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Exhaust Filter Options

Ken more, central vac, 116-4053280 Just moved into the house, found the installation receipt from 1985, problem is , system does not. Vent outside, it vents into a closet and was a filthy mess from lint, etc. Can I put a filter on the exhaust and leave it in the closet? Would be very difficult at this point to run outside and would be about 20-25' Thanks, btw, great videos, very helpful


You can add a filter to the exhaust. Use the ActiVac Filter. Or you can run an exhaust run. Distance of 20ft is a bit long but should be okay, just adds some heat to the motor. Open the closet when using the vacuum to keep it cooler.

Motor Brushes for 568980

Kenmore 116.4053280 Central Vac System. Need brushes for the motor part #568980. Where can I find it? On the Kenmore site it is no longer available. Is there is a substitute for it? I need 2` brushes.


Extending Original Kenmore Pipe

I have a Sears Kenmore Central Vac Model #116.40523 Serial #7E3-88361. We are moving a wall in our dining room and need replacement fittings for the pipe in the wall. The pipe is 1 3/4 in. outside diameter and 1 5/8 in. inside diameter. I am looking for 2 90's 2 45's and 2 splice/sleeves to repair the pipe for the new wall. I am also looking for a new hose and metal extension tubes or wand. Do you have these parts? Allan from Minot, ND

Please click the following link to view/purchase all of the pipes and fittings we have to offer for this type of project: Pipes and Fittings. You will need a couple #507P2 adapters (on the page) to take the smaller diameter pipe to regular central vacuum pvc pipe/fittings and then back down to the smaller diameter pipe. This way you will not get clogs as the interior will be without lips and ridges. They don't make 1-3/4" pipe and fittings so this is the only way to do it. You can also view/purchase our hoses and extension wands by clicking the following links: Hoses and Extension Wands. We'd be glad to help you over the phone as well.

Vacuum Unit Will Not Start

John Tatham. Bancroft, Ontario, Canada. I have a Kenmore central vac mod #34604. My wife was using it and it was working fine. She changed outlets in the house and the Vacuum would not start again. This model has an "Auto" and a manual switch. The green light is on so it is getting power. When I turn it to manual the red light comes on OK. But there is no response from the canister at all even when I turn it to "Manual". I have tried to press the "Reset" button but that still doesn't do anything. I have tried slapping the canister as you suggest to no avail. Any suggestions?

Do you hear a click when you try to start it from the hose in the home? If so then the motor is dead, if not then the relay or circuit board is dead.

Kenmore 116.4803080C Hose

I have a Kenmore 116.4803080C that I need a replacement hose for. Do you have hoses for my unit???

If it is a central vac then any number of hoses could have been used. This is page to discover what hose you actually need, or give us a call

Kenmore 575 Light Issues?

I have a Kenmore 575 air watt central vac, I recently replaced the motor in the unit and it is working fine. I have a new problem, the green light in the cannister flashes red every 2-3 seconds. The unit works great, I have good suction and it turns off when I disconnect the hose. I tried the "unplug for 5 mins for the unit to reset itself" but that didn't solve the problem. I would like to know what the red light means. The unit was purchased in 2010.

Sorry, we don't know what that light is for but we have never seen any light on any central vacuum mean anything serious. They are always "idiot" lights that simply engage after so many hours. They don't reflect anything that is truly happening. Nevertheless contact Kenmore directly to be sure.

Heats Up and Shuts Off

My Kenmore built-in vacuum works fine when first starting but once shut off it will not start again for 15-20 minutes. Do these units have a duty cycle or is there something wearing out that causes this as the motor heats up? Kurt - Prince George

A vacuum motor that is going bad has these symptoms. The motor brushes are not able to conduct electricity across the armature when it reaches high tempuratures. Replace the motor and you'll be up and running normally again.

One Inlet Not Working

We have 3 wall vacume outlets and one is not working. I thought it might be plugged so I turned on the vaccume on one of the working outlets and proceeded to open the hatch. There seems to be suction there and I phase tested the wires and they seem to be working however when we plug in the hose we get no suction. We have replaced the house receptacle however we have had no success. I would appreciate any suggestions. Would a partial blockage cause this. Thank you, Fred

The small metal contacts inside the vacuum hole need to have spring pressure. They can give out. Test that. Also, try your hose upside down of you can. The mating may be better.

20.40590 Motor Replacement

i need a motor for a 20.40590 any suggestions? mike, cooperstown ny

Our cross reference on this page shows it takes the 115334 motor There you will find the motor and help. If you need anything else please let us know.

20-42020 Replacement Instructions


Please take a look at the top text of this page It describes what will need to be done to replace the inlets. It is a tough job but worth it.

High Pitch Noise

We have a kenmore central vac model#4803080C which was making a very loud high piercing sound.The armature on the motor was replaced, but the same noise persists.The suction is very good and unit works very well except for the unbearable noise.Any reasons or suggestions for this noise?

Remove the PVC pipe from the unit and see if it still makes the noise. If so then the motor should be replaced. If not then your home has some harmonics issues going on. Remove the filter and see to see if something changes then the noise will go away.

