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Upgrading To An Electric Kit

Hello, my name is Dennis from Pensacola, Florida. I have an FX 500A whole house vac system. The motor system is fine but we want to upgrade to an electric driven head, hose, wand and accesory kit. Can you tell me what it would cost?

We're so glad you've decided to upgrade to an electric kit! We are certain you will be pleasantly surprised with the increased power and performance of this upgrade. Kit pricing will range between $343.00 to $569.00 depending on a few factors: noise level, height adjustment options, hose length, warranty period, possible adapters, etc. You may view all kit options by clicking on the following link: Electric Kit Options for FX500A. Please confirm that your inlet valves measure 1.5" in diameter and have two round metal contacts inside. If not, please provide us with the details of your inlet which will help us determine the proper hose adapter. If you are unsure of the details, please email a photo of your inlet valve for our review.

VM110 Vacuum Replacement

I have M & S VM110. Motor went out and we are wondering if we should replace the entire canister. What are our options? Can any brand get hooked up? What should we look for? I have beam assecories that I bought 10 years ago that work great. What brands are the best to choose from? Lisa, fountain Hills

Yes, you can replace that with any brand. We suggest you do it because new vacs are quieter and much more powerful. They work with your current system, electricity, and Beam parts. We like the FloMaster C650 as a replacement. It is available through dealers. See more about it here

Wands with Cord Attached

I have a M&S Central Vacuum Sytem, power head: Model CT14DX, the plastic where the two pieces of the wand attach together are broken. I don't see any wands on your site that has a power cord attached? Do you know where I can get a replacement wand? Thanks, Laurie

We have those wands here,406HS,406H. Please let us know if they are not the ones you are looking for.

VMBKW Vacuum Hose Replacement

The original tool kit that came with our system is # VMBKW. We just need to replace the hose that came in that kit. Can you please tell me what I need to order? Thanks!

The best choice for your hose replacement is one of the hoses here: We don't have a cross reference but can help more if you replied with a photo of the ends of the hose. Basically if the carpet brush has an electric cord then you'd need an Electric Hose, otherwise a Low Voltage Hose will be the next best.

A Note About Upgrading Power Nozzle

I have a model AV3500. I would like to replace the hose and the air driven brush. Can you tell me which attachments will work with the model? Naperville, IL

Upgrading to an electric power head and hose is the next step for homeowners who are not satisfied with the industry's best air powered TurboCat. Since central vacuum wall inlet valves are the same in every installation for this upgrade you have a lot of good options. All the options will have a pigtail corded electric hose. That means the hose plugs into the vacuum wall inlet and plugs into a nearby electrical socket (the cord is attached to the wall end of the hose and is eight feet long). Please see what we are talking about on this Upgrade to Electric Vacuum page. Nothing has to be modified on your system and all new electric kits work with all brands and models of vacuum collection tanks. On the bottom of the page is a link to compare available electric hose and vacuum kits. We highly recommend the Stealth.

D-67 Receiver on AV625

I have an M&S AV625(circa 1991). It is operated via a remote control wireless, using a Linear D-67 receiver, which I assume is the original installation. The vacuum unit turns on ok, but now it won't turn off. The unit's toggle switch is properly set to off. I removed one of the low voltage wires and the unit shut off so I guess the problem is before the vacuum's circuitry. There is a relay box attached to the the Linear receiver that the low voltage wires connect to and that the receiver is wired to. Might it be the culprit and if so where can I acquire a new one? John, Sanibel

That is good technology but old and there are no parts for it. If you remove it all and there is a low volt connection to the tank, you can replace it with the RF915 wireless technology using a receiver and new hose. There are some other options that a senior tech here can help you with if you give us a ring.

5254 Vacuum Replacement


Please send us a photo of the vacuum head and the vacuum hose handle and we will give you options. Thank you.

