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Central Vacuum Paper Bags 3-Pack Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Astro-Vac HPB1 Replacement?

We own the Astro-Vac model LR22305. The re-order # on the bag is HPB1. Will these bags fit our machine?


Yes, these are the correct bags for your system.

Beam CONDOVAC Model 167

MY new (old) house has a Beam CONDOVAC model 167. It has a hanging down cloth filter but there is no dirt catcher at the base to empty. Does this unit require a bag? If so, what size, and how do I clean this cloth filter when I can only access it from the top? Thanks!


Typically, the bag hangs from the bottom. Then a debris bucket is latched onto the very bottom with no additional paper bag. To clean the hanging filter you first remove the bucket, then put a trash bag over the bottom. Next, grab the cloth and shake it. If you want to replace the filter, you remove it by grabbing the side of it and pulling towards the center. Please compare the dimensions of your current filter with our Replacement Filter Options on our website.

Broan CV 10-B Bag and Filter

I have a Broan central vacuum system Model CV 10-B. Can I use the Nutone bag? The (one) bag in the vac is labeled V172. Also, there is a shredded foam thing laying on a metal grid that looks like it belongs on the top like a filter. Do you have replacements for that? Thanks, Linda


You can use the Nutone bag. Additionally, you can use and cut to shape our Mesh Filter #740, if needed.

Broan CV40-D Bag with Directions?

Will these bags fit my Broan CV40-D? If so, do the bags come with directions for how to change the bag? Thanks Nancy


They do fit your system and have simple directions on the bags.

CentraClean Vacuum Bag?

Chris - La Quinta, CA Will this bag fit my Centra-Clean unit - previously I bought bags with the following numbers - WGS 7098 30C-05C-1


This bag will be compatible, but we recommend these Replacement Bags for higher quality filtration for your system.

Convert Cyclo-Vac E103 Vacuum to Bag Type

Hi, I have a cyclo-vac E103 with a cloth filter and find it is very messy to clean and to empty the bin; is there a bag available to connect inside the bin instead of having to dust off filters etc? If so can I buy in Ireland? Rgds, Seán, (Ireland)


If you can attach our Sealed Pipe Adapter #726 to any pipe entering the unit, you will be able to attach the bag to it. The adaptor fits onto a pipe with a 2 outer diameter.

Duration Per Bag

How long does 1 bag last until it is full?


This depends on your home. Pet owners find it fills quicker than non-pet owners. It will fill immediately if you have new carpet and it may take 5 or 6 months if you don't vacuum much.

DustCare Central Vacuum Filter Bag Replacments

Do you carry filters for- Dust Care Vacuum Model # DCC-4, DCC-6? Buckeye is the manufacture


We carry direct Replacement Bags #723 for DustCare Central Vacuum systems.

DynaVac 7000 Vacuum Bag

I have a Dynavac Model 7000. What is the correct replacement bag? Diane Okemos, Michigan


Please review our Microfilter Closed Bag #723MF-5 and compare this bag with your current bag to ensure compatibility.

Eureka Boss Paper Bag

I have an older Central Vac. It's a Eureka BOSS Model: UMC-18, LRR775. The bag says FilterAire #90610.


Please compare our Central Vacuum Paper Bag #723 with your current bag to confirm compatibility.

Eureka CV1004-B Bags?

i have a eureka cv1004b will this bag fit this unit . waiting on your reply to order thanks regena


Yes, these bags will be compatible with your system.

Eureka CV137 Models?

I am Cathy from Mississauga Ontario. Looking for replacement bags for my Eureka Central Vacuum model number CV137G. That is what it says on the outside of the basement unit. Would these bags fit? If not, do you have bags that would fit? I would like to purchase other items but would like to know that status on this before purchase. With thanks, Cathy


Please compare your current bag to the following Replacement Bag Options to determine which will be compatible for your system (either the hole for connection will be at the top or the middle).

