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Turns Off But Runs Later

I've got a VX6000C that runs for about 15 minutes and then stops. I wait awhile and it will run again for 5 minutes before stopping and so on. I can't find any blockages. My kids have a bad habit of standing on the hose while I vacuum, could damage to the hose cause this kind of reaction from the unit? Thanks a ton. Cam

No real damage, it is a natural thing that happens as the motor dies. They don't slow down, they do what you are experiencing.

Bad Board - Always Tripping

I have had the VX475CC power unit for 4 years. It has often tripped the circuit breaker for it's circuit on start-up. Now, the actual vac will stop running after 3-5 minutes, but the circuit/outlet is still energized. What do I need to test or replace?

If it has been a constant problem and now getting worse you probably have a bad circuit board from the beginning. Talk to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement board.

New to Central Vacuum - Need Hose and Tools

We purchased our home complete with a 350 Nutone Central Cleaning System but have not been able to use it as we need a new beater bar and hose. Can you recommend exactly what we need, where we can get these items, any suggestions, and lastly the price please and thank you?

Congratulations on your home! Your vacuum works perfectly fine with every hose and tool kit available today. That means you can get the kit that works best for your exact flooring type and budget. If you have carpet buy an electric kit, if no wall-to-wall carpet buy a non-electric kit. We have them listed here with prices Most likely, if you want an electric kit, you will choose one with a pigtail corded hose that plugs into the wall vac inlet and a nearby electrical outlet. If you need more help please call us or one of our dealers in your local area.

Nutone Relay 3ARR4BA32

Hi, Have an old Nutone 350. Need relay (3ARR4BA32), but it is hard to find. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks. George

We recommend retrofitting a circuit board into the unit which takes place of all other components except the motor. An electrician can use the photo of the product online as the easy wiring guide. Many homeowners opt for this to save money and because they can't find original equipment.

Broan Won't Turn On

Broan VX3000c doesnt power on Question I tried to turn it on manually from the unit - doesnt turn on. The pail is very clean. Breakers have been verified and also changed inlet. the green light is on so i know there is power. I shut it off for 20 min and still does not turn on. What do you recommend I do next? Mario Carciero from Montreal, Canada

You may have a motor or a circuit board failure. Follow our troubleshooting guide to help narrow down the issue at

Broan V28C Runs But No Suction

have a Broan built in vacuum model-V28C-3 motor runs but will not suck Julie ,Turtleford

There is either a pipe connection that has come apart or there is a clog in the system. You can contact a local dealer to inspect and repair at

Replacement Belt

I need a belt for my central vac brusher unit. It is a household type :828, Model:398 NA, serial number:0218625. Thanks, Jerry

We don't have a cross reference for that model. You can compare the measurements of the belts we stock to your old one. If the measurements match, it is your replacement belt.

Broan CV30 Venting

I have a Broan CV30 unit. Is this unit supposed to be vented to the outside? Currently it has only a short flexible hose coming from outlet. If not vented to outside what are my options?

If the unit is not in a small enclosed area like a closet, then you don't need to vent the exhaust. If you need to vent, add piping to the exhaust port and run it outside.

CV450 Correct Replacement Motors?

I have a Nutone CV450 central vac unit and both motors have failed. There was a scraping noise shortly before they failed. Before I order replacements I want to confirm they will fit. The numbers I see on the upper motor are 6116-00 and 340389FE. For the lower the numbers are 720588FE and 894. The unit is 22 years old. Will the motors you offer work? Thank you.

Yes, the motors in the Nutone motor chart for the CV450 are the correct replacement motors. The other numbers you found on the motor are part numbers for the what makes up the motor and are not completed motor numbers. Here is the Nutone motor page

Broken Button Lock

My push button on the power hose that holds the wand from coming off broke.It appears that it is just a flat metal piece with a button connected with an upper rivet. Is this part avaliable? David Jennett

You can either replace the whole handle, or add an internal button lock found here,

Broan VX3000C Shuts Off After A Few Minutes

john, victoria,bc have a broan vx3000c, which shuts off after 10min, motor looks good, brushes are good---runs fine on bench at 11.5amps unit is 4 years old any ideas?

It may be having an overheating problem. Check that all the filters are clear, even the screen just before the motor on the inside.

Brush Has No Power

I recently bought a Nutone CT700 brush and wand, but I cannot get the brush to start spinning. I am getting suction at the hose (I am using an old hose that I am guessing is the problem), but the new unit will not spin. I came across this on ebay... Do you think this might be the problem?

It could be a bad switch or a blown fuse in the hose. The problem you're having is that no electricity is being sent to brush, and either of those parts can cause the problem. You may want to have a repair technician take a look at the hose first to locate the problem and save you a lot of time.

Nutone Will Not Turn Back On

Ww have a NuTone central vaccum that is very old and I used it for the first time today and it worked very well.I had it on for quite awhile and changed bag and 2nd filter.It will not turn now.We do here a clicking sound.Do you think it overheated.Have I blown the motor?

The motor may have overheated and shut down. Try it agian a little later. If still no power, then the old motor has finally given up and needs to be replaced.

No Power To Carpet Brush

We just bought a house that has a CV353W Nutone unit, everything works ok except the power brush, we have power at the inlets. We purchased a new head and it still does not work, what do you think it could be? Thank you Scott Lock Haven, PA.