Kenmore Vacuum Wall Inlet Replacement

I have a Kenmore built in vacuum system model# 116.4800C. I'm looking for a replacement wall outlet or just the door on the wall outlet as it broke off. Can I purchase these item through you? I live in New Brunswick, Canada. Thanks, Barry

If your wall inlets look like the ones we sell then you have universal ones. If they don't look like them then you have obsolete Kenmore ones that cannot be replaced. Sorry to say, you may have to open the wall the properly replace the entire socket.

Turns Off After Few Minutes

Bought central vac in 2010 model s107-34089. Unit keeps turning off after a few minutes and will only restart after unplugging main unit and replugging. Any ideas?

If the unit was new it should be under warranty from where you purchased. If it was used the issue may be the motor. It is the motor or the circuit board and its usually the motor. See our troubleshooting page for more tips

116.4053280 Motor Replacement

I have a Kenmore 116.4053280 central vacuum cleaner of an old home. SN 3L4-43625. I don't know when it was installed, but it worked fine for a year. It seemed to be sluggish a few days ago, and then today it completely stopped working. I hit the reset button, and even turned on the manual switch, but nothing is working. What could be the problem? Or if I need a new unit, what would you recommend as replacement? James, Leesburg

The issue you described is normally an indication that your motor has failed. You may view/purchase the replacement motor for your Kenmore 116.4053280 by clicking on the following link: It is normally more cost effective to replace the motor as opposed to replacing the entire system.

Motor for Kenmore K S107 34089

I have a Kenmore Type K ,S107 34089 central vac. Question is, for the first year it ran absolutely great, recently it seems I cant get half a room clean without it shutting off by itself, while other times I can vacuum almost the entire house without any issues. The motor fault light is on the main unit when I go to reset it. I've checked all the lines, no blockages, suction is great. Checked all the low voltage wires and all are connected properly and snug. I'm at a total loss as to what the cause could be. Any help would be appreciated!

We don't have a cross reference for that model but Kenmore usually used the motors listed on the Kenmore Central Vacuum Motors page. Using the photo and description/details of the motor you can figure which one it is.

Hose for Model 20.40521

I have an older model 20.40521 sears model and am looking for replacement hose. Can you help me with a replacement?

There where a variety of hoses used for that and all models. Please use this page to see all your options and what you need to know to make the right choice.

Turns On By Itself

My Sears Best central vac 116.4053180 turns on without the hose plugged in. Suggestions?

You probably want to take look at the solutions nine and ten on this page

Lost Suction

I bought a house with a Sears central vacuum - quite old - stamped on the side model # 1164053280. It worked when we first moved in a couple of months ago but after heavy duty cleaning there is no suction - I can't figure out if there is a overly full bag or clogged filter - is there a owners manual available on line? Thanks!

If the vacuum unit is turning on and there is no suction it may be a couple things. First, drop the bottom off the tank and clean the filter. Put it back and turn it on with the on/off switch on the unit or with a hose/inlet in the home. With the unit on, remove the intake pipe to the unit and test it rignt there. If it is good then the clog is somewhere in the pipe in the home. Go to our help page and see solution three for how to deal with this.

Motor 700355 Parts and Replacement

I have a Whirlpool central vacuum model SLV-50Y Serial #1961 (Obviously older but has worked perfectly until now!) 12 amp (Amtek-Lamb?) motor #700355, 7.25" diam. (I am not positive the motor is Amtek-Lamb; I could not see mfg's name, but motor # was clear). Problem: erratic start. It appears brushes are worn; also armature appears slightly concave. I'd like to start with brushes (and springs), if available. Thanks for your help. David/Jamestown RI

There are many numbers on the motor, but long ago they didn't stamp the complete motor number on the motor, so that is why you will not find a cross reference or motor number 700355. The motors that Kenmore and Whirlpool used are all on the following page. The 115334 being the most common one they used. You can type the motor number in the search and get the motor brush assemblies but honestly these motors last for 1100 hours or so then should be replaced.

Kenmore 34806 Cartridge Filter

Hi, I have a Kenmore 34806 which runs fine but the Cartridge filter for wet/dry vacuums needs replacing. Do you know where I can order one?

We don't have a listing for a cartridge filter for that model. Take a look at the cartridge filters that we offer and compare the dimensions to your current filter for a match.

Kenmore Replacement Unit

Have an 28 year old Kenmore Model No 116.4053280. A few years ago we upgraded with your Stealth Kit, now we need to replace the unit itself as it's starting to work intermittently . What do you recommend?

Take a look at the Flo-Master M85 or any model in the Silent Master line These units will boost your cleaning power and make emptying the unit a breeze. Talk to a local dealer for pricing and which model suits your home best at

Hose Not Turning On Vacuum

I have a Sears central vacuum , ten years old. Suddenly motor will not come on when hose plugged in, but if I push a button on canister motor comes on but does not stop when hose pulled out and you have to push button again. Put in new bag but that doesn't help.

