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Protect Stairs with Felt

Is there an item to put on the attachment to prevent paint chipping on the stairs

We have heard of customers putting super sticky backed felt on the brushes sides to protect the home better. Home Depot sells it.

Work with Hoover Central Vacuum?

I have a Hoover model 520 air power central vac. Will these parts work with that system? name: Ellen City Tyrone, GA

Hello Ellen, these accessories should work with Hoover Central Vacuum. Some Hoovers had an odd hose that things clips into and was plastic. These accessories all recieve a tube/wand/pole into them - into their necks.

Filtex Compatible

Does this accomdate the Filtex vacuum system? Mary Ann, Sacramento, CA

Hello Mary Ann, yes these should work fine with Filtex because it has a standard 1-1/8 diameter end.

Wet Vacuuming?

How does the hard floor wet mop work with the central vac? Is it a wet/dry vac?

The CentraMop takes a pad that you can wet as much as you want. You don't wet the floor with water and suck the water up. The pad mops while the vacuum in front and behind it picks up dirt, hair, Cherrios, etc.

Include Carpet Tool?

Does this kit include a carpet cleaner?

None of the accessories in this kit are intented for cleaning carpets. You would want an electric or air driven beater brush for the carpet.