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Hide-A-Hose Added to Existing System?

I have recently purchased a home with an existing CV450 and wanted to know if I could add (1) hide a hose for one area of my home to make it more convenient and not have to store a hose for this area of my home. It would be much nicer to have the hosing stored inside the wall/piping etc and not have to hang it on the wall as this room is located in an area further away from my other rooms. My system does not have hide-a-hose so I'm not sure if a hide a hose will even work with my existing system (I have no idea how the piping was installed into the home with bends/turns etc being the main concern)


Yes, you can retrofit a new Hide-A-Hose (HAH) valve into your home and tie it into the existing pipe run in your attic or basement. Your CV450 is powerful enough to pull in a 50ft hose. You'll need quite a few parts to make this happen, and some tips as well. It is a difficult. Did you look up a dealer using your zip code and ask if they can install this for you?

CV450 Replacement Hose

I have a Nutone central vac model number cv450, what is the replacement hose number? Michelle Terre Haute, IN

A number of different hoses where use with that model. The way to know what hose you need is by the wands and carpet brush you use. Please provide that information or better yet send us a photo of what you have. If you don't have any accessories then we suggest a Low Voltage or Electric Hose, or even a complete hose and tool kit. Call us for more understanding of your options, if you'd like.

Rebuild Motor or Replace Motor?

We have an old cv-350c started running rough and now shorts out. Thinking bearings need to be replaced on both motors. Can this be done? If so where do we purchase bearings? Thanks. Elaine in Georgetown

The motor most likely needs to be replaced, not rebuilt. These motors are made to last 1000, or so, hours and be replaced as there are a lot of parts that get worn and used. Not sure where to get the bearing but we do sell a lot of replacement motors for the CV350. The replacement motor is here

Broan V28C-3 Central Vac

I have a Broan V28C-3 Central Vac. I need a replacement floor brush for this. Can you please advise me on the correct part number? It is the type that has a button to click it into place. Thanks. Janice

Broan didn't make vacuum heads but used ones from places like Eureka. This one here should work very well with your system. Let us know if you have any questions.

New Home, Need Hose and Brushes.

I have a nutone cv 450 and would like to replace the hose and brushes. We bought the house with the central vac system but I would like to get some new parts. What do you reccomend? Stephanie Johnston RI

We have some great choices for central vacuum kits and they all fit your Nutone System. If you have some rooms with wall-to-wall carpet consider an electric powered vacuum hose and head. If not, then stick with the non-electric kits and save money. All kits come with accessories to do hard floors. Start here and let us know if you have any questions.

Repair Hose from 1990s?

I have a 1992 Nutone Model CV353. The hose is good, all except at the handle it has a crack (hole). Is there a replacement handle for this model. It has an on/off switch at the handle. (low voltage) ? I hate to replace a good hose if I don't have to.

Hoses with a switch cannot be repaired when they tear. Sorry to say it but you'll need a new hose. If the hose is as old as 1992 then it has more issues than you realize. If you buy a new hose and see the difference in the suction you'll be amazed. We guarantee it.

All Hoses and Attachments Compatible?

I have a NuTone model CV450W. Will all above hoses/attachments and accessories fit?

Yes, all the hoses and attachments fit all Nutone systems. The only thing is if you have the inlets that are wider than tall, the Basic Hose for Nutone will fit, not the industry standard one. Most people buy the Low Voltage or Electric Hoses. Thanks for asking!

CV450 Motor Brushes

I have a Nutone cv450 central vacumn and i want to replace the motor brushes. I need instruction as to how to replace them. Frank, Florence, SC

Here are general instructions The CV450 is tricky though because the motors are in series and more difficult to work with. Another issue is that the replacement motors you see online for the CV450 are many times not the original motors (which require original brush replacements). If you are lucky the 6 digit motor number is on the original motors and starts with 11, whereby you can see if brushes are available for them online. Having said all that, motors run in that model for about 800 hours and then need to be replaced, not repaired. We have many customers who have this model and find replacing the motor much more rewarding than trying to fix the motor which may not last long.

CT-700 Electric Vacuum Hose Replacement

Charles Fruitland Park, Fl will hose 353gc work with nutone ct-700 electric power brush used with a nutone ct-170 or ct-175 wand

Yes, the Electric Hose for Nutone found here will work properly with the CT700 Power Head.

Nutone 398 Power Head Replacement

I have a nutone 350 central vac with 398 power head. The belt drive on the power head doesn't seem to line up quite right, resulting in either belt running off or eventually coming apart. I've tried to shim the motor, but it still doesn't set quit square with the brush. Is it fixable or if it needs to be replaced, what is recommended? Lot of carpet in house. 398 has about 4ft, 2 pin cord coming out of powerhead that clips to metal wand. Ben, B.C.

That is something you probably can't fix meaning you need to replace the head. You probably have several options. The best options include relacing the head and the connection wand. We recommend the Ace here:,406ATQ

Machine Wash Filter?

Our Broan Model V28C-3 needs the filter cleaned. Can I put it in the washing machine and then air dry?

This filter is very old and should be replaced. We do not recommend machine washing it. However you wash it, be sure it is completely dry before replacing.

Electric Powered Replacements for All Nutones

What are my choices in replacing my Nutone 350 30 ft hose and electric power brush (cord separately plugs into electric outlet). Terry NJ

The electric kits for Nutone are excellent replacements. We recommend the quality Stealth or Ace Kits. They both fit into your system and are available with pigtail electric cords.

