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Kenmore Tube, 90, and Coupling Replacement

I have a Kenmore Vacuum Model 11640524 and a portion of the tubing collapsed. The tubing is 1 3/4 inched outside diameter. I need 2 feet of tube part number 616605. 1 90 degree elbow part number 701190. 2 couplings part number 616556. Sears has discontinued all of the above except the 90 degree elbow. Bob


We have the parts you need. The smaller diameter pipe is not available, nor those fittings but you can use an adapter on each side and modern central vac pipe and fittings between. The pipe and fittings compatible with Kenmore 1-3/4 inch Central Vacuum Systems will resolve this.

Belt for Power Head 34620

I need a new belt for Kenmore powerhead Model 34620; Centra Vac model is S107-34226, purchased in 2005. The belt is smooth on both sides and has a number on it starting like HO1 - 295764. It is 22.5 cms long, 1.5 cm wide. Sears help desk is unable to find this part. Thanks Darlene BC

We are not finding any cross references. You can see all our belts including smooth ones. We give you all the dimensions to help you find a belt. If you can't find the belt we'd love to help you find a new head or new hose and head kit for your system. Please send a photo of the vacuum head, hose and hose ends to help you further.

How To Remove Canister And Filter

I have a 650 Kenmore series central vac. I can't remove the canister. The same for removing the filter.

Please click on the following link for a video tutorial on how to remove the canister and change the filter:

Kenmore S10734226 Pars

I have a Kenmore central vacuum (model S10734226) and am searching for powerhead cord (one that goes up the wand from the powerhead to the gas pump style handle) to attach to a Kemore powerhead model 34620. Sears parts/repair people are unable to even locate this vac. model, let alone help me find the parts I need without engaging the services of a Sears repairman (for 'oh, about $100'). The cord entering the powerhead is a 3 prong female (square plug shape) type, at the top it is a 2 prong male type (with a 1/2 hexagon shape plug). any ideas? Also need the plug bit that fits in the gas pump style handle - prongs/plugs keep burning out. Help! Denise in 100 Mile House, BC

That truly sounds like a rare part, sorry. Three prong items have all been phased out. Needless to say, we have complete replacement hoses, heads (may not be compatible with your set up), and kits but that is a lot different than just replacing a part.

Kenmore Carpet Brush

The wheeled floor brush that can be attached to my kenmore central vacuum is not working, it is not turning. Should I just buy a new one or have it fix. I don't know how old the vacuum is nor the accessories as it was with the house when we bought it. Princess, CA.

In most cases it ends up costing more to keep repairing an old carpet brush than to just replace it. You can view your replacement option here If your old carpet brush says Powermate on it, this will be a direct replacement.

Motor or Minibreaker Going Bad

Hi, I have a Kenmore Whisperbelt Central Vac. The overheat protection breaker continuosly pops. I have checked the vaccum and it does not appear to be plugged, there is still good suction. I just replaced the my motor going? What else could be the problem?

Correct, it is the motor or the minibreaker itself, but it is usually the motor. Do you smell any burning electrical? That would be the motor. Is it popping sooner and sooner? That would be the motor too. That said, sometimes as the motor goes out it takes the minibreaker out too.

Filter Options For Kenmore Units

Hello, I have a Kenmore central vac which is bagless and filterless and I cannot vent it to the outside, are there interior options for my unit. The model # 116.4053482

Other than the built in screen, no. Your system was not designed to use filters. If dust is a problem in the location, you can easily replace it with our Flo Master model M85. It is a filtered unit with convenient bags that can be replaced and is about the same overall size but with more power. Contact your local dealer for options and pricing at

Kenmore Mark III Bags?

I have a Kenmore Mark III central vac (Model# 116-4050080C BI-5). Wondering if this thing needs a bag, or a filter, or what. Can't seem to find any information on it.

