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Low Voltage Not Working at Vacuum Wall Inlets

Hi, We have a 15 yr old system that has never been used (AV525A). We have only the basic attachments, wall valves and one vac pan. When we plug the hose into the wall, nothing happens unless we go into the garage and turn the unit on. I was under the impression that plugging the hose into the wall, which would connect the metal ring to the 2 metal prongs on the wall valve, would turn on the main unit. Is this correct? Our builder skipped town on us and we've never really known if this central vac system was fully installed and tested. Thanks!

You are on the right path. Dumb question: does the hose handle have an on/off switch? Try a piece of foil to connect the two metal prongs in the wide inlet hole. If no suction is triggered, remove the inlet from the wall and see if there is low voltage wire present. Let us know what you find. Ultimately, if the low voltage wires are not working, you can buy a remote control hose and receiver unit for around $450 that work flawlessly.

Intermittently Turning On

I have a MS system AV425A. It will intermittently come on whenever it feels like it. No hoses are plugged in. The power unit just comes on at times. Is there some component inside the motor that is doing this?

You need to determine if the short is in the unit or in the home. To do this, unplug the low voltage wire from the tank. Wait and see what happens. If it turns on, the electronics in the tank need attention. If it doesn't, then the wires in the home or a short at a valve is likely.

FX Models Bags

where can I purchase bags for fx500A Donna Mooresville nc

FX is the model number for Filtex which M&S owned. There was a time where the model numbers and branding was blended. We have the bags available here under the model number and our dealers can order them for you if you'd like

Where to Get Repairs


That brand was sold through distribution warehouses. If the installer is no longer available then you can use any central vacuum shop in your area, regardless of brand. Use our site and other manufacturer sites, who have a dealer locator, and see who you want to trust for a repair.

Pipe Connection

Because I had to cut the 2" PVC pipe in the basement I need a connector to fuse the two pieces back together. Thanks, Joel

You can use a pipe coupling found here,

Stealth Documentation

Hi, I recently got a replacement swivel head for my stealth vac. Is there a schematic or cutaway drawing for the stealth to aid in the replacement process?

A copy of the Stealth schematic can be found here,

New to Central Vac!

Moved into a new home with the M&S AirVac AV3500 installed. Dont know anything about Central Vacuum systems. Need to find out about changin filters and other durables, as well as accessories.

Hello and congratulations on the home and the central vac! There are two parts to the system. The first is the main unit and the pipes and valves in your walls. All these are industry standard and the only maintenance is cleaning your main unit every few months. To do that remove the bottom bucket and dump it out. Place a plastic trash bag up around it and grab the center-weighted filter and shake it clean. The other part is the hose and accessories. There are a number of these that fit your system and you can replace them with anything you'd like as seen on our web pages. If you have a specific question please let us know. Otherwise a lot of help and products are available here under the M&S link

M & S 3000 Reset Popping

model 3000 reset button keeps popping I cleaned bottom screen I think reset switch is bad any thoughts?

Hi, 99% of the time that means the motor is arching and needs to be replaced, it has used up its operating hours. You can find your motor and easy replacement instructions here

Replace Motor?

I have an M&S Systems Air Vac central vacuum, Model AV425a, the motor does not kick in anymore, how can I order another one, and how much? Is it easy to put on the motor by myself? Thanks, Terry, Montville

Yes, the motor can be replaced easily. Use this to find that it is the motor you need The motor is found here along with the instructions:

Air Rushes - Then Weak

I have a central vacuum that came with the house we purchased 5 years ago. It is 15 yrs old. It worked great. The motor died and was replaced. Worked well for a few months now suction is low. Sounds like it wants to start up when hose is inserted but fades. Checked filter, for leaks, and cloggs. Works great from the canester. Could the low voltage recepticals need replaced?? Thank you.

Hi, it sounds like you have a clog. Air rushes in and then fades but the motor is still runnig as to bring suction. Take a look at solution #3 here for ways to clear a clog.