Pressing the manual switch on the canister overrides hose control and will not turn off until the manual switch is pressed off. You may have a problem with your hose or the lines in the walls. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Kenmore 11640532 Replacement Relay

I have a Kenmore Built in Vacuum with Cyclone Separation.model 11640532 serial 904 17384 120 volts 60 mHz 11 amps. ned to replace relay(FSP 701366 ESSEX RBM 129115-7083ZP ac only 250V 18A 1hp 125V 2hp 250V coil 24v 50/600v and transformer(FSP 701954 EIA 606....916) . Looks as if 1 of your boards will be the replacement parts but not sure. Can you help me? Thanks Roger

Your model can use our relay, wiring instructions are in blue letters in the description at

116.4802080C Motor Replacement?

Good morning Sirs, I would like to replace the motor in my central vacuum appliance, but the model doesn\'t match. Would you be so kind to help me? KENMORE 116.4802080C Thank You in advance: EORS from Canada

Hello, Kenmore basically used the motors listed here for their central vacuums. Using the descriptions and photo you can try to figure out which one is yours, or you can send us a photo of the motor and we can do it for you.

116.4461180 Motor?

I need a replacement motor for a Kenmore Built-In model Number 116.4461180. Do you have these? How much$ etc. Thanks

We don't see any cross reference for that model number. That said, though, Kenmore central vacs have basically used the motors on this page Use the photos and descriptions to find a match or send us a photo of the side of the motor and we'll tell you which is yours.

Kenmore 116.4090080C Motor and Seal Replacement

Kenmore (1985) Built-In Model No. 116.4090C ..Replacement Motor for Model 116.4090080C, Sears Part No. 732172. Do you have the replacement motor seal?

Yes, we have the direct replacement motor and instructions here,220,how2mtr. The link also has a gasket that the motor can sit on, but if your gasket is larger then there are none available. Thank you for asking and let us know if you need anything else.

116.4703080C Motor Replacement

We have an older kenmore model 116.4703080C central vac. The motor has gone is there a replacement for this and if so can you let me know what it is, how much it costs.

Kenmore did not use to many motors, so the motor you need is most likely on this page Use the photos and descriptions to find it or give us a call and we'll help you find the motor. Thank you for asking.

Kenmore - Add Muffler

I have a Kenmore Central Vacuum that since new sounds like a jet, even so loud my neihbours next door can hear it in their house with my garage door shut, very very noisey. Is there something not connected in the top bell housing, I have yet to take the machine apart

Assuming your vacuum looks something like this one, you can soften the noise by adding a muffler using these three parts,507EX,503.

116.4801080C Motor?

I have a Sears/Kenmore model#116.4801080C. It appears that a new motor is required. The fuse keeps blowing within seconds, no suction and electrical burning odor. Hard to source this model # for exact replacement parts.

True, that is a hard one to cross reference. We have had success, though, telling customers that the motors here are the only ones used by Sears for older units Use the photos and descriptions to determine which is yours or send us a photo and we'll let you know.

Exhaust Vent Door?

We need a new attachment that goes on the outside of the house for the exhaust from our Kenmore Model 116.29191 central vacuum system. I can't find one in your catalog. Do you have them? Mary Senecaville, Ohio

We have one here It fits the 2" outer diameter PVC central vacuum pipe. If your pipe is smaller in diameter then we don't know where to find one. You can cut your pipe, insert an adapter and use 2" pipe to add this exhaust vent though. Call us for help.

20.40521 Motor?

I have a built in vac system that isnt in your data base for parts. The Model # 20.40521 SN 1D3 48460 I am looking to get a new motor as it sounds like the bearings are gone in the one I have now. I cant seem to find the exact model or anything to match it, what would be the right motor for my unit? I cant find any #\'s on the one installed in the unit. Thank you.

The correct motor is listed under 116.40521 on this page

6600-007 VC22 B-11 ECP Shutting Off

Hi I have a Kenmore central vac motor model 6600-007 VC22 B-11 ECP 120VAC 60HZ. The motor overheats and cuts off every 5 minutes. Could there be something wrong with the motor, If so where can I purchase this from.and how much would it cost? I live in Oakville Ontario Canada

That is the symptom of a bad motor. Using your model number, we have a cross reference chart for motors here You can buy from us in California and have it delivered painlessly.

Transformer Needed

I need a low voltage transformer (120 to 24) for a Kenmore series 500 built-in system. The old one has FSP on it, and #701368 on that same side. On the other side is this number: 1069--9909--. Ken, from Lockwood, MO.

For all Kenmore Built-in Vacuum Systems, it is easier and less expensive (or at least should be) to have an electrician wire in this circuit board to replace all the electronics besides the motor. Use the larger photo of the part as the wiring guide. This should take under an hour to install.

Test Motor?

can i bypass the transformer and relay to see if motor will run? model #20.40521 sears kenmore central vacuum thanks dave methuen ma.

If you have a safe way to put 110 volts to the motor wires then you can test the motor. Remember that the motor may work fine but not for over 15 minutes or less. If the motor is on its way out is stops during regular use.

Bad Relay

Kenmore Central vac Model 34430 will not shut off. From reading your posts and following the troubleshooting it is a bad relay. Is this part of a main circuit board or is it a standalone part and is it something I can replace.

The only way to solve this is replace the entire vacuum unit or have an electrician easily replace all the electronics with one of these boards Use the large photo of it as a guide.