Nutone Hose Fuse Parts

NuTone CT600 Unit has suction but the power head quit working. Purchased Quietdrive and it did not work. What other issue may I have? Noticed néw powerhead's light did not light up. Circuits good Thank you, Cissy

The hose may have a short in it. That is most always the wall end with the molded in diode fuse. The pigtail cord or the two pin direct connect plug need to be replaced. If your hose looks like this then you can use the parts listed in the Nutone Hose and Fuse Parts,352CP,352CO

New to Central Vac - Testing and Accessories

We recently purchased a 20 year old home with a Nutone Central vac unit, CV352. The previous owners did not use the unit and had no hose or accessories. The only info we have about the unit is the model number and an instillation guide and a Homeowner's Operating Instruction booklet ( both of which say they are for models: CV350, CV353, CV450, and CV 553; no mention of CV352). We are assuming that it is a low voltage system since the only outlets mentioned in the instillation guide are Model 360 and 330; both low voltage. Our question is are there any electric driven options for us to purchase? What type of hose and accessory kit do we need? Should we be able to make this a functioning unit? The unit does work and provide suction.Thank you. Margie. Powell,Oh

Congratulations on the home and barely used central vac! The first thing to do is run through this guide to be sure the basics are working properly (vacuum tank works, valves engage suction, and proper suction at each valve) To test each valve simply use a metal tool to touch the metal contacts INSIDE the 1-1/2" diameter hole. As a side note, the manual is for the 352 as well. Regarding low voltage, each valve as low voltage and some homes have high voltage which is two holes above or below the main suction hole. The holes will be 3/8 inch apart and small. If you don't have electric valves you can always use an electric hose and vacuum by simply buying a "corded" version. That means there is an eight foot pigtail cord attached to the wall end of the hose they plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. Really easy to do and the cord is not something you have to drag around because the wires are integrated into the hose for the entire length. You can check it all out here as well as other compatible parts for Nutone Let us know if you need any other help.

Switch for Gas Pump Handle

Hello I have a Broan Built in vac system approx 10 years old, Model V28C-3, I believe the hose assemly is a BN 32DV.I need electricial replacement parts ( wire harness) for the Gas pump style head.Could you please advise me on part # etc. for ordering. Thank You Peter

We have a wiring harness for a gas pump handle here. The hose it fits is also in the link for you to compare. Disregard the color of the plastic.,352GC.

New Home, Old Vac, Where to Start

New Home, Ancient Central Vac System We just moved into a home (built in 1970) that has an original Nutone Central Vac System for every room. There is every indication that this system was original to the home. The home was severely neglected over the last 15 years, and we have no idea whether the vac works or not. The unit is a sepia and almond metal combo, with no model name, model number or serial number that I can see anywhere. There are no vacuum cleaner attachments in the house that we've found. If it works, we'd like to try it out. What should our next steps be?

Sounds like a fun project that will pay off with a good cleaning system. Run through this chart first and then call us for technical help and we'll be sure you are good and ready for hose and tools before you invest them.

Broan CV40 Hose and Tools

I need a new hose and power head for a broan cv40. Sharon, Monroe City

Broan is the same as Nutone. Use this page to see what complete kit is best for your cleaning needs and budget. They are all compatible and you save money buying it all together.

Wheels Falling Off

Wheels fall off of our Nutone Cenral Vac Head. What are our options. Joe Raleigh NC

Nutone used several different heads. We have replacement heads and some wheels depending on the model. Please send us a photo of the head for more details.

Replacement Electric Hose

I need an electric hose for my CV353W. Which one is the right replacement hose? Thank you!!

Choose the length and wall end electrical connection type (cord or pins) from the Electric Hose page here These hoses are incredible replacements for Nutone systems and fits all models.

Wand Stuck to Hose

Any known issues with nutone vacuum hose part ch515 becoming stuck on wand part ct175 ? Mine has always been hard to put on and off. This time it is stuck. I am using release button, gently wiggling, cannot get it off.

No known issues that we know of but the components are made within tolerances that may not match as good as at other productions.

Nutone CV-350W Help

Hi, I just bought a house which has a NuTone CV-350W system and I am trying to remove the bottom part (low pail/clamp) which houses the vacuum bags but it is stuck. Any suggestions? Also what attachments would I need for hardwood cleaning and carpet cleaning? Where can I find replacement vac bags and the manual for this unit? Thanks!

When a pail is stuck it has to be forced open with downward pressure, soft hammering, and/or prying. Once opened, plan on opening it at least twice a year. Inside there should be a replacement paper bag (which we have), and for a manual, we can help you understand what you need to know as they are quite simple machines. For the hose and tools you have a number of great options, the best being the TurboCat Deluxe Kit under air driven kits. All these parts and helps are found here

Nutone Electric Hose

I have an older Nutone current carrying hose that, when the handle is moved to certain positions, the vacuum unit quits. I figure it has a broken wire near the handle a needs a new hose. However it does not have pins on the wall-end, there is just a blank plate. (the ones I see on your site have pins) My wall inlets do not have dual pins either (standard inlets - the original Broan unit in this house was not a current carrying hose. The hose has a short AC pigtail that plugs in close to the vacuum inlet. What current carrying hose would fit this? Or is it possible to repair the hose I have? Thanks Paul Dyersville

The cord on your hose is the corded option, the other picture of the wall end of the hose. Electric hoses can be found here

Cloth Bag Removal

I need to clean or replace the cloth weighted filter bag on a Broan central vac model V-17. I do not have a manual and cannot figure out how to remove the bag.

grab the material near the edge and pull to the center. Once the rim is loose, pull down.

Nutone CV450W Replacement Relay

I have a Nutone Model CV450W, it does not swith off from the outlet, I have to unplug the system in the basement, the relay assembly has a lot of wires going into it, do I need to replace this and if so which relay matches my model.Thanks.

That is the relay going out, stuck in the "ON" position. You can use our generic relay found here, The blue words in description are links for the wiring diagrams for vacuums based on number of motors, click the appropriate one for your system to see the diagram.

Nutone CV350W Inlet Move

We have a model CV-350W vac system put in 16 years ago when we built our house. I haven't used it in years because of problems with the power brush for carpet but now the downstairs is all wood and tile so I'd like to start using it again. Also, it's located in the laundry room and it needs to be moved. I'm trying to locate flexible tubing to move it to a more convenient area of the laundry room. I'm told comes in 3 foot lengths. What I don't know is what it's made of, in order to see if it is flexible enough to work and also where to buy it. Any help would be appreciated. Cece Broussard, LA

We do carry the flexible pipe and hose clamps needed here,5340c It is made of plastic and is sold by the foot, cut to the ordered length. It is highly recommended to keep the use of flexible pipe to a minimum due to the increased friction on the inside of the tubing. If you are planning on using this for a run of over 6 feet, it is recommended to use standard vacuum tubing to maintain system performance.

