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Service or Replace?

I have a Sears built-in vac(116.4053280). Motor makes loud noise and smokes. Sears says they don't repair built-in vacs anymore. Is there someplace to get it repaired? If not, where can I find a replacement unit or different brand that'll fit in the same footprint (attach to existing pipes)?

You can replace the motor with the one listed here There are instructions and many have done it. This way you save money. Otherwise you can replace the entire unit. We have adaptors and such to hook it up.

Remove Plastic Filter

We have model 116 4803080C Class B15 - Is this bagless and there appears to be a final filter on a central pipe. How do I remove the plastic disc to get at it to clean it

Hello, the plastic disk and tube slide straight down out of the machine after the buttom of the tank is removed. There should be a screen, sometimes a filter, on the lower half of the tube, down by the disk. Keep that area clean.

Dusty Exhaust

We just got our Central Vacuum and it is working fine, great suction but all of a sudden when we use it, we get a cloud of dust that fills the room that the main unit is in. Any suggestions, is something wrong with it.

Hi, sounds like dirt is getting around the filter or the filter is broken? You may also want to vend the unit.

Kenmore Sears Mark 5 Motor

need a motor for sears Kenmore built in central vacuum (called sears best Mark V) purchased in 1979. can you tell me if you have one, the motor # and cost. thank you Sally - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hi Sally, we have heard of the Mark V before and it should not be difficult to find the motor. The best way is to look at the few motors that Kenmore used in the central vacs and measure yours to find the match (click on motors The other way may not work. That is to find the model number which looks like this: 1164090080. If your's is the same then there is not a cross reference and you'll need to to the visual, or you can email us a photo of the motor at the top and we will let you know which motor it is.

Replace Electronic Components

Dave Carmichael LeRoy,NY Do you have any info for replacing the starting components on a Kenmore 116.500 central vac. Motor relay pulls in but won't hold and I feel problem is in low voltage Touch Transverter(?). I have taken the 4 starting contacts out of circuit and it acts the same using only the pushbutton at motor location. Unit is 45+ years old so I'm having hard time convincing owner that parts are not available, and he keeps insisting that transverter can be repaired. But so far he has had NO success in having it repaired. Do you have any info OR replacements that can help to "get this guy off my back"! An e-mail to that affect would give me some leverage to help resolve this. THANKS!!!!!

Hi Dave, you can have an electrician install this circuit board. It replaces all the electronics and is easy for them to install. Print the enlarged version of the photo here for installation reference

Need Attachments for Kenmore Hose

I have a Kenmore Built in vacuum # 11640532. I am in need of some attachments. The hose seams fine. Can I order these from your company? Also would you have an owners manual?

Hello, yes you can use any of our accessories. If you want a new electric power head then buy the Hayden Brush with Wands. It is the exact PowerMate replacement just sold under a different name. We understand how difficult it is for Kenmore customers with built-in vacuums but you have finally found the place to meet all your needs.

116-4090080C Motor Available?

need new motor for sears kenmore model #1164090080C central vacuum where can I find this. sally Saskatoon

Hi, we looked up variations of this number and had no cross reference, but if the vacuum looks like this,480I, then all the parts for it are here It is the same brush and parts under a different name.

Replacement Kenmore Central Vacuum Hose

I have a Kenmore built in vac,model # 116.40524. I need replacement hose that is 30 or 35 ft long. Can you help me out? Thank You JT Seretna

Hello, we have plug-n-play replacements right here. There is a 30ft and 35ft here.,343C.

Accessories for Whirlpool FB9900-XSO

I have a Whirlpool central vac installed in 1989. I am looking for a new hose and head. It is a fb9900 xso model 11 amps. Where do I find parts for this central unit. Mary

Hello, we have a lot of great options that fit right into and work with your system. The system is actually a Kenmore so please use this helpful page and let us know if you have questions.

Copper Band Engages Vacuum

Brian - Chicago I have a pre-1970 (kenmore) system that activates by PRESSING a copper band on the outlet and has 1.25 inch diameter hole. What outlets can I update my system with without changing anything but the wall outlet?

