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Exhaust Filter Options

Ken more, central vac, 116-4053280 Just moved into the house, found the installation receipt from 1985, problem is , system does not. Vent outside, it vents into a closet and was a filthy mess from lint, etc. Can I put a filter on the exhaust and leave it in the closet? Would be very difficult at this point to run outside and would be about 20-25' Thanks, btw, great videos, very helpful


You can add a filter to the exhaust. Use the ActiVac Filter. Or you can run an exhaust run. Distance of 20ft is a bit long but should be okay, just adds some heat to the motor. Open the closet when using the vacuum to keep it cooler.

Motor Brushes for 568980

Kenmore 116.4053280 Central Vac System. Need brushes for the motor part #568980. Where can I find it? On the Kenmore site it is no longer available. Is there is a substitute for it? I need 2` brushes.


Extending Original Kenmore Pipe

I have a Sears Kenmore Central Vac Model #116.40523 Serial #7E3-88361. We are moving a wall in our dining room and need replacement fittings for the pipe in the wall. The pipe is 1 3/4 in. outside diameter and 1 5/8 in. inside diameter. I am looking for 2 90's 2 45's and 2 splice/sleeves to repair the pipe for the new wall. I am also looking for a new hose and metal extension tubes or wand. Do you have these parts? Allan from Minot, ND

Please click the following link to view/purchase all of the pipes and fittings we have to offer for this type of project: Pipes and Fittings. You will need a couple #507P2 adapters (on the page) to take the smaller diameter pipe to regular central vacuum pvc pipe/fittings and then back down to the smaller diameter pipe. This way you will not get clogs as the interior will be without lips and ridges. They don't make 1-3/4" pipe and fittings so this is the only way to do it. You can also view/purchase our hoses and extension wands by clicking the following links: Hoses and Extension Wands. We'd be glad to help you over the phone as well.

Vacuum Unit Will Not Start

John Tatham. Bancroft, Ontario, Canada. I have a Kenmore central vac mod #34604. My wife was using it and it was working fine. She changed outlets in the house and the Vacuum would not start again. This model has an "Auto" and a manual switch. The green light is on so it is getting power. When I turn it to manual the red light comes on OK. But there is no response from the canister at all even when I turn it to "Manual". I have tried to press the "Reset" button but that still doesn't do anything. I have tried slapping the canister as you suggest to no avail. Any suggestions?

Do you hear a click when you try to start it from the hose in the home? If so then the motor is dead, if not then the relay or circuit board is dead.

Kenmore 116.4803080C Hose

I have a Kenmore 116.4803080C that I need a replacement hose for. Do you have hoses for my unit???

If it is a central vac then any number of hoses could have been used. This is page to discover what hose you actually need, or give us a call

Kenmore 575 Light Issues?

I have a Kenmore 575 air watt central vac, I recently replaced the motor in the unit and it is working fine. I have a new problem, the green light in the cannister flashes red every 2-3 seconds. The unit works great, I have good suction and it turns off when I disconnect the hose. I tried the "unplug for 5 mins for the unit to reset itself" but that didn't solve the problem. I would like to know what the red light means. The unit was purchased in 2010.

Sorry, we don't know what that light is for but we have never seen any light on any central vacuum mean anything serious. They are always "idiot" lights that simply engage after so many hours. They don't reflect anything that is truly happening. Nevertheless contact Kenmore directly to be sure.

Heats Up and Shuts Off

My Kenmore built-in vacuum works fine when first starting but once shut off it will not start again for 15-20 minutes. Do these units have a duty cycle or is there something wearing out that causes this as the motor heats up? Kurt - Prince George

A vacuum motor that is going bad has these symptoms. The motor brushes are not able to conduct electricity across the armature when it reaches high tempuratures. Replace the motor and you'll be up and running normally again.

One Inlet Not Working

We have 3 wall vacume outlets and one is not working. I thought it might be plugged so I turned on the vaccume on one of the working outlets and proceeded to open the hatch. There seems to be suction there and I phase tested the wires and they seem to be working however when we plug in the hose we get no suction. We have replaced the house receptacle however we have had no success. I would appreciate any suggestions. Would a partial blockage cause this. Thank you, Fred

The small metal contacts inside the vacuum hole need to have spring pressure. They can give out. Test that. Also, try your hose upside down of you can. The mating may be better.

20.40590 Motor Replacement

i need a motor for a 20.40590 any suggestions? mike, cooperstown ny

Our cross reference on this page shows it takes the 115334 motor There you will find the motor and help. If you need anything else please let us know.

20-42020 Replacement Instructions


Please take a look at the top text of this page It describes what will need to be done to replace the inlets. It is a tough job but worth it.

High Pitch Noise

We have a kenmore central vac model#4803080C which was making a very loud high piercing sound.The armature on the motor was replaced, but the same noise persists.The suction is very good and unit works very well except for the unbearable noise.Any reasons or suggestions for this noise?

Remove the PVC pipe from the unit and see if it still makes the noise. If so then the motor should be replaced. If not then your home has some harmonics issues going on. Remove the filter and see to see if something changes then the noise will go away.

Kenmore Vacuum Wall Inlet Replacement

I have a Kenmore built in vacuum system model# 116.4800C. I'm looking for a replacement wall outlet or just the door on the wall outlet as it broke off. Can I purchase these item through you? I live in New Brunswick, Canada. Thanks, Barry

If your wall inlets look like the ones we sell then you have universal ones. If they don't look like them then you have obsolete Kenmore ones that cannot be replaced. Sorry to say, you may have to open the wall the properly replace the entire socket.

Turns Off After Few Minutes

Bought central vac in 2010 model s107-34089. Unit keeps turning off after a few minutes and will only restart after unplugging main unit and replugging. Any ideas?

