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Nutone 391 Motors

My nutone is a CV450C model 391, 12.5 amp. 115-120 volt. what motor do I need to order, it is the main motor. will your 116472 do the trick?? please advise, I do not want to order the wrong one. thanks Richard Wolynec

The Nutone CV450C takes two motors and the top one is different from the bottom. You can find both replacments here, Just scroll down to your model number.

Assemply Diagram?

how to reassemble (diagrams) a nu-tone cv-450 vacuum?

We don't have step-by-step instructions. Would a photograph of an assembled motor / wires / electronics help?


My CV-450 unit is 12 years old and stop working. There is elec. to the unit but it doesn't run. Do you have trouble shooting instructions? Thanks Doug Sensenig

We have a fantastic troubleshooting guide. Start here and let us know if you have more questions.

Broan CV30C Motor Replacement

Is the 117507 motor the only one that will fit on a Broan model CV30C

In the reference chart you can see the two options that were offered with that model. A quick visual comparison to your existing motor will get you the right one for your system.

Nutone Lower Motor Upgrade? NO!

I only need to replace one of the motors (lower) in my Nutone CV450 Your ad says (If you want a stronger motor that will fit in its place, order the 116472). My question is: Do I have to replace both upper and lower motors at the same time. Will the vacuum work promptly with one motor stronger they the other?

Great question. Glad you asked. The answer is no, on the Nutone units with motors in series such as yours, you must not upgrade any motor. It will upset the delicate balance and destroy both motors.

Nutone Rplacement for Part #44902

I have a cv-400 unit that needs a motor . The Nutone part # is 44902 REB. What is the motor on your site comparable to this NUTONE part #?

The motor 119412, as indicated on the motor section on the Nutone Help Page, is the best replacement motor we have for this. We have sold many to homeowners and have had excellent results.

Will Not Turn Off

I have CV353W central vacuum. My power unit does not stop working even after I remove the hoses. Has the relay gone bad? how does the relay look? Is the relay same as the switch at the power unit? Do you have a picture of the relay? What could be the other problem areas. If necessary do you guys come and take a look at it? Thanks Simha

You will discover the problem using our easy to follow troubleshooting guide.

Broan/Nutone Top Motor

I have a Broan Central Vac, model CV-40C. There are two motors on top. The suction motor works and the exhaust(?)motor does not. With out taking the exhaust motor out, the only numbers I see are Lamb 6392-01 and 660296F. Which of your replacement motors is the one I need? and is it called an exhaust motor? Thanks

It is actually pulling air from the lower motor and increasing the amount of suction you have. They both exhaust out the top motor. This motor fails because it runs hot from the lower motor's exhaust. Here is the correct replacement motor.

Take Off Cloth Filter

We moved into our house in may this year and it already had a nutone central vac. I don't know how to take off the cloth bag. I can get the canister off but not the bag or filter to clean it out. How does it come off?

Typically with most Nutone models you leave the unit on the wall, take the bottom off and remove a paper bag.

Bagless Nutone How To

I have a bagless nutone central vac. I can take the canister off and clean it but the filter i am unable to get off to clean is there a trick to taking it off?

Grab the material up close to where it is stuck to the canister and pull towards the middle. This will flex the metal ring inward and the cloth will drop out.

Replacement Unit

I have a Broan Central Vacuum cleaner Model V16. This unit is about 25 years old and the motor has stopped working. Can I just buy a new Vac with out having to purchase all the accessories? ie new canister complete with motor, my hoses etc are all in good working order. Thanks Carolyn

Yes, you can buy the unit or upgrade it with a powerful and quiet SilentMaster. We offer the SilentMaster, not the Nutone units.

No Suction at Hose

My main unit in the garage works very well when I turn it on in the garage. However, when I run the vacuum in the house and turn the switch on at the handle of the vacuum, the rollers turn but the main unit in the garage is not getting the signal and is not turning on therefore I am not getting any suction. Your trouble shooting chart does not touch on that subject nor does your FAQ. Can you help?

Use something metal to short out the two contacts inside the LARGE HOLE of the vacuum inlet wall valve. You will not get shocked from the low voltage protrusions. If it turns on then your hose is at fault. If it doesn't turn the suction on then their an issue with your low voltage wiring that runs back to the vacuum unit.

Sometimes Suctions, Sometimes Not

I have a Broan V28C-1 central vac that's 10 yrs old. Sometimes it will not turn on, neither by plugging in the hose, nor from the switch on the unit. Other times it works just fine. When it works, I notice a grinding sound in the motor when it first starts up, but that goes away in a few seconds. When it's not working, I have tried pressing the circuit breaker reset on the unit, but it still doesn't turn on. I have verified that there is power going to the unit. I have also checked the connections to the transformer, the relay, and to the motor. All connections are fine.

Sounds like your motor is going bad. Here is what you need to fix it.

Low Suction

My 18yr old Nutone CV-400 vacuum has lost a lot of suction, but not all. When I manually turn it on in the garage and put my hand over the outlet there, it has only a little suction with no "wind up" to build a vacuum (no change in motor sound). Then I let go and there is only a short little "rush" of air. I see that it has two identical motors. If one motor is not working, is there a way to tell w/o taking the top off? The cloth filter above the bag looks in good shape. If I turn on the motor, then slowly put the canister back on, it sucks it up very solidly.

You'll have to remove the lid to check if a motor is bad. Both may look like they are spinning so you want to test them individually by disconnecting one of their wires. Have you done any work on the home? With no build up up of suction it almost sounds like a pipe is broken or something like that. But with the 2-stage motor, and only one working the build up would not be too huge anyway. See what you can find.

