor (700650)or the Overload switch (741652)? Please advise the part price for the culprit. Also the price for a new belt (725178)? Thanks, Jim

If your carpet brush is a PowerMate you will fit a replacement for just over $200 on the Kenmore help page. Under Parts and More click on Hayden Parts to find replacement parts for the PowerMate (it is the exact same brush). We may not have all the parts for it you need however. The overload switch is probably the issue.

Test My Motors

I just bought a new home and it has a Sears model 500 - central vacuum. The model number is 116 501. Is there anyway I can see if this works or turn it on. I can't seem to find a switch anywhere. There are no hoses or accessories in the house so I am not sure what to do. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, JIM

You can test them by finding the connection on the unit where the wire from the home goes (not the power cord, but a smaller wire) and by touching one side of the connection to the other side using a wire or paper clip. You will not be shocked. For the accessories you first need to get the diameter hole of the inlet in the wall. No matter the size, you have a lot of options. If you have carpeting you should really consider an electric kit such as the Stealth. If not much carpet at all then the Deluxe. Read over all this in our Kenmore Help Page.

Motor for 116.405280

I have Kenmore central vacuum model 116.405280. I can not find this model number listed on your website. I need to replace the motor. Which of your model numbers will work for this vacuum? Richard A. Kenyon

Glad you found us. We help a lot of customers in your situation out. When we come across a Sears unit we don't have a specific mention of we find that one of the motors used in these Kenmore units was the motor used in yours. Please do a visual comparison and a measurement comparison (click on the link next to the motor for specifics). If you want help please call us when you have at the motor and have access to it. It really is that easy. Also, our #235S circuit board for around $30 can replace all your electric components, many owners have done this,

Dust in Exhaust

I have a Kenmore/sears built in vacuum model 116.40534. Much small dust comes out of exhaust while in operation. Is there a filter that I can purchase?

You should vent this unit to the outside with an exhaust vent cap, pipe, and fittings. If that is not possible, you could use these exhaust filters cautiously.

Desparate for 1.25 Faceplate

Kenmore inlets with 1.25 inch openings are no longer available. Your website states that you don't have 1.25 inch floor plates available for Kenmore vaccums. I had my wood floors redone this summer and my contractor lost my floor plate (so needless to say the vaccum does not work now). Can you think of any company that might have used plates available or can get one machined for me? Can you provide the specs to have one machined? If I can't get a replacement floor plate, what is the cost to replace the floor plate and if I replace the floor plate, do I need to replace the wall plates, too?

So sorry for this! Of all the items we deal with this is the most difficult to get around. Please read this write up here and then call us if you have more questions.

Need Circuit Board

i blew my kenmore elite cent vac up after plugging it in. Fried the circuit board. dont know if it is my plug in. there was a central vac plugged in it before but i had to change the plug to a standard plug. the plug is on the same breaker as my fridge at 30 amps is this my problem? where to get new circuit board?

30 amps should not be a problem, but if it was 220 volts going into a 110 volt machine you will blow the board. Please check that. You can use our #235S Circuit Board.

Lower Wand for Kenmore

I am looking for a replacement LOWER wand to my Kenmore Powermate model 2635080. do you have something. If so, do you have an "800" telephone number I can call and give you a credit card to charge it too? Thanks!

Yes, we have the wands! Please call us at 800-997-2278 M-Th PST.

Hose for 116-4803080C

I have a Sears Kenmore Power Mate Model 116-4803080C that needs a new hose. What replacement part(s) do I need to be able to use my central vacuum system again? Everything works with the exception of the hose which has so many cracks it just won't work even if it was duct taped. Thanks.

Is this a built in central vacuum cleaner? If so please read the hose section on the Kenmore Help page. If it is not we may not be able to help you.

Kenmore 116.4053482 Vacuum Motor

I have model number 116.4053482 will the 116119 motor work with that model?

The 116119 is the correct motor for your system.

Replace Old Hose Handle Parts?

I have a Hole-in-the-Wall Vacuum purchased from Sears in 1967. The motor has been replaced and works perfectly. At the time of purchase I bought The Kenmore Power-Mate Beater Bar. The replacement part I need is the connection between the wand and the hose. This assembly consists of an on-off switch and a fused electrical cord to the wall. I have the 25' hose which connects the on-off switch part to the hose and then the suction pipe in the wall.

