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Nutone 750 Trips Breaker

my nutone is cv750. It is about 10 yrs old and we never could get it to work right. It runs good for about 7 mins. Then trips the reset. If you reset it it works for about 5 mins then trips again

If you could never get it to work right and it always tripped the minibreaker then a motor is bad or the minibreaker, but most likely the motor. When a motor IS bad it trips the minibreaker after a few minutes. Your system has two motors in series. You can get away with replacing the bad motor if the other motor doesn't have lots of usage.

Unit Shuts Off then Starts

Dale Molalla oregon nutone cv850 runs while and then shuts off and then starts again after a few minutes. I wired a fuse around the relay and it worked a few weeks and then the fuse blew and I replaced the fuse and now it does the same thing again.???

Dale, the motors are going bad. It is time to replace them, or maybe the brushes if the motors are not at 900 hours or so. The motor is here If the original motor is the same as the replacement then here is the brush Each motor takes two.

Lost Some Suction, Two Motor System

Nutone CV450 approximately 9 years old. Suction dropped about 30% ?overnight?. All piping, bag, and cloth filter are OK. What is the procedure to check and then replace motor brushes? Thanks! Tim Roxbury

Tim, one motor is likely fried. Bang the machine and it should work again. Also look for a mini breaker to push in. Changing the brushes may help for awhile but it is better to replace the motor. You can view the motors for the model here and find the brushes for the motor by searching for them by motor number in our search box. Click on the instructions link for how to get to the motor and click on the instructions link in the motor brush text for those instructions.

Broan Filter 99010172

Broan CV30D Do you stock the replacement motor filter 99010172 Do you stock the replacement motor filter 18 gasket 991000458

Hi, please see the right side of the grid here for the filtration offerings. You will have to take a measurement to be sure we have the correct replacement. The CV40 doesn't have a match from us so please take the measurement.

Transformer Bad?

I have a NuTone CV750 approximately 5 years old. Recently started to shut off when in use after a few minutes. Checked brushes, only 1/3 worn (bought new ones based on another sites recommendation). Unit works fine with unit mounted switch. Checked low voltage circuit and it measure 5.02 vdc, sticker says it should be 24 vdc. Noticed that there is line voltage (120 vac) between heat sink and ground (got a shock). Examined the control board which has the transformer on it and there are no obvious damaged parts, burned components or shorted wires. Added a piece of edge aligator strip to heat sink to ensure line wires do not get abraded.

Hi, you need the 24 vdc at the low voltage wire connection. If you don't then the transformer is bad most likely. The unit's switch may be bypassing the low voltage so that is why it works, or it may just be that it has enough juice at that proximity. Our #232 transformer may work for you.

3ARR4BA54 Relay Replacement?

I am told that the relay for a old Nutone model 350 is no longer avaiable. The relay is part # 3ARR4BA54, any ideas where to get one? Fred-West Chester Pa

Your electrician can easily replace all the electronics for less money with a single circuit board here Print the enlarged photograph for a guide. For two motor systems use board #235M and large two motor units #235L.

Suction Weak at Unit, What Next?

I have a Nutone 353 that is 25yrs old with no previous problems. However now the suction at all the different room inlets is almost nil, including the inlet at the front of the unit. I have tried all 3 different hoses I have, with no change. The motor seems to be running like it always has -- doesn't sound weaker. Nothing is holding any of the inlets open, and the cork-like gaskets on them are all good. I haven't got into the motor to look yet -- any ideas on what I should be looking for would be greatly appreciated. And if it is motor related, at 25 yrs. is there an advantage to just replacing the motor vs. buying the whole new unit for just alittle more $$$ ? Thanks in advance for any help. Mike L. Spokane, WA.

Hi, Disconnect the pipe coming in from the home and duct tape closed that connection on the vacuum unit. Now the vacuum is stand alone. Test suction. Remove the bag and look towards the motor for any secondary filtration and take it out. Put the unit back together with no filters and try the suction at the unit. If still weak then the motor is clogged full of hair and thread and needs replacing or the electricity into the unit has dropped for some reason and the motor is not spinning as fast as it should. Motors don't slow down with age, so there has to be a reason. Most customers replace their motors over buying a new unit. However with new units that fit right in and offer 50% more power and long life, the decision is getting harder. Our FloMaster M85 is right around $500 and makes a wonderful replacement. Check it out here

Reset Buttons Always Popping

My nutone cv 350's reset button keeps on popping after 2 seconds. Bag is fine and I unhooked the unit from the incoming hose. Any suggestions? Gino

Hi Gino, the motors are overheating, meaning they are basically ready to be replaced. We have the replacements here and they are easy to swap out.

