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Nutone 353 Hose

Good morning, I'd like to replace the hose on my Nutone CV353W. What model number hose should I look for? Does it only come in 30 foot lengths? Thank you. Donna

Hello Donna, thanks for writing in. If your vacuum head has an electrical cord on it then you need this hose,353GC, and if it doesn't then you need this vacuum hose,383BL. The hose links are for 30ft and 35ft.

Nutone Inlets with Kenmore Electric hose

From: Raman (West Chester, PA)- I have the existing Kenmore Central vacuum system, and 30' electric hose with 1 1/4" tapered end to press-fit into the existing square type wall inlet(the vacuum turns on when the cover is lifted from the inlet). I istalled a new 1 1/2" inlet which requires 1 1/2" dia hose cuff with metal end to activate the vacuum system. I would like to use my existing electric hose on this new oulet. Do you have the fitting that will serve this purpose? Thanks

Raman Since you have installed the new style inlet valves you can use the hose you have by removing the metal stub that was installed in your 1.50 electric hose. This adaptor is normally installed with a rubber hammer and is just tight enough so that it will not fall out.

Not Needed for Deluxe and All Electric Kits

I have an older Nu-Tone system, Model 350. I ordered from you, and just received, the 30ft Basic Kit, #416B. But the hose end doesn't fit into the intakes! The old end is metal, the new one plastic with a metal band. While the mouths of both are the same size, the new one then tapers wider within about 3/4" while the old one remains the same circumference for slightly over an inch. The new one doesn't insert far enough into the intake to make connection. Is the Nutone style hose wall end what I need to make this new hose work with my system? Thanks. Lois, Lake Luzerne, NY

Hi Lois, for Nutone owners with the square-ish inlets on the wall they need this adaptor or a Basic Hose for Square Inlets ( to work properly. If you buy a Deluxe Kit or any Electric Kit they fit in as is but the Basic Hose in the Standard, Combo, and Basic Kit will not fit the square-ish inlets. If you buy the adapter alone then unscrew the hose end and screw the adapter on to the hose end. It is reverse thread. There may be some glue on the end so pull hard too.

Fit on 1-1/4

Will this adapter slide into or over an 1 1/4" hose connection to use with 1 1/2" nutone inlets? Vicki Jackson

Actually, it is best to remove the end of your hose or cut it off and then screw this Nutone hose end on to it. That is if you have the slightly longer than tall Nutone Inlets on your wall. Otherwise you don't need this adaptor but this one that fits correctly into the taller than wide inlets:

Use with Hose with Switch?

I have a Nutone CV353W system (house is 4 years old) but I am not sure of the hose style number or outlets -they are close to square with a 1 1/2" diameter inlet. The fit of the hose end into the outlet has always been so tight and difficult that finally the metal bands (2) that are on the wall end of the hose broke off...will this part fit on my hose? There is an on/off switch on the handle. thanks- Beth

Hello Beth, this wall end is the perfect fit for you but most commonly used for hoses without a switch (basic hoses). For hoses with a switch there are two metal plates separated by plastic ridges. For some Nutone inlets, like yours, all you do is scrape off some plastic on the ridges to get the perfect fit.

Replace Steel Band at Top?

The older system we have has about a 3 inch tapered wall end with the top having the steel band of 5 and 3/4 inch circumfrance and then tapering down to around 1 3/4 inch. Do you think that this would work as the older wall end is all plastic of 3 inches with the steel band at the top of the inserted wall connector? Rod Davenport

Hello Rod, the way we look at answering compatibility is measuring the diameter of the vacuum port at the wall. Older Nutones came in at about 1-7/16 . For these this adaptor fits in, but you could also use a Low Voltage Hose which gives you control at the hose handle. It fits when you scrap a bit of plastic off two ridges....excellent option.

Fit Valve 360?

I have 360IV outlets, the hose I was supplied with was a 372. It is very tight and difficult to get in and out of outlets. The hose end shown above (#300) seems to be tapered more and if it is similar to my neighbors will probably work better in my 360 outlets. What do you think Jeremy S

Hello Jeremy, yes this part is made for the valve that is more square than the taller ones used in most systems.