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Manta Mop Head for All Vacuum Cleaners Q&A

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Questions & Answers

1-1/4" Fit?

Older Connection Issue - Thanks for your prompt reply. Maybe I am giving you the wrong dimension. The inside dimension of the hose to the ground is one inch, but the outside dimension is slightly bigger, but not 1 1/4" . Maybe it is considered 1 1/4? It was installed about 12 years ago and it was standard Vacumaid hose and accessories.

You have the correct directions, the Manta will fit - guaranteed!

Add to Stealth Kit?

Do you plan to add this item to the Stealth Kit?

At this time we are not adding this product to the Stealth Kit.

Beam Compatible?

Will this work on my Beam central vac?

Yes, this will work with your and any Beam Central Vacuum. Enjoy!

Better than MopHead?

How is this one improved or better than the other mop head accessory you have?

Yes, better for cost, size, maneuvering and lower height.

Bissel Vac Compatible?

will this work with a Bissel vac

Thank you for asking. This attachment, like all our others, fit on standard hose ends. Standard ends are a circle with 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inch diameter.

Budd Compatible?

Will this work with my Budd vacuum unit?

Hello, yes the Manta works very well with the Budd Central Vacuum.

Canister Vacuum Compatible?

Can I use the Manta Mop Head attachment on a standard canister? I have a Kenmore model #116.26212602with powermate. I want a good attachment that will not scratch hardwood floors and will also work well on tile. I'm tired of spending money on swifter sheets. Thank you

Yes, the Manta will work great with all canister vacuums except Electrolux. BUT NOTE: The wand or tube in connects into must have an outer diameter of 1-1/16" to 1-1/4". Some canister and upgright hose ends have a smaller outer diameter and will not work.

Electrolux / Aerus Compatibility Details

Why won't the Manta work with an Electrolux? Does this mean that it will not work with my Aerus E130F, or are you talking about different Electrolux models?

Great question. It may fit, let's spill the details and you can decide. It all comes down to the hose handle connection. Standard central vacuum hoses have a handle with a metal tube about 4-8 inches long coming out of it. This tube goes INTO the accessories. Typically, with Electrolux style connections it is the accessory that clicks into a hole in the handle, or extension tube end. If you have that style then then our accessories will not fit. We know that not all Electrolux/Aerus owners have the non-compatible type of hose but it is rare if they don't. Having said that, though, the vacuum ports on your wall are compatible with all our hoses. You could by a non-electric, not too expensive, Low Voltage Hose and then use all the accessories with have. You could also upgrade to our Stealth II electric attachment set and replace your entire kit. Hope that helps!

Electrolux or Centralux Compatible?

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I have a Centralux system by Electrolux in my home. Unfortunately the bare floor wand is too small for all our wood floors . I see that you have an attachment called a Manta that is 16 inches wide and it looks perfect. Will it fit our machine? Thank you

Hi, many times these brands had opposite connection types than the rest of the industry. The industry standard fit is male going into female attachment connection. The Manta's neck is that type of connection. It receives into it the extension tube and there is no click in feature. There is a solution though for these non-standard connections. A separate Low Voltage Hose can be used. All our hoses fit into the wall connection for all Electrolux and Centralux. Also, if your hose and tools are tired, consider buying a complete new Attachment Set. They all fit into these systems directly. is an over view of the kits.

Eureka Compatible?

I have an upright Eureka vacuum cleaner. I purchased a Manta for it, but the end of my hose is just a little too big to fit the Manta. Do you know where I can purchase an adapter connection?

Hi, is it possible to fit new extension tubes for a few dollars? Would these here fit? Try removing yours and putting your hose end directly into the Manta, then you know the new wands would work.

Fit Canister Vacuums?

I want to know if the manta mop head will fit on my Rainbow vacuum.

It will fit your Rainbow vacuum, or any vacuum, as long as the tube it is connecting to is 1-1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch diameter.

Hayden Compatible?

Will this work with Hayden vacuums?

Hello, yes the Manta fits right into all Hayden Central Vacuum Systems.

