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CT600 Power Head Cord Replacement

Nutone #Ct600 the power cord on the power head is broken,Hoe do you replace it and do you a replacement for it.

We have the different types of cords use on the CT600. Please take a look here and let us know if you have any questions.,406hsp,406h,480UC

No Suction at Tank

353 model that will not suck even right at machine. all a part no clogs

Have to ask the dump question first. The bottom part of the tank has to be attached for there to by any suction. Also, don't test it with the hose, it may be clogged.

CT600 Belt Change

How do you change the belt on a CT600 power brush. Hal, Mendota Heights, MN

Push the sides of the top cover in and lift off the cover. Under it are two screws that will allow you to separate the two halves of the power nozzle. Lift a back left corner to separate them. You can now access the belt.

No Suction Switch in II Right Position

My nutone has one switch on the handle. If you flick it to the right side, it activates the power brushes. Flick to the left and it's just suction. Lately when I flick to the right, the brushes turn on, but there is no suction. When there is nothing attached, the left side has suction, but not the right. Can you help? Lori, Clinton.

You should be able to pop the switch out with a sharp object to clean the contacts. If not then replace the hose handle wiring harness with this

Four Wire Low Voltage Configuration

leroy, i have 4 wires coming from the wall,red, yellow green , black,2 yellow wires on the unit,how do i hook these up

You need to put two of the wires together and then the other two, for instance the red and yellow together and the green and black together. You have to have them together at every inlet in your home. Remove all the inlets and be sure they are doubled up and consistent. At the unit connect one pair to either low voltage contact (yellow wire) and the other pair to the other contact.

Switch on Tank - On or Off?

we have a nutone centeral vac. model CV450W and the on & off switch on hose handle will not turn unit on or off. The unit switch is in an on position & the only way to turn it off is by unplugging it from the electrical outlet. What is our problem ?

The switch on the power tank has to be in the off position for the hose switch to work. If the tank switch will not keep the power turned off (until the hose switch is used) then there is a problem. Let us know.

Replacement Bulb For Model CT600



You will need item #48012 which can be found here:

VX550CC Will Not Shut Off

My Nutone VX550CC won't shut off. I unplug the hose and it is always running at a high rate. I also use my switch on my hose but it doesn't respond to those at all, I am wondering what is happening? I don't want to burn out my motor or cause any serious damage. Can you please help me. Paul, Canada

We believe this unit may have a recall. We are not Nutone but we want you to get the best service for this issue. If they can't help then it is probably the circuit board also available from them.

Troubleshoot Unit Not Working

Hi. I have the Nutone CV353. Recently it won't turn on at all. I have power to all the ports, and the outlet it's plugged into next to the breaker is fine. I can't get the reset button to push in at all. I bought a new circuit breaker for the unit. Is there anything else to try? A fuse? Thanks - Josh in PA.

The circuit breaker on the unit would pop out over an inch if it was disengaged. Did you try use the troubleshooting guide to determine the problem? Please try it first

Switches Available?

hi my name is larry at carlisle pa looking for power switch on vac wand handle double pole double throw center off. thank you

Nutone had some odd hoses but here are the switches we have for some hoses,352S,352GS,322S

Conductaflex 208LR44129 Hose Parts and Hose Replacement

I have a Nutone Conductaflex 208LR44129 120v 3.5A 60Hz hose that had a wire break off off the insert pin inside the handle. The wire that broke off the pin is one of the two that run from the 2-pin connection port where you plug in the powerhead/beaterbar floor attachment. The reason it broke is the little plastic retention pin broke and allowed the connection port to slide back and forth which then flexed or strained the wire/pin connection until it broke too. Do you have replacement crimp pins that I can recrimp and re-insert back into the port? And do you have the small retention plastic pin to hold the plug in place as well? What would they cost? if not, what does a new hoes cost? Thanks

Sorry, those parts are not available for the hose. A hardware store should have something you can use? A replacement hose is our electrical hose here and is better quality

Click but No Suction

I have an original NuTone 350 built in my house in 1979. The unit has been great over the years. My wife vacumned and unplugged the hose from the wall. I went to plug it back up and now it is not working. The hose and pipes are clear, the breaker is on, the wall plug works and everything seems ok. When I plug the hose up beside the motor, I hear one click sound. Any ideas?

Since you hear the click, it means the motor is dead. You can slap the tank and probably get it to work for a bit but you'll need a new tank or new motor from this page

Bad Motor or Something Else?

I have a CT600 and it will not turn on. I've tried th reset button but nothing happens. Do you think it's the motor? It's apporimately 10 yrs old.

When you try to turn it on and you hear the relay click then it is the motor that needs replacing. If no click then it is something else. Use the troubleshooting guide to discover other ideas.

