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Replacing Belt

Kenmore Vacuum Model 116 3966180 Need to know how to install replacement belt. Becky Newaygo, Michigan

Hello Becky, on the Powermate you need to push in the sides of the top most section, where the light is, and lift up. The screws under under it that allow you to take the brush apart.

Rust Spots on Central Vacuum

The actual (Kenmore central vac bagless)Canister we have has some rust spots which is probably reducing our vacuum suction. Do you have replacement canisters? We already bought the stealth kit and a new motor....suggestions? Thanks Karen

Hello Karen, if there are holes in the section below the motor top section then you are loosing valuable suction. I would duct tape the holes for now. Later, you can replace the unit with any of our vacuums. We have adaptors to make them fit right in.

116.52512201 PowerMate Nozzle Parts

My name is Brendan. I have a Kenmore vacuum with a power mate head. The power drive seems to be not working although the vacuum strength is very strong. The model is: 116.52512201 and the Serial is: D21204516 please advise how I can have this section of the unit replaced and at what cost. Thank you

Hello Brendan, that PowerMate brush was sold under several names. The exact brush was also called Hayden. Here is a shopping page of all the parts we sell for it. Most of the parts are near the end of the page.

Electric Kits Besides Stealth - for Kenmore Central Vac

I have a Sears mod. 116.4053380 and need replacement electric kit. Besides the Stealth models what else is available that will replace what I have? Looking for a more reasonable price. Len Sykesville, MD.

Hello Len, we have the BlackHawk, Hayden, and EdgeLift (coming out July 5, 2007). The corded verion of any of these will fit an inlet of 1.5 inches diameter and if you have 1.25 diameter just buy this and swedge it into the hose end.

116.5718180 and 20-44620 Replacement Kit / Tools

I am looking for replacement parts for the Kenmore Power-mate vacuum cleaner model no. 116.21195 116.5718180 Power-mate Brush w/wands. The original brush (116.21195) was replaced with this model. 20-44620 Attachment set with electrified hose. (includes all tools) Please email me part numbers, pricing and availability. Thank you, Sandy Bellmawr, NJ

Hello Sandy, you have a couple of choices. You can upgrade to more modern equipment that fits right into your system or you can still use the older equipment. The newer would be the Stealth and the older is referred to as Hayden or Kenmore replacement. You need to decide which kit and then take a look at your wall ports to determine if they are 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 diameter. Then you will know what to buy when using this information and this guide here for the Stealth and this for the Hayden (first three products)

Replacing Belt

show me how to put on a belt for a 116 model

On PowerMate vacuum heads the top most part is squeezed in on the sides and lifted up. The screws to take the nozzle apart to get to the belt are under that top part.

How to Replace Belt on PowerMate Central Vac

how do i replace belt on model #11659312990

On the PowerMate you squeeze the sides of the top headlamp cover and lift up. Under that cover are the screws to take the vacuum head apart.

Noisier Recently

My old Kenmore central vac has become extremly noisy over the last few years. The motor has a loud high pitched noise . I put a muffler in the exhaust line but it doesn't help.Is there some way to reduce this motor noise? The new machines currently being sold hardly make any sound at all.

Hello, that usually means that the motor is going bad. It is best to use it until is stops working and then replace the motor inside the vacuum unit.

116.4053280 Kenmore Central Vacuum Issues

I have a central vacuum cleaner #116.4053280 which stopped working all of a sudden. How can I tell if it's the transformer or the motor? If it is the motor what is the replacement motor for part 732090 (motor)? Thanks Ken Port Washington, NY

Hello Ken, here is an FAQ on testing the components And here is the link the motors used in Kenmore machines. Measure and visual check will help you figure it out or you can call us when you are near the exposed motor. Sorry we don't have a cross reference for that model.

Replacement Hose and Brush Attachments for Kenmore

I need to replace the hose and floor/rug brush attachments to my Sears central vac, model# 116.40590 Serial# 8L5 32225. Thanks, Sharon Nashua

Hello Sharon, your Kenmore system with love the new attachments, especially the electric Stealth. There are a couple of things to consider about the hose connection to your wall. We have something great to fit your wall inlets and you can figure it out on the Kenmore page in the link here or you can call us for helpful assistance

How to Access Screws on PowerMate (some models)

Light bulb changing: Owner's Manual on Pg. 17 says to remove PM cover as shown in BELT CHANGING AND AGITOR CLEANING SECTION. These instructions say to turn PM upside down - Unscrew two PM cover screws. Our vacuum cleaner (Model 116.15512506) has no screw holes on bottom of the machine. I can find no screws to loosen. Where are they? Jim West, Forney TX

Usually you squeeze in the sides of the head light section and that top most cover lifts off. The screws are under there.

Bag? New Kit?

My husband and I purchased our home three years ago. It was equipped with a Kenmore Central Vacuum (Serial # 9821216328; model 34606 c 107. The power head is not working properly for the vacuum; it will not move the brushes very fast and dirt seemingly gets stuck in the hose. The suction portion works great. Also, I can not find the proper sized bags to fit the canister. Any advice?

Hello, we have not seen a Kenmore Central Vac with a disposable bag. You have a filter up in the can right? That is all that is need, simply dump the bucket without a bag. Let us know if you have something different. It sounds like you are ready for a new attachment kit! We have a variety based on your flooring and cost. We highly recommend the Stealth Kit, as do our customers, if you have wall to wall carpet. Please visit the Kenmore Help Page.

