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Shuts Down, Reset Button Pops

i have a M&S Model ZX6000 unit that periodically the unit stops working and i have to go to the unit and wait for the resent button to click, and then it will work again after pushing the resent button. Is there something i can test to fix this problem, and if so, how please? thanks! Don-STL


This is typically a bad motor issue. If you replaced the motor already then it is a bad relay issue, but start with replacing the motor.

M&S Vacuum Cyclone Help

I have a M&S Vacuum CYCLONE system, that was installed 1999-2000 circa. I can not find a model number, it is mounted on the wall. The bottom canister clips off and reveals a cloth filter that is attached to the bottom of the canister fixed in place. It looks like the 11.25in Diam, center weighted cloth filter 710K. Q1. What is the Model Number of this unit? Does the 710K fit it? Are there more filters in this unit. Q2. The first floor suction is fine. The second floor begins at half the suction and decreases to 0 over the balance of the 2nd floor outlets. They were all fine, any ideas on what has happened. Q3. I live in Raleigh NC area, I have not been able to find a repair technician for your product, can you supply a contact?

M&S is no longer in business so it is difficult to have exact answers but we have been able to help owners through their questions and issues to get them up and running. We don't know the vacuum's model number or if the 710K is the perfect fit. There is a secondary filter or screen above the cloth filter that is accessed by removing the cloth filter. It sounds like there is a clog affecting the upstairs. When you look for someone to help you with the system you can contact any brand of central vacuum to look for help. The key is to find good help, no matter the brand they mainly sell. Central vacuums are 95% the same in every installation. To find the correct replacement filter use the diameter of the bottom of the can when the bucket is off. The clog may be something you can work on using solution #3 here

AV550A Handle Not Turning Off

M&S model AV550a turns on from handle button (note the handle switch is labeled "Music & Sound Inc") but not off. The main on/off toggle on the vac unit does work properly. You can turn on and off directly from the unit but from the handle remote I can only turn the unit on. It will not turn off again at that point unless I unplug unit. Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

If you have the remote frequency version then you'll have to replace everything with a RF915 hose and a new vacuum unit and RF915 receiver. Typically, low voltage wire systems will work on/off or will not work at all which makes it seem like you have RF. Please let us know if you have RF or standard low voltage wire hose handle on/off switch. One way to tell is the wall connection. If the hose has two metal plates on the wall plate insertion end, that would be standard low voltage. If your hose handle has a battery that would be a version of RF. If the handle is "odd" looking that would be old style RF.

Removing Filter, System Maintenance.

We bought a house with an M&S AV 700. Seems to work OK, but there are no instructions/manuals. Can we get them? I see above that the weighted bag should come out. Ours doesn't seem to want to. Do I just give it a heave? If yes, should I have a replacement on hand in case I rip the old one? The bag is 14 inches in diameter, and is really grotty. I gather the rim of the bag is a spring that catches in a groove in the vacuum case. Is that correct? We are in Austin, Texas, ZIP 78734

Congratulations on the home and the vacuum. You have the filter situation correct. You'll need to get a screw driver under the rim to start to lift it or just give it a heave inward - OR BOTH! We have 14" filters available. The unit is listed here under AV (AirVac) You can find help, maintenance, and the filter on that page, as well as hoses and parts. The system requires no up keep other than the filter, nothing to oil or anything like that. There is also a link to troubleshooting the system which you can use to walk through each component to check functionality. Let us know if you have any questions.

Change Filter?

We have an M & S Red Series AV 3500. We believe it is original to the house which was built in 1999. We are the new homeowners. The online manual for this unit we found indicates the cloth bag should not be removed for any reason except to replace it if it becomes damaged or torn. We are hard pressed to believe that after 15 years we shouldn't replace the cloth bag regardless if it is damaged or torn. Please advise. If we do need to replace it which cloth bag should we replace it with? Tnanks, Ken, Woodstock, GA

We agree that it should be replaced, in fact every five years. We are not M&S and they are no longer around. To find the correct filter you need to get the diameter of your central vac by measuring the bottom with the bucket off. We have three sizes here,711B,710k. Hopefully one of them works. If not please let us know the diameter of your unit.

Smart 2000 President's Edition - Motor or Replacement Unit

I have a Smart 2000 President's Edition bagless central vac bought in 1991. The motor was replaced in 2000 and has to be replaced again. Nothing else failed yet. Should I go ahead with the repair or buy new?

These days we recommend buying a new central vacuum for those that can afford it and want a lot more vacumming power. We recommend the FloMaster C650 as the replacement for all bottom emptying vacuum units. It is compatible with your entire system, is quiet, and really powerful. It is available through our dealers. Check it out here

M&S WH35X MC-170 Central Vacuum

I just purchased a home with a M&S WH35X with a MC-170 power unit. It has six inlets in a 3200 sq ft home. I would like to obtain some specs on this unit and an owners manual. John Ryan Carefree, AZ 85377

Congratulations on the home and central vac. That is a model we have not come across. M&S is no longer in business but we can help. If you want to know the power of the unit please send us a photo of the actual motor sitting in it and the amps spec on the side of the tank.