The Kenmore models did not come with bags, though some did have a piece of store bought foam or a screen that was just wrapped around the intake to the motor. If these are present in your system, they will need to be cleaned when you empty the collection bin. If you wash the foam or screen, it is very important to be sure that it is completely dry before using.

Kenmore 1164803080C Motor Replacement

I have a Kenmore 1164803080c B1-5 Central vac. I hear the relay clicking but motor won't start till I give the fans a twirl then way she goes. Works for a few days then won't start till I repeat the process Is this the motor and do you have one. Don't see this # in motor lists Ken

Yes, your motor is out as you know. The motors they used are listed here so you'll be able to nail down the right one using the photo and description Let us know if you need help.

Loud Whistle in Hose

Rob in Ft. Lauderdale- I have a Whirlpool built-in vacuum cleaner model FB7700XSO (vintage ~1989.) It operates fine but the hose has started to emit a high pitched, ear-piercing shrieking noise when the suction ring is fully closed. Lessens when ring is opened, but then poor suction! Can you help me?

Usually that noise happens immediately because the hose was manufactured with the ends on the wrong sides. But for it to happen later is interesting. Try cleaning your filter really well. Suction a full paper towel through the hose. See if the dynamics of the hose and suction changes and fixes this.

Rusted Main Unit

I have a Kenmore 116.4053280 central vac and the bottom of the canister is rusting through. Do you carry replacements or do I have to replace the whole unit? Dave North Tonawanda, NY

That is a problem that can only be resolved by replacing the entire vacuum unit. You can use any unit on the market but we highly recommend our's from California. The FloMaster M85 and SilentMaster S44 are powerful, quieter, and we have the parts to fit it into your system easily. Please call us for details.

Brushes Not Turning

116.35922500 When i turn vac on the motor runs fine but the brushes won,t turn ?? Joe Columbia ms

Sounds like the gear on the motor brush is broken or the motor burned out. If it is airpowered then take it apart to unjam the turbine.

Need Inlet

Hi, I have a Sears Kenmore 300 model# 20.40261 and I was looking for a new inlet for my wall. I recently gutted the walls in my house and threw out the original inlet with it. I was wondering what I could do to replace the inlet? I don't have any of the pipes that are in the wall but I have the pipes and electric wires run in my basement to the unit.

The original inlets are not available but if they used the standard, non proprietary ones then you can get them here Call us for some options, ask for technical assistance.

Missing Gasket or Filter, Need Complete Kit

Hi, we purchased a home that had a Kenmore 116.40534BI central vacuum unit in it. Unfortunately we can't use it because it is missing something (either a gasket and or/filter) in the middle of the upper and lower metal drums. Hopeing you can help. Also, we are missing all the hoses and attachments and would like to know what would fit with this unit?

Hi, please watch video #2 here on Kenmore filtration Be sure all screens are cleaned in the unit. Also, the motor could be full of hair. From the bottom look up into it. If it is you'll need to replace the motor. The videos are help for that as well and for what you can get in a hose and a kit. Here is a link to buy kits for your system. Do read the NOTE about adapters and let us know if you need any further help.

Replace Wall Inlets and Unit?

Ron (Albany NY) I have an old Kenmore 200 central vac system, Model 116.40240. The two wall outlets need to be replaced. They operate with a pressure switch inside the cover - there are no metal pins inside the hose inlet. Do you have recommendation for a replacement? Also, I may have to replace the central vacuum unit - is there a recommendation for an acceptable replacement unit (minimum change in installation)? Thanks.

Hi Ron, good and bad news. Bad news first, those inlets are only replaceable if you open up your wall, cut the pipe, put in a new 90 and backing plate. Sorry. Good news is you can buy a new unit and hook it up to the existing pipe and wire. See our #2 and 10 videos for Kenmore here

Hose and Extension Hose for Old System


Hi, we have what you need. Buy the Basic Hose for 1.25 inch inlets here and then the Stretch Hose found under it. The Stretch Hose fits on to the end of the Basic Hose when you need to reach further.

