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Kenmore Replacement Muffler #701113?

I have a Model 116.40521 central vac and need to replace the outside exhaust vent (also called a muffler). The description is formed plastic lined with fiberglass insulation. Manual part number is 701113. Availability?

Unfortunately, this part is no longer available through the original manufacturer. No authorized substitutions have been identified.

116-5521290 Replacement Power Nozzle

I have a Kenmore Whispertone Canister vacuum, Model #116-5521290. The powermate nozzle is not working, although the canister has very good suction. Is there a replacement power nozzle for this particular vacuum? If so, please indicate price. Thanks, Catherine, Pittsburgh, PA

We have the replacement power nozzle and wands for your model. You can find them here,480I

Replacement Kit for Powermate 725390 and 5266

I have a Kenmore power mate ser# 116-40523. I need a hose assembly # 725390 and power head #5266. I need the whole unit from wall to floor. Thanks

We have a lot of great choices for kits that fit your PowerMate system. You may need an adapter to reduce the hose to fit wall plates that are 1-1/4" diameter. Take a look at the kits available. We highly suggest the Stealth or Ace kit. Should we be of further assistance, you may also contact us at 800-997-2278.

1972-73 Replacement Parts

We have a kenmore central vac. 600, model 20.40521, purchased in 1972-73.. We need a new hose, new powermate 11620160 and a rubber gasket for the inlet. I am confused over the several choices and hope you can help. Trudy, Pa.

Glad to hear you vac is still running after all these years! If your wall inlet doesn't look like the ones you see on the website then you have the original proprietary and no longer made or replaceable Kenmore versions. Ones that start the suction when you lift the door. If you do please give our technical line a call for more help with those. For the vacuum head we have a replacement but we need to see what your's looks like, as well as your hose handle, since there is no cross reference for the exact replacement head. You can give us a call and we can go over that as well. We look foward to helping you.

Replace 1163489890C Head and XY Series Model BCF 27BCE Hose

Have a rental property with central vac by Kenmore. Need to replace the hose (XYseries Model BCF 27BCE) and possibly the Power mate 1163489890C? The canister (model S107 34430)seems to have good suction and working fine. Depending on price for parts, should I consider replacing whole unit? Carole, Ottawa Canada

If the vac is working fine and the noise and filtration is not an issue then stay with it. You should replace the hose, head, and tools though with the Ace Kit here

Circuit Board to Replace All Electronics

116.40531 model number. Had a central vacuum repairman come out and verify motor was good but told me the Transfer or Relay switch was bad. Then told me they cannot get parts and I would have to replace the unit for 950.00. If the motor is fine what is the part number and what would I have to order to replace the transformer/relay (if that is what it is called)

You can install this Circuit Board for Kenmore Central Vacuums using the large photo as the wiring guide. You will have to figure out a good place to mount it and may have to drill a hole or two for the mounting. It comes with nuts that hold the minibreaker and low voltage tower to the metal of the tank.

116.40523 Parts?

I have a Sears Kenmore Built in Vac Cleaning System with Cyclone Separation. Model # 116.40523 Just bought the house, I have no idea the age of the unit. Can I still get parts? Thanks

Yes, we have everything you need to fix up the system or replace parts when items are obsolete. Please let us know what you need and you can start looking at what's available here

Button Lock Tool, New Hose

looking for floor brush replacement for : Kenmore model #116 4053280, NOT friction wand, has a pop-up button to secure brush on wand...also a new hose would be nice..... Merlene, Royal Oaks

Friction fit is pretty much what all accessories are these days and they all work very well with non-friction fit wands. The tools just slide up and over the button lock on the wand. In fact, they stay good because of it. Having said that, the large tool in this set DOES have the hole for the pop-up botton,400I. For the hose replacement please read through the options here and let us know if you have any questions

Hose for Model 116.5717180

I need a replacement hose for a Kenmore central vac Model 116.5717180. Are they still available?

Yes, we have hoses for every model of Kenmore Central Vacuum. In fact, many hoses fit each model so it is your choice depending on your budget and needs. Use this page to determine what hose you want and if you need any adapter to fit your wall valve. Some Kemore wall outlets are not the standard 1-1/2" diameter but smaller and need a simple, cheap, adapter that you push into the end of the hose and leave there. Start here

Alutron CM61 Replacement Board

Looking for a replacement motor control board for a Kenmore Elite S107-34235. It's 110V, so I assume 15A. Existing board is marked "Alutron CM61". - Alex, Vancouver, Canada

Our board #235S is an Alutron board and will work in place of your central vacuum board.

116.3493591C Vacuum Parts

HI I have a kenmore central vacuum. have a powermate part list that comes with the unit. The model is 116.3493591c and the part number 8192535 is the agitator unit. I am just looking for the end caps that fits on both sides of the this unit. Thanks, harpal

The end caps are not available separately and we offer a roller for a vacuum that was sold under many names here. Many parts have been used on the Powermate.

Kenmore Wands

Hi,do you have upper/lower wand to fit kenmore central vac Model #810734430 with powermate model # 1163489890c? Installed 2002. K.

You can find Kenmore central vacuum compatible replacement parts here

116.4053280 Replacement Vacuum Hose

We have an older Kenmore central vacuum and need a hose. Th model no. is 116.4053280 and it was installed in about 1980. Can we get a replacement hose or an adapter to fit the new hoses? (Sears was no help) Thank you, Bill Anderson

Yes, we have two options for the replacement of this hose. We have many customers who have tried Sears but have found just what they need here This page has it all spelled out for you.

Kenmore Carpet Brush Parts

I have double brush power mate (Kenmore) 116.2219181. Need one metal end plate on brush beater bar assembly. Sears Parts web indicates that whole brush assembly is no longer available. Can't find end plate figure on diagram they present.