Fasco Replacements

My home was built in 1997 and our central vacumn system is a Fasco brand. They are no longer in business. Are the hoses, I need a new electric hose with the power control and the cord to plug in for my power head. Are all of the systems standard and compatable as far as the outlets and connections to the attachments are concerned? Thank you, Susan Trueblood

We have electric hoses that will work with your system. Give us a call to determine if a standard hose will work or if you will need an adapter attached. The handle and accessory end is a standard 1.25".

Broan CV335 Replacement Hose

I need a replacement hose only for my Broan Central Vacuum system. The model number is CV335 but I can't find it. Is there a replacement hose?

You can find all compatible products, including hoses, on our site here,

Electric Vacuum Nozzle Replacement Options for Nutone and Broan

What are my electric vacuum nozzle replacement options?

You have a couple options here,485,406ATQ,482,466

The Stealth is the most durable but the Ace has a higher height adjustment, a head light, and quick neck release. The Eureka/Rugmaster and BlackHawk are bargain brushes.

New to Central Vac, Just Bought Home.

Hi, we just bought a house that has a Nutone CV400. I know nothing about central vacuums. I could only find one hose with a wide brush-like head and no other accessories. 1) What would be a good accessory kit for this unit? 2) It has a power button on the side of the canister, and when I switch it on the vacuum comes on and stays on. Is this the correct behavior, or should it only turn on after I plug in the wall-end of the hose? Does the fact that it turns on mean there is a short somewhere in the low voltage wires inside the walls? If so, what is the best way to troubleshoot this? Thanks, Mitch - Fremont

Congratulations on the home and the central vac. The vacuum stays in the "off" position and is operated by the insertion of the hose or the switch on the hose handle. Use this guide to walk through your system to be sure everything is working All our Deluxe TurboCat Kits and Electric Kits with pigtail corded electric plug-in work with your system. To determine which one you need take a look at your cleaning needs and what you'd like to spend. Start with the primer here The only maintenance is the filtration at the bottom of the unit a couple times a year. Use this page for more information

Broan CV315 Replacement Hose And Brush

We have a CV315 Broan central cleaning system. I need to purchase a 30-35 ft hose and beater bar/power brush. Which of the new ones is compatible and should I purchase? Thanks, Dianne J. Nickel

You can find compatible hoses here, You just need to decide on the length!

Broan CV40D

We bought a home that has a Broan CV40D in it. The booklet with the vacuum says that "the brush height is instantly and automatically adjusted to any carpet pile length. The floating head feature of your motorized nozzle allows the brush to float evenly and parallel to all carpet pile surfaces without manual adjustment." The brush spins fine until we put it on our carpet and the brush totally stops because there is no height adjustment for the roller. The bristles of the brush appear to protrude beyond the bottom plate, dig too much into the rug, catches too much rug and stops. Any suggestions? Thanks

Your best option would be to upgrade to an electric brush. They come with height adjustment for any carpet, not a floating design. You can view the electric brush and kit options here,

Nutone 598 Hose Replacement

Which hose is correct for a Nutone power head Model 598?

The first hose on this page, the electric hose, is the correct replacement. Choose from 30 or 35ft and corded or direct connect.

Hose Handle Parts?

We have a Nutone CV-450W with an AB27 Hose. The handle on the hose with the 3-way switch was abused by the prior owners (or maybe our cats when we weren't looking...). It seems absurd to have to buy a $200 hose when the hose is perfectly good -- just need to replace the whole handle/switch pieces. Are they sold as a handle replacement or are we up the creek with no... hose? Terry, Phoenix AZ

Yes, you should be able to use these parts to repair the hose. Choose the top or bottom two,352GH,352S,352H.

Replace CT650

I have the Nutone CT650. I have been having issues with the silver pipe pulling out of the bottom unit and now when you pull the vacuum backward it shuts off. What replacement unit would you recommend? I couldnt find it here. We have mostly carpet.

We recommend the Stealth. It is the most sold for Nutone customers. Second is the Ace, then the BlackHawk. The Stealth and BlackHawk are plug and play but the Ace needs wands with it,406HSP,406SL. Here is the Stealth and BlackHawk,491,466

Upgrading to Electric Hose and Kit

Hi, I am looking to buy a new hose and attachment set w/power nozzel. I am upgrading because i need a new on and I want the lighter crushproof style hose... Here is my problem... My system is a nutone (or at least the pn is) an my hose is electrified but at the wall end there is no pigtail or prongs... The connections are inside the valve. I believe the system is circa about 1980s... I am having trouble finding a hose set like this online. Because mine doesnt have a pigtail or prong but little places on the inside of the valve.. PLEASE HELP!

The little connections inside the suction hole only control the suction. They are low voltage, not current carrying for operating an electric vacuum. Therefore, you need a electric kit with pigtail hose. They are available for each kit brand sold. Please start here to see which kit you'd like for your home. The suction will work at the switch, as well as the power for the vacuum head. If you have any questions please let us know.

Hose Extension and Floor Brush

I have a NuTone system, Model CV-450. The swivel head to the hose (to clean carpet,tile or wood floors)will not stay attached when cleaning. It disconnects when there is slight back and forth pressure applied while cleaning. It needs to be replaced. Please send the required ordering information. I also need to extend the length of the current hose that I am using. My residential home is over 6,000 sq.ft. and the hose I now have is too short to reach my home office and media center. I need a 10 to 15 foot extension. Please send pertinent information. Thank you for your assistance, Harold Greenwood

Hello Harold, we can help you get what you need. It sounds like you need a new floor brush and maybe wands. You also need a Basic Hose to connect to the hose you have now. They simply daisy change together. We recommend these parts:,402W,301. Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to call if you want to go over this on the phone.