Shuts Down Quick

We recently bought a house with a Kenmore centra vac (model#34226).It has an electrical cord attached to the hose. We put the hose in the wall,and when we put the cord into the outlet,the system doesn't work.When we remove the cord from the outlet,it works great for a few minutes then shuts off.And it blows a circuit breaker. Do you have any idea why this is? Joyce,fr Halifax,NS

Joyce, the breaker on the power head or the breaker on the central vac collection unit? If the unit then the motor needs replacing. If on the head then you need a new head. Call us for more clarification please.

Whirlpool Model SCV-30LC

My motor burned out on central Vac Whirlpool Model SCV-30LC. Old unit, can't find matching motor in your site. The unit says 6.25 amps. This is the only hint on the size/power of the unit I intend to replace. Can you find the air flow rating for this system. Thanks, Tom in Virginia

The bottom of this page has the motors we have seen in Whirlpool Central Vacuums You can do a visual/measurement comparison for your match, or email us a photo of the motor.

Need Filtration

I have a Sears Central Vacuum 20.40521. The filter need to be replaced. I also need to but some bags. The sucking power is not strong enough. I can not find any website that I can order these things. Could you recommend some? Thanks.

Kenmore central vacuums didn't take bags. Please view our filtration video for Kenmore here for help.

Replacement Bag?

I have a model 116.40521 central vac and need the replacement filter bag, but don't have any part numbers for them. No manual either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Steve - Swansea ,MA

Steve, watch our video on Kenmore filtration here. There is not a bag in these units.

Replace Motor or Motor Brushes?

Hi, I have a kenmore central vacuum Model # 4053280. Can you replace the brushes in the motor or do I need a new motor. It won't turn on unless we manually give the motor a turn and the brushes look worn. Thanks Naomi

Naomi, since the age of your system is quite old, you need to replace the motor. Brushes are a half life replacement option. Once a motor goes bad it is more then the brushes that are worn out. Thanks for asking. Please review our videos for detailed help.

Motor for S107 34726

Hello, I am looking for the price and availability on a motor for my Kenmore Central Vacuum. Model # S107 34726. I didn't see the model number listed on the page for motors. Thanks, Matt.

We don't have a cross reference for that but they only used the motors listed on this page. Using the photo and description/details of the motor you can figure which one it is. Many customers have. When you do please let us know.

116.4800080C Kenmore Vac Motor?

I have a Kenmore Central Vac 116.4800080C, and the motor is shot, the number on the motor is 6257.

Hi, in our experience, no matter the age of the Kenmore Built-in System, they only used these motors: Take a look at your motor and then these. Measure widest width of the round part of the motor and the overall height. This will most likely yield the correct replacement. The motors on that page are 110-120 volt, but we have their 220-240 volt cousins if you need them.

Bottom Tub Gasket

Is there a replacement rubber rim to fit on the tub. Mine I believe is stretched and no long fits and the suction escapes. I have a Kenmore central vacuum. Lorraine Clifton, N.J.

Sorry, there is not a replacement for that. Maybe you can get creative with weather stripping?

118139-21 Replacement Motor

My dad has a Kenmore vac cleaner with a burnt out motor. He does not have a computer and asked me to find a replacement. The number he gave is . It is an old model. Can you tell me which of these motors could be used as a replacement and the cost? Thanks!

Hi, there is not a cross reference for that number but we are sure we have the motor because they only used the motors listed on this page. Of course this is assuming we are talking about a central vacuum cleaner built into the home.

THANK YOU for the Videos!

Just wanted to thank you for your helpful videos on antiquated systems. I have a very old system which I haven't used since I purchased my house eight years ago. I assumed the system was simply old and underpowered. As part of a recent renovation, I had to move an inlet, and decided it was time to learn more to decide whether to just scrap it. I learned from your site how to clean and fix my central vac system! Only $100 in parts and accessories, and I now have a working central vac system, and my family is thrilled. Thank you so much!

Thank you for sharing your success with us. We love to share our decades of experience to everyone who has a central vacuum. We know that if your central vacuum is running as it should and accessorized correctly, you will be a happy homeowner. Central vacuums are unbeatable for cleaning a home.

116.4803080 Replacement

I need model# 116.4803080c class BI-5 replaced. Is there one available at Sears in Moncton? If so, what do I need to ask for? I only want to replace the cannister and it has to be adaptable to the pipping already in place. thanks and need an answer asap

Hi, in Canada the offerings may be different, but usually you can use any brand of central vac to replace any other brand installed. The piping is usually always standard (2-inch outer diameter). That means you can pick up any central vacuum unit you wish to have. Hopefully that is good news for you.

Motor Bad? Top Vents Covered

Kenmore Class BI-5 Model 116. 4053482.... I had a tarp sitting on top of the unit blocking the vent on top... now the unit only works for about 8 seconds if you press the reset button... did I burn out the motor?

Hi, most likely the motor is burned out, maybe also the mini breaker but you will not know until the motor is replaced. The motor is old anyhow so replacing it now is a good idea.

