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50ft Hose - On/Off Not Working

I have just received a new 50 ft hose to replace an old hose. However, the switch does not work with it. An ohmmeter attached to the two sections indicates the switch is working, but I am unable to energize the system using this switch. My inlets have two small bearings, spring loaded I think) which I thought were supposed to be the right kind. I purchased them new as well. The vacuum system is fine. What could be my problem? Thanks for help, Frank


There is a lot of resistance from the amount of wire in the long hose. The wiring in your original installation was most likely thinner than the minimum 20 gauge that is used industry wide. A great solution is using our Low Voltage Booster Box. You will simply connect this booster box near your vacuum unit. But first verify that your relay still works by inserting the hose so both contacts touch one metal plate.

AirVac Replacement Hose

I have an Air Vac AV3500, the hose is split so I no longer get power. How do I know which hose to buy. The hose says"connect only to a Type Aelectrified wall valve" One end of the hose has the handle with an on/off switch, the other end goes directly into the outlet that send the dird to the central until but also has the little male ends that plugs into the outlet to supply the power. Thank you.


Different types of hoses were used with AirVac Central Vacuums. You can compare your hose to the photo and measurements located on our Electric Hose Page.

Average Life

What is the average lifespan of a hose? Arielle, Cleveland


The average life of a hose that is taken care of is around 10 years. These are hoses made by Plastiflex and sold by us and a few other central vacuum suppliers.

Basic Hose Replacement

I own a LINDSAY MANUF INC. Central Vacuum System and the hose is split in multiple sections. I would like to replace the hose only however I cannot find the model number. The end of the hose similar to Hose Cuff with Metal Ring Part#302HCR is round with a silver ring around the PVC measuring 1 1/2 inch and marked (C8). It looks similar to the hose in the 30ft Combo Kit Part#416C however my hose has a handle or Power Nozzle. The outlet looks like your White Vacuum Inlet, Canplas VacuValve, PVC Part#653CW. My Vacuum Maid was installed in our home in 1997. Could you help me with replacing my hose? Thanks Kathy. Concord, MA.


There are several compatible solutions. The best buy would be a low voltage hose. The inlet you have has two small metal contacts in the hole. The hose is inserted and the metal plates on the hose end keeps the contacts from shorting. This allows you to turn the suction on and off at the hose handle. Very convenient. We have a variety of length options available. The other end connects to all of your wands and accessories. You can view all available hose options on our Low Voltage Hose Page.

Beam Vacuum

I have a Beam Central Vac at least 20 years old. I need a new hose (air, not electric). WIll a 30 foot low volt switched work ? marlene roy, bolton, ontario, canada


Yes, the Low Voltage Hose will work perfectly with your Beam system and wall inlets. Buy the friction fit or button locking hose end style that matches what you have now.

Broan Compatible?

I have a Broan central vac system. Will this 50 ft. low voltage hose work with my outlets?


Yes, the hose will fit. If too snug, you can easily modify the hose end (some older Broan vacuum inlets are 1/32 inch tight). Hopefully there was at least 20 gauge low voltage wire ran to each of your inlets or else there will be too much resistance for the on/off switch to work.

Button Lock 40 or 50 Foot?

Do the longer hoses - 40 or 50ft - come with the button lock? If not, it does not slip off? I have a button lock right now, but I would like to get a longer hose. Thanks, Southern Cali


If you have the same type of hose you can remove the handle from yours and put it on the new longer hose or buy a Replacement Handle with Button Lock separately and install it on the new hose.

Centra-Clean Central Vacuum Hose Replacement

I have a centra-clean system and have trouble finding this name brand for replacement parts. I need a new hose with handle. Hose must have gotten caught on something and tore. It has wires going through the hose and all ripped apart. Is this the right hose and handle for replacement? The only other ID is the brush says Turbo Cat dated 2003


The Low Voltage Hose would be the correct hose for your system and used with the TurboCat. We sell it in both friction fit or with button lock options and available in various lengths. Also, if you find that the TurboCat is not cleaning well or clogs up, you can upgrade to any of our electric kits. They fit right into your existing inlet valves without any modifications. All you have to do is plug in an electric cord within 8ft of the vacuum inlet. Our Electric Kits offer a tremendous amout of cleaning power compared to our Air-Driven brushes (e.g. TurcoCat brush).