New to Central Vac - Compatible Parts?

Laura - Kansas City. I am purchasing a home that has a Kenmore central vacuum system already installed. I wanted to know if the MD parts / accessories are compatible with the Kenmore system (i.e., Hose, brushes, etc.). Also, how long does the interior piping last? Does it need to be reinstalled after awhile?

Hi Laura, congratulations on the home and central vac (the only way to clean!). Yes, we have everything you need to get your system functioning to it fullest potential. There is basically nothing you need to change, you just need to get a hose and tool set. All the sets fit and the only issue is if you need an adapter. See the NOTE text after the Electric Kit header here All the accessories you see are compatible with the new kit and we your current hose if you have one. Please don't hesitate to let us know how else we can help. We are also available by phone four days a week.

Newer Kenmore Paper Bag Orientation

hi there my kenmore central vac is one yera old and bag filter has dropped and now I do not know khow to reinstall it. motor is at the top then blue bag filter then paper bag. Which way do I put it in? does it mater?

Hi, if the motor is at the top then the larger portion of the bag should be installed so it is suctioned upwards.

116.2531290 PowerMate Replacements?

My vacuum is a Kenmore Whispertone. The model on the canister is 116.2531290; the model number of the "Power Mate" which has the brush assembly that broke is 116.5441290. (YES IT FITS HAYDEN)

Hi, yes the model number vacuum nozzle you have, and the wands, are all replaceable with the parts found on this page

Replace Inlet Faceplates?

have a kenmore central vac model 116.501 installed in 1978. would like to replace the wall valves, which are discontinued. which wall valve would you recommend? the hose end that inserts into the outlet measures about 1 1/4\" and the outlet has a metal bar to push to start and push to stop the vac. help!!!! joe reinhardt 27 colonel glenn drive carmel, ny 10512 845 225 7117

Joe, out of the multitude of inlets you have the hardest to work with. The intake hole for the faceplate neck is not the standard 1-5/8 inch diameter. Plus, if you where to go into the wall to put new backing plates you probably have the non-standard diameter pipe. We have adaptors to bring it up to 2 inch OD but working in the wall is a real mess. If you only have a couple inlets you may be crazy enough to retrofit a tight 90 standard fitting over a freshly cut old 90 just under the sleeve where the old pipe was glued. Call us for more information.

Add Inlet Directly to Kenmore Pipe

ordering hose and outlet question: You guys have helped me previously and I have 2 situations I'd like to clarify before ordering: 1.We have a Kenmore built in # 116-4053280 and I'd like to order another replacement hose: does your 1'25 basic 35 ft hose have the plastic friction fit that connects to the wall? Also our garage hose hook up next to the canister broke (cover and spring closing) and we'd like to order some sort of replacement connector. Right now we have to stuff things secured with a bungie cord to seal it up. Is there some sort of new garage outlet replacement we could order? Thanks again for your help. Cris

Hi, the Basic Hose for 1.25 inlets has a 1.25 metal friction fit end and works perfectly. We don't have any solution for the broken garage inlet on the unit. You can splice into the plastic tube and put a simple inline valve there. Here is what you'll need for your 1-3/4 inch diameter PVC thinwall pipe,507P2,508,520-4&qty=1,2,1,1.

Replace Hose Handle?

I have an old Kenmore gas pump handle that the plastic end of the handle that fits into the wand has broken off. Will the gas pump replacement part fit my unit?

Hi, sorry, we don't have the hose handle but we do have the hose - in fact two options - found here Replacing the hose, though expensive, is well worth it. The newer hoses are so much better to handle and use.

116-4053481 Filter?

I have a Sears Kenmore power unit Model 116 4053481, Class BI5. The filter is missing and I want to replace it. Are they still available? If so, what is the part # and where can I get one? The unit runs fine otherwise. Thanks, CRAIG, Victorville,CA.

