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Motor for 116.405280

I have Kenmore central vacuum model 116.405280. I can not find this model number listed on your website. I need to replace the motor. Which of your model numbers will work for this vacuum? Richard A. Kenyon

Glad you found us. We help a lot of customers in your situation out. When we come across a Sears unit we don't have a specific mention of we find that one of the motors used in these Kenmore units was the motor used in yours. Please do a visual comparison and a measurement comparison (click on the link next to the motor for specifics). If you want help please call us when you have at the motor and have access to it. It really is that easy. Also, our #235S circuit board for around $30 can replace all your electric components, many owners have done this,

Dust in Exhaust

I have a Kenmore/sears built in vacuum model 116.40534. Much small dust comes out of exhaust while in operation. Is there a filter that I can purchase?

You should vent this unit to the outside with an exhaust vent cap, pipe, and fittings. If that is not possible, you could use these exhaust filters cautiously.

Desparate for 1.25 Faceplate

Kenmore inlets with 1.25 inch openings are no longer available. Your website states that you don't have 1.25 inch floor plates available for Kenmore vaccums. I had my wood floors redone this summer and my contractor lost my floor plate (so needless to say the vaccum does not work now). Can you think of any company that might have used plates available or can get one machined for me? Can you provide the specs to have one machined? If I can't get a replacement floor plate, what is the cost to replace the floor plate and if I replace the floor plate, do I need to replace the wall plates, too?

So sorry for this! Of all the items we deal with this is the most difficult to get around. Please read this write up here and then call us if you have more questions.

Need Circuit Board

i blew my kenmore elite cent vac up after plugging it in. Fried the circuit board. dont know if it is my plug in. there was a central vac plugged in it before but i had to change the plug to a standard plug. the plug is on the same breaker as my fridge at 30 amps is this my problem? where to get new circuit board?

30 amps should not be a problem, but if it was 220 volts going into a 110 volt machine you will blow the board. Please check that. You can use our #235S Circuit Board.

Lower Wand for Kenmore

I am looking for a replacement LOWER wand to my Kenmore Powermate model 2635080. do you have something. If so, do you have an "800" telephone number I can call and give you a credit card to charge it too? Thanks!

Yes, we have the wands! Please call us at 800-997-2278 M-Th PST.

Hose for 116-4803080C

I have a Sears Kenmore Power Mate Model 116-4803080C that needs a new hose. What replacement part(s) do I need to be able to use my central vacuum system again? Everything works with the exception of the hose which has so many cracks it just won't work even if it was duct taped. Thanks.

Is this a built in central vacuum cleaner? If so please read the hose section on the Kenmore Help page. If it is not we may not be able to help you.

Kenmore 116.4053482 Vacuum Motor

I have model number 116.4053482 will the 116119 motor work with that model?

The 116119 is the correct motor for your system.

Replace Old Hose Handle Parts?

I have a Hole-in-the-Wall Vacuum purchased from Sears in 1967. The motor has been replaced and works perfectly. At the time of purchase I bought The Kenmore Power-Mate Beater Bar. The replacement part I need is the connection between the wand and the hose. This assembly consists of an on-off switch and a fused electrical cord to the wall. I have the 25' hose which connects the on-off switch part to the hose and then the suction pipe in the wall.

As you know Sears abandoned the central vacuum years ago. Homeowners are excited to find us because we sell replacement hoses and PowerMate (Hayden) carpet brushes all available on our Kenmore Sears Help Page ( Unfortunately, we don't have any parts to replace the original internal hose handle or connection parts.

Kenmore Upper Wand?

Is this wand part (Cord Channel Upper Wand) compatible with Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner Model # 116.2245091 (Part # 747264)? Mine is broken, and I'm trying to get a replacement. Thank you, Rich Schroeder

#406H on the Wand Page fits the this and the older PowerMates. The difference is that the 2-pin cord sits lower at the top than on the #406SU.

Kenmore Replacement Hose

I need to replace the hose for my Kenmore Model 11640523 central vacuum system - which kit do I need? Nicole

If your carpet brush is the PowerMate, as most are, you have two options. Please read this and if you have more questions let us know.

115334-W Motor Replacement

I have a Sears Central Vac with LAMB motor part # 115334-W. Is this the same part with or without -W? George Heston

Yes, this is exactly the motor you will need.

Older 1-3/4

What are the dimensions of this fitting (90 Short PVC Vacuum Connector)? I am changing out the outlets to accommodate an updated new hose and power nozzle system. The existing tubing size is 1-3/4" OD. The current elbow is undersized, and will need to be cut off and the new elbow re-cemented. How does this connect to the new cover?

This connects to a new backing plate such our #517. A new faceplate attaches to the backing plate. You have older style pipe at will not fit this 90. But you can make it fit by cutting just below the colar of the old 90 where it is glued on the old pipe. The old pipe width plus the colar of the old 90 fit perfectly in the new 90 which has a 2 OD.

Kenmore Hose and Wands

I have a sears unit central vacuum model on the canister is 1164053380 and i need to replace the hose and wand and get attachments strictly for hardwood floors- my old hose was electric and could attach to my electric beater brush via a plug near the hand held area- but i do not need the powermate anymore- only a brush type to attach to the new hose if you have one or can recommend one

Not a problem and you will save a lot of money no needing electric carpet brushes. Measure the diameter of the hole the hose is inserted into in the wall. If it is around 1.25 inches you will by a basic hose with reduced cuff (and friction wands and any hard floor brush), if around 1.5 inches you will by a low voltage hose without button lock (and friction wands and any hard floor brush). See the Kenmore page if you are not already on it.

Replace Kenmore Attachment Kit?

Will this replace model 1165718180?

The Stealth Kit will replace all Kenmore central vacuum kits - and is a fantastic choice. The next question is if you have 1.25 inch diameter hose connections at the wall inlet or 1.5 inch. The 1.25 inch inlets start the suction when lifted, BEFORE the hose is inserted. Depending on the inlet you have, we have the correct kit for both. And both come in 30ft and 35ft hose lengths. See the Stealth information towards the top of the Kenmore page.

Replacement Motor, No Number on Original

Hi, I have a Kenmore Central vac has model # 34604 on it. We took is apart and found it has a Lamb motor in it but no number on the motor. Can you give me a motor number so I can order a new motor?

The best we can do now is direct you the Kenmore page where you will have to do a visual comparisons and click on the details of the various motors to compare measurements. Also, call us toll-free and we can help you. Have the motor nearby.

Stealth Kit for Modern Kenmore Vac Inlets

Which Stealth kit will replace my Kenmore Mod. 116-4053380 unit? The system starts after I plug the hose into the outlet. Len

For all Kenmore systems with a 1.5 inch diameter wall inlet (starts after hose is inserted), the Stealth kit that fits is the 423GC30 and the 423GC35 (both have a corded hose). One has a 30 foot hose and the other a 35 foot hose. You are going to love the Stealth Kit guaranteed. Be advised though that the new, better technology and very durable hose, will feel very weak to you since you spent years using a steel wire reinforced hose. When you get the new hose stretch it out and let it relax. Hang it up in four or five loops.