Replace Original Hose and Tools

I have anM&S central vac probably 20 yrs old. Need some replacement parts having trouble finding. Need SFHG-630 Slimfit style 4-wire Swivel Electric Crush Proof Hose w/ soft grip handle; 14 inch DirtSensor Electric Power Brush EB-255; Telescopic Wand W-419H. Prices and ordering info please. Thanks. Mike Robinson Cincinnati, OH

We don't have these exact parts, however, a new kit such as the Ace Kit or Stealth Kit will fit right into your system, as is, and work flawlessly. Systems are not matched for life with their original equipment. Please call us if you have more questions.

ZX8000 Circuit Board

My name is don from lorain ohio. Have a ZX8000, the motor will not run, the idiot light is red which it says motor damage will occur if not serviced. I put a new motor on it and the same thing happens. Tried to contact the company and it says the number has been disconneced. When i jumper the board the motor runs. Should i replace the board and if so do you have them and how much. Thank you.

Yes, you need a regular board without "idiot" lights that mean nothing. We have generic boards that are powerful and durable, and are used by 1,000's of homeowners. You probably need the first one on this page (single motor 110 volt). Use the large photo as a wiring diagram. It is that simple and your electrician can do it in under an hour.

When to Clean or Change Foam Filter

I have an M&S AirVac AV400 central vacuum unit with a foam filter, installed in 1989. How often should the filter be washed? How often should the filter be replaced? I have a large amount of dust coming out of the system vent onto the garage walls (where the canister is located)and I wonder if this is due to an old filter. Thank you. Linda, Ormond Beach

Hopefully you can vent the AV400 to the outdoors using central vacuum pipe and an exhaust filter because the exhaust is always going to be somewhat dusty. It will get worse as the foam filter gets older which is why it should be replaced every few years and cleaned and dried thoroughly every year or twice a year.

Convert Inlets to 110 Volt

Thank you for your very prompt & good response. Now my question is this: Since our unit seems to work just fine, and our outlets are the simple round ones with the metal ring. Could we have our electrician replace them with the other type & then order the stealth model & have it work without having to have the pigtail plug? Thank you

It is possible to make them electrical with 110 volts ONLY IF the backing plate is plastic with gaps above the center hole. If so then use the ElectraValve rough-in and new faceplate. Here is an example of what the correct back plate would look like and the parts you'd need if you can make the conversion.,526L,663CW

Filtex FX500A Replace Unit and All Accessories?

We purchased a house that is 27 years old, it has a central vac,,Filtex It needs a new hose, all brushes & a beater brush (up right type for carpets) We have no idea how old this unit is & are wondering if we should purchase the replacement parts or get a new system. Our unit has this info on it: FX500A Thanks

Congratulations on the home and central vac. Hopefully the vacuum tank is working fine and all you need is a new "electric" accessory kit such as the Stealth or Ace. If the tank is not pulling vacuum then it needs new motors or it can just as easily be replaced with a new one such as SilentMaster S44 or Flo-Master M85 or C650. Our suggestion is to take a few minutes to go through this chart as it pertains to the tank unit and to check that each inlet is able to start the suction. Then get back to us if you have any questions. Otherwise all you need is the "corded" version of the Stealth or Ace kit to clean carpet and hard floors. The replacement filter is located on this page under your model number The filter simply sits in a support bag and is easily replaceable when it is getting full.

Batteries Stuck in Pipes?

I have a dumb question. I vacuumed up a AA Battery,it didn't come out in the Vac can downstairs so I did another one...same thing. I then sucked up several marbles and all came out in the Vac can downstairs. Where did the two batteries go? Thank you, Al

Because of the shape, installation, and power of the vacuum the batteries only made it so far. You can get them out using paper towels. One at a time, let a paper towel go through the hose and system until they push the batteries out.

AV525A Filter Replacement

I have an M&S AV525A. How often does the weighted cloth bag need to be replaced? How do I measure it, and where do I order the bag from? Also I keep the small screen in the top of the unit cleaned but it is very warn and needs to be replaced, where do I order that part from? Thank You, Karen - Phoenix

The weighted cloth filter only needs replacing about every 5 years. We have a 14 and 11 inch diameter cloth filter replacement. The width of the vacuum will determine which size you need. The screen is not available any longer. Also, after you remove the cloth filter take out and throw away the small foam filter above it. It reduces the vacuum and is not really necessary.

Complete Kit and Hose Replacement

We have a M and S system, AV525A, that was installed in 1996 when this house was built. The cleaning accessories are in need of replacement, and I am interested in the TurboCat attachment kit. However, the diameter of the wall intake valve is only 1-1/2 inches. Is this workable? Also as far as I know the filter bag has never been changed. Is there a replacement for this? Thanks. Diane, Saint Cloud, FL

The inlet valves in your system (1-1/2 inches diameter - or just under) are industry standard. That means you can use any of our kits with your system no matter the model of the unit. You can use TurboCat or any corded electric kit that works best for the flooring you need to clean.

