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CV-353 Replacement Unit

I want to replace my CV-353w unit with a newer/better model(our house is 2000sq ft.)that will fit the existing connections. Can you recommend one. From David, Acton MA

We suggest the Flo-Master C650. It is quiet and very powerful. It works with your system and tools. Check it out here: It is available through dealers found on the dealer locator on the same website.

Cord for Electric Hose to Wall Outlet

recently purchased a house with a NuTone 350 central vac system and all apprears to be working however when I went to use the power brush on the carpet I noticed that I was unable to fine the 7' electrical cord used to plug into the wall end of the hose then into a near outlet. Is there a part number or correct name that I should be using to search for this part to purchase?

You need this generic cord for two pin and wall outlet connection

Replace Old Power Vac Head

my power nutone vac does not seem to pick up, it is about 35 years old. can i still buy a new power vac that old? thank you paula biddeford me

At that age you really want to replace the hose and the vacuum (best to buy any of our complete attachment kits - they all fit your old system), but if you only want a new vacuum then yes you can replace it with one of these,482,482I

Loud Motor Noise

Hi, my Nutone CV-353 makes an extremely loud noise when turned on. Suction is fine and I haven't noticed any sparks or smells coming from the unit. What is the possible cause of this? Thanks, Quinn, Toledo

If the motor has become louder over time it could still be that it is going to stop working - even without loosing suction or smelling burnt or sparking in excess. That is the most likely reason. Another reason could be debris in the motor (which you can't get out).

Stopped Running

I have a Nutone model cv353w. The unit just stop running. Is there a reset button or what can the problem be. Thanks Paul Palisades Park N.J.

Please use this guide to find the issue and solution

Nutone CV400 Low Suction

Hi, The suction level has significantly reduced on my ~ 20 year old Nutone CV400, both at the unit and inlets in the house. I disconnected the piping coming from the house and ran diagnostics to discount a leak in the house piping but suction remains insufficient at the unit. When running it with incoming pipe and unit valve both closed, it does not go into 'over-drive' mode, which it used to do. The bottom lid does hold well, so there is some suction and no leak there. Exhaust was checked: muffler needs replacement but is not clogged. Both motors seem to work (checked with the lid removed, fans spin) - no sparks/obvious noise. When the unit operates, one of the motors definitely has a lower air flow from its top fan. Can one/both motors go 'weak' and need replacement? Thx-Stephan

If the unit has no clog, then you have a bad motor that needs to be replaced. You can find the correct replacement motor here,

Nutone VX550 Makes Loud Noise

NuTone VX550 has a high pitch loud hum noise when running, vibrates the floor directly above, so loud. What repair is needed? I searched on sound suppression but not replacement or repair found.

There may be an issue with the motor making excess noise, or it could just be resonating with the structure it is mounted to. A motor muffler can be attached to your system, they are found here

Nutone Replacement Hose

Need new electric Power brush and wand attachment for a nu-tone CV-450 model 391. Pam Orland Park,Il.

You can find Nutone compatible hoses at

Shudder Sound From Inlets At Shutdown

I have a Nutone CV-353W. The suction is fine but when you shut the unit off it makes a loud moaning, shuddering sound that you can hear through every hose outlet. Do I have a clog or something more serious? Thanks, Gordon, Henderson, NV

This may be a bad seal on one or more inlets. When the vacuum is operating at full pressure the inlets are all pulled closed. During shutdown the pressure lowers and a bad seal on an inlet allows air to pass through and the lid to shudder, creating that sound. Check each inlet to ensure that the lid is seated all the way down and the rubber or cork seal under the lid is present.

Nutone CV353 Motor Sparking

I have a Nuton model #CV-353 and I jist change the bag and when I hit the reset button it turn off after a few seconds and it spark on top can u please let me know what I need to do.

The sparking is from the motor, it needs to be replaced. You can find the correct replacement motor here,

Inlet Gasket Replacement

We have an 8 yrs old Nutone 353..Seems the cork inlet gaskets have dried out which is allowing air to leak out of unused inlets when machine is running...should I replace with cork sheeting gasket or try rubber make-it-yourself sheets?

If you have access to the gasket replacements, you can try replacing with whatever material you have. In our experience, you're better off just replacing the inlet. The problem can be compounded by worn out springs holding down the door. Replacing inlets is a low cost fix for your system and the parts may not be available.

Nutone CV353W Motor Won't Stop Running And No Suction

I have a 5 year old CV353W. The motor does not stop running and there is no suction. Only stops when I unplug from the wall.

This is two seperate issues. The motor running continuously is a sign of a bad relay that is not switching off, that will need to be replaced or the motor will burn out. No suction, with the motor running, means there is clog in the pipes that is preventing air from passing through the system.

Replace CV450?

Can I replace my Nutone cv450w with another unit without replacing or re-piping the nozzle that goes in wall. What is the best unit I can by for around $400 that will cover 6000sq ft house.

For around $500 you can get the Flo-Master M85. You had a powerful in-series motor unit, but the M85 has that much power and more all from one single motor. It is not available online but you can buy it from a dealer. The information is here It fits your pipe, wire, and system and accessories - everything.

New to Central Vac, Just Bought Home.

Hi, we just bought a house that has a Nutone CV400. I know nothing about central vacuums. I could only find one hose with a wide brush-like head and no other accessories. 1) What would be a good accessory kit for this unit? 2) It has a power button on the side of the canister, and when I switch it on the vacuum comes on and stays on. Is this the correct behavior, or should it only turn on after I plug in the wall-end of the hose? Does the fact that it turns on mean there is a short somewhere in the low voltage wires inside the walls? If so, what is the best way to troubleshoot this? Thanks, Mitch - Fremont

Congratulations on the home and the central vac. The vacuum stays in the "off" position and is operated by the insertion of the hose or the switch on the hose handle. Use this guide to walk through your system to be sure everything is working All our Deluxe TurboCat Kits and Electric Kits with pigtail corded electric plug-in work with your system. To determine which one you need take a look at your cleaning needs and what you'd like to spend. Start with the primer here The only maintenance is the filtration at the bottom of the unit a couple times a year. Use this page for more information

Current Carrying Hose Needed

Wondering what model# current carrying hose is compatible with my Nutone 599 power brush head. Everything is Nutone brand. Thanks!! Jeff from Streator, IL

All Nutone current carrying hoses are replaced with this Electric Hose. Just choose the wall end electrical connection style and the length and you are good as new - in fact better!

Open Older Nutone Power Brush

I have a older Nutone power brush that needs cleaning out but cannot get it open to do so. Janis, near Camanche Lake, Ca.

Many times the topmost part can be squeezed on the sides and lifted off, exposing the screws. Please try that.

Replace Main Unit?

Hi just bought a house and a nutone model 350 cv system is in the house but motor is missing and no hoses or attachments are present what is the best and least expensive way to proceed? Should I replace the motor or is a unit replacement a better idea? The inlet on the unit has a some epoxy around the fitting so I don't know if the intake is bad or not.