Clogged Hose

my nutone whole house hose is clogged so tight I can't get a snake through it. Is there any way to unclog it? It has dog hair in it James New London New Hampshire

Dog hair would need an initial stiff object to wrap around in order to cause a clog. Using a snake with a hook, you can begin to pull debris out little by little. If the clog is close to one end you can use a long broom handle to try to break through it.

Compatible With Black & Decker Systems?

I have a "Black & Decker" No. 720 CENTRAL VACUUM POWER UNIT system in my older house I just bought. When we plugged in the old hose, the system turned on. But, the old hose is crumbling apart from age. So, I just need a new hose. But I'm not sure which hoses will fit? Can you help me figure this out? Ken Wells

Please confirm if the inner diameter of your inlet valves measures 1.5" and has two metal contact points inside of the opening. If so, you can use our Low Voltage Hoses as shown here: Black & Decker Low Voltage Hose Options


I have a Galaxie TP210 system which came with a 30ft on/off switch on the handle. I need a longer hose and wonder if the 50ft low voltage on/off hose you sell will be compatible. Thank you. Stacey


Yes, the 50ft hose is compatible with your system. The extra hose length is very helpful for some homeowners. Please note that a 50' hose may reduce your suction a little, but you will hardly notice. The extra length includes almost double the wire within in order to operate the on/off feature. In rare occassions, the extra wire adds some connection resistance on some of the inlets. If this happens simply insert the hose 90-degrees to the left or right to engage the suction without the on/off capability. Enjoy your new hose!

Direct Connect Hose Replacement?

I have a M&S Air Vac System. Model AV625. I need to replace a direct connect hose. Is the 35' Low V (button lock) compatible to our system. Priced very well at $98.00


The Low Voltage Hose does not replace an Electric Direct Connect Hose as it does not have the proper 110V wire throughout the hose. Please review our Electric Hose page on our website to confirm compatiblity.

Electric vs. Standard

Low voltage or direct connect? I've obtained quotes from two different installers. One proposes standard inlets, the other direct connect inlets. Is one preferable to the other? Julie, Phoenix, AZ


If you have any carpeting in the house, or plan to have any in the future, electric inlets will allow you to use an electric hose with a Direct Connect style connection. An electric hose powers the electric carpet brush, a vast improvement in cleaning over the decades old technology of air-powered brushes. There are two types of electric hoses, Direct Connect and Corded. The Direct Connect plugs into the wall inlet to provide suction and power in one step. The Corded hose plugs into the wall inlet for suction and has an 8 foot cord that must be plugged into a nearby electrical outlet to power to the brush. Given the option, it is most convenient to use the Direct Connect style inlets and hoses than to go with an extension cord for electrical supply.

Electrolux Compatible?

Hi, We have an Electrolux central vac. The hose is worn out and I am considering the purchase of a low voltage hose. The model # of the unit is 1590. I don't require the use of the power nozzle any more but I would like to know if the other attachments will fit. Tks. Neil in Deer Lake


The Low Voltage Hose will fit your wall ports without issue. But the Electrolux attachments are a different story. The standard new hose fits all of the accessories on the website, which have a standard 1-1/4 round neck. So you will need to buy extension wands too (under accessories). If your existing wands are a different shape or diameter, consider purchasing new Replacement Wands and Accessories.

Electrolux Hose Needed with Electric Cord

Hi, can you tell me what hose I will need for an Electrolux central vacuum for model #1590. It's a low voltage hose with approx. 8 inch cord which is plugged into the outlet with the hose. And also, how will be able to tell if the hose will fit my vacuum? Thanks Ellen


Usually Electrolux had an industry standard wall connection but not one for the handle end. You can replace the hose and tools with any of our Electric Kit Options. You may find it more valuable to buy the new kit compared to a single new Electrolux Electric Hose. Plus, you can use all the accessories available on our website with the new electric kit.

Eureka Big Boss Central Vacuum Hose Needed

I have a 'Big Boss' Eureka central vacuum in my home.....the plastic handle has broken and apparently it can not be replaced...I think this is a low voltage hose as it plugs into the wall along with an electric power cord and has an on/off switch on handle. I think this is a 1851 series...it is very difficult to see model number the way it was installed...My question is will your low voltage hose with switch on handle replace my hose and work?


