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Bed Spreads

Is this a good tool for bedspreads (guest rooms that don't get used that often? Jana from Havasu

This tool works with hoses for any brand that have two pin connections on the end of the hose handle. It can work on bed spreads but probably not duvet covers since that are thin like sheets.

Mini Hand Turbin

My dealer gave me this website to check out accessories. I have a new central vaccuum system with a 42 foot hose. I purchased this system partly because I have over a dozen cats and dogs and needed a powerful unit to pick up hair and litter, and to remove hair from furniture. I have a "Turbo-Paw" that came with a Eureka canister vac that fits the central vaccuum hose but the brush will not turn. I'm a little hesitant to purchase either this or the RugRat as I'm afraid my hose is so long that I don't have enough air pressure to turn it. What is your opinion about hose length with air driven attachments? Also, I can feel air leakage where the metal hand wand is permanently attached to the hose. Should that be? Thank you. Phyllis, Greenville, SC

First, your 42 foot hose should have little to no adverse effect on your tools, because there are already 10s, if not 100s, of feet of pipe in your home. Also, the Rugrat is powered more by the suction of your system instead of the airflow of you system, and suction is less effected by length traveled. A leak from a permanently attached area of the hose should only be from the Bleeder Valve located near your handle. If you do not have a bleeder valve, and the hose is leaking air, you may need a replacement. This type of problem is easiest to troubleshoot over the phone. You can call our toll free number if you'd like. Have you hose ready.One last thing to consider is an electric power head. When it comes to pets, we always recommend an electric brush like Stealth, EdgeLift or Blackhawk. They are the very best for picking up hair.

Will Not Spin

I have a mini hand turbine, have had it for about 6 years and it want turn anymore when i connect it to the hose. the belt is in tack, and is not clogged. it will turn when i rotate it with my hand. what is wrong. rusty, lee's summit, mo

There are several things that can go wrong. After six years that is a good run! It is probably most cost effective to buy another since parts, expect for the belt, are not sold separately.

RugRat vs MiniTurbine

Dear Sir or Madam: I was wondering Which of the Stairs and Cars Mini Hand Turbine Vacuum Accessory tool would you recommend that would last me for a long time? The Rugrat Mini Hand Turbine Vacuum Accessory or the Mini Hand Turbine one. I would like it to last me for a while and if I needed to replace a belt or something which one would be easier for me to use. I like the Rugrat Mini but the Mini Hand turbine is less money. I would like to use it for my stairs and couch. Thanks for your help. I just received my Black Hawk kit with out hose in the mail today. I just love it. I used it immediately and it was like I have not vacuumed in a year. I love the quality of the product and the quality of the attachments that came with it especially the floor brush with wheels just genius. JP

Hello, the quality is better in the RugRat and will last longer. It also has stiffer bristles with stronger cleaning action - which is desired for most all applications. It is bigger and a bit more bulky though. Overall you will get long use out of either one.

Belts Available?

I have owned this mini hand turbine for couple of months. I have been experiencing problems with it turning. Would it need a new belt already? Have only used 6 - 8 times. Do you carry the replacement belts?

Hello, we are finding the vendor now (Aug. 07) and will have them shortly, sorry!

Work with My System?

I have a Beam system installed. The hose handle and wands have a 1 3/16 inch outside diameter. Will they fit this turbine?

Yes, they will fit all central vacuum systems except Electrolux electric hoses.

Compare to RugRat

What is the difference between this item and the rugrat turbine accessory besides price? Is it made from a lighter weight plastic? What is the life expectency of this product with average use?

Compared to the Rugrat, this one is lighter weight in a big way. But it does have very easy access to the belt for when pepples get hung up in the cogged gear. Rugrat doesn't have that. Having used both, we believe they will both last for years but the Rugrat would out last this one.