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Nutone Inlet Valve Installation Parts

I have a Nutone Model CV556, I want to add some outlets. What parts do I need. For the extra PVC will any 2" OD work?

We have installation kits for installing electric or basic industry standard inlet valves. You can review these kits and the associated parts for installation by clicking HERE. However, if you have Nutone proprietary inlet valves such as THESE, we may be able to provide you with the necessary installation pieces. As for PVC piping, we recommend using Schedule 11, thin-walled PVC 2" OD Pipe as seen HERE.

Intermittent Connection At Inlets

I'm having quite a bit of trouble establishing and maintaining an electrical connection with the hose on a number of my inlets (this type). Is there some sort of adjustment - maybe to extend the nibs or ???.

The contact points in the inlet may be dirty, try cleaning them first. If the problem persists, you may need to replace your inlets as they could have become too worn to operate.

Replace with Electrical Outlet Covers?

I have nutone 360BG inlets in my 30 year old home. Can these older inlet be replaced with your newer high voltage/low voltage units, instead of your #653NBG low voltage replacement unit, without replacing the backing plate?

Sorry, you can't replace them with inlets that have electrical as well as low voltage. You'd have to break into the wall and cut the pipe and put in a new backing plate. So its possible but a lot of work. Thanks for asking.

Center to Center Screw Measurement

What is the center to center dimension for the mounting screw holes? Thank you, Dave

The measurement is 2-3/4"

Replace 22-year Old Inlets?

Nutone central Vac. Old system has worked well for 22 yrs until last week. Now hose does not trun on the vac unless the pipe is jiggled. Need new intakes. Your replacements are not the same and are larger than the 3.75 (wide) by 3.0 in (High) ones we have. Also looks like the mechanism is different. Can we get replacements?

Hi, yes we have the exact replacements here,653NW.

Other Hoses Too Tight

We just had a centralux installed. We had existing nutone inlets in the home. The centralux hose doesn't fit all the way in and is loosing suction at the connection. Is it easy to change the inlets. What should we do?

Hi, the Nutone inlet is slightly narrower than the standard inlets. Thankfully, though, they are not so small as to not use new product. All one has to do is scrape some plastic off the friction ridge on the hose end. Some hoses have two ridges separating metal plates and others have a friction ring just past the metal plates. Scrape just enough off to get a good snug, deep, fit.

Tight Fit with Hose

My inlets look like this. We just got a centralux and it doesn't fit all the way into the inlet. We can feel and hear air escaping/ loosing suction. What can we do? Laine;Fall River

All you need to do is scrape some plastic off the end of the hose that goes into the wall inlet.

Have Metal Connections Inside? Electrical?

Does this replacement part have the 2 electrical ball connections inside the round inlet hole where the hose connects?

Hi, yes there are two small metal contacts inside the inlet hole. When touched together the suction starts. There is no voltage in them so you can't get shocked. Speaking of electric though, if you wanted to run 110 volts through a new electrical hose then you'd buy a new electric complete attachment kit. The hose would go into this inlet as usual and then the 8ft long pigtail electric cord that is connected to the wall end of the new hose would be plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. If you have carpets it is THE way to get them clean. Check out the electric kits here:

Gasket Goo?

How does the replacement faceplate outlet pipe seal to the inlet in the metal faceplate? Is a sealant included with the new faceplate? My old faceplate is removable, but there is no o-ring. It looks like a putty type substance was used. It is not a glue. Thanks, Jack.

Hello Jack. There are gaskets used in every inlet valve. Some are in the backing plate and some on the neck of the faceplate. Sometimes when retrofitting, electrician's black tape is used on the neck, just a wrap and a half, to create a seal. This is done for leaking vacuum inlet ports or ones with gasket issues. Hope that helps.

Ship to Canada?

Do you ship to Ontario, Canada? If so, what is the cost of shipping? Thanks, Doug Wilson

As of April 2007 we are not shipping to Canada. The customs has gotten strict and expensive, but we are working things out with our product and customs to make shipments quick and affordable. Try TipTop on the web at


Our year 1968 inlet is 3-7/8" wide x 3" high Mounting hole centers 2-3/4" OD of inlet tube is 1-9/16" ID of inlet tube is 1-3/8" Lenght of inlet tube is 1-15/16" No part number available, only Nutone on face of cover. Can you help us out in finding a replacement Thanks

Dimensions of the one we sell is:
Inlet is 3-7/8 wide x 3 high
Mounting hole centers 2-3/4
OD of inlet tube is 1-9/16
ID of inlet tube is 1-13/32 (just under 1-1/2 )
Length of inlet tube interior is 1-15/16
This is definitely the replacement.

No Fit 2" PVC

i'm using 2" pvc and need to install a new inlet. I purchased one but the connection is too small for the PVC. Also, how do I attach the low voltage wires (2). It seems like I'm missing something.

You need a backing plate that connects to central vacuum pipe (2 OD). The inlet then connects to the backing plate. We don't sell the Nutone backing plates. If you are adding inlets to a Nutone system you should use the Basic Inlets and #517 backing plate.