Hello Brian, since Sears left this industry there are no more inlets this size at all that fit into the backing plate hole in the wall behind them. We are so sorry! Plus having to touch it once for one and another time for off means you have an out dated unit as well with a latching relay. Please call us for some ideas on how to upgrade.

Motor for 20.40521

Neil, New Gloucester, Maine I have an older Kenmore central vac. 600, Model 20.40521, s/n 3f3 63006, 120v. The motor has died (electrical smell, loss of power) and knowing it is an older unit, is it possible to still get a replacement that will fit???? Thanks

Hello Neil, it is a 116.40521 that you need a motor for. If there is any question a visual comparison with assure you that this is the replacement motor,220,how2mtr .

Add Port to Kenmore System

We have Kenmore Built-in Vacuum System model#116.40523 and are looking for parts to install the system into a new room in our house. Do you know of any place that carries the inlet value assemble kit to fit the 1.25", PVP pipe and joints to fit that model? We have checked with no luck. Any other suggestions of where we can look. Thank You, Patti Plymouth, NH

Patti, those backing plates and inlets are not available any longer thanks to Sears existing the market. You'll have to use the standard ones and put a new end on your hose that will work for both types For the pipe you will see in the pipe and elbows page an adaptor (#507P2) that will mate older with new pipe.

Accessories for Kenmore Canister Vac

I have a kenmore canister vac and just received a new hose and metal fitting. Both seem to work great. Now I realize that i need a brush or two. I don't plan to use the beater bar anymore. We have lots of tile and a couple of rooms with carpet. What do you recommend for a brush (or two if necessary)?

Hi, all our accessories from the links on this page will fit your regular vacuum. Start on the hard floor tools page. There is a Combo Tool that will do the floors and carpet in your home without any moving brush roll.

How to Take Apart


Hello Jim, did you first press the sides of the top plastic section and lift up? The screws are under that section.

Sears Hose to Narrow for Inlet

Looking for the electrified vacuum hose for a kenmore power mate model 116.34889c i think the powermate part number is 4154916 i did order a new hose from sears but the pipe that goes into the wall is too small

Hello, the hose from Sears may be easily changed to fit your industry standard 1.5 inch diameter inlets. The reducer should pull out of the end of the hose leaving the standard size end ready for use.

Hose for PowerMate

Woody, Pahrump, NV Which powered hose for a Kenmore 1.25\" inlet that plugs into a standard wall outlet for the Powermate should I buy to replace the hose? The (Powermate works OK, the hose has had it) Thanks.

Hello, you can use this 30ft or 35ft hose AND the metal stub tube in order to fit your 1.25 inlets. The hose is used by and enjoyed by many of our Kenmore customers.,343C,302-1.25ST

New Attachment Kit, New Vacuum Receptacles

I have a hour with an old 1.75 inch kenmore system. i need all new hoses and tools, and a new vac unit as well. (currently my vac turns on when the door is opened) Since I am replacing everything else, can i just replace all of the inlet valves to the industry standard on your page What else would I need to buy except the 6 inlet valves to make them fit? Thanks!So sorry for this! Of all the items we deal with this is the most difficult to get around. Please read this write up here and then call us if you have more questions.

Hi, we have awesome new attachment kits for your system that plug right into your 1.25 diameter inlet valves. In fact any of our kits fit into your inlets by simlpy adding our adaptor to the hose Here isour Kenmore page to get you started For the wall ports, of all the items we deal with this is the most difficult to get around. Sears doesn't make the inlet plate any longer and there are no compatible replacements. Please read this write up on the difficult process to put new inlets in and then call us if you have more questions.

No Suction, Switch to Right Side

I have a new Kenmore central vacuum. I've installed the system and the suction is excellent. There are 3 settings on the switch on the wand (left, center, right). When the button on the wand is pushed to the left, the suction turns on but there is no power to the head (which makes sense for tile and floor applications), when the button on the wand is pushed to the right, the powerhead turns on but the suction turns off. Is this a faulty wand/hose, or may there be a wiring problem?