Hi Craig, you have the bottom emptying unit with the plastic T shaped part inside and on the straight section is a screen where the air is suctioned in, right? You can by regular 1 foam and wrap it around the screen portion. There are plenty of folks who don't though and more debris goes through the motor and out the exhaust.

Mark III Inlet Valve

I have an older central vacuum. Kenmore mark III. It was installed in 1984. I am looking for a wall inlet valve. The diameter is 1 and 3/8 inches. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou Todd from Canada

Hi, you are in luck if your inlets look like any of these If not then there are none available. On a good note we have hoses and vacuum kits that fit all the Kenmore inlets.

Off and On, Relay?

Hi, My Kenmore central vacuum, model 116.4053280 is not working. I believe it's due to relay or the motor. The issue is at first the motor kept running even if all outlets were closed. Then the motor stops working or couldn't even turn on. Anyway, could you please point me to the correct part number for the relay and the motor? Where can I order those parts? Thanks!

Hi, first be sure to go through our troubleshooting guide here If it turns out the be the electronics then have an electrician install our small circuit board #235S to replace all the components.

Test Fuse or MiniBreaker

vac cuts out. Could it not be a fuse in the rest or is there not one. How for sure would I know that the motor is going bad as you say Tony Toronto

You can open the vacuum and bypass the minibreaker / reset button and run the motor. As it heats up turn it off if you smell it starting to burn or get too hot. That shows the motor is going bad and the minibreaker to be fine.

Vacuum Cuts Out - Reset Button

I have a central kenmore vac and it works great except that after using it for a short while say 5-10 mins it cuts out. When i press the rest it workagain for a few mins. do i have to replace this reset if so how Thanks Tony Toronto

Hi, that is actually a sign that your motor is going bad. Rarely when they go bad do they permanently ruin the minibreaker but right now it is popping because the motor is overheating as it fails. We have replacement motors here and ship promptly to Canada.

116.34935C Parts

I have a Kenmore central vac from Sears Canada and a power-mate power nozzle. The model for the power nozzle is 116.34935C. I require a replacement wires for the wand and a wire connector on the handle where the wand connects to. The power switch on the handle is ok, just all the connectors need replacing. Can you help please.

Hi, if your equipment looks like this then we have parts for it here

Add Port to Kenmore System

We have Kenmore Built-in Vacuum System model#116.40523 and are looking for parts to install the system into a new room in our house. Do you know of any place that carries the inlet value assemble kit to fit the 1.25", PVP pipe and joints to fit that model? We have checked with no luck. Any other suggestions of where we can look. Thank You, Patti Plymouth, NH

Patti, those backing plates and inlets are not available any longer thanks to Sears existing the market. You'll have to use the standard ones and put a new end on your hose that will work for both types For the pipe you will see in the pipe and elbows page an adaptor (#507P2) that will mate older with new pipe.

How to Take Apart


Hello Jim, did you first press the sides of the top plastic section and lift up? The screws are under that section.

Sears Hose to Narrow for Inlet

Looking for the electrified vacuum hose for a kenmore power mate model 116.34889c i think the powermate part number is 4154916 i did order a new hose from sears but the pipe that goes into the wall is too small

Hello, the hose from Sears may be easily changed to fit your industry standard 1.5 inch diameter inlets. The reducer should pull out of the end of the hose leaving the standard size end ready for use.

No Suction, Switch to Right Side

I have a new Kenmore central vacuum. I've installed the system and the suction is excellent. There are 3 settings on the switch on the wand (left, center, right). When the button on the wand is pushed to the left, the suction turns on but there is no power to the head (which makes sense for tile and floor applications), when the button on the wand is pushed to the right, the powerhead turns on but the suction turns off. Is this a faulty wand/hose, or may there be a wiring problem?