There could be an issue with the hose switch or the fuse. If both are not working properly, the brush will not get any power. Try replacing the fuse first, if that doesn't fix the issue then replace the switch.

Older Unit Parts

I have a model 350 that needs a replacement debree canister. Is there any place to purchace the part or is it to old? If so will any newer models conect to the current set up in place?

Those are not available as far as we know. You can try contacting a Nutone Dealer to see if they have any old inventory or used parts.

Will Not Shut Off

Model CV-450, will not shut off even after disconntecting the low-volt wires. Where is the reset button? Thanks Bill

Please use this guide to determine what is wrong

Nutone CV30D Attachments

Hi, I just moved into a house with a cv30-d and have no idea how to use it. Is there somewhere I can get a users manual? Also I need attachments because previous owner only left a hose. Would appreciate any help you can provide. Cindie

We have a large selection of kits available to complete your home vacuum system. Each available kit has an option labeled ""NO HOSE". This will include every part listed except the hose. Call us to speak to a technician prior to ordering to ensure that your current hose will be compatible with standard products.

Nutone CV-450 Burning Smell

I have a NuTone CV-450 that is approximately 8 years old. It would not turn on so I hit the reset button. It starts and will run approx 2 seconds then cuts off. It has a slight burning smell when it comes on. Is this signs of a bad motor?? If so...should I replace the motor or unit? If I need to replace the unit, what new model would hook up easily without a lot of problems. Thanks. Danny - Woodstock, VA

That burning smell is the death of your motors. They can be replaced, you can find the right motors here, just go down the list to find your model number. Should you decide to upgrade to a new unit take a look at the power of these units!

Relay for Old Unit

We have an old Broan central vac unit Model 154 N16 purchased in 1974 manufactured by Beam Industries in Webster city, Iowa. I beleive the relay is bad, the only numbers on it are (GE) 3ARR4BA32. (240 volt/24 volt) I would like to get a replacement relay. Thanks Sam in Middletown

We don't have a relay for you, but many are using this circuit board to replace all the electronics for less money. Your electrician can install it in under an hour easily. Use the large photo as a wiring guide We have other boards for 240 volt and dual motors here

Nutone 599 Vacuum Parts

Barbara, Saylorsburg. I have a 599 nutone powerhead which needs some new parts. Do you know where I can find these.

Hi, we carry the replacement vacuum head and the belt. We do not have other parts for this brush at this time. Thanks for asking and here is what we have,48201.

Broan V28C Filter

How do I clean the filter of a Broan V28C central vac? Can this be removed? If so, how do I do that? Thanks.

Hello, that is either a center weighted cloth filter or a disposable bag. Remove the lower section of the unit to find out. A cloth filter is cleaned but shaking it into a plastic trash bag. Some remove it and wash it, and some replace it. To remove pull an edge inward until the outer rim flexes and the whole filter falls down. Be sure the filter is 100% dry before replacing. We have 11.5 inch and 14 inch diameter replacements.

New Home, Old Vac

bought house with CV850 unit, some inlets have no suction, anyway to check if these inlets are connected to the unit? Also is there a place i can get instruction manual? How do I check if I need to empty or change the dirt bag? Trying to open the bottom part after unlatching, assuming is a place where dirt is collected, but is very tight and am afraid to pull it hard as dont know if I will break it. light on the unit is green. please help

Congratulations on the home and central vac. The two inlets should be connnected but are clogged. See solution #3 here for help. We don't have an instruction manual but the only maintenance is changing the bag (#723 bag). You have to knock the lower part off after you unlatch, it will come off. There is more help and supplies found here

V20C-3 Motor?

I am looking for a replacement motor for a Broan central Vacuum model V20C-3. Please tell me what replacement motor should I order. Regards, Dawn M

Hello Dawn, the correct motor is listed on this page, row 3, where is says CV20 and V20C. Thank you for asking.

Continuation from Bad Transformer

Continuation from "Bad Transformer" Verified 120 volts at outlet when unit is operating, line wire gauge is 12, ground is good. To clarify, i replaced the controller board with one from Nutone for ~ $160. The new one measured 5.07 volts on low voltage terminals. Low voltage wireing to outlets is 18ga, checked some connections and they look to be soldered and wire nutted. This seems to me to be a manufacturing issue with these boards, wrong transformer with inadaquate voltage/current to hold the relays closed. Or could this be a switch problem in hose which measures 15.7 ohms.

Our experience tells us the issue is the lack of voltage from the transformer. Return the board for a new one or buy one of ours. You'll save $100 or more buying from us.

Bad Transformer?

Transformer Bad? This is a continuation to the above titled "Transformer Bad?" I could not figure out how to use your transformer on my old control module so i just bought another one. I installed it and the system worked for a few months. The switch voltage measured 5.07 volts, not 24 volts as the sticker, but it did work. Well now it does not work again, with the same symptons that it will sometimes come on and sometimes it won't. I of course checked the hose switch and it measures 15.7 ohms in both positions, steady. The voltage at the outlets is a steady 5.07 volts. Any suggestions?

You may have bought the wrong transformer. You may have a low voltage issue in the home if the wire is not at least 20 gauge. The valves that don't work at times, can you short the contacts at the valve and make it start? If so then there is not enough power to power the hose switch. We measure 12 volts coming out of our transformers. You have 5 which is suspect to begin with. The next solution is to maybe have your electrician try a circuit board. They have all the components and retrofit into the machine easily, see them here