You actually have an Electric Hose, not Low Voltage Hose as described on our website. The corded Electric Hose will fit your vacuum wall ports. The question is if it will fit your carpet nozzle metal tube extensions if the cord is attached to the top. Please review our Electric Hose Page to confirm compatibility.

Extension Hose Available?

I bought a 30ft hose and accessories from you before. I have non-electric hose. I need an extension hose (or longer hose) for some areas in the house and don't like to use the long hose all time. What option do I have?


You can use our 12' Hose Extension or purchase a longer Low Voltage Hose.

Fasco Hose and Attachment Options

We have a Master Vac II by Fasco central vacuum and need to replace the hose and attachments because attachments are missing and the hose is taped. From reviewing your site, it appears our unit is low voltage with a friction fit hose. Can you please tell me what hose and attachment are compatible. Thanks! Matt in Dundee, IL


Yes, the suction at your inlets starts with low voltage. But that doesn't mean you can't have an electrical hose with pigtail cord. These are fantastic for homes with carpet. That said, all of the Electric Hose Kits on our website are compatible with your system. Guaranteed!

Hand Replacement?

I have a Vacuflo 466Q system that includes a plastic handle identified as a Zip Broom; a plastic hose (that extends app. 10 ft.)is inserted in the handle and the hose is cracked at the insert to the handle,therefore loosing suction; the other end of the hose inserts into the wall. Can the hose be removed from the handle and replaced or is an entire new handle and hose re quired and at what cost?


We do not carry repair parts for the Vacuflo Zip Broom. However, we believe our Quick Clean Kit is a great replacement.

Hoover - All Hardwood Floors

I have a Hoover Generation III Power Central Cleaning System in my house and I need a new 50ft.hose. The model#is S5569 and the serial#is 010375. I have all hardwood floors. Which one should I order? Linda, Newfoundland.


Our 50' Low Voltage Hose is a great replacement. It will fit your wall inlets and all accessories with round neck, measuring 1-1/4 diameter.

Hose Handle Needed

I have a low voltage hose. The hose is fine but the handle assembly broke. Can I purchase just the handle?


We carry replacement hose handles in both Friction Fit #382H and Button Lock #382HBG options.

Hose Switch Not Turning Off Unit

Hi. I have a problem with the switch on my vacuum hose. It won't turn the system off now. To shut off the vacuum, I have to pull the hose out of the outlet, but this not how my system is supposed to work. Do I need a new switch, or is it something else? I have a fairly new Cyclovac GS210, but I don't know what brand the hose is. Thanks. Dave in Langley, BC


First ensure that the hose tab is at the 12 o'clock or 6 o'clock postition in the wall inlet. If the problem persists, you may have a bad switch or a short in the hose wiring. Remove the switch from the hose handle and insert the hose into the wall. If the unit turns on without the switch in the handle, there is a short. If the unit does not turn on, then the switch needs to be replaced.

Includes Hose Ends and Switch

Does the hose for the low voltage application come with the handle and shut off switch attached??


Yes, all our hoses include both the handle end and wall end connections.

Low Voltage Switch Not Working

I have a low voltage 30 foot hose for a TL 2000 unit. The on/off switch does not work.


We carry the Replacement Switch Assembly #382S on our website.

Low Voltage vs Electric Hose

I just bought a Kenmore central vac and the hose I have is on off swith on the handle and also I have to plugged into the wall for electricity,so I want to buy another hose and some have the power switch on and off but don't have to plug into the wall for electricity.I don't know why there's 2 different model but would the one without the wire for electricity and the switch on and off work with the same inlet wall.And how does it work do I have to change the inlet wall. Thanks

The Low Voltage Hose uses the two tiny metal contacts inside the suction hole (at the top or bottom). It simply completes the circuit, allowing the two contacts to "touch" each other and allow the suction to start. The Electric Hoses have the same thing AND a cord or two pins to get 110 volts down the hose to power and electric brush. The Electric Hose has four wires in it to complete two circuits - two wires for the suction, two for the electricity. Both hoses work in the same valve. Some valves have two holes above the main hose, 3/8 inch apart, and they are for the direct connect electric hose but the low voltage hose will work in them but not use the two holes. The hose will fit in and control the suction but have nothing to do with 110 volts. Hopefully you get a sense of what is being said here. Let us know if you have more questions but basically all low voltage hoses and corded electric hoses work in all inlets.