Hi, you have a bad switch. We sell parts that may work for it here. A lot of these parts fit the vacuum cleaner itself but may not fit the hose switch. Scroll down to #342S


My Kenmore central vac hose has a small attachment that is the adapter for the power cord. This allows a right-angel turn where the power cord plugs into the hose. this part is lost, and I do not see it in the Kenmore parts lists. Without it, the power cord interferes with the connection of the hose to the vac wall socket. The needed part is worth a buck, while a new hose is 180 bucks. Any ideas?

Hi, our experience with Kenmore Central Vacuum customers is that our #320 cord replaces the L connection and the cord. Here is the part

Fit all Hoses?

So glad I found you! I have an old central Kenmore vacuum system in need of a hose. It has the 1.25 diameter and is the kind that the suction starts when you open the inlet. It looks like I need the Metal Stub Tube to convert it to 1.5. My questions to you are: 1. can I use the low -voltage hose with the button lock and the switch on the hose? 2. what is the longest hose I can get for it? Thanks so much!

Hi, we are glad you found us! Yes, you need the adaptor for your 1.25 inch diameter inlets. It fits all hoses with a plastic body end. Using the low voltage hose is a great idea. It has a comfortable grip, 360-degree swivel for less kinking, and is made better than basic hoses. We sell the hose up to 50ft long and you can check them out here

Kenmore Central Vacuum Remodel - Add Inlets

I'd like to add 4 inlets to an old Kenmore central vac. Existing connections, inlets, etc. are for 1.75" tubing, all of which are no longer available. How do I extend the existing system when no manufacturer makes compatible parts?

Hello, you can pull this off quite easily. The part #507P2 adapts the central vacuum pipe to your old pipe. Here is the adaptor and pipe and fittings For the new inlet use #517 backing plate and any Basic Inlet Valve Run low voltage wire spliced into your existing wire or all the way back to the Kenmore Vacuum Unit. The bigger issue once it is all installed is the two different hose port diameters and using one hose. But that can be fixed easily as well for a little money. Buy these and put the metal part into the end of the plastic cuff. Put it in far enough so when you use the new inlets it goes in and allows the plastic cuff with metal ring to engage. Here is what you need and they will fit on your old hose,302-1.25ST. Or you can buy a new hose and put that metal part into it directly,303,302-1.25ST. If you have more questions please ask.


How do you get access the belt, motor and guts?!

Answer: has instructions for taking the brush apart. The trick is to put the neck in the down position and then squeeze and lift the sides of the top-most plastic section. It comes off and the screws are under that.

Troubleshooting Nozzle

I have a Kenmore Power-Mate 2 Motor System Model # 116 56766690C. When I turn the vacuum on with the power-mate attached, the power-mate motor does not work. If I push the overload protector Reset, the light and motor comes on for about two seconds only, but the roller to do not move. Any suggestions? Don - Kitchener Ontario

Hello Don, sounds like the roller brush is clogged up and making resistance or the motor is going bad (we have new motors under Parts/Hayden Parts). Clean the bushings on the roller first. Access the parts by first pushing in the sides of the top section to remove it. Screws are located under that section.

On/off Bad at Hose

I have a kenmore central vacuum model #34604. I can no longer turn it off and on from the hose. I have to start and stop the vacuum from the main switch at the vacuum itself. What would be the main cause? Randy Athabasca

Hello Randy, for your case it sounds like a bad hose handle switch. Did the suction come on originally when you opened the port door before? Or on after hose insertion? If after then look inside the port for two small metal contacts. Use foil to short them (no shock). Suction should work which means you need to replace the hose switch, if available, or the hose. Here are the hose options: and here is a switch that may work (Hayden is same as Kenmore, same original manufacturer, but the switch may have changed after all these years). Hope that helps! Oh, and always consider a new complete kit as well, just look at the top of the page from first link given in this answer.