CV570 Cloth Bag Issues

Hello: I have a Nutone model CV570 I believe it is about 3 yrs old. (We just bought the house) I removed the bottom of the canister and can empty the contents. I can see the cloth bag in the upper portion. It feels full of dust and sediment but I can't seem to get it to come out. What's the trick? Is there some sort of snap-ring or other clip holding it on? How do I get it off? Also, once you tell me how to get it off, Is there a filter replacement needed?

Your cloth bag should feel that way. It is packed with weighted stuff so that when it turns off it will go from an up position to a down position...helps clean it off. You will probably be fine with that bag for many years. To clean it, take the bottom off, wrap a trash bag up over it and then give the bag a good shaking. When ready to replace we have a 14 and 11.5 wide cloth inverted filter. That may or may not work for you.

Power Vent Central Vacuum

Our canister says "Power Vent" though our outlet says "Nutone" Is "Power Vent" an older version of nutone? If so, can we get parts for it? Specifically we need the felt filter with rubber gasket that hangs above the filter bag in the canister. Thanks

Power-Vent is not a real known vacuum, may be a private label. It may have been a Vacumaid. I doubt you'll find that filter exactly but if you measure the diameter it fits into you can use a foam filter, used in many central vacs, that is found here You can cut to size if need be.

Cloth Filter for V20C Broan

I have a Broan V20C and I need a new filter. Any idea where I could get one?

It has the inverted cloth filter with the weighted center, right? Measure the diameter of the where its outer metal flex ring is held in. We have bags with 11.5 and 14 diameter in the Cloth Mesh Foam section under Bags & Filters, parts 710B and 711B.

How to Change Filter

how do you change the filter

Typically in most Nutones that are not the color Red, but are white and made of metal not plastic, the bottom bucket is unlatched and the bag is taken off the intake neck. It is that simple.

Clog and Cloth Filter Issues

We installed a Broan Central Vacuum System Model CV30-D in 2000 in a house we were building. Some plasterboard and larger stuff got sucked up and it hasn't worked very well since. My other problem is this: Can you replace the filter that is hanging in the middle after you release the dust canister? It is so clogged I have to shake it around then empty the can. Very messy. My husband has tried to remove the filter but doesn't seem to be able to, short of cutting it off there and putting a hose clamp on a different style. thanks. Jill Brinnon

Hello Jill. We are sorry to hear of the clog. Do all of the inlets have low suction? The clog will be between the Nutone and the first port with low suction. You can suction the port hole or use a thin snake. Use a paper towel wadded up, put your ear on the wall and count the number of thumps you hear, that is how far away the clog is. Worst case is you will have to open up the pipe. You will hear the clog because it is clanging with debris. For the filter - pull from the top edge towards the center and the filter will release down. If you need a new one that has a 14 diameter, just search our site for inverted .

Need Bags, That's it.

I just want to buy bags for my Nutone machine. No local vendors seem to carry them and have even told me they are no longer available.

That was simple, we have replacement bags right here

Need Bags!

Hi. We just moved into a house with central vac model CV40-D. We were wondering where can we buy replacement bags? Thanks, Nancy

Removing Cloth Dust Bag

I asked how to change dust filter on Broan CV30-D. You gave instructions. I found our booklet, it says and shows picture but thats not the case on this. The bag feels like it is glued or sewn to the inside of the bucket, no hold to get a hold of it to release anything and get a bag out. We have all but climbed inside to see no clamp of any sort holding it. I would rather not cut the bag off but can't see how it is in there. I have pulled and pulled, shouldn't be this hard to deal with a dust bag. Thanks. Jill Brinnon Washington

Hello Jill, you have the cloth inverted filter that is weighted in the center, right? Those all come out by grabbing the cloth at the top near any edge and pulling directly toward the center. It may be difficult but that is how it works. Just to note: if you are going to change the vacuum unit, consider a top emptying disposable bag unit such as the SilentMaster. Your bag is easy to remove and replace. There is less or no dust inhaled in the process and all the dirt from your last vacuuming months is forever gone - no plastered to a 5-year cloth filter.

Turns Off, Reset Button

I have an older Nutone system (at least 15 years old) in our 4000 sf house. The system works well, but shuts off after about 10 minutes of use (I'm assuming because the motor is hot?) and I have to push in the reset button at the top of the canister. Does the motor need replaced? There is no model number on the unit that I can find. Where can I locate the model number?The canister is red. Thanks, Anne

Hello Anne, yes your motor needs replacing. Look for the model number on a plate near the reset button. If you can't find it you can use your motor and its measurements to find the exact replacement on our website.

Relay for CV353 Nutone

Do you know of a replacement isolation relay for a Nutone model CV-353. The relay says ALCO model FR 110 rated at 10 amps and 120 volts. I can't seem to locate one? Thanks, Dennis Olympia,Wa.

Hello Dennis, doubtful you will find it. You may be able to use our #241 Relay. See it here and click on the wiring diagram link in the description.

Relay for CV400

Re: Nutone CV-400 Vacuum I need a stand alone relay swithch. Where Can I purchase one? Ed

Hello Ed, you may be able to use our #241 Relay. See it here and click on the wiring diagram link in the description to see it wired.

Will Not Turn Off - Relay?

bryan, valley mills texas i have a nutone centrl vac unit MODEL CV353W will turn on but will not turn off - you have to unplug - i checked continuity on low voltage wires ok, on/off switch ok but relay seems to stick on wont go off - i could not find relay to repace original #yr91364ul AUGAT 120 VAC CAN YOU give the correct part number thank you

Hello, please disconnect the low voltage wires from the unit and plug the electric cord back in. If it runs then you need a relay. If it doesn't then you need to find the short in the low voltage system running through the home and to the inlets. That relay is no longer available. You can see about retrofitting our #241 though. We have other suggestions too if you call us.