Kenmore 20-40510 Replacement Motor

I have a Kenmore central vac. Installed it in 1969. The model number is 20-40510 motor number 115334 I replaced the brushes perhaps 3 months ago. Worked perfectly until today. It just clicks when i try to run it. I suspect the mini breaker is at fault. The existing breaker looks like the ones shown, however mine says 18 amp on it. Can i use the 20 amp or the 15 amp with this unit? thank you

Hi, the minibreaker, relay and transformer are fine. The clicking tells us that. The issue is the motor can't conduct electricity across the armature any longer. The motor is done. Bump the unit real hard and it may start again, but the end game here is you need a new motor. Not bad after 40 years! If you need any help let us know. The 115334 replacement motor is here

Need Smaller Diameter Hose

I have a sears central vac system model number 116.4053280 I need a new hose for the unit my old hose kept cracking and is beyond repair. My hose has a male inleton it with the outside diamater at 1 1/4 and inside diamter at 1 inch all the hoses I could find at the stores and online are inside 1 1/4 outside 1 3/8 and I cant change the inlets in the wall I would have to brak the wall to do so I bought new inlets and they did not work

Hi, the drop down menus on this hoses for Kenmore Central Vacs page will be helpful to you. The correct hose is there. Also, you can call us for assistance.

Unit Works, Hose Doesn't

I have a Kenmore Central Vac 34226, all of a sudden it stopped working. When I plug the hose in it doesn't work. If I use the main switch the vacuum works. What do you believe would cause this problem? Bryan London

Hi, something shorted. Remove an inlet and short the wires (low voltage wires) and the vacuum should start. Or short the connection of the low voltage wires at the unit, it should start. Basically you are going to find the failure point. See video number 12 here

Short in Hose?

I have a vacuflo system. Have Hayden power head. Was having problem with power head cutting in and out as I vac. I thought it was the power head motor going bad so I replaced it. Still doing the sane thing. There is a slight burnt smell at hose nozzel end of connection prongs. Also how to I test the overload protector to see if it is operating as it should? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, RJ Milwaukee

RJ, hold the handle still and twist and pull and bend the hose going into the handle. You will find the short. Also fiddle with the switch. Open the hose handle. You can add pressure to the metal fingers touching the metal rings so they are tighter against them. Also, under the metal rings are metal parts with only friction to the rings. If the rings rotate too easily they may not have good contact. Push the parts up a bit for a better touch. You will probably see a blacked area where the short is occuring. See what you find.

Kenmore 20.40521 Replacement Motor

I need new motor for Sears Kenmore model #20.40521, but I found only model #116.40521. I know the one I have is old, and the motor is on the top. Beata

Hi, please take a look at the motor for the 116.40521. It is most likely the same one. If not then the other motors here are the ones they used and by clicking on the details you can get the measurements and a larger photo

Exhaust and Filtering it

Bagless or not filter or not. I have a Kenmore vacuum cleaner model B1-5 116.4703080c There was a pipe connected to an exterier exhaust. Does it require or not a filter if so what type or a bag. Or does it really need to be connected to an exaust pipe. thank you serge carrier

Hi Serge, the Kenmore Central Vac usually has a dirty exhaust so you want to connect it to pipe and send it outdoors. If it is going indoors then you may want an exhaust filter - just be sure to change it often. Please read about the filter here and ask us any questions you have.

Light Stays On

brenda edmonton i have a kenmore 360 and the electronic hose/bag light stays on....bag and hepa filter have both been changed....any ideas?

Hi, sometimes they are reset by unplugging it for 10 seconds from the wall.

1164053280 Motor Replacement

I have a Kenmore/Sears central vac model number 1164053280. This model is not listed in your website. Do you have a replacement motor? What is the price? How difficult is it to replace? Thanks Bob

Hi, from our experience all Kemore's used one of these motors Click the links for details and photos to match to yours. If you need assistance with anything please call us when you are with the motor.

116.40510 Kenmore Central Vac Parts

Hello: Daryl here, i live near Superior Wis. I own a Kenmore central vac. Model 116.40510 I may need parts for the motor, or perhaps the entire motor. Appreciate any information you can give me. thank you for your time

Hi, for the most part all Kemore's used one the motors here Please match up yours. If you need assistance with anything please call us when you are with the motor.

116.4803080C Kenmore Vacuum Parts

The motor of my old Kenmore vacuum model (I bought it in Canada) is dead. Do you have a motor to replace it? How much please (motor plus shipping to Gatineau, Quebec, J8P4A6, Canada)? Best wishes, Fernando Acosta Gatineau, Quebec Canada

Hi, from our experience all Kemore's used one of these motors here Click their links for details and photos to match to yours. For the shipping costs simply choose Canada Checkout from the shopping cart. If you need assistance with anything please call us when you are with the motor.

Unit Not Turning On

Follow up question. [New Home, Central Not Working] Kenmore Central Vac C107-34604. I did what you suggested and did the simply short across the screws where the low voltage wire from the home connects. There was actually a switch on the side of the unit. The red light came on as it did in my previous message. Any further suggestions?

Slap the machine hard and toggle the switch. If it works then the motor is going bad. If you hear a click then the motos is bad. If you don't hear a click then the relay is bad - have an electrician replace it with

New Home, Central Not Working

Hello, We just purchased a house and it has a Kenmore Central Vac C107-34604. Anyway the vacuum used to work fine until today. On the side of the canaster there is a solid green light. The red light comes on when you turn the vac on (either the hose or the manual on the canaster. Any suggestions? Cheers! Moe

Moe, congratulations on the home and central vac. Unplug it and plug it back in. That may or may not do anything. Then use this guide to find what may be wrong. I don't think you have an on/off switch at the unit, right? So for that test simply short across the screws where the low voltage wire from the home connects.