As you know Sears abandoned the central vacuum years ago. Homeowners are excited to find us because we sell replacement hoses and PowerMate (Hayden) carpet brushes all available on our Kenmore Sears Help Page ( Unfortunately, we don't have any parts to replace the original internal hose handle or connection parts.

Kenmore Upper Wand?

Is this wand part (Cord Channel Upper Wand) compatible with Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner Model # 116.2245091 (Part # 747264)? Mine is broken, and I'm trying to get a replacement. Thank you, Rich Schroeder

#406H on the Wand Page fits the this and the older PowerMates. The difference is that the 2-pin cord sits lower at the top than on the #406SU.

Kenmore Replacement Hose

I need to replace the hose for my Kenmore Model 11640523 central vacuum system - which kit do I need? Nicole

If your carpet brush is the PowerMate, as most are, you have two options. Please read this and if you have more questions let us know.

115334-W Motor Replacement

I have a Sears Central Vac with LAMB motor part # 115334-W. Is this the same part with or without -W? George Heston

Yes, this is exactly the motor you will need.

Older 1-3/4

What are the dimensions of this fitting (90 Short PVC Vacuum Connector)? I am changing out the outlets to accommodate an updated new hose and power nozzle system. The existing tubing size is 1-3/4" OD. The current elbow is undersized, and will need to be cut off and the new elbow re-cemented. How does this connect to the new cover?

This connects to a new backing plate such our #517. A new faceplate attaches to the backing plate. You have older style pipe at will not fit this 90. But you can make it fit by cutting just below the colar of the old 90 where it is glued on the old pipe. The old pipe width plus the colar of the old 90 fit perfectly in the new 90 which has a 2 OD.

Kenmore Hose and Wands

I have a sears unit central vacuum model on the canister is 1164053380 and i need to replace the hose and wand and get attachments strictly for hardwood floors- my old hose was electric and could attach to my electric beater brush via a plug near the hand held area- but i do not need the powermate anymore- only a brush type to attach to the new hose if you have one or can recommend one

Not a problem and you will save a lot of money no needing electric carpet brushes. Measure the diameter of the hole the hose is inserted into in the wall. If it is around 1.25 inches you will by a basic hose with reduced cuff (and friction wands and any hard floor brush), if around 1.5 inches you will by a low voltage hose without button lock (and friction wands and any hard floor brush). See the Kenmore page if you are not already on it.

Replace Kenmore Attachment Kit?

Will this replace model 1165718180?

The Stealth Kit will replace all Kenmore central vacuum kits - and is a fantastic choice. The next question is if you have 1.25 inch diameter hose connections at the wall inlet or 1.5 inch. The 1.25 inch inlets start the suction when lifted, BEFORE the hose is inserted. Depending on the inlet you have, we have the correct kit for both. And both come in 30ft and 35ft hose lengths. See the Stealth information towards the top of the Kenmore page.

Replacement Motor, No Number on Original

Hi, I have a Kenmore Central vac has model # 34604 on it. We took is apart and found it has a Lamb motor in it but no number on the motor. Can you give me a motor number so I can order a new motor?

The best we can do now is direct you the Kenmore page where you will have to do a visual comparisons and click on the details of the various motors to compare measurements. Also, call us toll-free and we can help you. Have the motor nearby.

Stealth Kit for Modern Kenmore Vac Inlets

Which Stealth kit will replace my Kenmore Mod. 116-4053380 unit? The system starts after I plug the hose into the outlet. Len

For all Kenmore systems with a 1.5 inch diameter wall inlet (starts after hose is inserted), the Stealth kit that fits is the 423GC30 and the 423GC35 (both have a corded hose). One has a 30 foot hose and the other a 35 foot hose. You are going to love the Stealth Kit guaranteed. Be advised though that the new, better technology and very durable hose, will feel very weak to you since you spent years using a steel wire reinforced hose. When you get the new hose stretch it out and let it relax. Hang it up in four or five loops.