Low RPMs

I have a cv-750 unit the motors seem to be down on rpm,s the pitch of the motors is not what it was when installed and the suction is down also ihave unhooked the unit from the piping and it made no difference in the pitch of the motors so i changed both motors that also made no difference i want to know does the control board have any effect on the rpm,s of the motors if so what part # would i use and is it a exact fit or does it need to be refited randy

Usually low RPM is do to lower voltage to the motors. That is most often not the circuit board. Text the voltage to be sure you are at 110 volts, or close. There is a chance it could be the circuitry. An electrician can easily replace the components with this board and it will require a little retrofitting. Use the large photo as a guide for the wiring.

New Home, Need Hose

Where can I get a new hose for a NuTone 350--just moved in and have no experience with central vac systems and unfortunately found no paperwork or instructions. The hose is pretty beat up and I can hear lots of air escaping so I'd like to replace it. Thanks, Kathy Bellingham Wa.

Hi Kathy, depending on the vacuum attachment they did or did not leave you for the carpet, we have any hose you will need. If the carpet attachment has an electric cord on it then you will need our Electric Hose. If not then the Low Voltage Hose. You also have the option of getting a complete kit. Complete kits, electric and air driven, all fit into your system and can make the difference between liking your vacuum or loving it. Please call us if you have any questions about the products or system.

Broan CV520BR Hose Replacement

I am looking for a broan CV520BR replacement hose, what current model# works? Dan, Bellevue

Hi Dan, the hose you need is available in 30 and 35-foot lengths here,353GC. It directly replaces the CV520BR, guaranteed.

Replace AB27 Vacuum Hose

I need a new (replacement) hose for my CV-750 central vac system. The hose states it is an AB 27 with 3.5 amps and 120 volts. What type of hose do I need. John Washington, PA

Hi John, the first hose (Electric Hose) listed on this page is what you need as the direct replacement. You probably need the one with the "8ft cord" in the drop down menu. We have two lengths to choose from as well.

Hose for CT600

I have a CV350 and need to replace my hose. Are they all the same. I cannot find my hose on line or at the store. Are all hoses the same? The power motor I use is a CT600.

Hi, you need an Electric Hose. Please go here and choose the length you desire (30 or 35ft) and the wall end connection type (pigtail cord or direct pins). If you have any questions please let us know.

Replace CT600?

I'm looking for a Nutone CT600 replacement power head. Do you have this? Amy

Hi, we don't have that but we do have two brushes that Nutone users are replacing their nozzles with. The Stealth and Blackhawk. They fit right in place of the CT600. Check them out here. Our return policy is easy if you don't care for them, but the customers rate them high.

Replace Electric Hose?

I have a 13 year old nutone central vac, cv450w. The hose is a 13 year old electric hose with a 3-way switch but the builder never gave us a powerbrush, but that's been fine. I'm thinking of replacing that hose with a low voltage hose since we really don't need a power brush, and it's much less $. Will that different hose type work? Thank you, Jim Westport

Hi, yes you can buy any of the Low Voltage Hoses and they will fit directly into your wall inlets. We have it with a button locking nipple or not so you can match with you used before when attaching to your metal wands. Of course, as you mentioned, you will not be able to run an electric vacuum on this hose. If you wanted to keep your electric hose, or buy a new one, then our Stealth or BlackHawk nozzle will fit on it and clean your carpets very well.

CV-353 Electric Hose Needed

I need replacement parts for my central vacuum system. I have a Nutone built in home vacuum system, model # CV-353. The hose plugs into the inlet which appears to be 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter. The hose has a pigtail to connect the power to the wall (not direct-connect). I need a dual voltage replacement hose (both carrying current to the power head and the on off switch for the vacuum system) and am wondering which 35 foot, Corded Style hose, dual voltage hose will be compatible with my system. I also need the floor attachment for cleaning a hardwood and tile floor to connect to the metal tubing. Do you have a recommendation for the floor attachment? Before I order this, I would like to be absolutely sure that this is compatible with the Nutone system. Thanks for your help

Hi, any corded hose here will for sure fit your Nutone valves and wands The popular hard floor attachments that fit your hose and wands are found here The 402D, 402W are the most popular. If you have any questions please ask.

Replace Nutone 349N Hose and 598NU Vacuum

Jean - Voorheesville I need a replacement for a 32 ft. nutone hose assembly #349N bought in 1991. I'm also looking into replacing the Electric Brush #598NU.

Hi Jean, having to replace the hose and the nozzle means you save money and get more by buying a new complete kit. The kits we offer for your Nutone are found here We highly recommend the electric kits. They will give you the best clean and the most satisfaction. The first category of kits is electric. Click on the link for them and you can get a kit with a 35 foot hose.

CV750 Motors

I have a nutone the parts list, it shows that the upper motor is part# 44331-reb and the lower motor is #44332-reb what are the current replacement part# for these motors? Price? what about a price for the control board part # 87118-000? thanks Chris

Hi Chris, take a look at the CV450 / CV750 on the motor cross reference chart here We have the motors and the price given after you click the motor link - but the motors are around $100 each. The circuit board that may be used is

How to Upgrade to Electric Hose and Brush

I have a Nutune CV-450 Central Vacuum system. I need to replace the hose and would like to get an electric powered carpet head attachment to use on carpet. I have 1.5in inlets with two round circle (feels like bearings) contacts on the top inside of the inlets and their is no electric pig tails or power on the hose. Just a switch to turn the vacuum on and off. I believe this is a what you call a low voltage hose. What hose and attachment do I need to get with my setup? Will a electric power attachment work on a low voltage hose? Thanks, Bill

Hi, we have awesome choices that fit directly into your Nutone Vacuum System. The first products listed on this page are your options. You need the 8ft Corded version and you can get a 30 or 35 foot hose with the kit. So when you plug the hose into your inlet you will also plug the pigtail cord into a nearby electrical outlet. Now you have supreme vacuuming power!

Replace Nutone 398ND and Hose

I have an older Nutone Central Vac system that I need to replace parts for. I need a Model 398ND Motorized Nozzle and hose, or how do I upgrade and what is available?