Replacing the motor would be the least expensive way to go but for $50 more dollars you can have a more powerful, smaller vacuum unit. The unit is the Flo-Master M80 and available through dealers or direct from us if no dealer is in your area. If you have carpet consider the Ace Kit as being the best value. Use our dealer locator or find your motor replacement here

Attachment Set for Allergies and Minimum Carpet

Have a Nutone CV-353w system. I just plug in the hose and it turns on. Just found out that my kid has pretty severe allergies to dust, pollen,etc... I want to upgrade my system. Not sure if I just need new attachments or a whole new power unit. My house is about 3500 sq. ft. with 6 inlets and is about 80% hardwood and 20% carpet. Any suggestions?

The upgrade we recommend is the Ace Attachement kit. It is perfect for your flooring mix and cleans aggressively. It will also give you more suction since the hose is better quality. You don't need to change the main vacuum unit, just replace the bag every few months or so. You will need the Ace Kit with corded hose. When you plug in the hose you then plug the 8ft cord into a nearby electrical outlet - but only if you need to use the Ace brush for the carpet. If not then you just need the hose for the hard floors. You can leave the cord plugged in while doing hard floors as well though. Here is a link to the Ace Kit and let us know if you have any more questions.

Cutting Out

hi my name is douglas from edmonton canada my nutone central vacuum will work sometimes but sometimes won't I now its not the motor could it be a short in the wiring

It could be a number of things, especially if it is not consistent. Use our guide for help

Clog in Hose or Wall

hello i have an older nutone central vac just one moter it has no suction it worked fine one day and then nothing the next. the motor runs and the outlet valve seems to have air comeing out of it just fine i took the bottom part of the canister off and the secondary filter and i could feel a major amount of suction there but nothing at the inlet.......any ideas

The clog could be in the hose or wall. Follow these instructions to find out and how to fix

Lost Some Suction, Two Motor System

Nutone CV450 approximately 9 years old. Suction dropped about 30% ?overnight?. All piping, bag, and cloth filter are OK. What is the procedure to check and then replace motor brushes? Thanks! Tim Roxbury

Tim, one motor is likely fried. Bang the machine and it should work again. Also look for a mini breaker to push in. Changing the brushes may help for awhile but it is better to replace the motor. You can view the motors for the model here and find the brushes for the motor by searching for them by motor number in our search box. Click on the instructions link for how to get to the motor and click on the instructions link in the motor brush text for those instructions.

Relay Going Bad?

We have a Nutone CV450. After removing the hose from the wall after use today, the vac would not turn off. Flipping the switch on the unit did nothing. I disconnected the wires at each outlet, unit still would not turn off. Disconnected low voltage wire at unit, still would not turn off. Then flipped switch on unit a couple of times, and it finally started turning on and off. Now the vac seems to work again. Is relay going bad? Can the relay on this unit be replaced? Any other ideas? Thanks. Jeff from PA

Yes, the relay is going bad. The cost effective solution is having an electrician replace the components with a central vacuum circuit board. It is quite easy and requires minimal retrofitting

New Home, Need Hose

Where can I get a new hose for a NuTone 350--just moved in and have no experience with central vac systems and unfortunately found no paperwork or instructions. The hose is pretty beat up and I can hear lots of air escaping so I'd like to replace it. Thanks, Kathy Bellingham Wa.

Hi Kathy, depending on the vacuum attachment they did or did not leave you for the carpet, we have any hose you will need. If the carpet attachment has an electric cord on it then you will need our Electric Hose. If not then the Low Voltage Hose. You also have the option of getting a complete kit. Complete kits, electric and air driven, all fit into your system and can make the difference between liking your vacuum or loving it. Please call us if you have any questions about the products or system.

Replaced Motors, Electrical Failure Weeks Later

I replaced the motor and it worked fine for about 2 weeks. Now it does not work again. Checked the motor, it is fine. I'm getting power into the module of the manual override switch, black wire, but nothing comes out to the wire to the motor, no matter the switch position. What is your assessment? Thanks, Gino

It sounds like you need the electronics replaced. An electrician and easily and quickly hook this one up Print the enlarged photo as reference to where the wires connect to.

Reset Buttons Always Popping

My nutone cv 350's reset button keeps on popping after 2 seconds. Bag is fine and I unhooked the unit from the incoming hose. Any suggestions? Gino

Hi Gino, the motors are overheating, meaning they are basically ready to be replaced. We have the replacements here and they are easy to swap out.

Grinding Sound in Motor

My Nutone CV352 runs for 30 seconds or so, then the power cuts out with a loud grinding sound afterward. After letting it be for a half hour, I manually engaged the unit from the on-system switch, and the power still cut after a minute or two, and then the system continued to make the grinding sound until I disengaged the on-system switch. Took the lid off, and re-engaged the switch again - sparks were visible from the top by the brushes. Is this a sign of a failing motor? Normally, I would expect the loss of power, but not the grinding sound.

Hi, the grinding is the motor bearings. That and the blue sparks and shutting down tell you the motor needs to be replaced. You can buy the motor from here

VacPan Kick Valve Broken

My Nutone C1365 Vac pan dust pan is not working-the piece that attaches to the on/off lever(this allows the unit to turn on & off) has disengaged from the unit. This has happened before & I had to have it serviced. I would like to fix it myself-how do I do this?

Hi, you need to replace the VacPan completely. Here are the VacPan's and manuals

Broan V40C-2 Central Vacuum Motor

I have a Broan V40C-2 120 volt 13.5 amp unit. Unit seems to have lost most of it's suction. The canister is located in my garage and when working properly is quite loud. It does not sound anywhere near like it used to. Also, seem like more air is exiting the exhaust pipe. Please help..... If I need a new motor, which one do I order for this unit....can't seem to find this model anywhere on the web. Thanks Tony

Hi Tony, that sounds like a CV40 model with two motors and these are the motors used for the replacement.,202G,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Nutone+CV40+120v. They will have a combined larger amp pull which is fine. Please let us know if you have two motors.

New to Central Vac - Suction but no Rotation

I have just purchased a new home w/ a central vac system. Model VX550. Included was CT600 power brush. My question is whenever I hook up the power brush I hear and feel suction but the roller brush does not turn. Please advise.

Congratulations on the new home! Let's get your vacuum up and running so you benefit from the central vacuum. The 110 volts is not properly making it to the brush or the brush is dead. There are several points where that can go bad. Do you know anyone with a continuity tester? They need to start at the wall end of the hose by taking the cuff off. They move to the guts of the hose handle.

Pulled Wires from Hose

Went to switch from power brush to another tool and when I tried to unplug the power feed to the brush, it was a little stuck so I pulled harder and well, pulled the the so the wires from the housing. I opened the housing and it just seems to need to be be reconnected, no other damage. Only thing is there are two prongs for the black wire and not sure at all where the probe at the end of the white wire goes. The system is a NuTone and the housing indicates it is a Condutaflex 208. Thanks Randy H.

