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Install Kit with 1 Non-Electric Inlet Q&A

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Length of Wire

how long is low voltage wire & when wiring more than one inlet,can wires be connected together and only one set of wires back to vac. unit. Jerry,Nevada

The wire length in this kit is 25ft.

Inlet Size?

What size is this inlet box so I can order the right hose? 1.5, 1.25,? AL, Covington, La. Will the basic hose fit this inlet box?

Hi, all the inlet kits have the standard 1.5 inch diameter opening. All the hoses and kits will fit unless otherwise noted that they have a different size.

Add Inlet to Exposed Pipe

I want to add a garage inlet. The inlet pipe is exposed there; all I need is the curved tee and a low voltage connector to be mounted externally on the wall adjacent to the pipe. Do you have these parts?

Hi, all you need to do is cut a section of pipe out and put a sweep tee in and a utility valve. Run low voltage speaker type wire to the contacts and back to the vacuum and you are done. Here is all you need,508.