Eureka CV3291L Bag?

looking for bags for the eureka CV3291L. Any suggestions?


Please review our Eureka Central Vacuum Bags to determine if we offer a replacement for your system.

Eureka CV5500 Bag?

Please tell me which bags I need for the Eureka CV5500. Thank you. Stan


Please review our Replacement Bag Options to determine the compatible bag for your system. Hello, please take a look at both of these bags.

Eureka CV700 Replacement Bags

Kay, Knoxville, TN. Will this bag fit my Eureka CV700?


Yes, this bag will be compatible with your Eureka CV700.

Filta-Vac Bag Replacement

have broan wall unit vacuum. Currently using Filta-Vac disposable .bag for models nv171 for n10 and n12 wall type vac made by nautilus industries, Hartford, Wisconsin 53027.Please e-mail if you have them, and cost... Thank you Frank


You can view the specifics of the Replacement Bag for your system on our website.

Filterair 90610 Bag for Electrolux?



Yes, this is a compatible Filteraire 90610 replacement bag.

Filteraire 90610 for Frigidaire FCV165S

I have a Frigidaire model FCV165S will this bag fit my vacuum? The bag currently in the vacuum is a Filteraire 90610.


Yes, this is the compatible Filteraire 90610 replacement bag.

Fit Rittenhouse?

I have a Rittenhouse House keeper does this bag fit this model (CV130)? Thank you


This is the correct replacement bag for your Rittenhouse Central Vacuum.

FloMaster M80 Bags

What vacuum bag (or bags if more than one) will fit a FlowMaster M80 unit? Mike - East greenwich


Our Small Microfilter Bag #723MFM-5 will fit the FloMaster M80 unit.

Frigidaire Model FCV3155

Is this the replacement bag to fit a Frigidaire Model FCV3155? If not this one - which bag fits that Frigidaire model?


Our Central Vacuum Bag #723EB will fit your Frigidaire FCV3155.

(Also compatibile with Frigidaire #FCV212S, FGCV212SQ, FCV315S, FGCV315SQ, FGCV315SS, FCV329GGW, FG319SQ, FCV520S, FGCV520SQ, FGCV550SW, FGCV550SQ)

Heatilator Bags?

Looking for Bags to fit a Heatilator Home Products Model # CVS 7000S. Please advise which bag to order. Bag said: C-200 APC PAP109 303201. Thank you.


Please determine the placement of the intake and on your old bags compare it to our Replacement Bag Options. The overall size can be different without any problems or complications.

(Also compatible with Heatilator #CVS5000)

Honeywell 602 Vacuum Bag?

I have a Honeywell model #602. What bags can I use and where can I purchase them? I live in Morristown, NJ 07960. Jeff Morristown, NJ 07960


We recommend this bag, based on the manufacturer. It may have slightly different measurements than your existing bag, but it will still be compatible. You can use our Dealer Locator to determine if you might be able to source this item locally.

Hoover CVS S5627 Bag?

Hi I have read some Q/A regarding your universal bags with Hoover CVS bag 401011CV... I am wondering if you have had any customers buy them for their Hoover CVS and have used your bags with no problem? My vacuum model # is S5627. It can be found in US, but as Canadian resident, it seems that I cannot order from US website but only from Canadian hoover website; in which they do not have S5627 model at all. - Davy, Ottawa


In this industry, there is a lot of cross over and large tolerances acceptable between manufacturers. These bags are made to fit a number of central vacuums and open up with pre-perforated slits as needed.

Kenmore Bag and Filter?

Question:From Hannah, Canada. Hi, I have a Kenmore Central Vacuum,since I bought it three years ago, I haven't used a bag, I just allowed the dust to collect in the lower part of vac with a filter on top, but now I have started using a bag as it was very messy whenever I cleaned it. So do I still need to attach the filter above when I connect the bag below, or just the bag will do?


Typically there is precautionary second filter in case the main filter breaks. We recommend leaving it in your system for additional protection.