Dealer in our area?

Can you supply names of installers in the Easton Pa 18045 area. I believe we need our 25 year old motor replaced. It just stopped running. We are having the same trouble as another writer. Circuit breaker pops after about 3 minutes. TED

Hello, there is a dealer about 20 miles away from you. They are called Flagship systems, and they are located at 35 Sylvan Road, High Bridge NJ, 08829. Their phone number is (908) 638-3296

New Vacuum Nozzle for Nutone 598

I have a nutone model 598 with a worn out beater bar. Where can i get one? Thanks. mark; Karlin, Michigan

Hello, typically the Eureka/Beam is used to replace nozzles with an electric cord. If no electrical cord, use the Turbocat,455

Replacements for Broan CV 40-B

I am looking for the following replacement motors for a Broan CV 40-B Central Vac; 1- 99080344 UPPER MOTOR 1- 99080233 LOWER MOTOR ALSO; 1- 99010174 filter BAG 1- 99100452 MOTOR GASKET 1- 99100453 GASKET

Hello, the first two items, the motors, are,202G,how2mtr, but we do not have the filter or gasket.

Nozzle Neck Connection

I have a Nutone 598 with a broken lower wand to vacuum head hose coupling. This part connects with the wand, wheels and short hose to the head unit. Can I get a replacement part? Otherwise the head is still in good shape.

Your carpet brush is broken and we don't have that part to fix it; and since it has not been produced in years you may not be able to locate it. Sorry. Nutone customers have bought the Stealth or Blackhawk nozzle to replace the entire head.

Broan/Nutone Inlet Valve

I have a Broan Central Vac, Model CV30. Is there any place in or near Valparaiso, Indiana to purchase this part? If not, is this part available to purchase anywhere? Thank you, Donna Kuehl

Good Afternoon Donna, please click our Dealer Locator and enter your zip code. You may also purchase this part online or call our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST).

Motor for Nutone Model 351

On the replacement motor chart I don't see a replacement for a Nutone 351. The motor on the unit is a Singer MB22? Is the a cross for this motor? Larry Carson Valley, Nv

Good Afternoon Larry, We do not see a reference to this model # either. Please take the motor out of your vacuum system and read us the #'s located on that motor. Once you have that information, please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST).

Nutone 351 Needs Motor

my nutone 351 needs a motor is there a cross? Larry

Hello Larry, please look at our motor cross reference for Nutone 350 and decide if one of those motors matches your current motor.

Motor for Nutone 350

hi, i have a nutone model 350ca central vac ( not sure what year ). I\'m looking for a replecement motor. Can you tell me the model i will need and a price please. Thanks, andy

Hi Andy, please click here to see your two options:,207. Just choose the one that looks like the one in your system (#201 is for older model 350's)

Motor for CV550 All Models

I am in need of a motor for a Model VX550C. Can you help me on this?

Replace Filter Screen?

I have a Nutone Model 350 central vacuum vintage 1970ish. There is a screen filter between the bag canister and the motor. do you sell replacement filter screens?

Hello, we don't have the filter screen and that model has long been out of production.

New Motor not Starting

Hello. We have an old HP Vacuflo 2, That has a new motor. When I lift the flap to plug in the Hose there is nothing happening. The power points are fine so it's not a fuse. The Vacuum isnt starting at all. HELP? kind regards, Kylie, Riverside Ill.

Hi Kylie, do you hear a click at the unit when you open the inlet door on your proprietary Vacuflo inlets? If so then the motor is not getting power, if not then the relay is not working. Short the low voltage intakes at the VacuFlo and see if you get the click or not.

Relay for Nutone

We purchased a Nutone CV-350W central vacuum system in 1998. It has done a excellent job. We are now in need of the relay that controls the motor. The part has an manufactures number of: YR91364UL. Can you help me? If it is avaiable, please let me know your part number and cost of it. Thank you Leslie Wolfe, Newark, OH

Hello Leslie, if your relay has posts on the corners then you can use our #241 relay. See it here and click on the wiring diagram link in the description to see it wired.

Convert to Paper Bag?

have cv20, how do you clean cv20 filter cloth bag and can you get the paper filter bags? My inlet doesn't have anything to push bag on to. My wife sucked a nail polish bottle into the system any suggestions how to get it out? Thank you

You can suck up paper towels to push the bottle through to the unit. The unit may be able to convert to paper bags if there is pipe exposed on the inside where the debris comes shooting in.This is how you would do it. Put a PVC Coupling on the plastic pipe that enters through the side. Add a Bag Adaptor to the Coupling and finally put a #723MF-5 bag on the Bag Adaptor. Attach the bottom dirt holder and you are done! Here are the parts,726,723MF-5

Nutone VX475 Central Vacuum Gasket Issues

I have a Nutone VX475 that in just over a year old. Recently, after disconnecting and reconnecting the debris bucket, the suction has declined. I believe the gasket between the bucket and main unit is not sealing properly and that I may need a new one. Can you help?

Hi, the gasket may not be seated correctly as you suspect. Most likely it needs some detailed attention and is not broken. Please try attaching and realigning it and let us know how it goes.

Nutone CV40 Top Motor

I have a Broan CV40 top mount system. It has two motors, one does not have a discharge pipe housing and the other does. The picture for the 119412 shows a discharge pipe housing. I can't find another motor on the site for the CV40 without the dicharge pipe housing unless it's the 119413. Does the housing come off when installed in the first location? Please help me order the correct motor. The motor that failed is the first motor without the discharge pipe housing. Thanks Dale

Thanks Dale, looks like we need to fix the website. It should read that the uppermost motor takes the 119413 replacement (has no discharge tube but rather exhausts all the way around through small ports).