Replace Unit and Accessories

Our house has a Kenmore Built-in Cleaning System Model No. 11640532. We would like to purchase a replacement along with new accessories. We would like a suggestion on a model that would be a good retrofit. We do not want to replace the PVC piping that is already in place. Thanks. Ken St. louis

Hello Ken, we suggest the SilentMaster S4. It has high waterlift or torque, perfect for the restricted pipes used in Kenmore systems. We have the adaptor to bring the smaller diameter pipe to the larger 2 OD pipe and to the S4. For the home we highly recommend the Stealth Kit. Your original Kenmore wall ports are not replaceable, by the way, sorry. The S4 is available through dealers or through us if a dealer is not close to you. Here are some links and let us know if you have more questions.

1.25 Inch Hose into 1.5 Inch Valve?

I have a central vacuum that has 1.25 inch wall inlet valves. I am running a line to the basement but the problem is I can't find 1.25 only 1.50 inch inlets. Is there some type of a adapter I can put into a 1.50 inch inlet valve so it will fit into a 1.25 inch hose nozzle. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Frank Holtsville, NY

Good question Frank, we have a way of making a newer hose fit into both valves but not a way to convert an older hose. Sorry!

Low Suction, Possible Clog

Hi. My Sears Central Vacuuming system has suddenly decreased in suction. I thought perhaps something was caught in the hose. But I ran something through the hose without it being attached to the wall. It went through ok. Then I vacuumed a marble sized object and though it hardly had any suction, it did go into the wall. But it hasn't come out in the dust can, so I am thinking it is stuck in the wall. Could it be something in the wall pipes is stuck, jamming it? How could I go about dislodging it if this is so?

Hello, follow the steps here and let us know if you have questions.

Replacing Belt

Kenmore Vacuum Model 116 3966180 Need to know how to install replacement belt. Becky Newaygo, Michigan

Hello Becky, on the Powermate you need to push in the sides of the top most section, where the light is, and lift up. The screws under under it that allow you to take the brush apart.

Replacing Belt

show me how to put on a belt for a 116 model

On PowerMate vacuum heads the top most part is squeezed in on the sides and lifted up. The screws to take the nozzle apart to get to the belt are under that top part.

How to Replace Belt on PowerMate Central Vac

how do i replace belt on model #11659312990

On the PowerMate you squeeze the sides of the top headlamp cover and lift up. Under that cover are the screws to take the vacuum head apart.

How to Access Screws on PowerMate (some models)

Light bulb changing: Owner's Manual on Pg. 17 says to remove PM cover as shown in BELT CHANGING AND AGITOR CLEANING SECTION. These instructions say to turn PM upside down - Unscrew two PM cover screws. Our vacuum cleaner (Model 116.15512506) has no screw holes on bottom of the machine. I can find no screws to loosen. Where are they? Jim West, Forney TX

Usually you squeeze in the sides of the head light section and that top most cover lifts off. The screws are under there.

What is "Corded Hose" Plugging into?

I have the Kenmore central vac model 116.4053280. The suction starts the moment the wall valve is opened, and your website suggests buying the hose with 8ft electric cord. I do not understand what the cord will be plugging into. Please explain before I purchase. Thanks very much.

Yes, the hose for 1.25 diameter inlets like you have will come with the 8ft electric extension cord that is attached to the wall end of the hose. It plugs into a normal electrical outlet within 8ft of the vacuum inlet. It is usually plenty long to reach the closest outlet. If not you can easily use an extension cord. If you'd like take a tape measure and see about your situation. The outlet can be down the hall, around the corner in a room or kitchen, etc. It is a little more work now having to plug in the hose and the cord but you will not be let down with the incredible job the Stealth does on your carpet. We guarantee it or all your money back.

Stealth Kit with Corded, not 2-pin, Hose

I have a Kenmore model 116.4053280 and would like to purchase the Stealth kit or something comparable. The Stealth kit hose however shows that the hose which plugs into the wall has 2 little pin connections. My vacuum outlet does not have any little holes for the pins. It just has the vacuum hose hole and the suction starts as soon as the cover on the hole is lifted. Any suggestions? Thank you.