Hi, there is a small hole or two where the wires go and you can switch there position without harm. The holes are inside the plastic shroud that you can pull off the end of the hose.

Nutone 350 Motor

I have an old 350 Model. I decided to dust my house and it ran for quite a long time. When I turned it off, it would not turn back on. I tried different plug ins and the reset button did not push in. I am looking for a repair shop in Washington State to take it to, or is it time to retire this model. If I was to buy a new one, is there one that would fit this setup without much installation involved?

Hi, use our dealer locator here for a service center. They service all types of central vacuums On your machine if you hear a click when trying to start it then your motor is dead and needs replacing. You can replace the motor yourself, it is not too hard. Here is the motor and instructions.

Vacuum Blowing Air, Not Sucking

All of the sudden our Nutone CV450 is blowing instead of sucking. What could cause this?

Hi, please go step by step through this guide to find the problem and let us know if you get stuck or have more questions.

Nutone Hose and Tool Kit Needed

I have a CV553W Nutone Cyclonic Power Unit in the house we bought but no hose or attachments. We borrowed a Beam hose that worked fine. It did not have an electric cord or the two prongs. You just pushed the hose into the wall outlet and twisted until the contacts touched. That ran the power head also. I have not seen that type. Sally in Shelbyville, TN


Since the inlets in your walls are universal, you have a few options that work with your entire system. You can have the hose with pigtail electric cord. It powers the best carpet groomers AND uses the contacts in the inlet to control the suction on and off. The compatible electrical kits are here: and the air-powered groomers (non-electric), which uses the metal contact points to control the suction are the TurboCat Kits:

10-Foot Hose Extension?

Hello. I have a Broan central vac, installed in 1999. We've now done an addition to our home, and I find that the vacuum hose is too short to reach everywhere. Can I just buy a 10-foot section of hose that will connect somehow to my existing hose? Thanks.

Hi, if the extension doesn't need electricity then you can by the Stretch Hose. It will connect to the handle of the first hose and the suction will flow through it to your new area. The hose is stretches to more than 20ft but is most comfortable to use when less stretched. The hose is available alone here:

One Motor Bad, Which One?

We have a Nutone CV-450. It runs for 2-3 seconds then reset breaker disconnects motor from running. Motor sounds like it's under strain. From reading previous questions sounds like we need a new motor, right? If so, how do we know which of the two motors needs replacing? Thanks for your help!

Yes, sounds like you need a new motor. Exposed the motors and disconnect them and test the vacuum. Both may work after you move the unit so beware. Keep it running and the bad one will show itself.

New to Central Vacs

We recently bought a home with a Nutone CV353 system. The only thing that was left with the house was the unit mounted in the garage and three outlets throughout the house. No manual, hoses, attachments and I have no experience with a builtin system. Can you help. Sue, Graham, Texas

Hi Sue, congratulations on the new home and central vacuum. With a good set of hose and tools you will love the system. The only maintenence is changing the bag which you do by releasing the bottom and removing the bag. Replacements are here: You probably have the wall valves that are wider than tall. If so you can still buy any electric vacuum kit and simply file a little plastic on the wall end of the hose for the perfect fit. We suggest the EdgeLift Kit here: You may want to trouble shoot the unit first using this Let us know if you have more questions.

No Suction

I have a Nutone CV400 and it has no suction. It has no suction at the base. The motor is running, but no suction. What could be problem be?

The motored dirt collecting unit has no suction itself when you tested it at the attached valve or removed the PVC intake pipe? Remove all the filters and subfilters and try again. Let us know...

Nutone CV40 Top Motor

I have a Broan CV40 top mount system. It has two motors, one does not have a discharge pipe housing and the other does. The picture for the 119412 shows a discharge pipe housing. I can't find another motor on the site for the CV40 without the dicharge pipe housing unless it's the 119413. Does the housing come off when installed in the first location? Please help me order the correct motor. The motor that failed is the first motor without the discharge pipe housing. Thanks Dale

Thanks Dale, looks like we need to fix the website. It should read that the uppermost motor takes the 119413 replacement (has no discharge tube but rather exhausts all the way around through small ports).

Low Suction at Hose

I have model AB27 Nutone hose and I have suction but it seems like it barely sucks any dirt. Brian NH

Hello Brian, please use this guide to find the reason

Repair Torn Electric Hose?

Handle repair I took apart the handle to my nutone central vac hose because it became torn and unraveled where the hose and the handle connect. Is there a trick to taking the piece off at the end of the hose that has the four brass rings so that I can cut the bad hose section out and reinstall it all back together? Thank You Dan Enright

Hi Dan, there is not at textbook repair for a torn electric hose. The standard answer is to replace the hose with a new one. Sorry, but the wiring is just too delicate to repair.

Unplug Unit to Turn Off

I have a nutone cv 353 and it is about 12 years old. Power unit fail to stop when the hose is removed, I have checked the other outlets, switched on an off fuse and clicked button on the power unit and on the hose, nothing helps. I have to unplug to shut off. Can I still use it and unplugg each time? please advise. Bente

Hello Bente, yes you can operate the unit like this (plugging and unplugging it) as you look for the solution. First, be sure that any on/off switch is in the off position. Next, the test you need to perform is removing the low voltage wire from the unit. That wire comes from the home and usually follows the pvc pipe. If the unit still runs then you need to replace the relay. If the unit stops then you have a short in the wire somewhere in the home.

Low Suction

I have a 3-year old Nutone CV554 that has very little suction at all ports including the one on the unit. I thought it was a problem with the cloth bag, which feels like it has powder above it, but earlier ansers say it's supposed to feel that way. It still looks like the cloth bag is clogged, but I don't know what it's supposed to look like. We suck up a lot of cat hair and dander. Suggestions? Thanks. John, Peoria.

Hi, the cloth bag is removed by grabbing the upper edge and pulling inward. Now see if the suction is better. Otherwise use this guide to find the real issue

Metal 1.5 inch piping

I have a Nutone 350 central vac unit. I have no idea how old it is, it was in the house when I bought it. The wall outlets have a 1½ inside diameter fitting and all the piping is 1 1/2 aluminum tubing with rubber connectors. I want to replace the piping as I am getting frequent blockages in the pipes. I cannot find ANY 1 ½ tubing or fittings to replace the current pipes. Since the wall outlets all are 1 ½ it would be expensive to replace all of those as well. The sweeper head for the system is a Nutone Model CT600 Serial Number D20501582, the vacuum hose has a 1 ½? fitting that fits into the wall outlets. What do you suggest? Are 1 ½? piping/fittings available? Gary S Ravena, NY

Wow Gary, that is an interesting one and very difficult to deal with in our estimation. If are you planning on redoing the pipes then why not put a new system in all together? Pipes, backing plates and inlets. We do this for nearly all older existing systems where the connection to the back of the inlet is not worth fighting over with new pipes. Leave old plates on the wall but just put a new system in. This can be done with existing homes.