Low Suction at Some Inlets

My nutone vaccuum outlet in my kitchen and one upstairs on my second floor does not have good suction. The other outlets in my house are fine and have a strong suction. What can be the issue? Thanks, Lisa :)

Hi Lisa, you have a clog and you can probably get it out yourself using a simple technique. Plug the hose in and turn the suction on. Let the suction build up by putting your hand over the hose end. Let go. Do this for 5 minutes at both inlets. If it doesn't work then suck in a paper towel at one inlet and do the suction thing again. If that doesn't work use the solutions under number three here

Broan Model V60C-1 Motor?

Which motor brushes do I have to order for a Broan model V60C-1? How much is shipping of two brushes to Canada? Thanks! Edith, BC, Canada

Hi Edith, based on number 6472-00 on the motor for your Broan V60C-1 the replacement brushes and motor are here,209.

Will Not Shut Off

I have a NUTONE CV450. The on off switch will not turn the unit on or off. The unit must be unplugged before it goes off.

Hi, remove the low voltage wire from the unit and test again. If the unit is off then there is a short in that wire somewhere. Thease are hard to find and you may have to move to RF controls. But if the unit is still on then the relay is bad in the unit. We have this relay that may work for you as you consider the components and wiring in your unit We also have a circuit board for two motor systems here that an electrician can easily use to replace all the components

Nutone 599 Question and Replacement

Janet (Massachusetts) I have an older model 599 powerhead that siezed up suddenly. I've removed all the hair build up. Do both ends of the brush rotate? One moves freely, the other appears stationary. I can't understand how one could be stationary. The system is by Pullman and the relay switch problem was fixed to the tune of $218. Most importantly, if I can't get the powehead running again, which powerhead is the replacement?

Hi Janet, I think both ends of the brush rotate if the brush is not inside the nozzle head and the belt not attached. That is the way all the brushes I've seen work. The first three brushes here (Stealths and Blackhawk) are wonderful replacements for the 599. They fit right in.

Replace Motors or Unit?

I have 2 CV450 units in my home (8 years old). One is fine, the other needs a motor replacement. It has been recommended that I simply buy a new unit. Would you recommend another CV450 if I can find one, or a comparable but newer model that would be compatible with the existing tubing, etc. House sq footage is 4800 sq ft. Thanks Steve Lewes, DE

Hi Steve, we recommend a different unit. The motor on the new Flo-Master M85 will be more powerful that the two motors in the 450. The cost is over $500 and it uses the same pipe and wiring. Use our dealer locator to find a dealer new you for a sale.

CV40 Models - New to Central Vac?

We have a Broan Model CV 40-D Central Vacuum in our new home. We do not have an operations manual. Where can we get a manual? Do we need to have a bag or is this a bagless model? If it requires a bag, which bag do we need? If it is bagless, what filter do we need? Thanks, Looking forward to using the central vac.

Hi, congratulations on the new home and central vac. The CV40 has a center-weighted cloth filter that is semi-permanent - no collection bag. Releasing the bottom bucket and emptying it is the only maintenance on the entire system. You can put a trash bag up around the bottom and shake out the filter. If you want to clean it, remove it by grabbing a top side and pulling inward with some force. The stiff outer rim flexes and the filter falls down. You can vacuum it with a shop vac or hose it out and THOROUGHLY air dry it before replacing. There are not replacements for it. We have a filter but it is slightly too small and slips out of place. If some tabs could be added inside the metal can to keep it in place then it would work fine. For all the troubleshooting needs go here and for your many instant upgrades to modern hose and tools start here Let us know if you have any questions.

VX475 Motor Overheating

Our 3-4 year old Nutone VX475 motor overheats, then stops. Do we need a new motor? Joan Jupiter, FL

Hi, please contact Nutone directly for that issue. Hopefully you are under warranty.

Light but No Suction

My daughter stuck a coat hanger in the hose of her CV-750 cental vac to dislodge an onstruction and it quit working. I hit the rest and the light comes on but nothing runs. do I need a new circuit card or some component on the board? where can I get these parts?

First use this guide to troubleshoot it backwards Then call us if you can't determine the issue.

No Suction at Unit

My Nutone CV-570 has very low suction both at the hose and at the unit. Is it possible that the cloth bag is clogged or do I have an impeller problem? The motor seems to run as usual. Mike

Hi Mike, remove the bag and try the suction at the unit. It is rare for the motor itself to be clogged up. You are trying it at the unit without the hose, right? If not then it is the hose that is clogged.

