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Low Voltage Rocker Switch Q&A

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Vacuflo Hose Switch

I have a vacuflo turboflo hose with a rocker on/off switch that is not working. It will not power on. do you have a replacement switch for this?

For the air-only hose, compare the shape of the handle to our Low Voltage hose here, If the handles are the same then the switch is here,

Unit Stays On

hi the vac stays on and won't shut off. i have to unplug it. i went on vacation and when i came back the unit was working like new. however that only lasted for a few weeks now it's back to running all the time again. is this the rocker switch i need to replace? my unit is the nu tone cv353 thx.

Most likely the relay is stuck. You can contact for parts or use a circuit board. An electrician can retrofit it in quite easily. Use the large print out for the wiring

Fasco 852SVDM Rocker Switch

We have a FASCO 852SVDM unit. The rocker switch on outside of the main unit in our garage no longer functions is this part we need to order? Jeremy in Rockford

We do have a low voltage rocker switch that will work for you. You can view and purchase here,

Use in Beam?

Can this switch be used in a Beam model 2240 vacuum? More specifically, is this the switch used to turn on and off the circuitry to turn on and off the vacuum?

Hi, yes you described it correctly and it can be use in any vacuum.

MD Switch Replacement?

I visited my local dealer and tried to buy a replacement rocker switch for my 16 year old MD vacuum. They were unable to help me and sent to the local Radio Shack, No luck there. Can you supply me with a replacement? Bob Findlay

Hi Bob, we have two switches here. The rocker switch can be used to replace most all switches used by MD over the years. Please call us if the order is under $25.,244R

AB27 Hose Switch?

I bought a Patton central vac system in 2000, model #CVS130, along with a 30' hose (model#AB27) and power head. It needs a new rocker switch that rocks from left (vac only) to right (vac and power head). Center is off. Do you have the switch and, if so, what is the cost. If you don't have it can you refer me to a company that does? Ed Weaver

Hi, you actually need an electrical switch, not this low voltage one. Click here and choose the correct switch based on the handle type you have,352H,352GS,352GH.

Will Not Shut Off

.Wallace,,,Moncton I'm unable to turn this circuit breaker off. what is the problem?? I just recently had the moter replaced and when I hooked it up the vac wouldn't turn on with the switch in the hose. thanks.

Hello, please use our guide to find the exact problem.


I have the M&S FX5000 240V. The OFF/ON Switch on the main Power Unit is broken. This switch looks like it may fit/work even though the switch that came off of the unit actually says OFF - ON where this one does not. Not a big deal as long as the switch is the same size and will snap into place. Can you verify this for me?

Hello, the switch is 5/8 wide and just under 1-1/4 tall. That is the part of the switch that faces out of the vacuum when snapped in.

Fit My Hose?

I have a switch that turns the vacum system on and off on the hose. It no longer works. These are the numbers on that switch 12A250Vac 16A125Vac 8A277Vac 10A250Vac I would like to know if it is possible to get this switch replaced?

We don't have cross reference for these numbers. Take a good look at the switch in question. Click photo on the shopping page to enlarge it. Read the text and see what you think.

Older Hose

I have a Beam built in unit, model 297 S, I need the on/off rocker switch for the nozzle end of the hose. It's a two way switch with the number W132 in the upper right corner. It's a 125 v system. I'm having a heck of a time finding one. Thanks, Bill

It is difficult to find parts for older vacuum hoses. This is most likely not the switch you need. Remember you can turn the hose into a Basic Hose that starts the suction upon insertion by simply cutting the wall end off your hose and screwing on a new end (#302HCR).