Turns Off After a Few Minutes

I have a broan vk475cc.. After using for apprx 15min it shuts off on its own.I then shut the switch to off and wait apprx 15mins. Then it will come back on again for apprx 15mins..Any ideas?. Dave in Lucan

Hello Dave, you are seeing the signs of the motor going bad. You can use the motor until you are irritated enough having to wait for it to cool down. The motor is not difficult to replace. There is a possibility that replacing the motor brushes will extent the life of it, but after 800 hours or so of use it is ready to be replaced. Plus replacing the brushes is more difficult then replacing the entire motor.

Broan 12 Bag

I own an old Broan V12 vacuum. Can you give me the replacement bag number, or any number bag that will fit. Thanks J. McCaskey Bartlett Tn.

Hi, this is the bag you need Nutone is Broan.

Stealth vs EdgeLift

30 yr old built-in sweeper head & hose, in need of replacing. Curious how Stealth II compares to EdgeLift model...

Hello, if you are not replacing the hose then only the Stealth I and BlackHawk will fit. If you are replacing the hose then all the complete kits will fit. The Stealth II is heavy and built with high quality. The EdgeLift steers like a dream, also has lifetime belt warranty, and is lighter weight, (and saves you a lot of money). They both have great reviews. Your call...

Debris Shooting Out Nozzle

hi I have a power nozzle Nutone CT600. I have suction, but whenever I vacuum something up, it shoots it out in another location a few seconds later. There seems to be plenty of suction. I don't understand why dirt is shooting out of the power nozzle. The brushes are spinning. We checked the hose for a clog. There does not seem to be any. Any suggestions? Susan Long Island

Hello, this usually means either there is a clog in the nozzle (look down the neck when neck is tilted all the way down), or there is no suction when the hose is switched to the II position (yet you hear the beater nozzle and mistake the noise to also mean air is rushing in).

Belt and Lift for Broan

I have a broan central vac - it has power head CV315 B. The belt broke and I'm attempting to get a replacement. I also need a light bulb for the unit. Do you stock these items?

Hello, sorry we do not carry these items. If you cannot find these items somewhere else, you can come back here to look at our incredible upgrades we have to offer.

Replace CV315-B

I have a Broan central vac power brush model CV315-B that is broken. I would like to replace it with a new Broan/Nutone model that also has the two prong cord like my CV315-B. Can you help me out with the replacement model for this - I believe this model that I purchased in 1995 does not exist anymore. Dave Wausau,WI

Hello Dave the favorite replacement has been the Stealth brush alone because it is so well built. The BlackHawk will work as well and save you money. Those two fit right in, or you can use a non-electric TurboCat. Start here and let us know if you have any questions

Hose to Wall Cord

Good Morning - I have an older Nutone System (23yrs) with a CT600 carpet brush. The 8ft electric cord that plugs into the hose & a wall outlet needs replacement. Is this part still available & if so, what is the part number? Thanks Much. Mickey Racine, WI


Long Cord Needed

Hello, I have an older Nutone System with the CT600 Power Head for carpet. There's a power cord that one ends plugs in a wall outlet and the other into the CT600. After years of use, this cord has frayed & shorted out. Is there a replacement cord still available for this older model? Thanks much, Mickey

Hello Mickey, what you are looking for is not the hose but an electric cord that goes the length of the hose, right? Then this is typically what is you used to replace it

How to Find Leak

Is there a simple way to find a leak(s) in the walls of my house? The house was built 5+ years ago with wood and stucco.

That is difficult. We suggest turning the unit on with everything sealed (no hose in the inlet), for ONLY FIVE MINUTES at a time so the unit can cool off. We the unit running press your ear to the walls around your home to carefully listen for leaks. Do it at night when everything is very quiet. To test if your vacuum has a leak. Turn the unit on at the unit, open the built-in valve, cover the the opening with your hand. You should hear the vacuum go into over-drive . If it doesn't then you have air getting into the system somewhere - most possibly a leaks. Leaks are from unglued joints that finally separated, current construction accident, or the unit lid/bucket not put back together correctly.

Broan B1396 Parts

I have a broan vacuum model b1396 type a. Do you have a parts list for this model? I need the plastic part that goes from the unit to the pipe. thanks Beth hamer

Hello Beth, sorry we don't have a diagram or parts for it. You need the neck. It may have been sold under a different name. Look through these brushes and let us know if you find one that looks like it.

Relay for CV400

Re: Nutone CV-400 Vacuum I need a stand alone relay swithch. Where Can I purchase one? Ed

Hello Ed, you may be able to use our #241 Relay. See it here and click on the wiring diagram link in the description to see it wired.

Need Power Brush or Part

Robert from Huntsville TX. I have a model 353. The power brush roller 5551A broke at bearing side by the belt. Cannot seem to find 5551A. Would prefer taking to a service center and repaired if possible. If not I would like to replace whole power brush mechanism if possible. Looking for advise.

Hello, we don't know where to find that part separately. Many Nutone owners love the Eureka/Beam power head that fits right into 99% of all Nutone electric hoses.

Relay for CV353 Nutone

Do you know of a replacement isolation relay for a Nutone model CV-353. The relay says ALCO model FR 110 rated at 10 amps and 120 volts. I can't seem to locate one? Thanks, Dennis Olympia,Wa.

Hello Dennis, doubtful you will find it. You may be able to use our #241 Relay. See it here and click on the wiring diagram link in the description.

Turns Off, Reset Button

I have an older Nutone system (at least 15 years old) in our 4000 sf house. The system works well, but shuts off after about 10 minutes of use (I'm assuming because the motor is hot?) and I have to push in the reset button at the top of the canister. Does the motor need replaced? There is no model number on the unit that I can find. Where can I locate the model number?The canister is red. Thanks, Anne

Hello Anne, yes your motor needs replacing. Look for the model number on a plate near the reset button. If you can't find it you can use your motor and its measurements to find the exact replacement on our website.

Removing Cloth Dust Bag

I asked how to change dust filter on Broan CV30-D. You gave instructions. I found our booklet, it says and shows picture but thats not the case on this. The bag feels like it is glued or sewn to the inside of the bucket, no hold to get a hold of it to release anything and get a bag out. We have all but climbed inside to see no clamp of any sort holding it. I would rather not cut the bag off but can't see how it is in there. I have pulled and pulled, shouldn't be this hard to deal with a dust bag. Thanks. Jill Brinnon Washington

Hello Jill, you have the cloth inverted filter that is weighted in the center, right? Those all come out by grabbing the cloth at the top near any edge and pulling directly toward the center. It may be difficult but that is how it works. Just to note: if you are going to change the vacuum unit, consider a top emptying disposable bag unit such as the SilentMaster. Your bag is easy to remove and replace. There is less or no dust inhaled in the process and all the dirt from your last vacuuming months is forever gone - no plastered to a 5-year cloth filter.

