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Mesh Filter for Secondary Motor Protection Q&A

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Do I Need The Mesh Filter?

I have the Silent Master S5. Should I use the mesh filter along with the bags? Dianne Fort Worth Tx

Yes, we recommend using the mesh filter as the third stage of filtration for your system.

Replace Green Mesh and Foam?

I have an MD with the 3 filters: green mesh, foam, green mesh. I'm wondering two things - 1. After shaking the loose dirt off of it, is it alright to put the foam filter through a quick, cold-water, no-soap cycle in my front-loading washer and then let it air dry? 2. Is this replacement filter the same material as the current foam filter? Thanks, Sharon from Tularosa, NM


Yes, you are able to wash the mesh filters and air dry. If moving forward you decided to replace your mesh filters; you will only need one, as listed on our website. Note, the mesh filter we have listed on our website, replaces all three mesh filters you currenlty utilizing. You may also view this item by following the link provided.

Replace All Secondary Filters?

I have an MD G23-240 central vac which recently had started smoking due to a hot ember being vacuumed up. It destroyed the support bag and disposal bag. I am wondering if the filters got destroyed in the process. I am new to having central vac (the house came with it) and am unsure as to where this filter would go and do I have to replace it as there no obvious filter I can see. Roxanne, Canton, CT

Congratulations on the home and the MD central vac. We are the manufacturer of the system. You'll need to replace the paper bag, cloth support, and a single mesh #740 filter which you will put under the cloth support all the way down on the bottom. Toss all the old filters, there were several. Here are the items you need:,711,740. We also sell everything you need to get the most out of your MD vacuum. What type of flooring do you have and what type of vacuum heads?

Airvac AV525A Replacement Filter

I do have old model AV525A system. What kind of fileter, mesh or foam filers I can use?

Kenmore 116.4053482 Fine Dust

My new home has a Kenmore 116.4053482 central vac. It has been blowing dirt thru the exhaust- not exhausted to the outdoors. The canister was emptied a short time ago so it has little in it. I pulled the filter which has only a mesh on it (I don't think it was ever cleaned). I'm concerned about the open mesh and am wondering if I can wrap that mesh with a filter material to eliminate the fine dust discharging from the vac. If so is your part #740 suitable for that?

Fine dust has always been an issue with cyclonic systems. Due to the design of the filtration, no additional filters can be added. If the fine dust is an issue, you may want to consider replacing the unit with a modern filtration power unit. Talk to a local dealer to discuss your options here,

Airflo CF2 Bag Change

I have an Air-Flo CF2 which has a paper & cloth filter. The bag was torn and I'm trying to figure out how to change it. What holds this in place ?

There is a black rubber gasket that holds it in place. Follow the instructions here to change

Astrovac Owner's Manual

We have an astro vac mk-x and it has aplastic cone and i do not know how to mount it properly or how to mount the filter you recommended last week.also is it necessary to exhaust this unit out dorrs it does have some sort of a muffler on it.I s it possible that you can tell me how to down load an owners manual for this unit-thanks brian-bolton ontario canada

You will need to contact the manufacturer for the owner's manual at

Astro Vac MK-X Replacement Filter


Your unit is a bagless cylonic system. The only fitration is a mesh screen filter at the top of the collection bin. You can use the filter at Just cut the filter to fit using your old one as a template.

Mesh or Foam?

The directions for the 740 filter (round disk) tell me to cut it to size and use rubber bands to secure. My Kenmore has the mesh cylinder filter. Is this correct for this filter?

Yes, this is a mesh type of material that replaces traditional mesh. You will be fine using it.

Modern Day MD Part?

Is the MD model B2 supposed to have a filter under the cloth bag ?

Yes, there used to be three filters but now we only put one #740 filter. You get the same protection and the same airflow.

AirFlo CFM2 Filter?

I have a Air-Flo CFM2. There is no filter under the cloth bag. Should I purchase this?

Hi, you do need this one filter. Great job finding it!

How Often Replaced?

How ofter should this be replaced?

Hi, in actuality it really never needs to be replaced. Beat the dirt out of it every few years and you should be good. If it ever starts to compress, that is when you should replace it. Compression will slow the airflow. All that said, some times it is nice to start over with fresh filters.

Vacumaid Filter?

I have an older Vacumaid model P-125. It has a plastic cone with a hole in the center in the tank but no filter. What type of filter do you recomend and how is it installed?