Hi, thankfully you have a lot of great options. Choose a more modern, quieter, and better functioning - like never breaking a belt! Start here to review your options: Stealth, EdgeLift, and BlackHawk.

CT600 Hose

I need to replace my eletric nutone hose for power head CT600.

Hi, our Electric Hoses here are compatible with your brush and system and connections

Hose for Nutone Nozzle 398

Hello, I need a 30 foot replacement hose for my 20 year old Nutone model CV 353. I need the one with the electric cord on the wall end. The power brush is model 398. The cord on the power brush has a standard 110 volt wall-type plug. The wall inlets are 1.5 inches in diameter. What hose do I need? Thanks, Phil, Cumming, GA

Hi, here is the hose with pigtail wall end cord that fits right into the 398 connection. Listed are the 30 and 35 foot versions. They may look different from your hose but fit right in.,353GC.

Work with Newer Brand Replacement?

We have a Broan Nutone system that is approximately 10 years old. We would like to change to a newer different make. If we change makes, will the wall inlets where the hose plugs in work with a new type of hose?

Hi, yes, if you change the vacuum suction unit in the basement or garage then you will be able to use the system as before. If you change your hose and attachments, the new hose will fit into the wall inlets. We sugges the SilentMaster Vacuum and Stealth Attachment Kit.

CV 315-B Power Brush Replacement?

Hello I have a Broan Model CV 315-B Power Brush and need to replace it. The hose is fine but the power cord would also need replacing. Could you recommend a model # that would be compatible. thanks Joan Toledo, Ohio

Hi Joan, the BlackHawk or Stealth (not Stealth II) nozzles on this page will replace it and work great.

Replace CH510 Nutone Hose

I have Nutone CV-750 power unit in my house, our hose assembly is a CH-510 30FT, which broke and is not working, could you please tell me the right hose assembly for this unit and how it can ordered? thank you cyrus

Hi Cyrus, the electric vacuum hose you need is here and is available in 30 and 35ft,353GC

10-Foot Hose Extension?

Hello. I have a Broan central vac, installed in 1999. We've now done an addition to our home, and I find that the vacuum hose is too short to reach everywhere. Can I just buy a 10-foot section of hose that will connect somehow to my existing hose? Thanks.

Hi, if the extension doesn't need electricity then you can by the Stretch Hose. It will connect to the handle of the first hose and the suction will flow through it to your new area. The hose is stretches to more than 20ft but is most comfortable to use when less stretched. The hose is available alone here:

Electric Brush Options

Do you have an electric brush for a nutone central vac model 353. The nutone brush we were looking at was a BN190

Hi, hopefully you are looking for the complete hose and tool kit. The BN190 is similar to our Hayden brush and kit which is our lowest end vacuum and not even pictured here Nevertheless the BN190 is quite good and been a standard since the 70's. Let us know if you have any questions.

Time for All New Accessories

Hi, I moved recently & am new to owning/operating a central vac. We have a NuTone CV-353 and it seems like I lose suction with the hose and accessories. There is a great deal generated when I put the hose in the outlet, but it diminishes when I feel the suction at the end of the hose, and then even more when I put on an attachment. I am thinking I need to buy a new hose & accessories kit, but I don't know what I need. We have mostly hardwoods in the house with carpet in the bedrooms (5500 sq. ft.) We don't have dog yet, but there will be one in the future. Can you lend me any advice on the most cost-effective and useful solution? Thanks so much. -Karin Olsen

Hi Karin, you have several options and they all provide excellent cleaning. The new hose will have a pigtail 8ft cord on the wall end that plugs into an electrical outlet. The hose and tool set called Stealth Kit is our best seller and then the EdgeLift. Take a look at the wall ports you have. If they are wider than they are tall then purchase the Stealth because it's hose is easer to modify for those inlet valves. The hose just needs a bit of plastic removed. Here are the kits Also, for your hose try reversing it and sucking the other way. But the handle into the wall instead of the other end. You may get the clog out!

Old Nutone or Buy Portable Vac

we have just purchased a home that has a Nutone cv-353 system. It has no hoses or attachments in the house. the house was built in 2006. Would I be better off buying a dyson? Just what type of accessories are needed to use the central vac system?

Hi, let's get your central vacuum up and working and with a good hose and some attachments. The benefits are always better than a portable! (See benefits: Lets make sure the unit is running and work correctly. Use this simple guide to give it some tests Then for the hose and attachments the best for carpeting and hard floors are the electrical kits. Get an overview of them here: If you have any questions please let me know. You can call us too for help.

Replacement Vacuum Head for Nutone Hose

I have an older NuTone Central Vac. My vacuum head has quit working Model 398 NG (S/S 0162004) the hose that it attaches to is Cat E60464. Would you please suggest a replacement head for my central vac? (I really would like to keep the hose if possible.) Thank you for your assistance. Tracy French

On the hose you plug the cord from the vacuum head into the hose handle after inserting the hose handle into the metal tubes, right? Then the Eureka/Beam power head will take its place perfectly.

Broan CV30 Vacuum Hoses

I would like to buy 2 new 30' hoses for my Broan CV30 central vacuum system which is approx. 18 years old. Can you give me a price on both the electric and non electric hoses? I presently have both types of hoses but no electric accessories. Thank you, Ron Cavalier, Galloway, NJ 08205

Hello, electric hoses are around $200 and non electric from $50s to $80s. Are you thinking of an electric hose and tool kit such as Stealth or EdgeLift? They would fit and work with your system and really clean the best. Please call us and we will layout all our options for you as we discuss the cleaning needs you have. Thank you.

New Accessories for Older System

I have a Nutone 350 that looks like it was installed sometime in the 70's. The old owner of the house managed to keep the hose and the attachments working by duct taping them. Now some of the attachments I can not use because the duct tape is holding the unit together. I am looking to replace the hose and attachments but don't know what to buy. I don't know if I should replace the inlets (or if that's even possible without replaying the whole system) or if I can just buy a hose and attachments that are compatable. I really don't know anything about the central vacuum system so I don't want to just guess.