Same Motors for CV450?

I have a Nutone CV450, last week the bottom motor burnt out this is the second motor to burn out within the time I have had this unit and it isn\'t four years old yet. When I first noticed the motor going I ordered a new motor but I thought since the bottom had already been replaced it was the upper and it wasn\'t. My question is I am now using two upper motors, will this work alright or do I need to get the bottom motor. Right now everything seems fine, good suction. Any suggestions what would cause two bottom motors to go out in such short time? Thanks Jack Ball Wallins, KY

Hi Jack, it is okay to use the same motor for both. Really the only difference is the one has a neck on the bottom (you can tap off the bottom section of the motor and put on the new motor). The motors are ran in series on the 450 and 750 so the motors will go out more often. In exchange you get a lot of suction though. If for some reason you think a motor died too quickly, send it in for warranty review.

Exhaust Run Length

nutone 200 and 400, how far can the outside vac vent be from the main unit? thanks

You should keep the exhaust run to under 20 feet and 15 feet is really the best maximum length.

Vacuum Blowing Air, Not Sucking

All of the sudden our Nutone CV450 is blowing instead of sucking. What could cause this?

Hi, please go step by step through this guide to find the problem and let us know if you get stuck or have more questions.

Nutone CV-450 Circuit Board

I have a Nutone CV-450. The relay is on a circuit board. The unit will stay on even when low voltage disconnected and on/off switch is in off. I tapped the relay and now it works. I just don't know for how long it will keep working. I would like to order a circuit board to replace the one I have. What one will work? Thanks, John Mesa AZ

Hi John, you can use this circuit board for the central vacuum

Broan Model CV212 Central Vacuum

My home has a Broan Model CV212 Central Vacuum Unit that is 20 years old. I believe its a 220-240 with two motors in it. What type replacement parts do I need. Thank You

Hi, we have the motor and hose and attachments for your Broan 212 system. You can start here or call us for help. A new electric attachment kit will be the best upgrade possible. What is it you are looking for in particular?

Replace Broan CV110

I have a 22-year old Broan CV110 Central vacuum system. The motor just burned out and I need to finish vacuuming the rest of the house! Can a replacement motor be ordered or can I replace the whole unit - after 22 years, I feel I got my money's worth.

Hi, we highly recommend replacing the Broan Central Vacuum Model CV110 with our SilentMaster S2 or S44. Here is some information and links The vacuums are sold through local dealers. You will love the difference and the swap out takes no more than an hour.

Dust Bucket Stuck

I am unable to remove the dust bucket from my Broan CV40 after unhooking the latches. Any suggestions for freeing it up? Does only the bucket come loose with the gasket staying on the upper assembly? Do I need to fold up the gasket? I think the bucket got too full. Ruth, Crofton, MD

Ruth, you need to break the dirt seal. Use a hammer and screw driver to tap along the edges downward.

Low Suction at Unit Tank - Bag Position

We have a NuTone CV850 Central Vacuum Power Unit, with a new bag on and the bottom tank connected, have a very low or no vacuum pressure. What is the probably cause for this type of symptom. Both motors come on, but still no vacuum pressure at the Power Unit Inlet. Your immediate help and answer will be appreciated. Jay Lewis Kentucky

Hi Jay, if you put the bag in so it hangs down it can double or triple up on itself and have no suction. Put in the bag so it wants to expand up. If that doesn't help then remove the intake pipe coming from the home and test there at the unit. If bad then did you install the gasket around the motor (SINGLE MOTOR UNITS) or is the gasket between the lower and upper halves of the tank leaking? If the suction is good at the intake connection on the unit then it means you have a break somewhere in the pipe system and it is sucking in air. Any work done on the home recently? If a new home, maybe a joint came unglued? Hope this helps.

Unit Stays On

Broan model CV30-D - I need relay, unit stays on - has to be unplugged to shut down. Have had same problem b4 - is it just relay? Please send price and order info. Thanks

Hi, that is a low voltage or relay issue. Please troubleshoot it using this guide and let us know if you have more questions

Relay Stuck?

Ron - Lodi - CV30-D problem - continously running. Disconnected low voltage, turn off switch on unit, still running. Appears to be relay/circuit board problem. I tapped relay, no change. Please indicate part number and price. thanks r

Yes, sounds like your relay is stuck. The only stand along relay we offer is this one which may work. Take a look at the wiring diagram, the amps are fine with your unit.

Broan CV30 Filter and Attachment Set

I just moved into a house with a Broan cv30 central user guide. Does it use bags? There is a cloth I just empty the can? Any tips on how to clean it and keep it in top condition would be helpful.I have never used a central vac and I imagine like any appliance, maintenance would be helpful to keep it in top condition. If it takes bags, what item number do I need? Also we have dogs...should I invest in a power hose in order to best pick up dog hair from rugs? Thanks, Lizanne - Rochester, NY

Hi Lizanne, congratulations on the home and central vac. First, a new electric kit will make your home much cleaner and will get all that dog hair. We have several options here and they all work with CV30. We suggest an electric kit - the Stealth or BlackHawk for the best fit on the older Broan/Nutone square-ish wall outlets. The filter is only a center-weighted cloth filter, that is it. You can replace it with this one here. To remove simply grab a top edge and pull inward flexing the outer rim. As you get more into it please give us a call when you need help.

Some Inlets Not Working

I have a 13 y/o nutone cv-450w system in a recently purchased home. One of the outlets worked fine at first, but is now not working at all. Nothing comes on anywhere. Other outlets in the home work great, with the exception of this one and another that has not worked since we moved in. Please help.

