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Fine Dust Coming from Central Vacuum Unit

I have a Nutone CV-450W. It behaves well in all ways except in the last few months it is leaking a lot of very fine dust in the garage where the unit is housed. The main bag is frequently changed. We have not changed the fine filter in many years but it seems in good shape. Any thoughts?


If it is a black dust then it is the motor brushes. This comes out of the motor chamber, not the exhaust. Typically it means the motor is going to go bad sooner than later. If the dust is regular dust then there is probably a small hole letting it through.

Twin-turbine Air-driven Brush 598

I have a nutone central vacuum model cv-353 with a twin-turbine air-driven brush model 598. the brush won't turn on when I plug it into the handle of the hose. Is the motor in the brush dead or could it be the power brush cord or tne hose. It is about 20 years old.


Are you able to manually rotate the brush (to ensure that it is not stopped by debris)? Do you have suction as normal through the hose and brush? After 20 years we suggest replacing the head with the TurboCat Air Powered Brush or the General Replacement Head (if there is an electric cord coming out the back of yours).

Nutone CV850 Stopped Working - LED Not On

Worked fine until it stopped. Power to CV-850 is fine, Green LED is NOT on. If breaker is small black plastic piece above the green LED, the button in center depresses but, after 30 seconds, still no green light and no power to unit. It is time for something more but I do not know if it is time to replace unit or ??? Thanks

The information you provided indicates that the circuit board has failed and should be replaced. We carry Replacement Universal Circuit Boards for Nutone CV-850 in both 120v and 240v options. Please note that modifications to the can (such as drilling an additional hole) may be required for proper mounting.

Nutone CV653 Runs For 10-15 Minutes

My Nutone CV653 is about 15 years old. It runs for 15 min then stops. We wait 15 min. reset the breaker on the Nutone and it runs for 10 more min. If it is the motors, would you suggest purchasing a new unit (which one) or replacing the motors. Thanks, Richard, Chestertown

This generally indicates that your motors are failing and needs to be replaced with Lamb Motor 117507. This is the most cost effective solution over replacing the entire unit.

Nutone CV350 Tripping My Power Strip

I have a 10 year old NuTone CV-350. After running for 15 - 20 minutes, the power strip breaker into which it is plugged trips off. Is this caused by overheating of the motor? Could it be the power strip is not of the correct size? Or anything else? Oakton Virginia

The breaker(s) on a power strip are not as robust as your typical house breaker and will fail over time. Your best bet is either to 1) replace your power strip with a 20 amp strip or 2) connect your central vacuum system directly to a house outlet on a dedicated 20amp breaker.

CC315-B Power Head Hose

I need the model # for a replacement hose to fit a Brian powerhead model #cc315-b. Charles. Gallatin

The replacement hose should be the electric hose on this page Let us know if you have any further questions.

CV-450 Always On - Bad Relay or Reset.

I have a Nutone CV-450 w, Installed May 2001. Mine also will not shut off unless I unplug it. All that I have read is it is the relay switch. Which one is the relay switch? Also my reset button (model #MB1) is broken, could that be the problem? Jim in Las Vegas, Nv


How do you know the reset is broken? If it is sticking out over an inch and will not go back in then it is broken. Plus, if it was broken then the vacuum would not operate at all, there would be no electricity flowing. Let's say the reset is good for now. The issue, then, is your relay which is probably on a circuit board. Please contact nutone for this board We have a generic replacement ( but the original may fit better.

Nutone 556 Replaced with SilentMaster

Nutone CV556 Do you have replacement filters for the Nutone CV556? Can the system be converted to use bags? Worst case, how hard is it to change out the whole unit for a SilentMaster? Would I be able to keep the existing plumbing/hoses and just replace the main central unit? Thanks, M.T. UT

Unfortunately, we do not carry replacement filters for the Nutone CV556. As we do not have detailed information regarding this particular unit. You may replace your system with our Silent Master system. Note, you are not required to change any of the existing plumbing or hoses you currently have. We recommend that you contact one of our dealers located in your area to give you pricing and additional information on replacing your unit with a SilentMaster. Please use the following link to locate a dealer near you: Locate Dealer.