We certainly have and sell many of the Stealth Kits for the Kenmore system you have. The wall end of the hose has an 8ft corded, unlike the one you saw in the photo. Click here and the drop down on the top right shows the compatible Stealth Kits for your built-in system

Sears Vacuum Transformer

dear sirs,I had sears repair look at my cvs Model # 2040521 they said the motor was fine,needed a transformer,they no longer stocked you have what i need,they said i needed part #701368. the unit is 12 will not turn on.can you help me. serial#om146547.sears did not won"t to work on it,can you tell me who to call.

We don't have the transformer. You can replace the central vac or have an electrician put in circuit board #235S (in electrical parts).

PowerMate Shutting Off

I installed a new Sears 116.4054 Central Vac sys in 1980. Lately the powerbrush motor cuts off when under too much load (pile adj). Starts again with cycling the on-off switch. Which do you think is the problem, the motor (700650)or the Overload switch (741652)? Please advise the part price for the culprit. Also the price for a new belt (725178)? Thanks, Jim

If your carpet brush is a PowerMate you will fit a replacement for just over $200 on the Kenmore help page. Under Parts and More click on Hayden Parts to find replacement parts for the PowerMate (it is the exact same brush). We may not have all the parts for it you need however. The overload switch is probably the issue.

Test My Motors

I just bought a new home and it has a Sears model 500 - central vacuum. The model number is 116 501. Is there anyway I can see if this works or turn it on. I can't seem to find a switch anywhere. There are no hoses or accessories in the house so I am not sure what to do. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, JIM

You can test them by finding the connection on the unit where the wire from the home goes (not the power cord, but a smaller wire) and by touching one side of the connection to the other side using a wire or paper clip. You will not be shocked. For the accessories you first need to get the diameter hole of the inlet in the wall. No matter the size, you have a lot of options. If you have carpeting you should really consider an electric kit such as the Stealth. If not much carpet at all then the Deluxe. Read over all this in our Kenmore Help Page.

Desparate for 1.25 Faceplate

Kenmore inlets with 1.25 inch openings are no longer available. Your website states that you don't have 1.25 inch floor plates available for Kenmore vaccums. I had my wood floors redone this summer and my contractor lost my floor plate (so needless to say the vaccum does not work now). Can you think of any company that might have used plates available or can get one machined for me? Can you provide the specs to have one machined? If I can't get a replacement floor plate, what is the cost to replace the floor plate and if I replace the floor plate, do I need to replace the wall plates, too?

So sorry for this! Of all the items we deal with this is the most difficult to get around. Please read this write up here and then call us if you have more questions.

Hose for 116-4803080C

I have a Sears Kenmore Power Mate Model 116-4803080C that needs a new hose. What replacement part(s) do I need to be able to use my central vacuum system again? Everything works with the exception of the hose which has so many cracks it just won't work even if it was duct taped. Thanks.

Is this a built in central vacuum cleaner? If so please read the hose section on the Kenmore Help page. If it is not we may not be able to help you.

Older 1-3/4

What are the dimensions of this fitting (90 Short PVC Vacuum Connector)? I am changing out the outlets to accommodate an updated new hose and power nozzle system. The existing tubing size is 1-3/4" OD. The current elbow is undersized, and will need to be cut off and the new elbow re-cemented. How does this connect to the new cover?

This connects to a new backing plate such our #517. A new faceplate attaches to the backing plate. You have older style pipe at will not fit this 90. But you can make it fit by cutting just below the colar of the old 90 where it is glued on the old pipe. The old pipe width plus the colar of the old 90 fit perfectly in the new 90 which has a 2 OD.

Replacement Motor, No Number on Original

Hi, I have a Kenmore Central vac has model # 34604 on it. We took is apart and found it has a Lamb motor in it but no number on the motor. Can you give me a motor number so I can order a new motor?

The best we can do now is direct you the Kenmore page where you will have to do a visual comparisons and click on the details of the various motors to compare measurements. Also, call us toll-free and we can help you. Have the motor nearby.