Hi, you have a bad switch. We sell parts that may work for it here. A lot of these parts fit the vacuum cleaner itself but may not fit the hose switch. Scroll down to #342S

PowerMate Replacement Motor

We have a Sears' PowerMate central vacuum. The motor in the power head is bad (doesn't work). Do you have replacement motors?

Hello, if your power brush looks like the one on this page then you find the correct motor lower down on the page. The vacuum was sold under other names including Hayden as you see here.

Replacement Inlets?

I need several new inlets for a Kenmore 500 Cyclone Model #116.504 Serial # 7G4 20065, 115 V 60 Cycles 12 amps. The ones I have have a button to push to start. Do you have anything to replace these. Thanks, Denise, IL

Hello Denise, typically there are no replacements for Kenmore Central Vacuum wall receptacles. That is if the intake hole is 1.25 in diameter. If it is around 1.5 you are fortunate but it will take some work to get new ones because you have to press the button to start it and to shut it off. That is a latching relay and obsolete. You have two options. Buy this inlet and door bell buttons from a hardware store and create your own push button inlets,653HA,653HI. Or buy any of these inlets and replace your central vacuum unit with a modern one (no latching relay). For more help please call us toll-free!


My Kenmore central vac hose has a small attachment that is the adapter for the power cord. This allows a right-angel turn where the power cord plugs into the hose. this part is lost, and I do not see it in the Kenmore parts lists. Without it, the power cord interferes with the connection of the hose to the vac wall socket. The needed part is worth a buck, while a new hose is 180 bucks. Any ideas?

Hi, our experience with Kenmore Central Vacuum customers is that our #320 cord replaces the L connection and the cord. Here is the part

Fit all Hoses?

So glad I found you! I have an old central Kenmore vacuum system in need of a hose. It has the 1.25 diameter and is the kind that the suction starts when you open the inlet. It looks like I need the Metal Stub Tube to convert it to 1.5. My questions to you are: 1. can I use the low -voltage hose with the button lock and the switch on the hose? 2. what is the longest hose I can get for it? Thanks so much!

Hi, we are glad you found us! Yes, you need the adaptor for your 1.25 inch diameter inlets. It fits all hoses with a plastic body end. Using the low voltage hose is a great idea. It has a comfortable grip, 360-degree swivel for less kinking, and is made better than basic hoses. We sell the hose up to 50ft long and you can check them out here

Upgrade to Electric Vacuum Brush?

I have a sears Kenmore model 116.40531 built in vacuum, recently the hose has gone beyond repair and the wand needs to be replaced. is it possible to upgrade to an electric model. I have the 1.25" hose wall unit. What is the difference between using an electric power head and the turbo cat? is the electric unit better than using the non-electric turbo cat? deb/st louis

Hello Deb, you are one purchase away from being stunned at the effects of an electric brush on your carpets and working flawlessly with your existing system. On our Kenmore page we have the Stealth Kit for the smaller diameter ports. If you want to save money and have have a great system, buy our EdgeLift Kit and this adaptor which you will push into the end of the hose. The electric works far better on carpet. The electric motor is stronger and the suction is many more times that of the air powered brush. Here is the Kenmore page: the EdgeLift page: and the adaptor:

New to Central Vac

We just purchased our house and it has a kenmore central vacuum system. I have not used it yet. It is an older model and put in here when house was built. I think it is bagless. Model # is 115440 and there is a plastic thing in the middle which looks like it hangs up at the top but cant get it to stay. would you have any books or info on this model? Thank you

Congratulations on the new home and the central vacuum! Let's get it up and running and with good accessories. Vacuuming is so much easier, quieter, and less of a hassle with a central vacuum. The only maintenance is the filter. We have not heard of it not staying before though, interesting. It looks like it floats in the the space with the bottom of the unit is put on. Sears has long since been a help to it's central vacuum customers when they left this industry years ago. But we have motors, hoses, and replacement units to help you out. How do the accessories look? If you have a PowerMate for the carpet and it works that is a good brush. We have parts and new hoses for it and complete replacement kits and upgrades. If you want to test the system thoroughly then use this general guide Let us know if you have any questions.

Motor for 116.40531

I am looking for a replacement motor for a Kenmore model# 116.40531. It is very old but worked perfectly until recently when the motor went.