Unit Will Not Shut Off

I have a music & sound central Vac., Model 110 installed in 1980 when I build my house. The last time we used the vacuum, it would not turn off. I had to go upstairs and unplug. I disconnected the low voltage wiring and it still will not turn off. The motor and suction of this unit still works great. I have the wiring diagram which is very simple. A toggle switch, circuit breaker, relay, and transformer. Any ideas and where can I get these replacement parts if needed? Danny, Munford, TN

First make sure there is not an on/off switch on the unit that has been toggled. It should always be in the off position. Next try removing one low voltage wire. If that solves it then their is a short somewhere in the home, not the unit. If it remains on with one leg removed then the relay has gone bad. If you need a new relay we suggest replacing all the electronics with a new circuit board. An electrician can do it in an hour. Use this one

Filtex FX675 Replacement Relay

I need a relay for an M&S Central Vac model FX675. Do you carry it and what is the cost if you do

Our replacement relay will work with any vacuum. You can find the part with pricing here,

Replacing Inlet Valves

i have a m&s model 110 central vacuum it is very old and im not sure how to change the vacuum outlets to plug in a hose with a metal ring that when you push the hose into place it meets the contacts and automatically turns the vacuum unit on name Brennan city Lockport la

Replacing inlets vavles is quick and easy. Take a look at out instructional video here

Airvac 110 Replacement Filter

Where can we purchase a replacement "Foam Filter" for a Model VM110 Vacuum system. Name is Jerry in Cocoa, Florida

Of course! You can find your replacement here,730EXFC

Inlet Is Collecting Water.

Lana Baton Rouge,La I have a Music & Sound Model 110 installed in 1981 in one story traditional home new construction the power unit is in the garage , it has 3 inlets , we have replaced 2 of the inlets a few years ago now having these problems 1 inlet hisses air & 1 of the inlets is now collecting water in it and leaks down my wall I am afraid of getting mold in the system what would cause this now after 30 years of use I do not use it on a daily basic The only changes we have made In the last 2 years we put a new roof & and new central A/c

Central vacuums are not designed to suction up water. If this problem is resulting from condensation inside, or outside, the pipe then the source of the cooler enviroment needs to be located. If the pipe is running next to the air conditioner ducts it may be getting so cool that moisture is condensing in or around the pipe. The line would need to be moved. The water could be coming from another source as well, such as a leaking pipe or drain for the air conditioner unit. Contact a local vacuum technician to locate the source of the water. The hissing inlet is an air leak. Either the inlet needs to be replaced, or the inside is not sealed. If it's inside where the inlet meets the backup plate, try putting some electrical tape around the end of the inlet to make a better seal when inserted into the mounting plate.

M&S VM 370 Replacement

I have a M&S electric power brush model # VM 370 I'm looking for replacement brush

You can use any of our electric carpet brush options. All connect with a standard 2-pin cord to the hose. You can view all your options here,

M&S AV425 Compatible Tools

I have an Air Vac, M & S Systems Inc Model AV425. I only have the hose as the previous owner made off with all attachments. What attachments do I need to take care of wood and travertine floors? I have never used a central vac before. Thanks, Diane in Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082.

Your system can use any of our wands at and tools for hard floors at All are compatible with your current hose.

Filtex FX675 Motor Replacement

My m&s filtrex model fx675 a has stopped all suction. Do you know how or if I can have the motor replaced?

You can replace the motor easily. Motors for your system can be found here, Just scroll down to your model number. There were two options for that model of Filtex, just compare the motor in it now with the two options to identify.

VM454 Replacement

I have a VM454 electric brush I need to replace. What model or replacement can I get that will fit with existing 8pigtail hose and existing AirVac system I have thanks.

The correct replacement brush is here and it comes with wands

M and S AirVac 180 Specs

We have an M&S model 180 How old is this unit and what are the specs? Pete West Chester Pa.

You will find that model listed under the AirVac line because the company was sold and they had some overlap. You can see the motor specs in the details link next to it.

Electric Hose Extension?

I have a M&S system that came with the Conductaflex 208 hose assy about 30' long. I have expanded our house and the hose will not reach into the new area. Instead of adding a new outlet (very difficult) I wondered is there any hose extension available for this system.

There are no hoses available to extend your hose's ability to power and electrified head. There are, however, ways to extend the suction. So if your added room has a hard floor you are fortunate. Simply buy and Basic Hose here and the wall end of it will fit on the accessory end of your existing hose (really any hose) It is that simple.

Hose and Attachments for M&S Filtex100

I have the M&S model FX100, and wanted to get the new hose and attachments.

