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Hose part for my Hoover Upright

Hi: We have a Kenmore Progressive Upright with Hepa Filter Cleaner, 120 AMPS, Model 116......34613305. Where the hose is attached at the bottom right hand side of the cleaner, the tip of the hose has broken off. Is there any way we can replace the plastic tip of the hose that pushes into the plastic receptor at the base of the cleaner without having to buy an entirely new hose. Dave, Falls Church, Virginia

Hello Dave, Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) for more information.

Starts, Quickly Stops

My Kenmore central vac turns on on for a moment and then immediately goes off. It started to do this after I emptied it. Thank Catherine. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hello Catherine, older central vacuums fail many times after being jarred from their normal positions. Try bumping into the machine to get it in back in its position. But it may be time for a replacement motor, which we have and provide excellent shipping and rates to Canada.

Replacement Handle Release

HI,I have an old KENMORE BUILT-IN VACUUM CLEANER MODEL NO 116.4053280. it has the POWER MATE MODEL NO 116.2219181 I only need the handle release part NO.742755 Would like to know if part is still available thanks. JOHN, Los Angeles CA,

Hello John, those parts where sold under many names. We sell them under Hayden . What is available can be found here:

Kenmore PowerMate Wand

I have a old kenmore model.116 # 27085790 Will the Older Lower Wand for PowerMate fit it? Is this wand new or used? Ana J

Hello Ana, yes this is most likely the wand. It was used with a lot of PowerMates, but please do a visual comparison. And, yes, it is brand new. We sell a lot of them for Kenmore / Whirlpool older models.

Replace Motor for Nozzle Brush?

I have an old 1980 model Kenmore central vac. The motor on the beater brush is bad, is there a replacement motor available? The brush and other parts of the unit are still in relatively good shape. Thanks, Joseph from Philpot, KY

Hello Joseph, we have a lot of PowerMate parts because it was actually a generic brush used by many companies and sold under many names. This long page is full of parts and replacements including the motor in the brush.

Sears 116.5718180 Needs Parts

I have a Sears Central Vac system. Model 116.5718180. Love it, but needs parts. Do you carry the hose and power head? If not, can you make a recommendation on replacement without removing canister or tubing in walls to support. Thanks!

Hello, You will not need to remove the piping or anything to use our replacement hoses and nozzles that are the replacements for your model. Please start here for the complete kits and possible adaptor you may need. Look around on the Kenmore help page for more information. If you have questions please let us know.

Kenmore Central Vacuum Remodel - Add Inlets

I'd like to add 4 inlets to an old Kenmore central vac. Existing connections, inlets, etc. are for 1.75" tubing, all of which are no longer available. How do I extend the existing system when no manufacturer makes compatible parts?

Hello, you can pull this off quite easily. The part #507P2 adapts the central vacuum pipe to your old pipe. Here is the adaptor and pipe and fittings For the new inlet use #517 backing plate and any Basic Inlet Valve Run low voltage wire spliced into your existing wire or all the way back to the Kenmore Vacuum Unit. The bigger issue once it is all installed is the two different hose port diameters and using one hose. But that can be fixed easily as well for a little money. Buy these and put the metal part into the end of the plastic cuff. Put it in far enough so when you use the new inlets it goes in and allows the plastic cuff with metal ring to engage. Here is what you need and they will fit on your old hose,302-1.25ST. Or you can buy a new hose and put that metal part into it directly,303,302-1.25ST. If you have more questions please ask.


How do you get access the belt, motor and guts?!

Answer: has instructions for taking the brush apart. The trick is to put the neck in the down position and then squeeze and lift the sides of the top-most plastic section. It comes off and the screws are under that.

Troubleshooting Nozzle

I have a Kenmore Power-Mate 2 Motor System Model # 116 56766690C. When I turn the vacuum on with the power-mate attached, the power-mate motor does not work. If I push the overload protector Reset, the light and motor comes on for about two seconds only, but the roller to do not move. Any suggestions? Don - Kitchener Ontario

Hello Don, sounds like the roller brush is clogged up and making resistance or the motor is going bad (we have new motors under Parts/Hayden Parts). Clean the bushings on the roller first. Access the parts by first pushing in the sides of the top section to remove it. Screws are located under that section.

On/off Bad at Hose

I have a kenmore central vacuum model #34604. I can no longer turn it off and on from the hose. I have to start and stop the vacuum from the main switch at the vacuum itself. What would be the main cause? Randy Athabasca

Hello Randy, for your case it sounds like a bad hose handle switch. Did the suction come on originally when you opened the port door before? Or on after hose insertion? If after then look inside the port for two small metal contacts. Use foil to short them (no shock). Suction should work which means you need to replace the hose switch, if available, or the hose. Here are the hose options: and here is a switch that may work (Hayden is same as Kenmore, same original manufacturer, but the switch may have changed after all these years). Hope that helps! Oh, and always consider a new complete kit as well, just look at the top of the page from first link given in this answer.

Replace Unit and Accessories

Our house has a Kenmore Built-in Cleaning System Model No. 11640532. We would like to purchase a replacement along with new accessories. We would like a suggestion on a model that would be a good retrofit. We do not want to replace the PVC piping that is already in place. Thanks. Ken St. louis

Hello Ken, we suggest the SilentMaster S4. It has high waterlift or torque, perfect for the restricted pipes used in Kenmore systems. We have the adaptor to bring the smaller diameter pipe to the larger 2 OD pipe and to the S4. For the home we highly recommend the Stealth Kit. Your original Kenmore wall ports are not replaceable, by the way, sorry. The S4 is available through dealers or through us if a dealer is not close to you. Here are some links and let us know if you have more questions.