No Suction at Ports

We have a M & S air vac that is 8 years old. The suction was never really that strong. The problem right now is that when we plug it in the wall, anywhere in the house and turn it on there is nothing happening. If you are really close you can hear a low sound. The vacuum is on and you can hear it outside. Any help that you can give us would be appreciated. We are on the verge of buying another stronger unit. Our house is over 4,000 square feet, with a yet unfinished basement.

Hello, your suction is weak because there is a clog most likely. Here are steps to find where the issue is and how to fix it

TS300A Motor?

My name is Darrin, i'm from Toronto. I bought an older home with a central vac. It has never worked properly and I figured out (1) of the motors is not working. It says its a M & S Filtex (Music & Sound Inc.). The model # is TS300A. The date off of the schematic says 1987. Could not find the right motor to match the Model # of mine on this site. Can you help me out with the proper motor to buy? Thanks.

Hi Darrin, when M&S was buying Filtex some of there units and models where mixed. The motors for your system are listed under Filtex here

Loss of Suction

I have an m&s system. I have very low suction when the hose is plugged into the outlet. I took my shop vac and put the hose through the unit and all of my outlets had plenty of suction. What do you suggest? It is a central vac cyclonic system. Thank you Michael Las Vegas

Hello Michael, if you have two minibreakers on the unit then maybe one motor is dead. If it is a clog then use solution #3 here Try running the system without any filters and see it that makes a difference.

Not Picking Up Dirt

I have a ms v3500 and it leaves more dirt on the carpet than it picks up. Also, I have a kick plate that has no suction. Please help. Charlotte, NC

Hi, sounds like you need a systematic troubleshooting guide. Many times the sounds of the brush spinning is mistaken that the suction is on when it is not. Try that on position without the brush attached and see if you do have power. If you do then look down the pipes and down the neck of the brush for a clog.

M & S FX3000, Low Suction

I have a FX3000, it is about 7 yrs. old. It has suddenly lost most of it's suction. I have checked the hose to make sure it is not clogged. And then hooked it up to the unit in the basement and it still has very little suction. I am not sure if I need a new cloth bag or what. Can you recommend where I should start to fix this? Thank you, Sue-Lisle, IL

Hello Sue-Lisle, you can use our flowchart to help you locate the problem. If you still have questions, please give us a call.

Stealth Electric Cord

I'm new to central vac setups. I have receptacles with only the hole for the hose. would like to use the power nozzle like the stealth; where does the electric cord plug into? Thanks

The electric pigtail cord goes into a regular electrical outlet within 8ft of the vacuum inlet. If you need to you can use an extension cord but there is usually an outlet nearby or around the corner. The Stealth is a great choice!

No Suction

I have a central vacuum that is only 1 years old and the motor is working but there is no suction at all. I changed the disposal bag and at that time I had seen some tissues stuck at the outlet, which I removed and I also clean out the remaining dirt build up. Even after cleaning there is no suction and the motor is still running fine.

Sounds like a clog. Use the trouble shooting tips and resoutions or call one of our professional dealers.

T80A Hose Switch

I have a Music and Sound Model T80A Air Vac Central Vacuum in a home I purchased several years ago. The handle has a small, round "on/off" button on it that turns the unit on from inside the house (the unit itself is located in the garage). The on/off button no longer turns the unit on when pressed and, as a result, I can no longer use the central vacuum system. How do I get the handle unit replaced or get it repaired so it will work again. Is there a battery that controls this function or what? There were no instructions or drawings left for this vacuum system.

That model is no longer available. If it is the remote control type of button it does have a battery. That cuff has a screw and the entire thing comes off the hose. If there are no wire running from your plastic pipe to your vacuum unit in the basement or garage you have the RF system. If there are wires, you have a regular low voltage switch that may have gone bad. That would be replaced with our Low Voltage Hose.