You have a lot of options because your inlets are industry standard. You can buy an electric kit if you have carpeting. Simply purchase any electric kit with "cord/pigtail" and it is plug-n-play. If you don't have much carpet then consider an air-driven kit to save money. Please click Kits on this page to get started If you have questions let us know. One thing that can be confusing is the M&S name with a Filtex model number. That happened because they bought out the company and kept the model numbers for a while. Trivial information, and has no affect on your purchase.

Electric Kit - Short Electric Cord???

We have an M&S system AV525. It works fine but we are looking to upgrade the powerhead. Our current unit does not support electric power at the inlet,our hose does not support on and off without disconnecting from the inlet. Will the new hose at least support on/off at the handle? I want better performance from the head but don't really want to plug in and be tied to an 8' power cord when I have a 30' hose? I would have thought the electric units would have a 25-30' cord? I wonder if you could comment on performance of smaller air driven vs the TurboCat vs the electric heads Stealth or Blackhawk. Thanks Corey

Hi Correy, a new Electric Kit is really the best way to go. The 30 or 35ft lightweight hose has the wires running through it, you don't carry around an additional cord. The wall end of the hose simply has a cord coming out of it that gets plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. The hose with your and all M&S systems will give you control of both the suction and the electricity to the vacuum brush so you can turn them off at your fingertips. The smaller air brush you have is our TT27, it and the TurboCat operate off a small stream of air rotating a large turbine, little air gets the carpet. They are loud too in comparison to electric, especially the Stealth. More air gets to your carpet and more consistent power allows better grooming. Here are the kits. Click on more information on the electric ones to get more options.

New Hose and Accessories for M and S AV400, AV410 & AV480

I have an older Airvac(product of M&S)system about 18 years old. The manual applies of models AV400, AV410 & AV480.I need to replace the powerhead with beaterbars. What is best standard replacement and where do I get it.

Hi, we have excellent replacements. It is best to replace the hose and tools together. All three kits list first here will fit directly into your M&S System for all those models. Please start here and let us know if you have any questions.

Upgrade Inlets and to Stealth

M&S Filtex Central Vacuum System 30' hose. I want to upgrade to a stealth electric powered head. have 5 low voltage air inlet valve covers to upgrade also.

Hi, your new vacuum is going to ROCK. For the inlets you can choose any of these here that start with 651, 652, 653 For the Stealth you will need the 8ft cord version that plugs into the inlet and a nearby electrical outlet. You can have the 30 or 35-foot hose kit here: Enjoy your new equipment and the cleaner home.

Button Lock Extension Replacement

I have a M&S fx500a system, i looking for a button lock extenion, about 6-7 inch long. goes on to the wand end and button locks, and the long extenion tube button lock to this.

 Hi, we suggest a new upper wand and lower wand. Use the all metal lower wand here as the new upper wand. Now you don't have to have the button lock extension, which is not available as far as we know.,406SL.

Need Complete Electric Kit

I have an M&S central vacuum system already installed and working well. I need a new hose with an electric beater brush. Please advise. I think a 30 foot hose would be best. My system is not powered, so I need one with an electrical plug. I don't know enough about a brush unit powered by air only. Greg Skie

Hi Greg, any of our new electric kits will make a huge difference in the home. Please start here for a comparison of the kits. They all fit into your system and all have the pigtail option.

Updating Older System

We have a 20 year old central vacuum system made by Music and Sound, Inc (Dallas, TX) Model VM 110. We would like to get a new hose since it has never been replaced. There are quite a few options as far as basic, low voltage, etc. We want to be sure it will work. We don't want to have to return it. The valve opening is 1.25 inches from what we measured. Or that's what it looks like to us at least. I like your low voltage, but I am concerned that the on/off switch might not work. Also,we want to have a longer hose this time. We now have a 30 foot hose. What do you think about a 35 or 40 foot hose? Can you please specify which hose or hoses and all necessary parts will work for our system?

Hello, please measure the vacuum ports again. Usually they where just under 1-1/2 inches in diameter. If that is the case then the Low Voltage hose, any size will work with your system. Please call us if you have any more questions or for us to give you more options. We are here to help you get the best product the first time around.