Broan CV212 Foam Filter Replacement

We have a Broan CV212 that is at least 20 some years old. The filter needs to be replaced. It is a round foam filter approximately 7 3/4 inches in diameter and about the same in height with a foam cone inside molded as a part of the filter (not a separate part) and a two inch opening in the bottom where a metal thread from the top of the unit comes out and a round plate on the bottom is secured by a wing nut to attach the filter to the unit. Is it still possible to obtain a new filter for this device?

One of these two filters should work,730EXFL. If you don't think so please call us for further recommendations.

Beam 491 Replacement Relay

I have a older Beam Model 491 and I need a new relay switch for it. Could you advise on the compatible part? Ginette Ottawa,Ontario


Nutone CT600 Tripping The Reset

I have a nutone CT600 powerhead. unit is 5yrs old. it stopped working, I took it apart and cleaned away lint ,etc. put it back together plugged it in and it ran for 30 seconds and tripped it's reset button. I reset the button and it did same thing. Is the problem the reset button or the motor?

Check the ends of the brush roller, there may be hair and lint buildup that is preventing the brush from rotating freely. If they are clear, you may have a bad motor on the power brush.

Nutone CV450 No Power

Bob West chester, ohio My cv-450 stopped working today. Motor will not come on. When I turn on the switch on the unit, I can hear a very low humm but motor doesn't come on. I can I troubleshoot this?

The motors will need to be tested. Unplug the unit and access the motors. Connect each motor directly to a 120v power source. If they each turn on, then you have a circuit board. If they do not turn, then you have bad motors.

Turbine Not Spinning

George Glenview, IL. I have a Nutone turbo non-powered brush. The brush won't turn. What can I do short of replacing the bruch?

If the turbine fan in your carpet brush is not turning, there is something in it that is blocking the fan. Removing the obstruction will allow the fan to turn agian.

Nutone System Overheating

Nutone CV353. I would say this vac is about 20 years old. We recently moved into the house. Vac would cut off after 10 min and would need to be reset. Service came and changed reset. Still had issue. Service came back, said unit to close to fridge and built this PVC contraption to divert air - we offered to move fridge. Now that it won't turn on at all. Service gave these options: 1. Do Nothing 2. Replace the motor in your CV 353 with a 90 day warranty at a total cost of $670 3. Replace the Master Vac with a new VX475 (comparable suction) with a 2 year warranty at a total cost of $696.25 4. Replace the Master Vac with a new VX550 (upgraded suction) with a 4 year warranty at a total cost of $880. We think we can do it ourselves. What do you recommend? THANKS - Rachel - Yorktown

Sounds like your system is overheating and damaged the motor. First check all the filters to make sure they are clear. At 20 years old, the motor is most likely dead. You can replace the motor with this one, they are listed by model number. Replacing the motor will save you considerable money.

Nutone CV450 Canister Removal

We have a NuTone CV-450. How do we take the canister off for cleaning? Susan, Greensboro

There are two clamps on the side of the unit about at the middle. Release the clamps and the bottom canister can be removed.

Open Nozzle

I need a diagram of the power nozzle for my Nutone central to open it up and replace belt (s) after picking a dog toy! Help, please!!

Most likely you need to press the sides of the top cover and pull it off to expose the screws under it. Remove the screws to get into the brush.

Nutone CV450 No Suction

I just replaced both motors in my Nutone CV450. I have good suction at the unit, but when I plug a hose into an inlet in the house, I can hear the unit running in the basement, but there is no suction whatsoever at the hose. I can not get the unit on when I try to use the dustpan. I've looked for a reset switch, but can not find one. Please help! Thanks, Julie - St. Louis

If the motors are turning on but you get no suction, then you have a clog in your hose or vacuum tubing in the walls. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate the issue.

Suction Dead at Inlets

We have to turn on the vac physically when using our Nutone Central Vac. When we plug in the hose and take it out the Central Vac neither turns on or turns off. Before I buy the product is that an inlet problem? I know I need a new hose which I am going to purchase but I also want to purchase the inlets at the same time if that is the case. Thank you, Alex

That may be a couple of things. Please use this guide to find out Inlet usually do not go bad. If you have questions during your investigation please let us know.

CT600 Parts and Replacement

I have a Nutone CT600 vacuum cleaner that just stopped working. The other hoses still work, so I'm assuming it's the motor. I took off the cover and identified the motor as an AMETEK 118139-21. Are there any specific instructions or procedures for replacing the motor? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Dan Columbus, NJ

We have parts here But we recommend replacing it with the latest version vacuum head called the Ace. It is a lot better. Different belt is quieter and breaks less often. It is shorter and goes under more funiture, and it looks a lot better. Best of all is it less money. Here is the Ace It fits right in where your CT600 did.

Power Nozzle Replacement

I have a Nu-tone model CV352 and a power nozzle the power nozzle quit working and the button on the power nozzle is now missing.

We have several power brush replacements here,466,490T,485,406CTQ. Or you can buy a complete new kit here, just choose the corded hose version,