Shuts Off Quickly

We recently purchased a Kenmore Central vacuum system and once we turn on the vacuum (via the hose switch) after it running for more than 5 minutes if we shut it off and then try to turn it on again it won't. The light flashes on the cannister indicating it has tripped itself and the machine does turn on again after a couple minutes. Do we have a faulty cannister?

Usually these older machines need the motor replaces. Five percent of the time the minibreaker is bad. If the machine is new you need to take it back to get checked on.

Suction Shuts Off - Green Light

Sears Kenmore central vac. my vacuum will run for 10-15 minutes and will then shut off. The green light (power light) flashes on the unit. Power to the vacuum will be restored if left off for a few minutes. Why is this? anna kujaristi stouffville, ontario -canada

Hi Anna, the motor is going bad and overheating. We recommend replacing the motor now. Kenmore used only these motors in the central vacs. If you need help identifying yours then please give us a call.

Motor Replacement for 34806 Model

I think our Kenmore Central Vac Model 34806's motor has burned out or is on it's way out. It makes a terrible noise. The serial number is 950324484. Do you carry a replacement motor for it? If so, how much would it cost?

Hi, Kenmore only used the motors listed on this page. If you need help matching it please call us when you are with the motor.

New Unit and New Hose and Tool Set

I currently have an old kenmore cyclone model 116-40523. I want a new comparable unit that will vent outside as I have now. What are my options. I want to keep all of my inlets as well but need a new hose/kit.

Hi, we have excellent replacements for the unit and the hose and tools. Here are our recommended units Read here about why the bag type is a better system It is also ventable. For the hose and tools we have awesome upgrades that fit all the Kenmore wall inlets. Please start here for those: And please call us any time for help.

Motor for 34806 Kenmore

Hello, I have a central vacuume cleaner from kenmore, model 34806. I need a new motor. Can you help me find the right one? Regards

Hi, thank you for the question. The replacement motor is here In checkout please also get the suggest item Exhaust Coupling to make the exhaust center tube longer. If you have a gasket for it to sit on, please use the original one.

116.5718180 and 2040521 Parts?

Do you have parts and accessories for PowerMate Kenmore Central Vac 116.5718180 and 2040521?

Hi, we have a lot of parts and accessories and hoses for these models. Use our Kenmore web pages and if you have any questions please let us know.

216.37045 Light Issue

I bought a kenmore model 216.37045, and everytime I turn it on, the red light comes on. According to the manual, the prformane indicator turns red because of a clogged hose or filters clogged. This vacuum is brand new. What is wrong with it?

Hi, we really only know about built-in central vacuums. Please contact Sears for your issue with the canister/upgright.

Exploded View?

just looking for an exploded view of my vacuum.

Hi, we don't have an exploded view but can help you solve all your central vacuum issues.

Some Wall Inlets Suctionless

John, Lafayette, LA I recently purchased a home which has a Sears Central Vacuum System Model #116.4053280. 1. I noticed several of the inlets that are further away from the vacuum housing do not have the suction power or any suction power as other inlets closer to the vacuum unit? 2. Do you have a manual for this model? Thanks for your Help!

Hi John, troubleshooting for clogs is the same for any brand and model. Use this guide and probably skip to step three for solutions

Whirlpool Central Vacuum Motor for Model FB9900XR0

Do you have a motor for a Whirlpool CV, model FB9900XR0? Anson St. Joseph MI

Hi Anson, yes we have the motor for your unit here and we can help you with anything you need for the entire system.,220,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Whirlpool+Systems.

116-4803800C Kenmore Motor?

hello , the motor on my Kenmore Central vac is about to die, [bad noise and smoke] model number is 116-4803800C class B1-5 can I replace this motor and where can I find a replacement near London Ontario?

Really the best place to buy central vacuum motors for Canada is from us in California. Motors are less expensive, even with the taxes. We can't find a cross reference for the model though. You can take a photo and send it in or compare your motor to the few motors they used as pictured here:

20.40521 Kenmore Motor

I have Kenmore central Vacuum model 20.40521. I need the replacement motor but I can't find it. May be this model is too old. Do you have replacement motor for this unit? Thank you for yur help. Don Lee

Hi, I am sure we have the motor since Kenmore only used a few motors for all their central vacuums ever made. Look here, click on the motor link for measurements and details and then compare to yours. You will find it.


We own a Kenmore central vacuum system, model 116.4803080C with S.N. AC 5005999. Can you tell me how old this machine is? and...Can you sent me the operating information on this machine? Adrian

Hello Adrian, looks like it is old enough to not have a cross reference on our end either. So maybe over 30 years old is our guess. Usually the only maintenance it needs is to be emptied. The bottom unlatches and you dump it. There is a plastic tube in their though with a screen filter that needs cleaning. Rarely did they have a cloth filter. If you machine is not running then start here We have motor, hoses, accessories for it that WILL work. Let us know how we can help.

