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Mini Electric Brush Q&A

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240v Available?

do these units run on 240volts (australia)

No, at this time the Mini Electric brush is not available in 240v.

Length of Cord

How long is the power cord on the Mini Electric Brush?

Hello. The power cord on the Mini Electric Brush is 11.5" tall (measured from the beginning of the cord to the top of the 2 pins).


Is the belt user-replaceable? If so, will you sell spares, or is there a good source for them?

Hello, we are working on getting the belt in stock for the first time. We have not needed them but feel it is prudent to have them here. Should be in stock before 2011.

Any Comparison?

Hello, I am looking for a small powered head such as this as an addition to my tool activated dust extractor. Can you tell me what other heads exist in this small size so I can make a comparison? The only other one I have found is a Rainbow Mini Mate, but it seems like it is no competition for this one. Also, I would like to know the Amp rating for this unit and its general dimensions. Thank you.

Mini Electric has been so well received because there was a complete void of a brush like this for the quality category. It has quickly become a best seller. The 6-inch wide brush is quiet, powerful, and pulls about 2 amps because of the efficiency of the motor.

Fit Standard Hoses, Non-Electric?

Hans Mossberg, Aurora, CO I don't have a central vacuum but want an electrically powered brush for the hose on my Hoover upright. Ignoring the electrical connector configuration, will the Mini Electric Brush (Part 472) fit the connector of a standard 1 1/4" vacuum hose? I am not concerned with the little pushbutton. Thanks.

We have found that the Mini Electric fits a lot of non-electric hoses without button lock. There are some that do not fit well and just slip out, but there is no way to tell by the hose. We suggest trying it for 30 days to see if it works for you. Then return it for a full refund. Also, you can use this 35-foot electric cord to power it

Fit Kenmore PowerMate?

Hi I have a kenmore pet powermate. The first one died, then the 2nd one died. I don't even use it much, but when I did I loved it. I've only had the vaccuum 1.5 yrs. So I want to try another brand. Will this fit a Kenmore, and is it as powerful. I have 2 prongs and it sounds aboUt right. Thanks Laura

Thank you for the question. Yes, the Mini Electric will fit all PowerMate vacuums that have the two prongs/holes connection. It sounds like this product is a perfect match for your needs.

Cogged Belt

What type of belt and brushroll does it use? Is it a cogged belt or is it smooth? Is the brushrool cogged or smooth? Gary Astorville, ON, Canada

Hi Gary, great question. The belt and gears for the belt on the motor and roller brush are all geared. If the brush gets jammed it instantly shuts off, saving the belt. It is well designed and built very sturdy. If for any reason you don't like it you have 30 days to return it.

Beam Hose - Receptacle Width Fit?

My vacuum is a Beam with recepticles 3/8 of an inch apart. Is there a mini brush for this brand?

Hi, the Mini Electric's cord has two pins that are 3/8 inch apart. Since your receptacles are the same width then the Mini Electric will work with our hose. The hose end you have is round and about 1-1/8 to 1-1/4 inch in diameter, right? Then it is a perfect fit.

Compare to Older SideKick and MiniStar

will it clean better & last longer than other electric power brushes like the Sidekick, MiniStar, etc.

Hi, the MiniElectric is built solid and all the moving parts will last a long time. The, long-ago-produced, SideKick was an industry standard. The MiniElectric will most likely gain that same title in a couple years. It is truly that good. The vacuum is super quiet and the design allows you to reach more areas, easier.

Fit All Electric Vacuums?

Will this fit all electric central vacuums or just certain ones?

Hi, the MiniElectric fits all vacuum hoses that have a two pin connection at the hose handle. Take a look at the photo of the pins at the bottom of this page