Need Bags!

Hi. We just moved into a house with central vac model CV40-D. We were wondering where can we buy replacement bags? Thanks, Nancy


Need Bags, That's it.

I just want to buy bags for my Nutone machine. No local vendors seem to carry them and have even told me they are no longer available.

That was simple, we have replacement bags right here

Clog and Cloth Filter Issues

We installed a Broan Central Vacuum System Model CV30-D in 2000 in a house we were building. Some plasterboard and larger stuff got sucked up and it hasn't worked very well since. My other problem is this: Can you replace the filter that is hanging in the middle after you release the dust canister? It is so clogged I have to shake it around then empty the can. Very messy. My husband has tried to remove the filter but doesn't seem to be able to, short of cutting it off there and putting a hose clamp on a different style. thanks. Jill Brinnon

Hello Jill. We are sorry to hear of the clog. Do all of the inlets have low suction? The clog will be between the Nutone and the first port with low suction. You can suction the port hole or use a thin snake. Use a paper towel wadded up, put your ear on the wall and count the number of thumps you hear, that is how far away the clog is. Worst case is you will have to open up the pipe. You will hear the clog because it is clanging with debris. For the filter - pull from the top edge towards the center and the filter will release down. If you need a new one that has a 14 diameter, just search our site for inverted .

Hose Issue with Nutone Inlet

I have a Broan Central Vac about 12 to 14 years old, and had to replace an inlet, but my hose does not fit into the new inlet, because the new inlet is made by Nutone - Janice, Blossburg, Pa.

Hello Janice, the older Nutone inlets (and a few new ones) are only slightly tighter fitting than normal industry standard inlets. Usually one replaces inlets with the type they had before and we suggest doing that with your new one. Otherwise you would have to, if you could, shave your hose end to be thinner. This would not be good for fitting into your older, standard inlets. Interesting that you have this issue, usually it is that a person buys a new hose for older Nutone inlets and the hose is too tight (so they'd shave just a bit of plastic off the new hose end - the new hose being a low voltage or electric hose).

Broan CV30 - Need Replacement Vacuum Hose

I have a Broan CV30 unit and assume I need a new hose since both of the hoses I have now have broken plastic parts connecting the hoses to the wands. Can you tell me what replacement hose I need, please. Thank you. Sharon, Southampton, PA

Hello Sharon, assuming that there are no electrical cords involved on either end of the hose, you will need one of these two. If you have a button locking metal nipple on the hose handle end then you need the Low Voltage with Button Lock, otherwise you need the Nutone Style Basic Hose,303NM,382BL,383BL They come in 30 and 35 foot lengths.

Recommended Kit for Nutone with Carpeted Home

We are moving into a house with the Nutone CV353N central vac system. Can you recommend a complete kit for a home with 60% rug and 40% hardwood floor? Also, do you know if this model requires the pigtail connection? Waterford, CT

Hello, congratulations on the home and central vac. Getting a great attachment kit will make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning your home. That is why we recommend the Stealth for the Nutone CV353N. The corded version of the kit fits seamlessly with the system and brings the suction power into your home in the most effective way. You have the choice of Stealth original or Stealth II and with a 30' or 35' hose. In the checkout screen, when ordering, be sure the part number has a C and you will know it is the corded version. Here is the Stealth page where you can easily see and decide what you'd like If you have more questions please let us know.

Nutone CV-353 Replacement Hose

What replacement hose should I purchase for a NuTone Model cv-353 vacuum installed in 1993? Thanks! Kathleen, Issaquah WA

Hello Kathleen, a variety of hoses are compatible with the system and could have been used. If there are electrical cords attached(ing) to the hose you need our Electric Hose. If no cords but has an on/off hose handle switch then you need a Low Voltage Hose (if any hose is tight going into the inlet you can easily widdle a little off the hose end for the perfect fit since older Nutone inlets where just a hair smaller than ones today). The Basic Hose will probably not fit correctly seeing you have older inlets and it is not workable like the other two hoses are.

Need a Current Carrying Hose

Which current hose would be a fit for the broan cv335 unit? It is vintage 1995. Thanks! Steve Ellis Issaquah WA

Hello Steve, if your hose / vacuum has any electrical cords involved, you do need a current carrying hose. We have them in 30ft and 35ft. If you have to plug in a cord into an electrical outlet then buy the hose that has 8ft cord in its name. Here are the hoses:

Replace Nutone 398 Power Nozzle

I have a Nutone system that was installed in 1977. The power head is a model 398. the beater/brush roller has partially been broken ie. part of the beater portion has broken out. I have been to various sites ,but have not had any luck finding this part. Please advise as to the availability from your co. or another. Is there a newer replacement for the head that I may use the existing hose? I have very little carpet, most of the floors are hardwood if this helps to determine what new head I would need. Thanks, Jay Sunderland, Md.

Hello Jay, the Stealth is the best replacement but since you don't have much carpet, the BlackHawk will be a great fit

VX Nutone - Needs Hose & Attachments

We have a house with all hardwood floors and a Nutone VX550. What are the compatible hoses and attachments? thanks, Arlene from Chicago

Hello Arlene, all the hoses and accessories are compatible with your system. If you have any throw rugs we suggest the Deluxe Kit that has the TurboCat in it. Otherwise, get a Low Voltage hose, metal wands, and any accessories you think would be best for your situation. If you need any help don't hesitate to call.

Old Style Attachments

I have a CV400 NuTone Central Vac that was installed in 1988. Everything is working great but I need new attachments. I bought new tools locally but they do not fit my wand. The dealer could not advise me as to what to do. I would like to stay with my old style as the new style does not fit my needs.

Hello, please help us understand what didn't work with the new style attachments fitting onto the wand. Did it not have a button locking nipple hole on the new style? Hate to break it to you but that is the way all new attachments are except electrified vacuum brush heads and one 12 floor brush sold under Hayden .

Bad Batch of Nutone Circuit Boards?

I am having problems with the new Nutone v-550 relay board. I heard this is a bad batch. Did you hear about it?

Hello, it is possible that a bad batch of circuit boards was produced. Please contact directly for warranty issues.

Power Head Not Working

Hi I have power to my power head but the brushes do not move? Can this be fixed or should the whole head be replaced . I cannot find any repair centers . thank you. Phyllis

Hello Phyllis, if you are sure that the power is getting down to the brush head and it is not working then you most likely need to buy a new head or head and hose kit (if you think it is time to replace everything). A lot of Nutone customers really enjoy using the Stealth with their old hose or in a new attachment kit

How to Change Filter

how do you change the filter

Typically in most Nutones that are not the color Red, but are white and made of metal not plastic, the bottom bucket is unlatched and the bag is taken off the intake neck. It is that simple.

New VX Series a Mess?