If the unit was new it should be under warranty from where you purchased. If it was used the issue may be the motor. It is the motor or the circuit board and its usually the motor. See our troubleshooting page for more tips

116.4053280 Motor Replacement

I have a Kenmore 116.4053280 central vacuum cleaner of an old home. SN 3L4-43625. I don't know when it was installed, but it worked fine for a year. It seemed to be sluggish a few days ago, and then today it completely stopped working. I hit the reset button, and even turned on the manual switch, but nothing is working. What could be the problem? Or if I need a new unit, what would you recommend as replacement? James, Leesburg

The issue you described is normally an indication that your motor has failed. You may view/purchase the replacement motor for your Kenmore 116.4053280 by clicking on the following link: It is normally more cost effective to replace the motor as opposed to replacing the entire system.

Motor for Kenmore K S107 34089

I have a Kenmore Type K ,S107 34089 central vac. Question is, for the first year it ran absolutely great, recently it seems I cant get half a room clean without it shutting off by itself, while other times I can vacuum almost the entire house without any issues. The motor fault light is on the main unit when I go to reset it. I've checked all the lines, no blockages, suction is great. Checked all the low voltage wires and all are connected properly and snug. I'm at a total loss as to what the cause could be. Any help would be appreciated!

We don't have a cross reference for that model but Kenmore usually used the motors listed on the Kenmore Central Vacuum Motors page. Using the photo and description/details of the motor you can figure which one it is.

Hose for Model 20.40521

I have an older model 20.40521 sears model and am looking for replacement hose. Can you help me with a replacement?

There where a variety of hoses used for that and all models. Please use this page to see all your options and what you need to know to make the right choice.

Turns On By Itself

My Sears Best central vac 116.4053180 turns on without the hose plugged in. Suggestions?

You probably want to take look at the solutions nine and ten on this page

Lost Suction

I bought a house with a Sears central vacuum - quite old - stamped on the side model # 1164053280. It worked when we first moved in a couple of months ago but after heavy duty cleaning there is no suction - I can't figure out if there is a overly full bag or clogged filter - is there a owners manual available on line? Thanks!

If the vacuum unit is turning on and there is no suction it may be a couple things. First, drop the bottom off the tank and clean the filter. Put it back and turn it on with the on/off switch on the unit or with a hose/inlet in the home. With the unit on, remove the intake pipe to the unit and test it rignt there. If it is good then the clog is somewhere in the pipe in the home. Go to our help page and see solution three for how to deal with this.

Motor 700355 Parts and Replacement

I have a Whirlpool central vacuum model SLV-50Y Serial #1961 (Obviously older but has worked perfectly until now!) 12 amp (Amtek-Lamb?) motor #700355, 7.25" diam. (I am not positive the motor is Amtek-Lamb; I could not see mfg's name, but motor # was clear). Problem: erratic start. It appears brushes are worn; also armature appears slightly concave. I'd like to start with brushes (and springs), if available. Thanks for your help. David/Jamestown RI

There are many numbers on the motor, but long ago they didn't stamp the complete motor number on the motor, so that is why you will not find a cross reference or motor number 700355. The motors that Kenmore and Whirlpool used are all on the following page. The 115334 being the most common one they used. You can type the motor number in the search and get the motor brush assemblies but honestly these motors last for 1100 hours or so then should be replaced.

Kenmore 34806 Cartridge Filter

Hi, I have a Kenmore 34806 which runs fine but the Cartridge filter for wet/dry vacuums needs replacing. Do you know where I can order one?

We don't have a listing for a cartridge filter for that model. Take a look at the cartridge filters that we offer and compare the dimensions to your current filter for a match.

Kenmore Replacement Unit

Have an 28 year old Kenmore Model No 116.4053280. A few years ago we upgraded with your Stealth Kit, now we need to replace the unit itself as it's starting to work intermittently . What do you recommend?

Take a look at the Flo-Master M85 or any model in the Silent Master line These units will boost your cleaning power and make emptying the unit a breeze. Talk to a local dealer for pricing and which model suits your home best at

Hose Not Turning On Vacuum

I have a Sears central vacuum , ten years old. Suddenly motor will not come on when hose plugged in, but if I push a button on canister motor comes on but does not stop when hose pulled out and you have to push button again. Put in new bag but that doesn't help.

Pressing the manual switch on the canister overrides hose control and will not turn off until the manual switch is pressed off. You may have a problem with your hose or the lines in the walls. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Kenmore 11640532 Replacement Relay

I have a Kenmore Built in Vacuum with Cyclone Separation.model 11640532 serial 904 17384 120 volts 60 mHz 11 amps. ned to replace relay(FSP 701366 ESSEX RBM 129115-7083ZP ac only 250V 18A 1hp 125V 2hp 250V coil 24v 50/600v and transformer(FSP 701954 EIA 606....916) . Looks as if 1 of your boards will be the replacement parts but not sure. Can you help me? Thanks Roger

Your model can use our relay, wiring instructions are in blue letters in the description at

116.4802080C Motor Replacement?

Good morning Sirs, I would like to replace the motor in my central vacuum appliance, but the model doesn\'t match. Would you be so kind to help me? KENMORE 116.4802080C Thank You in advance: EORS from Canada

Hello, Kenmore basically used the motors listed here for their central vacuums. Using the descriptions and photo you can try to figure out which one is yours, or you can send us a photo of the motor and we can do it for you.

116.4461180 Motor?

I need a replacement motor for a Kenmore Built-In model Number 116.4461180. Do you have these? How much$ etc. Thanks

We don't see any cross reference for that model number. That said, though, Kenmore central vacs have basically used the motors on this page Use the photos and descriptions to find a match or send us a photo of the side of the motor and we'll tell you which is yours.