Rewired, Pulses

I have a new cv850. Replaced my cv450 with a cv850. Problem is the light blinks on and off. Motor pulses on and off with the light. Sometimes motor starts all the way, but reset switch trips after 5 min or so. Very good suction. What could be wrong. I did rewire ciruit for 240 volt.

The key is the minibreakers tripping. The motors are getting to hot. There is some kind of electrical issue and you should have it looked at.

Replace Broan V23C Motor or Unit?

Hi, I have a Broan V23C. 23 years old. Mtr has on it lamb 115334. Do you have a replacement motor? IF I wanted to replace the whole unit which model would fit or would you recommend. How much for motor? how much for new unit sent to Walkerton On. Canada? Thanks Ken

Hi Ken, we have the motor here In checkout use the third button, the Canada Customers Checkout button and put in your address to get the final price for duties, taxes, etc. If you want a new unit we suggest the FloMaster M85 with 50% more power for double the cost of the motor. Please call us for that. Your call...

CV850 vs CV450 Nutone

I have 10yr old CV450. Brushes shot, so motor replacement seems appropriate. What is the most powerful motor repalcement available for upper and lower? Also, just got a new CV850 220v, its seems less powerful than my CV450 though quieter in the same installation (ie not a pipe problem). Is this possible ? Does it sound defective ? Any suggestions ? I'm going to get replacements motors for 450 anyway. Tx

Hi, the CV450 is powerful because it is two motors in series. You need to use the given replacement motors. It will feel stronger but running motors in series is rough on them. The CV850 is more traditional in its set up and the motors are powerful and will last longer. Hope that helps!

Would Like Electric without Cord

Hi, We have a Nutone CV450w. Our vacume head does not have a beater brush and I was wondering if there is one that would work with this model that doesn't require me to plug in an electrical cord? How do we know if our hose carries an electric current? I dont want to have to plug a cord into an outlet to activate a beater brush. (too many cords/hoses) Thanks so much, Tricia Cape Cod

Hi Tricia, let me try to sell you on a corded hose. The cord is nothing you have to carry around. The wires are hidden in the long lightweight hose. And you only have to plug in the cord if you wanted to use the electric brush. The cord comes out the very end of the wall end of the hose that plugs into the wall ports. It is eight feet long. So you need an electrical outlet within 8ft of your vacuum inlet. So if you paid the big bucks for a new electric kit (hose and tools) you'd have the cleanest carpets you ever had - guaranteed. The alternative would be to buy a TurboCat vacuum nozzle. It spins and grooms because the air passes through it and spins a turbine and it spins a belt. It works but is loud and can be weak. It depends on your suction. It fits the hose you have now (which is not electric because it would have a cord on the wall end or two brass pins). Here are the kits and here is the TurboCat (alone towards the end of the TurboCat products).

Nutone CV850 110-120 Volt Motors

I have a Nutone CV850 but it is 110-120 volts not 220 volts. Do you have motors for it?

Some Inlets Not Working

I have a 13 y/o nutone cv-450w system in a recently purchased home. One of the outlets worked fine at first, but is now not working at all. Nothing comes on anywhere. Other outlets in the home work great, with the exception of this one and another that has not worked since we moved in. Please help.

Hi, please remove the faceplate and short the low voltage wire so see it if starts. If so then replace the faceplate. If not then the line is broken somewhere. You can move to a wireless remote to turn the suction on instead. Call us for more information. It is not too expensive - around $200.

Broan CV30 Filter and Attachment Set

I just moved into a house with a Broan cv30 central user guide. Does it use bags? There is a cloth I just empty the can? Any tips on how to clean it and keep it in top condition would be helpful.I have never used a central vac and I imagine like any appliance, maintenance would be helpful to keep it in top condition. If it takes bags, what item number do I need? Also we have dogs...should I invest in a power hose in order to best pick up dog hair from rugs? Thanks, Lizanne - Rochester, NY

Hi Lizanne, congratulations on the home and central vac. First, a new electric kit will make your home much cleaner and will get all that dog hair. We have several options here and they all work with CV30. We suggest an electric kit - the Stealth or BlackHawk for the best fit on the older Broan/Nutone square-ish wall outlets. The filter is only a center-weighted cloth filter, that is it. You can replace it with this one here. To remove simply grab a top edge and pull inward flexing the outer rim. As you get more into it please give us a call when you need help.

Relay Stuck?

Ron - Lodi - CV30-D problem - continously running. Disconnected low voltage, turn off switch on unit, still running. Appears to be relay/circuit board problem. I tapped relay, no change. Please indicate part number and price. thanks r

Yes, sounds like your relay is stuck. The only stand along relay we offer is this one which may work. Take a look at the wiring diagram, the amps are fine with your unit.