The new VX series is a mess, I have used Nutone for years but these new ones are a mess. I am done with nutone i can't believe how fast the motor burned out. Mostly it was due to the fact that the bag has no second filter and terrible support - it always falls out of place and dirt goes right into the entire inside and motor. Do you have a new motor for VX? is it not ametek any more? Looks different, thanks.

Hello, you should really contact Nutone directly and complain. This is not the first time we heard this and other issues. Hopefully they will resolve them in the next production run, even though they have had several already. And you are right, it is not an industry standard Ametek made motor, so again you will have to contact them directly. If you are looking to buy a replacement vacuum unit we have some great choices such as the SilentMaster. It uses Ametek motors, has supported filtration, and is all powder-coated steel - made in USA.

Nutone 450 Replacement Motors

I have a model CV-450. The exploded parts list have P/N 44901REB, BNC# 10941099 for the upper motor and P/N 44902REB, BNC# 10941100 for the lower motor. I believe it is best to replace both, I see arching. Does 116210-85, P/N 202N replace the upper motor and 119412, P/N 206G replace the lower motor? Rick - Archbald, PA

Hello Rick, yes, these are the correct replacement motors for the Nutone CV-450. Go for it! It is quite easy to do.,206G,723,221,how2mtr&title=Motors+for+Nutone+CV450

Matching Hoses to Models

I have a Nutone CV-353-W, 10.5 amp [installed in 1996]. I would like to purchase another hose. Kindly recommend the appropriate model. Thank you!

Hello. The 353, and all models, used a variety of hoses and we can figure out the one you need. Does yours have an on/off switch? A button lock nipple on the steel tube? Does a cord from the carpet brush attach to two holes on the hose handle? Please let us know and we'll give you your options. If you answer yes to 1 and 2 and no to 3 you need one of these, the difference is the length,383BL


what is the warranty on motors

Please contact Nutone for their warranty. We sell replacements and upgrades to their system but not the motored unit itself.

Best Accessories for Broan / Nutone

The house we bought has the Broan Model CV20, but we can't seem to find any of the hoses or accessories. I tried looking online, but I'm confused as to what Model replaced the one I have. What are the best accessories for the Broan Model. Thanks.

We highly recommend the Stealth Kit. Quiet, powerful, deep cleaning, and high customer reviews. It fits right into your system (if a little tight in the inlets we have a simple solution for you). Read more at You can use other electric kits as well that we sell.

Hose for Older Electric Power Nozzle

I need to replace the hose for my nutone central vac system that was installed in 1986 . I think the system model # is C V350. The motor driven power brush is model # 398N. What do you recommend for hose replacement? Everything works great, just the hose has started cracking.

Assuming that you have to manually plug in the two pin cord into the hose handle. And you have to manually plug in the cord into the wall. That said, you need any size hose on this page that is 8ft Pigtail Cord .

Cloth Filter for V20C Broan

I have a Broan V20C and I need a new filter. Any idea where I could get one?

It has the inverted cloth filter with the weighted center, right? Measure the diameter of the where its outer metal flex ring is held in. We have bags with 11.5 and 14 diameter in the Cloth Mesh Foam section under Bags & Filters, parts 710B and 711B.

Power Vent Central Vacuum

Our canister says "Power Vent" though our outlet says "Nutone" Is "Power Vent" an older version of nutone? If so, can we get parts for it? Specifically we need the felt filter with rubber gasket that hangs above the filter bag in the canister. Thanks

Power-Vent is not a real known vacuum, may be a private label. It may have been a Vacumaid. I doubt you'll find that filter exactly but if you measure the diameter it fits into you can use a foam filter, used in many central vacs, that is found here You can cut to size if need be.

Convert to Electric?

We had the Nutone model #CV353 installed in 1997. With the exception of the dustpan suction in the kitchen, I don't use it because of poor suction. I am considering a couple options. 1)buying your Stealth attachment 2)replacing our power unit with the new #VX1000(is it more powerful,quieter?)We have hardwood floors in most of our 3700sq' house. The bedrooms have a low pile carpet. Another problem is a couple of the inlets are installed on walls without electrical plugs. I am planning to have an electrician install plugs but wondered if he could replace my inlets with electrified ones?


ElectraValveRarely can non-electric outlets be converted to electric. Only if there are gaps in the backing plate can you then use ElectraValve Rough in kits and new ElectraValve face plates. The gaps would have to look something like the one pictured here. Certainly the Stealth will bring life to your CV353. The 353 is a pretty strong vacuum and should be fine for the 3700 sq' home. Take some time to go through this trouble shooting guide to see if there is not something wrong here that even a new unit can't fix.

CV570 Cloth Bag Issues

Hello: I have a Nutone model CV570 I believe it is about 3 yrs old. (We just bought the house) I removed the bottom of the canister and can empty the contents. I can see the cloth bag in the upper portion. It feels full of dust and sediment but I can't seem to get it to come out. What's the trick? Is there some sort of snap-ring or other clip holding it on? How do I get it off? Also, once you tell me how to get it off, Is there a filter replacement needed?

Your cloth bag should feel that way. It is packed with weighted stuff so that when it turns off it will go from an up position to a down position...helps clean it off. You will probably be fine with that bag for many years. To clean it, take the bottom off, wrap a trash bag up over it and then give the bag a good shaking. When ready to replace we have a 14 and 11.5 wide cloth inverted filter. That may or may not work for you.

Low Suction

My 18yr old Nutone CV-400 vacuum has lost a lot of suction, but not all. When I manually turn it on in the garage and put my hand over the outlet there, it has only a little suction with no "wind up" to build a vacuum (no change in motor sound). Then I let go and there is only a short little "rush" of air. I see that it has two identical motors. If one motor is not working, is there a way to tell w/o taking the top off? The cloth filter above the bag looks in good shape. If I turn on the motor, then slowly put the canister back on, it sucks it up very solidly.

You'll have to remove the lid to check if a motor is bad. Both may look like they are spinning so you want to test them individually by disconnecting one of their wires. Have you done any work on the home? With no build up up of suction it almost sounds like a pipe is broken or something like that. But with the 2-stage motor, and only one working the build up would not be too huge anyway. See what you can find.

Hose with Button

I have a Broan CV-40D model. I'm looking to replace the hose. On my hose, (the end that connects into the wand) has a little metal button and when pressed inserts into the wand. Does your basic 30 ft hose have the same thing? I can't tell from the picture.

Only our Low Voltage Hose with Button Lock will work and it will be a huge improvement. If fits your system.,383BL

Upgrade My Nutone Accessories

We have a nutone central vac model# CV353W 10.5 amps. our hose has a hole and the plug from the hose keeps coming off the broom. with the unit we have can we replace the accessories with the upgraded version or do we need to stay with what we have? Please help me because I cant even find this model # on your web site. The system is 12 years old. Thank you. Linda

We highly suggest the Stealth Kit for your model Nutone. The corded kit will fit right into your wall inlets and work seamlessly with your system.