Nutone 698 Power Head

NuTone model #698 type C Power Head, just started making a real bad grinding noise, sounds like it's breaking up inside. Is there bearings in that thing that may be falling out of place? Or busting apart? It's about 15 years old, but by no means, is it overworked. Where can I purchase a new power head? Thank you..Patty in Winnipeg Canada

We are confident the replacement power head is one often used by and sold under many different brands here

Testing Power on Unit, Inlet, Hose

I have a brand new Model VX3000C. There is a manual on/off switch on the front of the unit, which works fine. I turn the manual switch off and the green light stays on. I assume the manual switch should be "off" for normal operation. Outlet terminals and wiring have been triple checked but the vacuum will not run using an outlet and the hose unit. I turned the unit on manually and removed the low voltage wire and it continues to run. I'm not sure how to get this vacuum to run with the hose.

The vacuum is to stay in the off position. When the low voltage line is crossed the suction turns on. Try shorting the low volt connection on the unit. It should turn the vacuum on. Try shorting it at a wall inlet valve (touch foil on the two contacts INSIDE the suction hole). If that works then it may be your hose or the low voltage wire used was not 20 gauge but thin like telephone wire. Let us know and we can help.

350W Will Not Stop Running

I have a NuTone 350W and when plugged into power it will not stop running. I viewed the answer you had for the 450. Is the procedure the same for the 350W? Also, I am not sure how to locate the Low Voltage Wire. Do you have instructions for that? Thank you.

Yes, same procedure. The low voltage wire is the wire following the intake pipes from the home and connects to the outside of the tank. Remove one of the low volt wires to do the test. Plug the unit back in and if it still runs then the relay/board is bad. If it doesn't run then there is a short in the home. Use the guide here for more troublshooting and to look for places it may short.

CV315-B Power Head Replacement

I have a broan mod. cv 315-b powerhead its about 14 years old and wore outscrew holes brokenfor the mtr hold down can I get a newer style that will fit my older hose and power cord? thanks Kal.

There aren't many replacements available like that these days. The connections are different now as well as the wand. But there are still a couple that will fit,482,482I

CV450 Drawing 15 Amps or More

Have a cv-450w that is drawing about 25% more current than label says putting it slightly over15 amps it is on a 15 amp circuit so it eventually trips. What is total amperage supposed to be for this unit? Maybe it should be on a 20 amp circuit or is it that the motors should be replaced

The CV450 has two motors in series, meaning the top motor is pulling the exhaust from the second motor much like a turbo in a car. Therefore the amps are always peaking but it should be below 15. As the motors get older they can draw more before they stop working. If the unit has worked well on the 15 amp house circuit then it's most likely the motors going bad and demanding more amps. If that sounds like the case then change the motors before you change the circuit. You can find the motors here

Dual Motor Replacement and GFI Circuit

I have an 11 year old Nutone CV-450 that has started to run very hot after 5-10 minutes and often trips the 110V GFI receptacle. It does run cooler, however, when on board vacuum port is slightly opened- a temp work around. All 5 wall receptacles have equal and fairly good vacuum ruling out blockage. That said, I'm assuming the unit has two motors one of the two is failing and I should replace both since I have no way to pinpoint the culprit. Your "single" motor replace guide seems straight forward. Is there a reference for replacing two motors which I conclude are top: 116210-85 and bottom: 119412? Thank, Pete, Moultonborough, NH

A central vacuum should not be plugged into a GFI circuit. It causes more trouble and false alarms then good. With the minibreakers on the vacuum tank and the house panel breaker as a back up there is enough protection. For dual motor replacement it is really as straight forward as the single motor replacement so you can use those instructions. We do recommend both motors being replaced because the other "working" motor is always not far behind to fail and you'll be back in there again.

Circuit Breaker Pops When Hose is Disconnected

Nutone CV-353 Question: I have recently replace both motors in this unit (CV-353) originally purchased in 1997. The unit was running fine after the replacements, but is now throwing circuit breaker after use. Reset circuit breaker, use vacuum without issue, but circuit breaker throws when hose is removed from wall inlet. Circuit breaker seems a little soft, does it need to be replaced or is there a short somewhere in the system? Thanks, David Taylor Johnsonville, SC.

Most likely the motors or one of them is bad and heating the minibreaker. The minibreaker can go bad as well though. You can replace it for less money than a motor to see if the issue is solved. If not then replace the motor that smells more like it overheated. The hose being removed will have nothing to do with this issue.