Will Not Turn Off with Hose

Kenmore Canada 34226 - Unit activates as soon as plugged into inlet. Cannot shut off with handle 3 way switch, Cannot shut off at unit when hose is plugged into wall inlet. If hose unplugged from inlet, then on off switch on main unit works normal. Switch on handle has been replaced.

There is a short in the hose if it did work correctly before. Otherwise are you putting it in so the electric is at 12 or 6?

116.58612790 PowerMate Replacement and Parts

I need a motor for a Kenmore Vac. Part #118139-21. Model 116.58612790

Hi, are you looking for the motor in the power nozzle? It is here,480,480I along with new replacements nozzles.

116.4090080C Motor

I have an old Kenmore central vac unit. It's running but needs new bearings and bushes. The model is 116.4090080C. Do you have a replacement motor? I am from Canada, postal code T3B 5X3. I understand your flat rate brokerage fee would be 20.00USD. Can you give me an estimate if of S&H if you have a motor available? As well, if a motor is available, is it a simple pull out the old, insert the new, hook up wiring and it's ready to go? Thanks. Dale

Hi Dale we do have a drop-in motor for Kenmore Central Vacuums. Yours is not coming up for a cross reference though. Take a look at the motors here, Kenmore only used these ones, and you will find your motor. If not, can you send a photo of the motor? For shipping to Canada, please put the motor in the cart and click Canada Checkout. With just a little of your information you will be able to see the real shipping rate options.

Instruction Manual?

Any recommendations on where to get an instruction manual?

Hi, for Kenmore, Sears, Whirlpool central vacuums we are going to be the best source as far as a manual goes. You can read the questions and answers online that touch on maintenance, filtration, replacements, upgrades and so on. If you have more questions we are glad to answer them and they will help others looking for help as well. Here is the Q&A page:

Service or Replace?

I have a Sears built-in vac(116.4053280). Motor makes loud noise and smokes. Sears says they don't repair built-in vacs anymore. Is there someplace to get it repaired? If not, where can I find a replacement unit or different brand that'll fit in the same footprint (attach to existing pipes)?

You can replace the motor with the one listed here There are instructions and many have done it. This way you save money. Otherwise you can replace the entire unit. We have adaptors and such to hook it up.

Remove Plastic Filter

We have model 116 4803080C Class B15 - Is this bagless and there appears to be a final filter on a central pipe. How do I remove the plastic disc to get at it to clean it

Hello, the plastic disk and tube slide straight down out of the machine after the buttom of the tank is removed. There should be a screen, sometimes a filter, on the lower half of the tube, down by the disk. Keep that area clean.

Remove Plastic Filter

We have model 116 4803080C Class B15 - Is this bagless and there appears to be a final filter on a central pipe. How do I remove the plastic disc to get at it to clean it

Hello, the plastic disk and tube slide straight down out of the machine after the buttom of the tank is removed. There should be a screen, sometimes a filter, on the lower half of the tube, down by the disk. Keep that area clean.

Replace Electronic Components

Dave Carmichael LeRoy,NY Do you have any info for replacing the starting components on a Kenmore 116.500 central vac. Motor relay pulls in but won't hold and I feel problem is in low voltage Touch Transverter(?). I have taken the 4 starting contacts out of circuit and it acts the same using only the pushbutton at motor location. Unit is 45+ years old so I'm having hard time convincing owner that parts are not available, and he keeps insisting that transverter can be repaired. But so far he has had NO success in having it repaired. Do you have any info OR replacements that can help to "get this guy off my back"! An e-mail to that affect would give me some leverage to help resolve this. THANKS!!!!!

Hi Dave, you can have an electrician install this circuit board. It replaces all the electronics and is easy for them to install. Print the enlarged version of the photo here for installation reference

Copper Band Engages Vacuum

Brian - Chicago I have a pre-1970 (kenmore) system that activates by PRESSING a copper band on the outlet and has 1.25 inch diameter hole. What outlets can I update my system with without changing anything but the wall outlet?

Hello Brian, since Sears left this industry there are no more inlets this size at all that fit into the backing plate hole in the wall behind them. We are so sorry! Plus having to touch it once for one and another time for off means you have an out dated unit as well with a latching relay. Please call us for some ideas on how to upgrade.

Add Port to Kenmore System

We have Kenmore Built-in Vacuum System model#116.40523 and are looking for parts to install the system into a new room in our house. Do you know of any place that carries the inlet value assemble kit to fit the 1.25", PVP pipe and joints to fit that model? We have checked with no luck. Any other suggestions of where we can look. Thank You, Patti Plymouth, NH

Patti, those backing plates and inlets are not available any longer thanks to Sears existing the market. You'll have to use the standard ones and put a new end on your hose that will work for both types For the pipe you will see in the pipe and elbows page an adaptor (#507P2) that will mate older with new pipe.