Hi, you came to the right place. Most likely you have nearly square shaped inlets on your wall. These are slightly smaller than standard inlet hole sizes but our electric and deluxe air driven attachment kits fit right into them by simply scraping a bit of plastic from the two friction ridges that slide into the port hole, or the friction circle on the EdgeLift Kit hose. You really don't need to replace the inlets, but we do have these older types available if you want fresh ones and the newer more rectangle ones as well. For the complete accessory kit we suggest the electric Stealth and EdgeLift Kit first because they clean the best and are quiet compared to the air driven deluxe kit. Start here and let us know if you have any questions. Older inlet valve covers are here,653NW.

New Home, New to Central Vac

We've just purchased a home that has an old (35 years old!) Nutone in-home vacuum that works really well! Trouble is the hoses are old and there are no accessories. Glad to have found your site.

Hello, glad you found a new home and that it came with a central vacuum. Buying a complete attachment kit will give you the cleaning benefits known only to central vacuum owners. If you have very little carpet we recommend the air driven Deluxe Kit with TurboCat. If you have carpet then an electric kit will be the best choice. You don't have to do anything to your existing system for these kits to work. Start here and if you have any questions please call us Also, drop the bucket on the Nutone. If it takes a paper bag then replace it every few months with this one

Revive Older System

My system is a CV-352, the previous home owner's did not have any tool with the system. I want to use this in my home. I need to know how to revive this new system.

Hi, let's get this vacuum up and running. With the proper hose and attachments it will be your favorite vacuum ever! Please start by running the tests using this guide Then see all the complete vacuum kits we have for all Nutone models here If you have carpet then you really want the benefits of and electric kit. Nothing needs to change in your system for you to use one. All the electric kits are here If at anytime you'd like assistance on what you are looking for please call us.

Need Parts, Don't Know Model

I bought a home and it has a Broam Central Cleaning Unit, I need parts, my problem is I don't have a clue what the model is. Do you have any suggestions? Karen

Hi Karen, if what you need is a filter and attachments then we can easily figure that out. Most of these took our #723 paper bag, or a center weighted cloth filter 14 wide. For attachments, all the ones you see on our site will fit and the hoses will too. If there are fitting issues, we know exactly how to easily help you remedy them. If you want, call us for a run down of what is available to you to get the system functioning beautifully.

Accessory Kit for VX Model Units

I have a VX550 unit. I need a carpet electric powered beater unit. What part do I need?

Hello, our complete accessory kits fit right into your system. Powerful electric kits such as Stealth and EdgeLift. We also have air powered kits. If you only need a power head, we'd need to know if the end of the hose, under the metal tube, if there was two holes there. That would be for 110 volts. Many hoses have a switch for just the suction and some have it for the suction and 110 volts. That will determine the type of nozzle you can use with that hose.

Motor Hums Only

I have a NuTone Model CV-352. It needed the bag replaced which we did, and now it won't turn on. It is 21 years old. It "hums" a little but that is it. Is there a reset button or do we need a new motor? Patty Tacoma

Hello Patty, this may seem strange but what you need to try is slapping the unit. Sounds like the motor is on its last leg and will work only if engaged correctly. If slapping will not work and you hear a click when you try to turn it on, and the reset button is pushed in, then you need a new motor.

Stealth vs EdgeLift

30 yr old built-in sweeper head & hose, in need of replacing. Curious how Stealth II compares to EdgeLift model...

Hello, if you are not replacing the hose then only the Stealth I and BlackHawk will fit. If you are replacing the hose then all the complete kits will fit. The Stealth II is heavy and built with high quality. The EdgeLift steers like a dream, also has lifetime belt warranty, and is lighter weight, (and saves you a lot of money). They both have great reviews. Your call...

Broan CV40 Electric Hose?

I have the old broan cv40c and my hose is the cv331 in the brochure - electrical cords on both ends. I need a new hose (with electrical cords at each end) Can you help me? Thank you!


The first step in determining which hose you need depends on your inlet valves. Does the opening of your valve have an ID (inner diameter) of 1.5 ? Please review all available options on the Electric Hose page on our website, choose the length of hose you prefer, and remember to select the corded option. If you have inlet valves that measure anything other than 1.5 , please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) and one of our helpful representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

Electric Hose Needed

I have a nutone central vac system with power head model 398 from the late 70's or early 80's-what current carrying hose replacement do I need? thank you KC

Hello, you need one of these electric hoses. Your plug is put into the handle manually so there is not a compatibility issue.

Kits: Upstairs Carpet, Downstairs Wood

I am replacing a nutone unit that is appx 17 years old. My house is appx 3300 square feet. Upstairs is carpet, nap 3/8-1/2 inch. Downstairs tile, hardwood and rugs. To avoid carrying the hose etc up and downstairs I was going to purchase an airbrush kit for downstairs and electric brush for up. I am confused as to which model to purchase. I want to make sure I get the maximum efficency out of my electric brushes. Your recommendations?


Getting a great attachment kit will make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning your home. That is why we recommend the Stealth for the Nutone. The corded version of the kit fits seamlessly with the system and brings the suction power into your home in the most effective way. You have the choice of Stealth original or Stealth II and with a 30' or 35' hose. If you are looking for the electric nozzle alone then the Stealth brush alone is your best option. Please note that older hoses have 27% less suction. Here is the Stealth page where you can easily see and decide what you'd like This would be great for your upstairs. For downstairs we highly recommend the TurboCat Kit.

Broken Brush


Hello, what is the name and model number of the brush and do you know where it was bought from?

Hose to Wall Cord

Good Morning - I have an older Nutone System (23yrs) with a CT600 carpet brush. The 8ft electric cord that plugs into the hose & a wall outlet needs replacement. Is this part still available & if so, what is the part number? Thanks Much. Mickey Racine, WI


Long Cord Needed

Hello, I have an older Nutone System with the CT600 Power Head for carpet. There's a power cord that one ends plugs in a wall outlet and the other into the CT600. After years of use, this cord has frayed & shorted out. Is there a replacement cord still available for this older model? Thanks much, Mickey

Hello Mickey, what you are looking for is not the hose but an electric cord that goes the length of the hose, right? Then this is typically what is you used to replace it

Need Power Brush or Part

Robert from Huntsville TX. I have a model 353. The power brush roller 5551A broke at bearing side by the belt. Cannot seem to find 5551A. Would prefer taking to a service center and repaired if possible. If not I would like to replace whole power brush mechanism if possible. Looking for advise.