M&S AV 550 Wiring

Need a wiring diagram for my M&S AV 550. I bought two motors and replaced but the electromagnetic switch is getting only 21 volts vice the 24 required and so the unit will not power up via the wall hose connection. I believe I can resolve the problem if I have the wiring diagram as my hand written diagram may be flawed. Where can I get the wiring diagram? Thank You

Are you trying to short the connection in the wall valve? With 21 volts it should work. Wiring is quite easy and if its getting 21 it is probably wired correctly. You may just want to replace all the electronics with a new circuit board It is what most people do.

AV600 Too Loud, Under Powered?

I have an M&S AV600 installed in 1997 so it's 15-16 years old. It is installed in the basement and works ok. However, we are a finishing our basement and the unit is very loud. Is there any replacements or motor replacements that are significantly quieter? Also house is 6500 sq. ft. after the basement is finished (basement vacuun piping has been installed since original build). Is this the right size unit?

The noise level on that unit is high and there is no good way to bring it down besides putting it in a vented cupboard and exhausting it outside of the cupboard. Seeing the unit is that old and under powered for your home you should consider a new one. We recommend the quiet SilentMaster S44 or Flo-Master M85. They are available through dealers and you can learn more about them here Also, this unit is actually an AirVac who merged with M&S.

Button Lock Difference?

What is the difference between a low voltage hose and a button lock hose? They both have on/off buttons, don't they?

They both have the same switch and are low voltage but the button lock hose has a metal nipple on the accessory stub tube that comes off the handle. The nipple clicks into a metal wand with a hole for it. The button lock will go down and stay down if you use it with a wand without hole or when putting accessories directly on the hose handle stub tube.

New To Central Vac

I have purchased a home with a Model AV425A 120 Vac 11 Amps Central Cleaning System M&S systems, Central Vac system. We need a replacement kit for the hose and attachments and would like to understand how this system operates and how it should be cleaned and if it needs filters. Any help would be appreciated. Karen - rockledge Florida

Congratulations on your home and central vac! Here is an introduction for you to look over Take a look at this page for the maintenance of the system and then click on the attachments kits link to see all the compatible hose and tool kits. Choose the kit that meets your cleaning needs and budget. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call.

Filter, Small Foam Secondary

I have an M&S AV3500. Suction is low. I cleaned the weighted filter bag and noticed there is a cloth screen filter in the top of the unit. It was clogged. I cleaned it but messed up the edges of the screen. Is there a replacement for the cloth screen filter? Lacy, Holly Springs, NC

We actually recommend removing that small foam filter for good. It is a secondary filter for catching large debris in case the main filter is compromised - which is extremely rare. There is no replacement for that filter that we know of any how.

Vacuum Unit Turns Off After A Short Time

I have an M&S Central Vac System Model HAY202 installed in 2000. The suction power cuts off and on randomly (within 30 seconds of running, it turns off). I've cleaned/replaced the air filter bag. I do have dogs & hardwood floors. There's alot of dog hair in the filter bag, but it's only 1/4 full. What might be the problem? Thanks, Denise- Salisbury, NC

Your relay switch is going out. You will need to replace the relay or the circuit board.

VM110 Questions

I have a M&S VM110 central vac unit. Is this a cyclonic system? It uses a foam type filter. Also, there is an outlet and on the unit, it states the outlet is for clear air flow. The outlet just shoots right into the basement. Does that mean the unit is vented inside the house?

Hello, the filter replacement is under "AirVac" model 110 here The vacuum is a filtered cyclonic. The vacuum unit has an exhaust port. If air is coming out of it then yes it is exhausting in that room. Hopefully the basement is not a living area. You can run an exhaust line out of the house if you want to though.

Half Life, What is it?

I have an AirVac Model ZX6000 that is 4+ years old. It is still running fine with plenty of suction. I change the bag each time the little green light on the unit starts flashing. yesterday, the little green light turned yellow. The decal on the unit says that when this light turns yellow the motor is at half life. Please explain to me what this means i.e. in another 4 years the motor will fail and needs to be replaced??????? THANK YOU for your assistance. Wayne Seifert

Half life on a central vacuum is when the average hours of use has reached the half way mark. At this time you can change the internal motor carbon brushes. If one or both need to be replaced it will give your motor the maximum life available. Here is some information on this procedure

AV850 Board, Replacement Unit

I have a M&S Model AV850 10 amps 22OV. I am looking for a replacement circuit board for it. Is there one that can be retrofitted? Also what unit would you recommend to replace the unit as it is 20 years old. The motors were replaced 8 years ago.

Hi, the board you can use is It is a very good, strong board. Use the full size photo as a wiring diagram. The unit you have can be replaced with our SilentMaster S2 240 volt. Please check it out here, it is powerful It is available through dealers or through us if a dealer is not nearby.

MS AV2500 Filter

what filter do I need for a M and S AV2500? Is there both a cloth and paper filter?

The filter is only a center weighted cloth filter. We have two sizes here,711B. Please measure your diameter. The way you clean it is remove and dump the bottom bucket. Put a trash bag up over the bottom and shake the filter. If you want to remove the filter grab a top side and pull directly inward. The outer rim flexes in and the filter drops out. If you see a small foam filter above the this you should remove it completely, it is not needed. Or replace it with foam or mesh such as our #740. If you have more questions please ask.