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Relay for CV400

Re: Nutone CV-400 Vacuum I need a stand alone relay swithch. Where Can I purchase one? Ed

Hello Ed, you may be able to use our #241 Relay. See it here and click on the wiring diagram link in the description to see it wired.

Relay for CV353 Nutone

Do you know of a replacement isolation relay for a Nutone model CV-353. The relay says ALCO model FR 110 rated at 10 amps and 120 volts. I can't seem to locate one? Thanks, Dennis Olympia,Wa.

Hello Dennis, doubtful you will find it. You may be able to use our #241 Relay. See it here and click on the wiring diagram link in the description.

Turns Off, Reset Button

I have an older Nutone system (at least 15 years old) in our 4000 sf house. The system works well, but shuts off after about 10 minutes of use (I'm assuming because the motor is hot?) and I have to push in the reset button at the top of the canister. Does the motor need replaced? There is no model number on the unit that I can find. Where can I locate the model number?The canister is red. Thanks, Anne

Hello Anne, yes your motor needs replacing. Look for the model number on a plate near the reset button. If you can't find it you can use your motor and its measurements to find the exact replacement on our website.

Removing Cloth Dust Bag

I asked how to change dust filter on Broan CV30-D. You gave instructions. I found our booklet, it says and shows picture but thats not the case on this. The bag feels like it is glued or sewn to the inside of the bucket, no hold to get a hold of it to release anything and get a bag out. We have all but climbed inside to see no clamp of any sort holding it. I would rather not cut the bag off but can't see how it is in there. I have pulled and pulled, shouldn't be this hard to deal with a dust bag. Thanks. Jill Brinnon Washington

Hello Jill, you have the cloth inverted filter that is weighted in the center, right? Those all come out by grabbing the cloth at the top near any edge and pulling directly toward the center. It may be difficult but that is how it works. Just to note: if you are going to change the vacuum unit, consider a top emptying disposable bag unit such as the SilentMaster. Your bag is easy to remove and replace. There is less or no dust inhaled in the process and all the dirt from your last vacuuming months is forever gone - no plastered to a 5-year cloth filter.

Need Bags!

Hi. We just moved into a house with central vac model CV40-D. We were wondering where can we buy replacement bags? Thanks, Nancy

Need Bags, That's it.

I just want to buy bags for my Nutone machine. No local vendors seem to carry them and have even told me they are no longer available.

That was simple, we have replacement bags right here

Clog and Cloth Filter Issues

We installed a Broan Central Vacuum System Model CV30-D in 2000 in a house we were building. Some plasterboard and larger stuff got sucked up and it hasn't worked very well since. My other problem is this: Can you replace the filter that is hanging in the middle after you release the dust canister? It is so clogged I have to shake it around then empty the can. Very messy. My husband has tried to remove the filter but doesn't seem to be able to, short of cutting it off there and putting a hose clamp on a different style. thanks. Jill Brinnon

Hello Jill. We are sorry to hear of the clog. Do all of the inlets have low suction? The clog will be between the Nutone and the first port with low suction. You can suction the port hole or use a thin snake. Use a paper towel wadded up, put your ear on the wall and count the number of thumps you hear, that is how far away the clog is. Worst case is you will have to open up the pipe. You will hear the clog because it is clanging with debris. For the filter - pull from the top edge towards the center and the filter will release down. If you need a new one that has a 14 diameter, just search our site for inverted .

How to Change Filter

how do you change the filter

Typically in most Nutones that are not the color Red, but are white and made of metal not plastic, the bottom bucket is unlatched and the bag is taken off the intake neck. It is that simple.

Cloth Filter for V20C Broan

I have a Broan V20C and I need a new filter. Any idea where I could get one?

It has the inverted cloth filter with the weighted center, right? Measure the diameter of the where its outer metal flex ring is held in. We have bags with 11.5 and 14 diameter in the Cloth Mesh Foam section under Bags & Filters, parts 710B and 711B.

Power Vent Central Vacuum

Our canister says "Power Vent" though our outlet says "Nutone" Is "Power Vent" an older version of nutone? If so, can we get parts for it? Specifically we need the felt filter with rubber gasket that hangs above the filter bag in the canister. Thanks

Power-Vent is not a real known vacuum, may be a private label. It may have been a Vacumaid. I doubt you'll find that filter exactly but if you measure the diameter it fits into you can use a foam filter, used in many central vacs, that is found here You can cut to size if need be.

CV570 Cloth Bag Issues

Hello: I have a Nutone model CV570 I believe it is about 3 yrs old. (We just bought the house) I removed the bottom of the canister and can empty the contents. I can see the cloth bag in the upper portion. It feels full of dust and sediment but I can't seem to get it to come out. What's the trick? Is there some sort of snap-ring or other clip holding it on? How do I get it off? Also, once you tell me how to get it off, Is there a filter replacement needed?

Your cloth bag should feel that way. It is packed with weighted stuff so that when it turns off it will go from an up position to a down position...helps clean it off. You will probably be fine with that bag for many years. To clean it, take the bottom off, wrap a trash bag up over it and then give the bag a good shaking. When ready to replace we have a 14 and 11.5 wide cloth inverted filter. That may or may not work for you.