Hello, we don't know where to find that part separately. Many Nutone owners love the Eureka/Beam power head that fits right into 99% of all Nutone electric hoses.

Broan CV30 - Need Replacement Vacuum Hose

I have a Broan CV30 unit and assume I need a new hose since both of the hoses I have now have broken plastic parts connecting the hoses to the wands. Can you tell me what replacement hose I need, please. Thank you. Sharon, Southampton, PA

Hello Sharon, assuming that there are no electrical cords involved on either end of the hose, you will need one of these two. If you have a button locking metal nipple on the hose handle end then you need the Low Voltage with Button Lock, otherwise you need the Nutone Style Basic Hose,303NM,382BL,383BL They come in 30 and 35 foot lengths.

Recommended Kit for Nutone with Carpeted Home

We are moving into a house with the Nutone CV353N central vac system. Can you recommend a complete kit for a home with 60% rug and 40% hardwood floor? Also, do you know if this model requires the pigtail connection? Waterford, CT

Hello, congratulations on the home and central vac. Getting a great attachment kit will make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning your home. That is why we recommend the Stealth for the Nutone CV353N. The corded version of the kit fits seamlessly with the system and brings the suction power into your home in the most effective way. You have the choice of Stealth original or Stealth II and with a 30' or 35' hose. In the checkout screen, when ordering, be sure the part number has a C and you will know it is the corded version. Here is the Stealth page where you can easily see and decide what you'd like If you have more questions please let us know.

Nutone CV-353 Replacement Hose

What replacement hose should I purchase for a NuTone Model cv-353 vacuum installed in 1993? Thanks! Kathleen, Issaquah WA

Hello Kathleen, a variety of hoses are compatible with the system and could have been used. If there are electrical cords attached(ing) to the hose you need our Electric Hose. If no cords but has an on/off hose handle switch then you need a Low Voltage Hose (if any hose is tight going into the inlet you can easily widdle a little off the hose end for the perfect fit since older Nutone inlets where just a hair smaller than ones today). The Basic Hose will probably not fit correctly seeing you have older inlets and it is not workable like the other two hoses are.

Need a Current Carrying Hose

Which current hose would be a fit for the broan cv335 unit? It is vintage 1995. Thanks! Steve Ellis Issaquah WA

Hello Steve, if your hose / vacuum has any electrical cords involved, you do need a current carrying hose. We have them in 30ft and 35ft. If you have to plug in a cord into an electrical outlet then buy the hose that has 8ft cord in its name. Here are the hoses:

Replace Nutone 398 Power Nozzle

I have a Nutone system that was installed in 1977. The power head is a model 398. the beater/brush roller has partially been broken ie. part of the beater portion has broken out. I have been to various sites ,but have not had any luck finding this part. Please advise as to the availability from your co. or another. Is there a newer replacement for the head that I may use the existing hose? I have very little carpet, most of the floors are hardwood if this helps to determine what new head I would need. Thanks, Jay Sunderland, Md.

Hello Jay, the Stealth is the best replacement but since you don't have much carpet, the BlackHawk will be a great fit

VX Nutone - Needs Hose & Attachments

We have a house with all hardwood floors and a Nutone VX550. What are the compatible hoses and attachments? thanks, Arlene from Chicago

Hello Arlene, all the hoses and accessories are compatible with your system. If you have any throw rugs we suggest the Deluxe Kit that has the TurboCat in it. Otherwise, get a Low Voltage hose, metal wands, and any accessories you think would be best for your situation. If you need any help don't hesitate to call.

Power Head Not Working

Hi I have power to my power head but the brushes do not move? Can this be fixed or should the whole head be replaced . I cannot find any repair centers . thank you. Phyllis

Hello Phyllis, if you are sure that the power is getting down to the brush head and it is not working then you most likely need to buy a new head or head and hose kit (if you think it is time to replace everything). A lot of Nutone customers really enjoy using the Stealth with their old hose or in a new attachment kit

Nutone 450 Replacement Motors

I have a model CV-450. The exploded parts list have P/N 44901REB, BNC# 10941099 for the upper motor and P/N 44902REB, BNC# 10941100 for the lower motor. I believe it is best to replace both, I see arching. Does 116210-85, P/N 202N replace the upper motor and 119412, P/N 206G replace the lower motor? Rick - Archbald, PA

Hello Rick, yes, these are the correct replacement motors for the Nutone CV-450. Go for it! It is quite easy to do.,206G,723,221,how2mtr&title=Motors+for+Nutone+CV450

Matching Hoses to Models

I have a Nutone CV-353-W, 10.5 amp [installed in 1996]. I would like to purchase another hose. Kindly recommend the appropriate model. Thank you!

Hello. The 353, and all models, used a variety of hoses and we can figure out the one you need. Does yours have an on/off switch? A button lock nipple on the steel tube? Does a cord from the carpet brush attach to two holes on the hose handle? Please let us know and we'll give you your options. If you answer yes to 1 and 2 and no to 3 you need one of these, the difference is the length,383BL

Best Accessories for Broan / Nutone

The house we bought has the Broan Model CV20, but we can't seem to find any of the hoses or accessories. I tried looking online, but I'm confused as to what Model replaced the one I have. What are the best accessories for the Broan Model. Thanks.

We highly recommend the Stealth Kit. Quiet, powerful, deep cleaning, and high customer reviews. It fits right into your system (if a little tight in the inlets we have a simple solution for you). Read more at You can use other electric kits as well that we sell.

Hose for Older Electric Power Nozzle

I need to replace the hose for my nutone central vac system that was installed in 1986 . I think the system model # is C V350. The motor driven power brush is model # 398N. What do you recommend for hose replacement? Everything works great, just the hose has started cracking.