Hi, please remove the faceplate and short the low voltage wire so see it if starts. If so then replace the faceplate. If not then the line is broken somewhere. You can move to a wireless remote to turn the suction on instead. Call us for more information. It is not too expensive - around $200.

Nutone CV850 110-120 Volt Motors

I have a Nutone CV850 but it is 110-120 volts not 220 volts. Do you have motors for it?

Would Like Electric without Cord

Hi, We have a Nutone CV450w. Our vacume head does not have a beater brush and I was wondering if there is one that would work with this model that doesn't require me to plug in an electrical cord? How do we know if our hose carries an electric current? I dont want to have to plug a cord into an outlet to activate a beater brush. (too many cords/hoses) Thanks so much, Tricia Cape Cod

Hi Tricia, let me try to sell you on a corded hose. The cord is nothing you have to carry around. The wires are hidden in the long lightweight hose. And you only have to plug in the cord if you wanted to use the electric brush. The cord comes out the very end of the wall end of the hose that plugs into the wall ports. It is eight feet long. So you need an electrical outlet within 8ft of your vacuum inlet. So if you paid the big bucks for a new electric kit (hose and tools) you'd have the cleanest carpets you ever had - guaranteed. The alternative would be to buy a TurboCat vacuum nozzle. It spins and grooms because the air passes through it and spins a turbine and it spins a belt. It works but is loud and can be weak. It depends on your suction. It fits the hose you have now (which is not electric because it would have a cord on the wall end or two brass pins). Here are the kits and here is the TurboCat (alone towards the end of the TurboCat products).

CV850 vs CV450 Nutone

I have 10yr old CV450. Brushes shot, so motor replacement seems appropriate. What is the most powerful motor repalcement available for upper and lower? Also, just got a new CV850 220v, its seems less powerful than my CV450 though quieter in the same installation (ie not a pipe problem). Is this possible ? Does it sound defective ? Any suggestions ? I'm going to get replacements motors for 450 anyway. Tx

Hi, the CV450 is powerful because it is two motors in series. You need to use the given replacement motors. It will feel stronger but running motors in series is rough on them. The CV850 is more traditional in its set up and the motors are powerful and will last longer. Hope that helps!

Replace Broan V23C Motor or Unit?

Hi, I have a Broan V23C. 23 years old. Mtr has on it lamb 115334. Do you have a replacement motor? IF I wanted to replace the whole unit which model would fit or would you recommend. How much for motor? how much for new unit sent to Walkerton On. Canada? Thanks Ken

Hi Ken, we have the motor here In checkout use the third button, the Canada Customers Checkout button and put in your address to get the final price for duties, taxes, etc. If you want a new unit we suggest the FloMaster M85 with 50% more power for double the cost of the motor. Please call us for that. Your call...

Rewired, Pulses

I have a new cv850. Replaced my cv450 with a cv850. Problem is the light blinks on and off. Motor pulses on and off with the light. Sometimes motor starts all the way, but reset switch trips after 5 min or so. Very good suction. What could be wrong. I did rewire ciruit for 240 volt.

The key is the minibreakers tripping. The motors are getting to hot. There is some kind of electrical issue and you should have it looked at.

No Suction at Unit

My Nutone CV-570 has very low suction both at the hose and at the unit. Is it possible that the cloth bag is clogged or do I have an impeller problem? The motor seems to run as usual. Mike

Hi Mike, remove the bag and try the suction at the unit. It is rare for the motor itself to be clogged up. You are trying it at the unit without the hose, right? If not then it is the hose that is clogged.

Light but No Suction

My daughter stuck a coat hanger in the hose of her CV-750 cental vac to dislodge an onstruction and it quit working. I hit the rest and the light comes on but nothing runs. do I need a new circuit card or some component on the board? where can I get these parts?

First use this guide to troubleshoot it backwards Then call us if you can't determine the issue.

VX475 Motor Overheating

Our 3-4 year old Nutone VX475 motor overheats, then stops. Do we need a new motor? Joan Jupiter, FL

Hi, please contact Nutone directly for that issue. Hopefully you are under warranty.

CV40 Models - New to Central Vac?

We have a Broan Model CV 40-D Central Vacuum in our new home. We do not have an operations manual. Where can we get a manual? Do we need to have a bag or is this a bagless model? If it requires a bag, which bag do we need? If it is bagless, what filter do we need? Thanks, Looking forward to using the central vac.

Hi, congratulations on the new home and central vac. The CV40 has a center-weighted cloth filter that is semi-permanent - no collection bag. Releasing the bottom bucket and emptying it is the only maintenance on the entire system. You can put a trash bag up around the bottom and shake out the filter. If you want to clean it, remove it by grabbing a top side and pulling inward with some force. The stiff outer rim flexes and the filter falls down. You can vacuum it with a shop vac or hose it out and THOROUGHLY air dry it before replacing. There are not replacements for it. We have a filter but it is slightly too small and slips out of place. If some tabs could be added inside the metal can to keep it in place then it would work fine. For all the troubleshooting needs go here and for your many instant upgrades to modern hose and tools start here Let us know if you have any questions.

Replace Motors or Unit?

I have 2 CV450 units in my home (8 years old). One is fine, the other needs a motor replacement. It has been recommended that I simply buy a new unit. Would you recommend another CV450 if I can find one, or a comparable but newer model that would be compatible with the existing tubing, etc. House sq footage is 4800 sq ft. Thanks Steve Lewes, DE

Hi Steve, we recommend a different unit. The motor on the new Flo-Master M85 will be more powerful that the two motors in the 450. The cost is over $500 and it uses the same pipe and wiring. Use our dealer locator to find a dealer new you for a sale.

