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Motor Exhaust Coupling Q&A

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How to Attach Muffler

how do I attach a muffler?

The wide side of the coupling fits on the motor exhaust tube. The other side of the coupling only fits central vacuum pipe, the same pipe also fits into the muffler. Pipe connects the coupling to the muffler. You need about 4 to 6 inches of central vacuum pipe...pipe that is two inches outer diameter. If you have any 1-1/2 inch inner diameter SCH40 PVC, it has a 1.9 inch outer diameter and will work for you.

A Better Seal?

Hoover central vacuum, model S550. The exhaust port on the unit is aluminum, and the regular 2" PVC central vac pipe fits over it, but I was wondering if there is a coupler (perhaps rubber, something like the inlet coupling) to connect the pipe to this outlet? Just pushing the PVC pipe over this outlet does not create an effective seal, and there is dust on the wall where the unit is mounted.

This coupling is also 2 inches where it connects. Maybe you can use liquid gasket to make the connection to the motor permanent and air tight.

Covers Motor Fan?

Hi, Would you know if would fit a Lamb motor 115977? I'm not sure if it takes a standard part. The one I have broke used to cover the fan. If not could you order one for me? Thanks, Sigmund

One of the the bypass vacuum motor has a visible fan, this is the cooling fan. The other side is all metal and has a hole in the center, this is the vacuum intake. The exhaust is either coming out a tangential tube around the middle or through small holes around the middle. This exhaust coupling in question fits on the tangential exhaust tube in order to connect an exhaust run to it and out of the garage or basement. Don't glue it on. If need be, drill a small pilot hose through it and the plastic or metal horn and use a short metal sheet screw.

Couple SCH40 to CV PVC?

will this work to couple 1-1/2" sch 40 PVC to your 2" vacuum pipe?

If the outer diameter of 1-1/2 inch sch40 PVC is 1-7/8 inch than yes, but isn't it, right?