Assuming that you have to manually plug in the two pin cord into the hose handle. And you have to manually plug in the cord into the wall. That said, you need any size hose on this page that is 8ft Pigtail Cord .

Hose with Button

I have a Broan CV-40D model. I'm looking to replace the hose. On my hose, (the end that connects into the wand) has a little metal button and when pressed inserts into the wand. Does your basic 30 ft hose have the same thing? I can't tell from the picture.

Only our Low Voltage Hose with Button Lock will work and it will be a huge improvement. If fits your system.,383BL

Broan LR 44129 hose and handle

I have a Broan LR 44129 hose and handle. It seems to be worn out. The metal hose comes disconnected from the handle and the plug doesn't stay plugged in. Can I order a new hose with handle? Thanks

Most likely one of our Electric Hoses will replace it, or Low Voltage Hose. Call us so we can ask you some questions to figure out exactly what you need.

CV315 Brush Roll Replacement

Hi,I have a Broan Model CV 315-B Power Brush that the Bristles are worn down on. Everything else on it are in good condition.Is this Brush still in stock. If so how can I go about ordering it. Please let me know. Thanks Ted Burton:

Sorry, that is not available here and most likely no where else. You can try a traditional vac shop. Many Nutone owners have bought and are very pleased with the Stealth head as a direct replacement.

Stuck Using Nutone?

My house was roughed in with CI395RK rough in kits for a nutone system when it was built this summer. Now that I have done some research, I am considering other brands and am wondering if these outlets are compatible with other systems or am I stuck with the Nutone brand of central vacuums. If I can use other systems, which system do you recommend? I have a two story house with 3400 finished square feet and an additional 1000 square feet in the basement that I plan on finishing in the next few years.

You have all your options. Of course we, and our customers, love our products and recommend the SilentMaster S2 and Stealth Kit. The inlets and piping you have, that any Nutone/Broan system has will work with our brand of attachments inside your home and our power units in your garage or basement.

Nutone CT599 Brush

I have a NuTone Model 599 motor driven power brush and need a new one. Can you still buy model 599? Would CT 600 work with the hose I have or would I need other equipment. Please help, I cannot find any reference to this subject anywhere. Thank you. Kay Vondemkamp

It looks like the CT-599 is no longer available and the CT-600 would not work as a replacement because of the electrical connection at the brush and the metal tubes. When you plug your hose into the metal tube you have to then plug the 2-pin cord end into the hose handle, correct? Then we highly recommend the generic Eureka brush here It is used in many systems under a different name and is one of the few left that have the electrical cord that follows the wands and plugs into the hose handle.

Belt for Model 398?

I have a nutone electric brush head Model 398; "type and serial # 88204" measuring approx 14 " across by 7 1/4". It is a Nutone central sweeper system installed in 1978. The brush portion on the power head will not work. I took apart the electric brush head and see I need a new belt. The sticker inside the power head states use "Genuine Nutone" belt No. 61105. I need this belt and wonder what is the new number for the belt and is it still available?

Sorry, we don't have the belt and couldn't find it online elsewhere.

Replace Power Cord

The cord that plugs my NuTone Power Brush into the electric outlet was lost in moving. Can it be replaced?

If it connects from the hose to the wall electrical outlet you most likely need #320 (it replaces the all short cords). If the cord is over 30' long you need #302CO35. Go to this page to find these parts.

Replace Brushes Not Motor?

Nutone model 350 CV Question: This system has given us 30 years of good service and recently the motor brushes have worn out. Can I purchase just the Armature Brushes instead of the complete motor. Thank you in advance.

These motors can use motor brushes somewhere at the middle of their life - around 400 or 500 hours. After that though you need to replace the motors. New brushes will give you only weeks or a couple of months if anything.

Broan System - Best Attachment Kit for My Central Vac?

My home has a broan cv40d central vac system in place with 50/50 carpet hardwood floors. Which top end attachment hose kit would best suit my needs?

As you might have suspected, the Stealth Attachment Kit is by far the best you will find on the market for Broan or any central vac. The brush is built the old fashioned way with durable materials, lots of stainless steel screws, a "never" breaking belt, etc. The hose too is the best around, being resilient and lightweight with great airflow. We offer a no questions asked 30-day complete refund if not thrilled with the product. If your Broan is older, the inlets may be tight with the modern hose. If so, simply remove some plastic off the hose end. Buy the hose with an 8-foot cord to plug into a nearby electrical outlet on your wall. The hose has the wires inside it so you only have to deal with the hose when vacuuming - no cords. Determine if you want a 30ft or 35ft hose with the Stealth kit. Both the sizes are here for the Stealth Kit for older Broan Central Vacuum.

Motor replacement for a Broan Central Vacuum

I need to replace an 117507 motor on a Broan central vac. Is this something I can do or do I need an expert? This system is 14 years old, has been rebuilt and replaced the motor, is it time for a new system or just the motor?

Usually just the motor is all that is needed. If your unit is rusted then replace the unit. Replacing the motor is not difficult and saves money.

Nutone - Best Kit for Industrial Use?

I have a Nutone Model 599. The power nozzle has torn up from the nozzle to the connection of the hose. will this work for a replacement? This system is in our church. Thanks

Yes, the Stealth Kit works with the Nutone system, all of them, and makes for a long lasting clean especially where durability is an issue. Stealth is the preferred brush for industrial use! Here is the Stealth Kit page

TurboCat - Air Driven Brushes - Replace with Stealth?

I have a turbo cat system with hose which is broke. Would this stealth be okay to replace with my Beam system as long as I buy the pigtail. We have a 3600 square-foot house 3 rooms upstairs are carpeted (bedrooms) and then our finished downstairs with 2 bedrooms and a large family room or can the turbo cat really clean just as well. Thanks

Yes, the corded Stealth kit with either 30 or 35-foot hose will be a tremendous improvement over the TurboCat - guaranteed. The Stealth will fit right into your existing central vacuum system without any modifications. Here is a page on upgrading any system to electric tools You never have to change anything in your system.