Nutone 599 Question and Replacement

Janet (Massachusetts) I have an older model 599 powerhead that siezed up suddenly. I've removed all the hair build up. Do both ends of the brush rotate? One moves freely, the other appears stationary. I can't understand how one could be stationary. The system is by Pullman and the relay switch problem was fixed to the tune of $218. Most importantly, if I can't get the powehead running again, which powerhead is the replacement?

Hi Janet, I think both ends of the brush rotate if the brush is not inside the nozzle head and the belt not attached. That is the way all the brushes I've seen work. The first three brushes here (Stealths and Blackhawk) are wonderful replacements for the 599. They fit right in.

Will Not Shut Off

I have a NUTONE CV450. The on off switch will not turn the unit on or off. The unit must be unplugged before it goes off.

Hi, remove the low voltage wire from the unit and test again. If the unit is off then there is a short in that wire somewhere. Thease are hard to find and you may have to move to RF controls. But if the unit is still on then the relay is bad in the unit. We have this relay that may work for you as you consider the components and wiring in your unit We also have a circuit board for two motor systems here that an electrician can easily use to replace all the components

Broan Model V60C-1 Motor?

Which motor brushes do I have to order for a Broan model V60C-1? How much is shipping of two brushes to Canada? Thanks! Edith, BC, Canada

Hi Edith, based on number 6472-00 on the motor for your Broan V60C-1 the replacement brushes and motor are here,209.

Low Suction at Some Inlets

My nutone vaccuum outlet in my kitchen and one upstairs on my second floor does not have good suction. The other outlets in my house are fine and have a strong suction. What can be the issue? Thanks, Lisa :)

Hi Lisa, you have a clog and you can probably get it out yourself using a simple technique. Plug the hose in and turn the suction on. Let the suction build up by putting your hand over the hose end. Let go. Do this for 5 minutes at both inlets. If it doesn't work then suck in a paper towel at one inlet and do the suction thing again. If that doesn't work use the solutions under number three here

Suction Weak at Unit, What Next?

I have a Nutone 353 that is 25yrs old with no previous problems. However now the suction at all the different room inlets is almost nil, including the inlet at the front of the unit. I have tried all 3 different hoses I have, with no change. The motor seems to be running like it always has -- doesn't sound weaker. Nothing is holding any of the inlets open, and the cork-like gaskets on them are all good. I haven't got into the motor to look yet -- any ideas on what I should be looking for would be greatly appreciated. And if it is motor related, at 25 yrs. is there an advantage to just replacing the motor vs. buying the whole new unit for just alittle more $$$ ? Thanks in advance for any help. Mike L. Spokane, WA.

Hi, Disconnect the pipe coming in from the home and duct tape closed that connection on the vacuum unit. Now the vacuum is stand alone. Test suction. Remove the bag and look towards the motor for any secondary filtration and take it out. Put the unit back together with no filters and try the suction at the unit. If still weak then the motor is clogged full of hair and thread and needs replacing or the electricity into the unit has dropped for some reason and the motor is not spinning as fast as it should. Motors don't slow down with age, so there has to be a reason. Most customers replace their motors over buying a new unit. However with new units that fit right in and offer 50% more power and long life, the decision is getting harder. Our FloMaster M85 is right around $500 and makes a wonderful replacement. Check it out here

Reset Buttons Always Popping

My nutone cv 350's reset button keeps on popping after 2 seconds. Bag is fine and I unhooked the unit from the incoming hose. Any suggestions? Gino

Hi Gino, the motors are overheating, meaning they are basically ready to be replaced. We have the replacements here and they are easy to swap out.

3ARR4BA54 Relay Replacement?

I am told that the relay for a old Nutone model 350 is no longer avaiable. The relay is part # 3ARR4BA54, any ideas where to get one? Fred-West Chester Pa

Your electrician can easily replace all the electronics for less money with a single circuit board here Print the enlarged photograph for a guide. For two motor systems use board #235M and large two motor units #235L.

Transformer Bad?

I have a NuTone CV750 approximately 5 years old. Recently started to shut off when in use after a few minutes. Checked brushes, only 1/3 worn (bought new ones based on another sites recommendation). Unit works fine with unit mounted switch. Checked low voltage circuit and it measure 5.02 vdc, sticker says it should be 24 vdc. Noticed that there is line voltage (120 vac) between heat sink and ground (got a shock). Examined the control board which has the transformer on it and there are no obvious damaged parts, burned components or shorted wires. Added a piece of edge aligator strip to heat sink to ensure line wires do not get abraded.

Hi, you need the 24 vdc at the low voltage wire connection. If you don't then the transformer is bad most likely. The unit's switch may be bypassing the low voltage so that is why it works, or it may just be that it has enough juice at that proximity. Our #232 transformer may work for you.

Broan Filter 99010172

Broan CV30D Do you stock the replacement motor filter 99010172 Do you stock the replacement motor filter 18 gasket 991000458

Hi, please see the right side of the grid here for the filtration offerings. You will have to take a measurement to be sure we have the correct replacement. The CV40 doesn't have a match from us so please take the measurement.

Lost Some Suction, Two Motor System

Nutone CV450 approximately 9 years old. Suction dropped about 30% ?overnight?. All piping, bag, and cloth filter are OK. What is the procedure to check and then replace motor brushes? Thanks! Tim Roxbury

Tim, one motor is likely fried. Bang the machine and it should work again. Also look for a mini breaker to push in. Changing the brushes may help for awhile but it is better to replace the motor. You can view the motors for the model here and find the brushes for the motor by searching for them by motor number in our search box. Click on the instructions link for how to get to the motor and click on the instructions link in the motor brush text for those instructions.