Cord and Fuse Plug Replacement for Kenmore / Sears

I have a part for my central vacuum system which is marked fuse link, a number 2, Htrs. Inc. 125V 5A. This is an L shaped plug. It is broken and I would like to replace it. Can you help me? Thanks

Our #320 Cord is both the cord and fuse and fits all Kenmore central vac hoses.

Will Not Turn Off

I have a kenmore model #116.40534 that will not turn off after hose is unplugged. I have to unplug the power cord. Thanks Byron

Use our trouble shooting chart to find the issue at

What is "Corded Hose" Plugging into?

I have the Kenmore central vac model 116.4053280. The suction starts the moment the wall valve is opened, and your website suggests buying the hose with 8ft electric cord. I do not understand what the cord will be plugging into. Please explain before I purchase. Thanks very much.

Yes, the hose for 1.25 diameter inlets like you have will come with the 8ft electric extension cord that is attached to the wall end of the hose. It plugs into a normal electrical outlet within 8ft of the vacuum inlet. It is usually plenty long to reach the closest outlet. If not you can easily use an extension cord. If you'd like take a tape measure and see about your situation. The outlet can be down the hall, around the corner in a room or kitchen, etc. It is a little more work now having to plug in the hose and the cord but you will not be let down with the incredible job the Stealth does on your carpet. We guarantee it or all your money back.

Need Replacement Cord, Not Hose

I have a Kenmore Model 116.4702C built-in vacuum with an electric hose Sears No. 34564. I need to replace the 8 ft electric cord / pigtail. Are these sold separately?

With our experience, the #320 cord has always worked for the Kenmore hose. See it here

Stealth Kit with Corded, not 2-pin, Hose

I have a Kenmore model 116.4053280 and would like to purchase the Stealth kit or something comparable. The Stealth kit hose however shows that the hose which plugs into the wall has 2 little pin connections. My vacuum outlet does not have any little holes for the pins. It just has the vacuum hose hole and the suction starts as soon as the cover on the hole is lifted. Any suggestions? Thank you.

We certainly have and sell many of the Stealth Kits for the Kenmore system you have. The wall end of the hose has an 8ft corded, unlike the one you saw in the photo. Click here and the drop down on the top right shows the compatible Stealth Kits for your built-in system

Sears Vacuum Transformer

dear sirs,I had sears repair look at my cvs Model # 2040521 they said the motor was fine,needed a transformer,they no longer stocked you have what i need,they said i needed part #701368. the unit is 12 will not turn on.can you help me. serial#om146547.sears did not won"t to work on it,can you tell me who to call.

We don't have the transformer. You can replace the central vac or have an electrician put in circuit board #235S (in electrical parts).

Kenmore 204464 Hose Replacement

Do you have the 25 foot hose, longer would be better, for Kenmore built-in 20.40521? The hose # 204464.

Kenmore is not showing this as a part. Please call us, we are 99% sure we have a replacement. We just need to ask you some questions so please be home when you call. 800-997-2278 PST M-TH

Replace Old Handle?

I have a Kenmore/Sears central vac serial number 9841228843. Everything works great but the handle/grip with the on/off switch that connects the hose to the upper wand is broken. The handle receives two prongs from the wand. I do not know what year the vacuum is but the house is 11 years old. Is it possible to buy a new handle? Thank you

As far as we know there are not handle replacements. You will need a new hose.

116.040531 Hose

do you have hoses and attachments for model 116040531 serial # 8c396038. its a kenmore and what will the cost be?

We don't have a cross reference for 116.040531. That number is not coming up. If it is a central vacuum then yes. If it is a PowerMate central vacuum we have an awesome Stealth Kit that fits right into your system.

Power Brush and Price

Do you have a Power Brush for Kenmore Model 116 and what would be the price? Thanks, Emma

If you have a PowerMate Central Vacuum, the power brush is usually replaced with this brush here (a few products down on this link). Costs over $200.

Model #116.5015090 Replacement Hose

Do you have replacement hoses for Model #116.5015090?

The Kenmore PowerMate Central Vacuum hose is replaced with one of these hoses (varying lengths and colors) and if your vacuum wall inlet is 1.25 inches in diameter you will need the stub tube as well.,342GC,342C,343C,302-1.25ST

PowerMate Shutting Off

I installed a new Sears 116.4054 Central Vac sys in 1980. Lately the powerbrush motor cuts off when under too much load (pile adj). Starts again with cycling the on-off switch. Which do you think is the problem, the motor (700650)or the Overload switch (741652)? Please advise the part price for the culprit. Also the price for a new belt (725178)? Thanks, Jim

If your carpet brush is a PowerMate you will fit a replacement for just over $200 on the Kenmore help page. Under Parts and More click on Hayden Parts to find replacement parts for the PowerMate (it is the exact same brush). We may not have all the parts for it you need however. The overload switch is probably the issue.

Test My Motors

I just bought a new home and it has a Sears model 500 - central vacuum. The model number is 116 501. Is there anyway I can see if this works or turn it on. I can't seem to find a switch anywhere. There are no hoses or accessories in the house so I am not sure what to do. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, JIM

You can test them by finding the connection on the unit where the wire from the home goes (not the power cord, but a smaller wire) and by touching one side of the connection to the other side using a wire or paper clip. You will not be shocked. For the accessories you first need to get the diameter hole of the inlet in the wall. No matter the size, you have a lot of options. If you have carpeting you should really consider an electric kit such as the Stealth. If not much carpet at all then the Deluxe. Read over all this in our Kenmore Help Page.