Replace CV-750

I have nutone CV-750 about 10 years old. In the middle of usage it lost about a third of the suction. Would you recommend replacing a specific part (if so, what part)? Or would it be more cost effective to replace the entire unit? If so what unit would be a good replacement? Norma, Elkton, MD.

The CV-750 has two motors connected to each other like a turbo. It's not ideal and not many vacuums are created like this any more because the motors run hot. Motors have come a long way since and offer as much cleaning power. We suggest replacing the CV750 Nutone Vacuum with a SilentMaser S44. They are available through local resellers available in our dealer locator on the website.

What Hose for What Model?

Hello, I have Nu tone CV-450 unit and need to replace the hose. Unfortunately, I do not have the original hose at home, therefore I can not check what model it was. Please, can you let me know, what hose model I can use with this unit? Thank you, Jurgita

There are several hoses used with that unit and any unit. It solely depends on the vacuum tool used if you have any carpet. If the vacuum tool has an electrical cord then you need the electric hose. If it doesn't or if you have no carpet then you need the low voltage hose.

Electric Hose for CV850

We have a nutone cv850 installed and need to replace the hose. Will the 35ft Direct Connect 353G fit both the outlets and the accessories? Thanks, Jess (Florida)

Yes, the #353G will fit electric wall inlets with two holes 3/8" apart from each other. The handle end will fit most all accessories sold with Nutone systems. If there is a 2-inch space between the metal nipple on the handle tube and the start of the two holes for the electrical then you are good to go. Or if the power cord from the head is manually plugged into the handle's electrical two holes then you are good to go as well.

Wiring Low Voltage to Nutone 350

have a very old nutone 350 wires broken from where it says 16 volts class 2 circuit can u please tell me where to connect those thin wires thanks

Wires that go to the vacuum tank attach to two terminals. It doesn't matter what terminal each wire goes to.

CV16 Lost Power

I have a 20+ yr old Broan CV-16 with a cloth bag. I've suddenly lost suction power at the unit and the outlets throughout the house. I tested the inlet @ the unit w/out the hose. What could be causing this?

Usually that is a dead motor. Please use the troubleshooting chart to find the issue and solution

Replace Nutone 353 with More Power Unit

I want to replace my nutone 353. I have house with 2500 sqft. What would be recommendation for unit to be replace with. I have mostly every where hardwood floor accept family room.

We recommend our SilentMaster S44 or Flo-Master M85 here They are available from a local dealer and will give you 50% more power and be quieter. These new units empty from the top and are compatible with your system.

Main Panel Tripping Once Per Day

Hi, my Broan VX6000C is one year old. When I command the `first start of the day`, the circuit breaker will trip on the house main board. After a single reset, the unit will work, stop, start, etc till I am done vaccuming but I will have the same issue the next day. It has it's own electrical circuit. I already completely changed the house electrical circuit. The issue stopped for 8 months when I switched it from 15amps CB to 20amps CB but it restarted recently.

That is a unique issue and one we will have to recommend an electrician to look at. Thank you for asking.

Low Voltage Wire Connections

I am replacing the piping and some wiring on my Nutone central Vac system . Some of the iutlets had two 18/2 wires going to them and some have one 18/2 wire. Are the wires all in series or does it matter how they are connected to he outlets and spliced together in the crawl space? Steve, Manasquan, New Jersey

It really doesn't matter how or where they are joined, looped, daisy chained, or grouped together. Just keep one wire from touching pair and you'll be perfectly fine.

Unplug Unit to Stop Suction

we have a Nutone central vacuum model 350, about 35 years old. It does not shut off when the hose is removed and has to be unplugged to get it to shut off. Can you give me some reason this is happening and a solution? Susan

It sounds like the relay has gone bad. Double check using the troubleshooting and solutions guide here

Transformer Replacement?

I have a 350 Nutone Vacuum System. I need Transformer Assembly Part No. 64672 (539B) and Relay 63206 (5173). Can you help. We just replace the Vacuum Reset Button and you still have to bang on the Relay to get it started. Can you help.

These parts are no longer sold and the comprehensive electronics replacement is the single power board. It is retroffited in. It actually saves money and makes the electronics easier. Here is the one for all single motor vacuums. Use the large photo as the wiring guide.