Unit Shuts Off then Starts

Dale Molalla oregon nutone cv850 runs while and then shuts off and then starts again after a few minutes. I wired a fuse around the relay and it worked a few weeks and then the fuse blew and I replaced the fuse and now it does the same thing again.???

Dale, the motors are going bad. It is time to replace them, or maybe the brushes if the motors are not at 900 hours or so. The motor is here If the original motor is the same as the replacement then here is the brush Each motor takes two.

Nutone 750 Trips Breaker

my nutone is cv750. It is about 10 yrs old and we never could get it to work right. It runs good for about 7 mins. Then trips the reset. If you reset it it works for about 5 mins then trips again

If you could never get it to work right and it always tripped the minibreaker then a motor is bad or the minibreaker, but most likely the motor. When a motor IS bad it trips the minibreaker after a few minutes. Your system has two motors in series. You can get away with replacing the bad motor if the other motor doesn't have lots of usage.

Bad Transformer?

Transformer Bad? This is a continuation to the above titled "Transformer Bad?" I could not figure out how to use your transformer on my old control module so i just bought another one. I installed it and the system worked for a few months. The switch voltage measured 5.07 volts, not 24 volts as the sticker, but it did work. Well now it does not work again, with the same symptons that it will sometimes come on and sometimes it won't. I of course checked the hose switch and it measures 15.7 ohms in both positions, steady. The voltage at the outlets is a steady 5.07 volts. Any suggestions?

You may have bought the wrong transformer. You may have a low voltage issue in the home if the wire is not at least 20 gauge. The valves that don't work at times, can you short the contacts at the valve and make it start? If so then there is not enough power to power the hose switch. We measure 12 volts coming out of our transformers. You have 5 which is suspect to begin with. The next solution is to maybe have your electrician try a circuit board. They have all the components and retrofit into the machine easily, see them here

Continuation from Bad Transformer

Continuation from "Bad Transformer" Verified 120 volts at outlet when unit is operating, line wire gauge is 12, ground is good. To clarify, i replaced the controller board with one from Nutone for ~ $160. The new one measured 5.07 volts on low voltage terminals. Low voltage wireing to outlets is 18ga, checked some connections and they look to be soldered and wire nutted. This seems to me to be a manufacturing issue with these boards, wrong transformer with inadaquate voltage/current to hold the relays closed. Or could this be a switch problem in hose which measures 15.7 ohms.

Our experience tells us the issue is the lack of voltage from the transformer. Return the board for a new one or buy one of ours. You'll save $100 or more buying from us.

V20C-3 Motor?

I am looking for a replacement motor for a Broan central Vacuum model V20C-3. Please tell me what replacement motor should I order. Regards, Dawn M

Hello Dawn, the correct motor is listed on this page, row 3, where is says CV20 and V20C. Thank you for asking.

New Home, Old Vac

bought house with CV850 unit, some inlets have no suction, anyway to check if these inlets are connected to the unit? Also is there a place i can get instruction manual? How do I check if I need to empty or change the dirt bag? Trying to open the bottom part after unlatching, assuming is a place where dirt is collected, but is very tight and am afraid to pull it hard as dont know if I will break it. light on the unit is green. please help

Congratulations on the home and central vac. The two inlets should be connnected but are clogged. See solution #3 here for help. We don't have an instruction manual but the only maintenance is changing the bag (#723 bag). You have to knock the lower part off after you unlatch, it will come off. There is more help and supplies found here

Broan V28C Filter

How do I clean the filter of a Broan V28C central vac? Can this be removed? If so, how do I do that? Thanks.

Hello, that is either a center weighted cloth filter or a disposable bag. Remove the lower section of the unit to find out. A cloth filter is cleaned but shaking it into a plastic trash bag. Some remove it and wash it, and some replace it. To remove pull an edge inward until the outer rim flexes and the whole filter falls down. Be sure the filter is 100% dry before replacing. We have 11.5 inch and 14 inch diameter replacements.

Nutone 599 Vacuum Parts

Barbara, Saylorsburg. I have a 599 nutone powerhead which needs some new parts. Do you know where I can find these.

Hi, we carry the replacement vacuum head and the belt. We do not have other parts for this brush at this time. Thanks for asking and here is what we have,48201.

Relay for Old Unit

We have an old Broan central vac unit Model 154 N16 purchased in 1974 manufactured by Beam Industries in Webster city, Iowa. I beleive the relay is bad, the only numbers on it are (GE) 3ARR4BA32. (240 volt/24 volt) I would like to get a replacement relay. Thanks Sam in Middletown

We don't have a relay for you, but many are using this circuit board to replace all the electronics for less money. Your electrician can install it in under an hour easily. Use the large photo as a wiring guide We have other boards for 240 volt and dual motors here

Nutone CV-450 Burning Smell

I have a NuTone CV-450 that is approximately 8 years old. It would not turn on so I hit the reset button. It starts and will run approx 2 seconds then cuts off. It has a slight burning smell when it comes on. Is this signs of a bad motor?? If so...should I replace the motor or unit? If I need to replace the unit, what new model would hook up easily without a lot of problems. Thanks. Danny - Woodstock, VA

That burning smell is the death of your motors. They can be replaced, you can find the right motors here, just go down the list to find your model number. Should you decide to upgrade to a new unit take a look at the power of these units!

Nutone CV30D Attachments

Hi, I just moved into a house with a cv30-d and have no idea how to use it. Is there somewhere I can get a users manual? Also I need attachments because previous owner only left a hose. Would appreciate any help you can provide. Cindie

We have a large selection of kits available to complete your home vacuum system. Each available kit has an option labeled ""NO HOSE". This will include every part listed except the hose. Call us to speak to a technician prior to ordering to ensure that your current hose will be compatible with standard products.

