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Stronger? O-ring?

Is the metal mounting plate stiffer than plastic? (I have never installed before) I noticed a black o rinng in the plastic mounting bracket. Does the metal bracket have an o ring as well?

The metal backing plate is stiffer but doesn't provide much more noticable support for the user. The metal one has a gasket material between the metal and plastic fitting, not an o-ring, but a circle of exposed gasket material.

Existing Home Installation

I would like to install a system in an existing home. Do you have an old work style inlet valve or any other suggested method. Regards, Stephen Southington Ct.

Use our #517 backing plates and follow these instructions Once you get the hang of the first valve then the others are easy.

Changing to Electric

Hello. I am upgrading my standard inlet valves to electric valves. The existing mounting brackets are similar to your Part #515, and they are screwed into the 90 elbows (flange style). I would like to install metal cover plates, such as Part #663HMAB, but the SuperValve backing plate doesn't seem to accept a flanged elbow. The ElectraValve rough-in looks like it would work, but it appears that only PVC inlet covers are available for that brand. Do you have any suggestions? Matt, Boston.

Hi Matt, you are correct in your statements. You will have to cut the 90 off your pipe and put in another no matter what. Did you notice the backing plate for the SuperValves has a large box at the top? If your pipe is coming in from the bottom that will work fine but not if it is coming from the top. Then you will have to use ElectraValves and forego the metal cover plates.

Vacuflo Twist Locking Mounting Plate

What a great website. I've read similar questions, but don't see another situation just like mine.... I have NEW VacuFlo inlet valves and covers. 'Would like to use a Honeywell hose/tool kit. Low voltage only. (new, current model) Would a 653HW w/ #515 bracket w/spigot work? The existing VacuFlo elbow is "twist locked" into the mounting plate, so removing it is tough. (new construction sheetrock covers the valve piece) I see the "Inlet Adapter Kit for Proprietary Vacuflo valves" but don't know if I need that much equipment! If so, would this adapter valve work with a 653HW? Any other ideas??? THANKS in advance for your assistance!! Awesome website. Lee Portland

Thank you for the compliments Lee. Let's back up, why wouldn't the hose in the kit work with the inlets you have? Do you have the inlets with holes above the main suction hole? Does that inlet cover come off, exposing the backing plate with 1-5/8" diameter intake? You never need to replace the backing plate. Take a look at the blown up photo of the Vacuflo Adaptor, it shows the typical Vacuflo backing plate that it connects to, and yes the 653HW, and all the Basic Inlets, fit into the adaptor. Give us your thoughts.... Also, send us a link to the Honeywell Kit you plan on using, thanks.

Inlet without Bracket?

I need to install an inlet in a place where I'm not able to install a mounting bracket. Do you have an inlet valve that connects directly to the pipe on it's own, without the need for a mounting bracket ? Thanks.

Sorry, that doesn't exist. But we do have utility valves that fit into a pipe connector such as a coupling or sweep 90 elbow. Here they are,613A.

Vacuflo Lexan Valves

Hi, I need to know if this mounting bracket will work with vacuflo lexan inlet valves.? Thanks Matt

Hello Matt, we are not familiar with the Lexan Vacuflo Inlet Valves. Please send us a photo via this contact page and we will be glad to help you.


When nailing to stud should the ofset butt up to the stud or sitovcer stud edge. Thanks dan

It should butt-up to it.