Kenmore Mark 5 Relay

I have a Kenmore Mark 5 central vac and need a new relay motor. The model# is 116-4090080C. The terminal is broken but I need the whole relay motor. Joe Caledonia

Hello Joe, sorry but that is not available as far as we know. It is possible for an electrician to use something else though. Please call us for some options.

Cord Needed

we need the cord for our sears central vacuum

Hello, by cord do you mean the 30ft hose? The please read about the options here or call us. Or did you mean a cord that attaches to the hose end? This replaces that cord and elbow

1.25 Inch Hose into 1.5 Inch Valve?

I have a central vacuum that has 1.25 inch wall inlet valves. I am running a line to the basement but the problem is I can't find 1.25 only 1.50 inch inlets. Is there some type of a adapter I can put into a 1.50 inch inlet valve so it will fit into a 1.25 inch hose nozzle. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Frank Holtsville, NY

Good question Frank, we have a way of making a newer hose fit into both valves but not a way to convert an older hose. Sorry!

Hose for Kenmore Sears 11640540.

need replacement hose for model 11640540. has beater. any ideas?

Hello, we have the hose you need, it is just a matter of figuring out which one. We detailed it on this Kenmore page here. Please start here and call us if you have any questions.

Ship to Canada?

There seems to be no option for shipping to Canada. Do you ship to Canada, I am in desperate need of this part. Thanks, Grant in Toronto

Hello Grant, we do ship to Canada, and have great shipping rates and prices.

Utility Valve Replacement

We have a Sears Model#4052 Built-In Vacuum Cleaner. We need part #20 4240 Utility Valve Assembly, Spring-operated cover. Whirlpool Manufacturer - Now built by Matsushita(don't know their product #) Josef - Ashland/West Salem, Ohio

Hello Josef, those are no longer available. Please call us for more information.

116-40521 Motor

Kenmore built-in vacuum model 116-40521, motor original number 70033 (569184?) do you have a replacement? Regards George A Oregon City, Oregon

Hello George, we have the motors that fit the Kenmore vacuum systems but we don't have a cross reference for all the models. We have come across a lot of their systems and have that these are the motors they used It is quite simple to measure and see the one that is yours. If you need help please let us know.

500 Model Motor

Dear sir or Madam, I have a kenmore central vacuum system model 500, I need a new motor for this system but on your web site I cant find the motor model I have on the system, my motor model number is 116.504 is the another motor that fits or do I have to order this special. regards Ian P

Hello Ian, we have the motor. It is always one of the ones listed on the Kenmore page online at our website. If you need help finding it please call us when you have the motor and a tape measure near you. Thanks.

Low Suction, Possible Clog

Hi. My Sears Central Vacuuming system has suddenly decreased in suction. I thought perhaps something was caught in the hose. But I ran something through the hose without it being attached to the wall. It went through ok. Then I vacuumed a marble sized object and though it hardly had any suction, it did go into the wall. But it hasn't come out in the dust can, so I am thinking it is stuck in the wall. Could it be something in the wall pipes is stuck, jamming it? How could I go about dislodging it if this is so?

Hello, follow the steps here and let us know if you have questions.

Need Valve Assemply and Unit Parts

Hi! I am looking for replacement parts for our Kenmore Model 116500. The parts I need are 1)unit valve assembly (p/n 616588); 2)unit remote control/power button (p/n 616633)and 3)canister clip (don't have p/n). I looked on the Sears site but was informed the above parts are not available. Eventually, we'll need to break down and buy an MD unit, but are trying to economize for now. Thanks much! DLD PS I ordered an attachment kit and hose for our unit in '05 and they still work great. The service and ease of purchase was terrific! Thanks.

Hello, we feel your pain with Kenmore. Worst of the issues is the inlet covers. They are nowhere to be found AND are not replaceable with anything on the market unless you spend hours on each one to cut the pipe in the wall through the 4x2 hole. Parts you need for the can are not available either. Grade A units are available for a significant discount when you have the funds though! Sorry.

Motor for Kenmore 500 Central Vacuum

I have a Kenmore 500 central vacuum in need of a motor replacement. The model number of the vacuum is 116504, serial number 8F327654. It is a 115 v 12 A motor. Can you recommend a replacement motor and cost. Thank you

Hello, Kenmore built central vacuums using one of the motors listed here: Use the dimensions and overall look of the motor to find the one you need. It is really quite easy and if you need a hand we can do it right over the phone.

Need Replacement Hose

Need to replace Kenmore electric vacuum hose to fit power-mate model #1162219181C. Serial #83M4412176 Previous hose part #204465 Canister Model #11640540 Serial #9M522933 Wall unit 1.25 inch dia. Beverly/Littleton

Hello Beverly, so glad you found us. Our Kenmore customers have two choices of hose. The first is a new technology hose that works with your system and allows you to upgrade to a new power brush easily when yours fails. The second hose option fits much better into the Power-Mate head and it is the heavier feeling hose compared to the new hose in option one. You will have to buy an adaptor to fit the smaller inlet valves and it inserts into the hose wall end. The options are explained more hear and we are also here to help you by phone, toll-free.

Hose for 1.25

I have a built in central vacuum system (Kenmore 600). I need a replacement hose with an inlet diameter of 1.25". Do you stock any?

Hello, yes, help all of Kenmore's frustrated customers! We have electric and non electric hoses. You may call for help on our toll free number or take a look at our Kenmore page for details at

Need 50-foot Hose and Kit

I have a Kenmore 600 built in central vacuum system. I need a replacement hose (50'), wand, and nozzle. Do you have what I need?

Hello, we have what you need but want to make sure we get it right based on your inlets and vacuuming needs. Please call us toll-free to help you out most efficiently. We need to know the diameter of the inlet hole in the wall, if you have carpeting, and if you need electric or non-electric hose and beater brush.