New to Central Vac

We just purchased our house and it has a kenmore central vacuum system. I have not used it yet. It is an older model and put in here when house was built. I think it is bagless. Model # is 115440 and there is a plastic thing in the middle which looks like it hangs up at the top but cant get it to stay. would you have any books or info on this model? Thank you

Congratulations on the new home and the central vacuum! Let's get it up and running and with good accessories. Vacuuming is so much easier, quieter, and less of a hassle with a central vacuum. The only maintenance is the filter. We have not heard of it not staying before though, interesting. It looks like it floats in the the space with the bottom of the unit is put on. Sears has long since been a help to it's central vacuum customers when they left this industry years ago. But we have motors, hoses, and replacement units to help you out. How do the accessories look? If you have a PowerMate for the carpet and it works that is a good brush. We have parts and new hoses for it and complete replacement kits and upgrades. If you want to test the system thoroughly then use this general guide Let us know if you have any questions.

Starts, Quickly Stops

My Kenmore central vac turns on on for a moment and then immediately goes off. It started to do this after I emptied it. Thank Catherine. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hello Catherine, older central vacuums fail many times after being jarred from their normal positions. Try bumping into the machine to get it in back in its position. But it may be time for a replacement motor, which we have and provide excellent shipping and rates to Canada.

Replace Unit and Accessories

Our house has a Kenmore Built-in Cleaning System Model No. 11640532. We would like to purchase a replacement along with new accessories. We would like a suggestion on a model that would be a good retrofit. We do not want to replace the PVC piping that is already in place. Thanks. Ken St. louis

Hello Ken, we suggest the SilentMaster S4. It has high waterlift or torque, perfect for the restricted pipes used in Kenmore systems. We have the adaptor to bring the smaller diameter pipe to the larger 2 OD pipe and to the S4. For the home we highly recommend the Stealth Kit. Your original Kenmore wall ports are not replaceable, by the way, sorry. The S4 is available through dealers or through us if a dealer is not close to you. Here are some links and let us know if you have more questions.

Kenmore Mark 5 Relay

I have a Kenmore Mark 5 central vac and need a new relay motor. The model# is 116-4090080C. The terminal is broken but I need the whole relay motor. Joe Caledonia

Hello Joe, sorry but that is not available as far as we know. It is possible for an electrician to use something else though. Please call us for some options.

Low Suction, Possible Clog

Hi. My Sears Central Vacuuming system has suddenly decreased in suction. I thought perhaps something was caught in the hose. But I ran something through the hose without it being attached to the wall. It went through ok. Then I vacuumed a marble sized object and though it hardly had any suction, it did go into the wall. But it hasn't come out in the dust can, so I am thinking it is stuck in the wall. Could it be something in the wall pipes is stuck, jamming it? How could I go about dislodging it if this is so?

Hello, follow the steps here and let us know if you have questions.

Rust Spots on Central Vacuum

The actual (Kenmore central vac bagless)Canister we have has some rust spots which is probably reducing our vacuum suction. Do you have replacement canisters? We already bought the stealth kit and a new motor....suggestions? Thanks Karen

Hello Karen, if there are holes in the section below the motor top section then you are loosing valuable suction. I would duct tape the holes for now. Later, you can replace the unit with any of our vacuums. We have adaptors to make them fit right in.

116.4053280 Kenmore Central Vacuum Issues

I have a central vacuum cleaner #116.4053280 which stopped working all of a sudden. How can I tell if it's the transformer or the motor? If it is the motor what is the replacement motor for part 732090 (motor)? Thanks Ken Port Washington, NY

Hello Ken, here is an FAQ on testing the components And here is the link the motors used in Kenmore machines. Measure and visual check will help you figure it out or you can call us when you are near the exposed motor. Sorry we don't have a cross reference for that model.

Will Not Turn Off

I have a kenmore model #116.40534 that will not turn off after hose is unplugged. I have to unplug the power cord. Thanks Byron

Use our trouble shooting chart to find the issue at

What is "Corded Hose" Plugging into?

I have the Kenmore central vac model 116.4053280. The suction starts the moment the wall valve is opened, and your website suggests buying the hose with 8ft electric cord. I do not understand what the cord will be plugging into. Please explain before I purchase. Thanks very much.

Yes, the hose for 1.25 diameter inlets like you have will come with the 8ft electric extension cord that is attached to the wall end of the hose. It plugs into a normal electrical outlet within 8ft of the vacuum inlet. It is usually plenty long to reach the closest outlet. If not you can easily use an extension cord. If you'd like take a tape measure and see about your situation. The outlet can be down the hall, around the corner in a room or kitchen, etc. It is a little more work now having to plug in the hose and the cord but you will not be let down with the incredible job the Stealth does on your carpet. We guarantee it or all your money back.

PowerMate Shutting Off

I installed a new Sears 116.4054 Central Vac sys in 1980. Lately the powerbrush motor cuts off when under too much load (pile adj). Starts again with cycling the on-off switch. Which do you think is the problem, the motor (700650)or the Overload switch (741652)? Please advise the part price for the culprit. Also the price for a new belt (725178)? Thanks, Jim

If your carpet brush is a PowerMate you will fit a replacement for just over $200 on the Kenmore help page. Under Parts and More click on Hayden Parts to find replacement parts for the PowerMate (it is the exact same brush). We may not have all the parts for it you need however. The overload switch is probably the issue.

Kenmore 116.4053482 Vacuum Motor

I have model number 116.4053482 will the 116119 motor work with that model?

The 116119 is the correct motor for your system.