Older Nutone Hoses with Switch and No Swivel

In response to your response about the hose kinking on my central vacuum. The handle DOES have an on/off switch. I called your company and was told that the hose should swivel by the handle. Mine turns only by hand but not when using the vacuum.

Ah, yes, the bulky older Nutone hoses are a pain to use. Give the Low Voltage hose we sell a test drive for 30 days and if not completely impressed return it for a full refund. Be sure to get the length you want and with or without the button lock.

Hose Kinks

I have a nutone central vac that was installed in my home when it was built 3 1/2 years ago. It is extremely difficult to use because the hose kinks constantly. I thought it was because it was new but it's still doing it. It is the most user unfriendly appliance I've ever used and am considering getting an upright vacuum to replace this mess.

There are probably no on/off switches on the vacuum handle right? Those hoses kink a lot. Without any changes to your system you can get a great hose for $85 or a greater hose that also has electricity in it to run an excellent carpet brush for $200. These hoses unravel themselves because they can spin 360-degrees at the handle without any human help. Also, when storing any central vacuum hose, please hang it on a hose hanger in only 4 or 5 loops. Let us know how else we can help you. You may want to consider a Stealth Kit. It has a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping.

Pine Needle Clog?

We have a Broan central vac system CV40 about 9 years old. We are getting suction but it seems low ever since vacuuming up the Xmas tree needles. There is not a real zip of suction when I pull the hose out of the wall - and it is the same at all the outlets. What could be wrong? The motor seems to run well, the bucket is empty, etc.

Sounds like you have a clog. Plug in your hose, turn on the suction, put your hand over the end of the hose, let the pressure build up, then let go. Do this a dozen times. If the suction is not better send a wadded paper towel down the hose. It will make the clog worse for the moment but help build up a better air pressure push when you do the hand over hose again.

Sometimes Suctions, Sometimes Not

I have a Broan V28C-1 central vac that's 10 yrs old. Sometimes it will not turn on, neither by plugging in the hose, nor from the switch on the unit. Other times it works just fine. When it works, I notice a grinding sound in the motor when it first starts up, but that goes away in a few seconds. When it's not working, I have tried pressing the circuit breaker reset on the unit, but it still doesn't turn on. I have verified that there is power going to the unit. I have also checked the connections to the transformer, the relay, and to the motor. All connections are fine.

Sounds like your motor is going bad. Here is what you need to fix it.

Broan LR 44129 hose and handle

I have a Broan LR 44129 hose and handle. It seems to be worn out. The metal hose comes disconnected from the handle and the plug doesn't stay plugged in. Can I order a new hose with handle? Thanks

Most likely one of our Electric Hoses will replace it, or Low Voltage Hose. Call us so we can ask you some questions to figure out exactly what you need.

No Suction at Hose

My main unit in the garage works very well when I turn it on in the garage. However, when I run the vacuum in the house and turn the switch on at the handle of the vacuum, the rollers turn but the main unit in the garage is not getting the signal and is not turning on therefore I am not getting any suction. Your trouble shooting chart does not touch on that subject nor does your FAQ. Can you help?

Use something metal to short out the two contacts inside the LARGE HOLE of the vacuum inlet wall valve. You will not get shocked from the low voltage protrusions. If it turns on then your hose is at fault. If it doesn't turn the suction on then their an issue with your low voltage wiring that runs back to the vacuum unit.

Need to Vent?

hi i have a nutone vx475c and i need to know if i need to vent the canister?

You don't have to vent central vacuum canisters but if you want no smell and for some, no dust, you should vent it outdoors.

CV315 Brush Roll Replacement

Hi,I have a Broan Model CV 315-B Power Brush that the Bristles are worn down on. Everything else on it are in good condition.Is this Brush still in stock. If so how can I go about ordering it. Please let me know. Thanks Ted Burton:

Sorry, that is not available here and most likely no where else. You can try a traditional vac shop. Many Nutone owners have bought and are very pleased with the Stealth head as a direct replacement.

Need Everything

My house is pre-plumbed for a central vac using nutone outlets which are of the low voltage type. Will your hoses and accessories fit my system. I will be buying your main unit also. The system is about 3 years old.

Yes, everything you see here will fit your Nutone system. If you have carpet we highly recommend the Stealth Kit. If not much carpet - the Deluxe Kit.

Attachments for V40C-1 Broan

I have a very old Broan central Vac model V40C-1. I do not see this model number anywhere. This system requires a new hose and vacuum brush. Will the new central Vac Systems by the new company Nutone be compatible with the old Broan system? I am having difficulty finding these two parts even at the specified Home Depot and Rona. I am not sure if this system is electric or air powered.

All the attachment kits, air and electric, on this website will work with your system without any modifications. The inlets you have will be a snug fit for the hoses but if you buy any kit with a hose that has an on/off switch on the handle you can easily make the end fit perfectly into the wall inlets. If you buy an electric kit, we highly recommend the Stealth Kit, buy one with a corded hose. When you plug the vacuum in the wall you then also plug the cord into an electrical inlet within 8-feet of the inlet. Wires are hidden in the hose for 30-feet - you only have to deal with a hose when actually vacuuming, not a cord as well. A new kit will bring life to your Broan vacuum!

Stuck Using Nutone?

My house was roughed in with CI395RK rough in kits for a nutone system when it was built this summer. Now that I have done some research, I am considering other brands and am wondering if these outlets are compatible with other systems or am I stuck with the Nutone brand of central vacuums. If I can use other systems, which system do you recommend? I have a two story house with 3400 finished square feet and an additional 1000 square feet in the basement that I plan on finishing in the next few years.

You have all your options. Of course we, and our customers, love our products and recommend the SilentMaster S2 and Stealth Kit. The inlets and piping you have, that any Nutone/Broan system has will work with our brand of attachments inside your home and our power units in your garage or basement.

Replacement Unit

I have a Broan Central Vacuum cleaner Model V16. This unit is about 25 years old and the motor has stopped working. Can I just buy a new Vac with out having to purchase all the accessories? ie new canister complete with motor, my hoses etc are all in good working order. Thanks Carolyn

Yes, you can buy the unit or upgrade it with a powerful and quiet SilentMaster. We offer the SilentMaster, not the Nutone units.

Nutone CT599 Brush

I have a NuTone Model 599 motor driven power brush and need a new one. Can you still buy model 599? Would CT 600 work with the hose I have or would I need other equipment. Please help, I cannot find any reference to this subject anywhere. Thank you. Kay Vondemkamp

It looks like the CT-599 is no longer available and the CT-600 would not work as a replacement because of the electrical connection at the brush and the metal tubes. When you plug your hose into the metal tube you have to then plug the 2-pin cord end into the hose handle, correct? Then we highly recommend the generic Eureka brush here It is used in many systems under a different name and is one of the few left that have the electrical cord that follows the wands and plugs into the hose handle.

Belt for Model 398?