Low Suction

My 18yr old Nutone CV-400 vacuum has lost a lot of suction, but not all. When I manually turn it on in the garage and put my hand over the outlet there, it has only a little suction with no "wind up" to build a vacuum (no change in motor sound). Then I let go and there is only a short little "rush" of air. I see that it has two identical motors. If one motor is not working, is there a way to tell w/o taking the top off? The cloth filter above the bag looks in good shape. If I turn on the motor, then slowly put the canister back on, it sucks it up very solidly.

You'll have to remove the lid to check if a motor is bad. Both may look like they are spinning so you want to test them individually by disconnecting one of their wires. Have you done any work on the home? With no build up up of suction it almost sounds like a pipe is broken or something like that. But with the 2-stage motor, and only one working the build up would not be too huge anyway. See what you can find.

Sometimes Suctions, Sometimes Not

I have a Broan V28C-1 central vac that's 10 yrs old. Sometimes it will not turn on, neither by plugging in the hose, nor from the switch on the unit. Other times it works just fine. When it works, I notice a grinding sound in the motor when it first starts up, but that goes away in a few seconds. When it's not working, I have tried pressing the circuit breaker reset on the unit, but it still doesn't turn on. I have verified that there is power going to the unit. I have also checked the connections to the transformer, the relay, and to the motor. All connections are fine.

Sounds like your motor is going bad. Here is what you need to fix it.

No Suction at Hose

My main unit in the garage works very well when I turn it on in the garage. However, when I run the vacuum in the house and turn the switch on at the handle of the vacuum, the rollers turn but the main unit in the garage is not getting the signal and is not turning on therefore I am not getting any suction. Your trouble shooting chart does not touch on that subject nor does your FAQ. Can you help?

Use something metal to short out the two contacts inside the LARGE HOLE of the vacuum inlet wall valve. You will not get shocked from the low voltage protrusions. If it turns on then your hose is at fault. If it doesn't turn the suction on then their an issue with your low voltage wiring that runs back to the vacuum unit.

Replacement Unit

I have a Broan Central Vacuum cleaner Model V16. This unit is about 25 years old and the motor has stopped working. Can I just buy a new Vac with out having to purchase all the accessories? ie new canister complete with motor, my hoses etc are all in good working order. Thanks Carolyn

Yes, you can buy the unit or upgrade it with a powerful and quiet SilentMaster. We offer the SilentMaster, not the Nutone units.

Bagless Nutone How To

I have a bagless nutone central vac. I can take the canister off and clean it but the filter i am unable to get off to clean is there a trick to taking it off?

Grab the material up close to where it is stuck to the canister and pull towards the middle. This will flex the metal ring inward and the cloth will drop out.

Take Off Cloth Filter

We moved into our house in may this year and it already had a nutone central vac. I don't know how to take off the cloth bag. I can get the canister off but not the bag or filter to clean it out. How does it come off?

Typically with most Nutone models you leave the unit on the wall, take the bottom off and remove a paper bag.

Broan/Nutone Top Motor

I have a Broan Central Vac, model CV-40C. There are two motors on top. The suction motor works and the exhaust(?)motor does not. With out taking the exhaust motor out, the only numbers I see are Lamb 6392-01 and 660296F. Which of your replacement motors is the one I need? and is it called an exhaust motor? Thanks

It is actually pulling air from the lower motor and increasing the amount of suction you have. They both exhaust out the top motor. This motor fails because it runs hot from the lower motor's exhaust. Here is the correct replacement motor.

Will Not Turn Off

I have CV353W central vacuum. My power unit does not stop working even after I remove the hoses. Has the relay gone bad? how does the relay look? Is the relay same as the switch at the power unit? Do you have a picture of the relay? What could be the other problem areas. If necessary do you guys come and take a look at it? Thanks Simha

You will discover the problem using our easy to follow troubleshooting guide.

Need Smaller Budd Inlets

I need two 1.25" wall ports for the Budd central vacuum system. My mother-in-law already has 3 outlets and a 1.25" hose. She is adding a small addition and needs two more outlets (upstairs and basement). She does not need a new hose and the other 1.25" outlets work fine. Can I get two ports to put in the new construction?

The non-industry standard sized inlets from Budd are still available. Please Google Budd Central Vacuum for their phone number.

Nutone Rplacement for Part #44902

I have a cv-400 unit that needs a motor . The Nutone part # is 44902 REB. What is the motor on your site comparable to this NUTONE part #?

The motor 119412, as indicated on the motor section on the Nutone Help Page, is the best replacement motor we have for this. We have sold many to homeowners and have had excellent results.

Nutone Lower Motor Upgrade? NO!

I only need to replace one of the motors (lower) in my Nutone CV450 Your ad says (If you want a stronger motor that will fit in its place, order the 116472). My question is: Do I have to replace both upper and lower motors at the same time. Will the vacuum work promptly with one motor stronger they the other?

Great question. Glad you asked. The answer is no, on the Nutone units with motors in series such as yours, you must not upgrade any motor. It will upset the delicate balance and destroy both motors.

Broan CV30C Motor Replacement

Is the 117507 motor the only one that will fit on a Broan model CV30C

In the reference chart you can see the two options that were offered with that model. A quick visual comparison to your existing motor will get you the right one for your system.


My CV-450 unit is 12 years old and stop working. There is elec. to the unit but it doesn't run. Do you have trouble shooting instructions? Thanks Doug Sensenig

We have a fantastic troubleshooting guide. Start here and let us know if you have more questions.

Assemply Diagram?

how to reassemble (diagrams) a nu-tone cv-450 vacuum?

We don't have step-by-step instructions. Would a photograph of an assembled motor / wires / electronics help?