Hoover Snap-in Wand

Glen from Lac du Bonnet Manitoba Cda. Hi, I have a Hoover built-in with 1 1/4" wands, attachments have a raised button, the wand tubes have a clip that slides over the attachment button to hold it in place. Will the Manta Mop Head work on these wands?

Yes, the Manta will work if you also use this adapter

Include Upper and Lower Manta Parts?

does this price include the swivel head as well as the washable mophead?

Yes, the price includes both the plastic upper part with swivel neck and one washable mophead.

Kenmore Compatible?

My name is Laura I have a kenmore model 116 256 14506 will this product fit this vacuum? The hard floor tool this vacuum (kenmore) comes with scratched all my hard wood floors : /

Yes, this tool will fit your Kenmore System (all of the Kenmore Systems, actually). Thank you for asking and enjoy the product.

Kenmore Compatible?

Will it fit the wand of a Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner, Model 116.23312?

Hello, yes this will fit your Kenmore Vacuum System. Thanks for asking.

Kirby Compatible? other Vacuums?

Will the Manta mop head (dry) fit a Kirby?

If the end of the hose wand measures between 1-1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch wide then absolutely yes! That measurement is known as industry standard and the majority of vacuum manufactures use it.

Manta and CentraMop?

I am interested in both the mantra and centramop. Is this an overkill? Also will the attachments fit my Hoover system that is about 15 years old?

Hi, for quite a few homes the Manta and CentraMop will not be overkill. The CentraMop will keep the kitchen floor mopped and vacuumed quickly for the mid-week cleanings and the Manta will keep your wood or tile floors throughout the home clean all week long - and it does it without banging-up the furniture. Where both are not needed is in homes where cleaning more thoroughly during the middle of the week is not as desired or where there is not a lot of hard floors throughout the home.

Manta For Stealth

I really need this for the Stealth. Why is it not available for Stealth but compatible for many other vacs? Joan - Lee's Summit, MO

This is an accessory tool that is compatible and available with the Stealth system. Though not every tool is included with the Stealth kit, all tools can be added to your system. Once the Stealth power head is removed from the extension wand, the Manta will fit right on the end of the wand.

Manta or CentraMop for Wood Floor

For hardwood floors, do you recommend the manta or the centra mop? Normally, I vacuum with the floor brush and then lightly mop with a damp rag. Thanks Sharon

Hello Sharon, this is going to be a subjective thing. We suggest getting both and returning what you don't want for a full refund. The decision is based on how busy your schedule is, how clean you want the floors, how dirty they are to start with, etc. We have seen opinions all over the board on this issue. When you have a couple of kids you are busy and the floors need constant vacuuming and light mopping so in that case the CentraMop would be better, for instance.

MopHead vs Manta

Do you recommend the Mop Head Central Vacuum Accessory or the Manta Mop Head for hardwood floors?

Manta wins for cost and size and maneuvering.

New Marble and Cherry Hardwood Floors

I am converting to hardwood and polished marble floors. I have had central vacuuming since 1982 with a new Nutone unit put on in 05 or so. What are the new attachments you have that would not damage polished marble floors or Brazilian cherry hardwood floors?

For your beautiful new flooring you should look at the Manta. It is a newer product and wildly popular. Do read the comments though for a clear understanding of its benefits and shortfalls. It will fit right on to your system.

Nutone Compatible?

Does this work with nutone central vac?

Yes, Manta works excellently with Nutone systems.

Older Connection Issue

We have an older Vacu-Maid hose and attachments, with a new Beam central vac. I thought the hose was standard, but the metal end seems to be only one inch. Is there an adapter that can be used with the Manta so I can use the Manta head?

Hello, that is a very odd issue. The metal tubes on the hose to the ground are usually long and fit into accessories. Please double check.


Do I need to do pre-vacuuming, for larger debris, before I put on this attachment?

Hello, homeowners have their way of using the Manta and it depends on the type of debris on the floors. Pre-vacuuming is not usually done. Try it straight away and if you notice the need for pre-vacuuming then please do so.