I have a nutone electric brush head Model 398; "type and serial # 88204" measuring approx 14 " across by 7 1/4". It is a Nutone central sweeper system installed in 1978. The brush portion on the power head will not work. I took apart the electric brush head and see I need a new belt. The sticker inside the power head states use "Genuine Nutone" belt No. 61105. I need this belt and wonder what is the new number for the belt and is it still available?

Sorry, we don't have the belt and couldn't find it online elsewhere.

Bagless Nutone How To

I have a bagless nutone central vac. I can take the canister off and clean it but the filter i am unable to get off to clean is there a trick to taking it off?

Grab the material up close to where it is stuck to the canister and pull towards the middle. This will flex the metal ring inward and the cloth will drop out.

Take Off Cloth Filter

We moved into our house in may this year and it already had a nutone central vac. I don't know how to take off the cloth bag. I can get the canister off but not the bag or filter to clean it out. How does it come off?

Typically with most Nutone models you leave the unit on the wall, take the bottom off and remove a paper bag.

Replace Power Cord

The cord that plugs my NuTone Power Brush into the electric outlet was lost in moving. Can it be replaced?

If it connects from the hose to the wall electrical outlet you most likely need #320 (it replaces the all short cords). If the cord is over 30' long you need #302CO35. Go to this page to find these parts.

Replace Brushes Not Motor?

Nutone model 350 CV Question: This system has given us 30 years of good service and recently the motor brushes have worn out. Can I purchase just the Armature Brushes instead of the complete motor. Thank you in advance.

These motors can use motor brushes somewhere at the middle of their life - around 400 or 500 hours. After that though you need to replace the motors. New brushes will give you only weeks or a couple of months if anything.

Power Nozzle Neck Broke


Please call us for more help on this issue.

Broan/Nutone Top Motor

I have a Broan Central Vac, model CV-40C. There are two motors on top. The suction motor works and the exhaust(?)motor does not. With out taking the exhaust motor out, the only numbers I see are Lamb 6392-01 and 660296F. Which of your replacement motors is the one I need? and is it called an exhaust motor? Thanks

It is actually pulling air from the lower motor and increasing the amount of suction you have. They both exhaust out the top motor. This motor fails because it runs hot from the lower motor's exhaust. Here is the correct replacement motor.

Will Not Turn Off

I have CV353W central vacuum. My power unit does not stop working even after I remove the hoses. Has the relay gone bad? how does the relay look? Is the relay same as the switch at the power unit? Do you have a picture of the relay? What could be the other problem areas. If necessary do you guys come and take a look at it? Thanks Simha

You will discover the problem using our easy to follow troubleshooting guide.

Nutone Rplacement for Part #44902

I have a cv-400 unit that needs a motor . The Nutone part # is 44902 REB. What is the motor on your site comparable to this NUTONE part #?

The motor 119412, as indicated on the motor section on the Nutone Help Page, is the best replacement motor we have for this. We have sold many to homeowners and have had excellent results.

Nutone Lower Motor Upgrade? NO!

I only need to replace one of the motors (lower) in my Nutone CV450 Your ad says (If you want a stronger motor that will fit in its place, order the 116472). My question is: Do I have to replace both upper and lower motors at the same time. Will the vacuum work promptly with one motor stronger they the other?

Great question. Glad you asked. The answer is no, on the Nutone units with motors in series such as yours, you must not upgrade any motor. It will upset the delicate balance and destroy both motors.

Broan CV30C Motor Replacement

Is the 117507 motor the only one that will fit on a Broan model CV30C

In the reference chart you can see the two options that were offered with that model. A quick visual comparison to your existing motor will get you the right one for your system.

Broan System - Best Attachment Kit for My Central Vac?

My home has a broan cv40d central vac system in place with 50/50 carpet hardwood floors. Which top end attachment hose kit would best suit my needs?

As you might have suspected, the Stealth Attachment Kit is by far the best you will find on the market for Broan or any central vac. The brush is built the old fashioned way with durable materials, lots of stainless steel screws, a "never" breaking belt, etc. The hose too is the best around, being resilient and lightweight with great airflow. We offer a no questions asked 30-day complete refund if not thrilled with the product. If your Broan is older, the inlets may be tight with the modern hose. If so, simply remove some plastic off the hose end. Buy the hose with an 8-foot cord to plug into a nearby electrical outlet on your wall. The hose has the wires inside it so you only have to deal with the hose when vacuuming - no cords. Determine if you want a 30ft or 35ft hose with the Stealth kit. Both the sizes are here for the Stealth Kit for older Broan Central Vacuum.

Taped up Hose Leaks? Need Hose?

I have a Nutone Central Vac model 350. When I plug in the hose, I am getting very little suction at the end of the hose. When I pull it back out of the wall, it appears that there is plenty of suction at the outlet. I ran a stick through the hose and there does not appear to be anything plugging it up. The hose is very beat up, with lots of tape on it. The power unit which originally came with it hasn't worked right in years, so I would like to just get a non-powered hose. Can I do that? Please advise what hose I should get. Thank you Stephanie Mielnik

Yes, if there is any leak in the hose, the suction diminishes quickly. Sounds like you need a Low Voltage Hose . It will work with your system and if it is too tight in the older style Nutone inlets you can easily trim some plastic off to get the perfect fit. FYI, if your carpet brush has an electric cord coming out the back of it, you'll need the Electric Hose with corded hose, not the Low Voltage Hose.


My CV-450 unit is 12 years old and stop working. There is elec. to the unit but it doesn't run. Do you have trouble shooting instructions? Thanks Doug Sensenig

We have a fantastic troubleshooting guide. Start here and let us know if you have more questions.

Motor replacement for a Broan Central Vacuum

I need to replace an 117507 motor on a Broan central vac. Is this something I can do or do I need an expert? This system is 14 years old, has been rebuilt and replaced the motor, is it time for a new system or just the motor?

Usually just the motor is all that is needed. If your unit is rusted then replace the unit. Replacing the motor is not difficult and saves money.

Nutone - Best Kit for Industrial Use?

I have a Nutone Model 599. The power nozzle has torn up from the nozzle to the connection of the hose. will this work for a replacement? This system is in our church. Thanks

Yes, the Stealth Kit works with the Nutone system, all of them, and makes for a long lasting clean especially where durability is an issue. Stealth is the preferred brush for industrial use! Here is the Stealth Kit page

Assemply Diagram?

how to reassemble (diagrams) a nu-tone cv-450 vacuum?

We don't have step-by-step instructions. Would a photograph of an assembled motor / wires / electronics help?

Nutone 391 Motors

My nutone is a CV450C model 391, 12.5 amp. 115-120 volt. what motor do I need to order, it is the main motor. will your 116472 do the trick?? please advise, I do not want to order the wrong one. thanks Richard Wolynec

The Nutone CV450C takes two motors and the top one is different from the bottom. You can find both replacments here, Just scroll down to your model number.