Hi, you are correct saying the Vacumaid has no filter . The cyclonic action takes the majority of the dirt to the lower canister. There should be a mesh screen at the top of the unit under the motor though. Push mesh up to where the motor sits. In fact, it may be there now but so dirty that is it unseen. You can take it and beat it out. You can buy this one if needed and shape to fit just fine.

ThoroMatic Filter?

I have a ThoroMatic TM-2 (It is a small unit (13.75" inside diameter and less than 33" tall). Is this the correct filter for on top of the motor? It currently has a circular foam filter with a mesh filter on top of the foam filter. Scott from Geneva, Illinois.

Hi, yes you can use this one filter to replace the two filters. However we recommend keeping the mesh and putting this filter in place of the foam.

Old Flo-Master Bags?

My house was built in 1981 and I still have and use my Flo Master central vac. I can't find replacement bags and was wondering if you still have them for such an old model. I can't read the model # on the side, but it is a brown drum with an outlet on the side for the hose. The current bag is open at the top with no openings on the sides. Can you help me? Thank you very much!!! Nancy

Yes, we have them right here, as well as the support bag,710

Vacu-Maid Filter?

I have a p-125 that came with a 1989 house that i just bought. There were several round blue filters in a box in the basement. Where do these go? and how do you get to the filter to change it? Is there an instruction book on line?

Hi, the filters you found have a hole in the center to hold them to the top of the cavity of the vacuum unit. Reach up and pull the filter down and put in a new one. You can use these ones here as well, just poke a hole in the center. Be sure the unit is exhausted outside because it doesn't filter fine dust, the unit was not intended to. Also keep in mind that you can replace the entire unit with another brand if and when you want to. We suggest the quiet and fine filtered SilentMaster.

Fine Filtration for SilentMaster

We have a S5 - 240 volt vacuum that vacuums up fine toner and it has 3 filters to replace. Which ones do I need to order? I'm not seeing the fine filter listed. Ann Lake Balboa, CA

Hi Ann, here is a link with both types of bags that may have been used, the support cloth, and the single filter for the bottom of the unit (we used to use three at the bottom).,721H-5,711,740

Is this the correct filter for my E2?

Does this 740 filter replace the foam filter located unde the bag in the e2 model? If not what filter does replace it?

Good Afternoon! Yes, this filter is the correct one for the E2.

Mesh Filter For My CF2

My Air Flo CF2 has a metal filter unit on the bottom of the tank that is held in place with a bolt and nut. There is mesh that surrounds this unit with a 1" thick x 3" tall foam ring inside the mesh. I understand that i should likely have a mesh filter where this filter exists. Can you advise? Thanks.

Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) and one of our friendly technicians will be more than happy to assist you.


Is this filter (Mesh part 740) the same as the "Electroo-static screen ES-934)" that came with our Lindsay manufactured Central Vac? It was installed in our home in 1995. The filter fell out and was lost.

This filter is not electro-static but with the volume of air passing through it the static created helps catch debris. Regardless though, units with only this filter have to be exhausted out doors.

Fit S4 SilentMaster?

Does the 740 filter fit the S4 vacuum canister? If not, which filter should I use?

Hello, yes, it fits right into the S4.

Silent Partner Filter?

I have a central vacuum made by Lindsay Manufacturing of Ponca City, OK. The mesh fiter has torn. It came with our house that was built in 1992/93. It is marked model S-2000 and named Silent Partner. Will this filter work and is it installed directly below the motor? The filter was about 10 inches in diameter. Thank you for any information.

Hello, yes this filter will work and can be cut to any size needed, even if you need a hole in the middle.

Work with Vacumaid?

will this work for an old p-128 model Vaumaid? Nancy from Scranton, PA

Hello, yes you can modify it quite easily.

3 Filters to One?

Currently I have the three filters (mesh, foam, mesh) in my unit. Should I replace them with a new one mesh only filter?

Hello, yes, you now only need the one filter.

How Often Change

how often should I change the filter?

It really only needs to be beat our once a year or so. If for some reason is deteriorates, then replace it.

Small Filter on AirVac

I have an AV4500 and every so often I have to not only clean the permanent bag filter but another little square filter about 3x2" above that filter. If not the vaccum does not suck well. My question to you is do you sell that small piece of cloth-like material and if so, how much is it? None of the parts that I see on teh web page really look like that piece specifically.

Sorry, we don't sell it and don't know where to find it.

Fit Vacumaid?

will this work for an old p-125 model. it has amesh screen but should it also have a filter?

There is no bag in your model and yes you can make this filter work for your Vacumaid.