The only part that is readily available for the old Kenmore brushes is the belt. Over time the designs change and the demand for parts becomes so low that no one produces them anymore. It's time to replace the brush. You can find your compatible options here,

Kenmore Replacement Unit

hi-- my kenmore 34604 central vac just died a nasty loud death... i assume replacing the entire cannister is better then just the motor... any suggestion on a replacement that will not require rebolting / piping / wiring? thanks kelly

Due to the age of the unit and lack of replacement parts it would be best to replace the unit. Newer units run more efficiently, using less electricity for more power, and come with replaceable bags for better filtration. Replacing the unit is quick and easy. The piping and wiring inside the walls in the home does not need to be replaced and will still function the same with the new unit. It's simply a matter of connecting the pipes and wires to the new unit. Contact your local dealer for options and information at

Replace Relay?

model 11640532 built in vac. please help me find relay switch 129115-7083zp. 1hp. 125v-2hp250v.i believe part # is 701366{esp}replaced motor with new. thanks russell lavale maryland

If you can't find the part at Sears then have your electrician put in our #235S circuit board. It will take him 20 minutes and it replaces all the electronics. Use the large photo of the board as the wiring diagram.

116.4803080C Hose and Parts?

Hi, Christine from Manitoba Canada. Model 116.4803080C Class Bl-5 Serial DC2405272. Need a hose. I believe it is Electric as it has a pig tail and plugs into outlet. Pretty sure wall inlet is 1 1/2 (is that the newest wall size?) Will I still be able to use my other attachments, such as power head? It has push button release. Anywhere in Canada sell? Thanks

We can't find a cross reference on that, but if your inlets are 1-1/2" diameter then you can use a regular electric hose with corded end. BUT it may not match your accessory end, the prongs may not reach the new hose receptacles. If your power head and brush look like this one then you can choose between option 1 and 2 electric hose here

116.3493591C Replacement?


Sorry, we don't have a cross reference for that brush head. Please send a photo of it for help that way, if you would like.

Weight of Hose Options

Hi Randy in Vermont. Have a Kenmore 116-4053380 unit Circa 1987. Ready for our 3rd hose, they only seem to last about 10-12 years. Our existing hose is pigtail electric 25'. I have two questions, First what is the weight of the 30' & 35' hoses for both lightweight option 1 & direct replacement option 2? (Wife is concerned about lugging them around). Secondly, can the electric pigtail be bought less than 6'? Our 120v plugs are right next to the vac outlets. My compliments to your FAQ & videos (A++), makes understanding what I need a breeze. Thank you.

Thank you for the kudos. The 30ft newer hose weights 8.85 lbs average. 35ft is 10.85 lbs average. The older hose version 30ft is 9.35 lbs average and 10.25 lbs average for 35ft. The newer one is a lot softer then the older style and it compresses and holds it's shape. It has has better airflow for better, deeper cleaning. Regarding the 6ft cord, their is not a shorter version available. We recommend a tie wrap to keep it in order.

116.2219181 Kenmore Central Vacuum Hose Replacement

I need an electric power hose for my Kenmore central vacuum cleaner, Power-mate model #116.2219181. Becky Beldenville, WI 54003

You have a couple options and they are spelled out here. The direct replacement is option 2. It is really that easy. Let us know if you have any questions. We also have replacement heads and parts there as well. See the link in option 1.

Relay Needed

I need a relay switch for Sears Mark V was 1164060080C but the relay I needed is number 134-20102-101A (W-R/RBM). Sears discontinued.

Please watch our video regarding the electronics here and it will give you a new option

Kemore Model 116. 52313200 Vacuum Replacement?

I'm looking for Model 116. 52313200 Toni A

We have the replacement and it includes the wands because the replacement has a foot release at the vacuum unlike your original one. Foot release is a very convenient feature. If you want something better you can get the products below the first one on this page. The second option is the Ace vacuum brush and separate two wands.,406HS,406H. The second option is lower to the ground and gets under more furniture and it's belt rarely ever breaks compared to the older version. If you have any questions please let us know.

116.5318290 Replacement

Do you have a replacement Kenmore Powermate for a canister model 116.5318290. I've looked everywhere. I would need wands and all.

Yes, we have the replacement head and parts and wands for it. The vacuum head and wands are part #480 here You can also replace it with the updated version of it here,406H,406HS. It is lower, its belt rarely ever breaks, and looks a lot better too!

Canada - Need Kit - Verifying Wall Diameter

Hi, looking to purchase an entire electric kit w/hose. Canadian Kenmore, Model #11657171800 Want to make certain the hose will fit the wall inlet. thanks much...looking to purchase online as soon as I get a response. Tony K Hanwell,New Brunswick,Canada

Hi, That model utilized two diameter wall valves. If yours is near 1-1/2 inch then buy our BlackHawk Corded Kit 30 or 35ft hose or our Hayden (same as Kenmore) kit.,420GC35,418GC,419GC (Stealth is not available in Canada, We cannot ship it there.) If your inlet is near 1-1/4 inch then buy one of the those kits and this adapter to keep in the end of the hose so it fits your inlets.

Sears 600 Cyclone Parts

Sears 600 cyclone model 20.40520 needs replacement hose, powerhead & bags. Not sure if this system is too old to find replacement parts. appreciate your help. Catherine Spfld, IL

Hi Catherine, there are still parts available for your vacuum. The bag is here The hose and power head are best bought as a kit which we have a variety of here They all fit your system, just measure the valve diameter at your wall to be sure you get the right size or an adapter. If you need any help please let us know.