Will Not Shut Off

Model CV-450, will not shut off even after disconntecting the low-volt wires. Where is the reset button? Thanks Bill

Please use this guide to determine what is wrong

Older Unit Parts

I have a model 350 that needs a replacement debree canister. Is there any place to purchace the part or is it to old? If so will any newer models conect to the current set up in place?

Those are not available as far as we know. You can try contacting a Nutone Dealer to see if they have any old inventory or used parts.

No Power To Carpet Brush

We just bought a house that has a CV353W Nutone unit, everything works ok except the power brush, we have power at the inlets. We purchased a new head and it still does not work, what do you think it could be? Thank you Scott Lock Haven, PA.

There could be an issue with the hose switch or the fuse. If both are not working properly, the brush will not get any power. Try replacing the fuse first, if that doesn't fix the issue then replace the switch.

Nutone Will Not Turn Back On

Ww have a NuTone central vaccum that is very old and I used it for the first time today and it worked very well.I had it on for quite awhile and changed bag and 2nd filter.It will not turn now.We do here a clicking sound.Do you think it overheated.Have I blown the motor?

The motor may have overheated and shut down. Try it agian a little later. If still no power, then the old motor has finally given up and needs to be replaced.

Brush Has No Power

I recently bought a Nutone CT700 brush and wand, but I cannot get the brush to start spinning. I am getting suction at the hose (I am using an old hose that I am guessing is the problem), but the new unit will not spin. I came across this on ebay... Do you think this might be the problem?

It could be a bad switch or a blown fuse in the hose. The problem you're having is that no electricity is being sent to brush, and either of those parts can cause the problem. You may want to have a repair technician take a look at the hose first to locate the problem and save you a lot of time.

Broan VX3000C Shuts Off After A Few Minutes

john, victoria,bc have a broan vx3000c, which shuts off after 10min, motor looks good, brushes are good---runs fine on bench at 11.5amps unit is 4 years old any ideas?

It may be having an overheating problem. Check that all the filters are clear, even the screen just before the motor on the inside.

Broken Button Lock

My push button on the power hose that holds the wand from coming off broke.It appears that it is just a flat metal piece with a button connected with an upper rivet. Is this part avaliable? David Jennett

You can either replace the whole handle, or add an internal button lock found here,

CV450 Correct Replacement Motors?

I have a Nutone CV450 central vac unit and both motors have failed. There was a scraping noise shortly before they failed. Before I order replacements I want to confirm they will fit. The numbers I see on the upper motor are 6116-00 and 340389FE. For the lower the numbers are 720588FE and 894. The unit is 22 years old. Will the motors you offer work? Thank you.

Yes, the motors in the Nutone motor chart for the CV450 are the correct replacement motors. The other numbers you found on the motor are part numbers for the what makes up the motor and are not completed motor numbers. Here is the Nutone motor page

Broan CV30 Venting

I have a Broan CV30 unit. Is this unit supposed to be vented to the outside? Currently it has only a short flexible hose coming from outlet. If not vented to outside what are my options?

If the unit is not in a small enclosed area like a closet, then you don't need to vent the exhaust. If you need to vent, add piping to the exhaust port and run it outside.

Replacement Belt

I need a belt for my central vac brusher unit. It is a household type :828, Model:398 NA, serial number:0218625. Thanks, Jerry

We don't have a cross reference for that model. You can compare the measurements of the belts we stock to your old one. If the measurements match, it is your replacement belt.

Broan V28C Runs But No Suction

have a Broan built in vacuum model-V28C-3 motor runs but will not suck Julie ,Turtleford

There is either a pipe connection that has come apart or there is a clog in the system. You can contact a local dealer to inspect and repair at

Broan Won't Turn On

Broan VX3000c doesnt power on Question I tried to turn it on manually from the unit - doesnt turn on. The pail is very clean. Breakers have been verified and also changed inlet. the green light is on so i know there is power. I shut it off for 20 min and still does not turn on. What do you recommend I do next? Mario Carciero from Montreal, Canada

You may have a motor or a circuit board failure. Follow our troubleshooting guide to help narrow down the issue at

Nutone Relay 3ARR4BA32

Hi, Have an old Nutone 350. Need relay (3ARR4BA32), but it is hard to find. Is there any way to fix it? Thanks. George

We recommend retrofitting a circuit board into the unit which takes place of all other components except the motor. An electrician can use the photo of the product online as the easy wiring guide. Many homeowners opt for this to save money and because they can't find original equipment.

New to Central Vacuum - Need Hose and Tools

We purchased our home complete with a 350 Nutone Central Cleaning System but have not been able to use it as we need a new beater bar and hose. Can you recommend exactly what we need, where we can get these items, any suggestions, and lastly the price please and thank you?

Congratulations on your home! Your vacuum works perfectly fine with every hose and tool kit available today. That means you can get the kit that works best for your exact flooring type and budget. If you have carpet buy an electric kit, if no wall-to-wall carpet buy a non-electric kit. We have them listed here with prices Most likely, if you want an electric kit, you will choose one with a pigtail corded hose that plugs into the wall vac inlet and a nearby electrical outlet. If you need more help please call us or one of our dealers in your local area.

Bad Board - Always Tripping

I have had the VX475CC power unit for 4 years. It has often tripped the circuit breaker for it's circuit on start-up. Now, the actual vac will stop running after 3-5 minutes, but the circuit/outlet is still energized. What do I need to test or replace?

If it has been a constant problem and now getting worse you probably have a bad circuit board from the beginning. Talk to the manufacturer for a warranty replacement board.

Turns Off But Runs Later

I've got a VX6000C that runs for about 15 minutes and then stops. I wait awhile and it will run again for 5 minutes before stopping and so on. I can't find any blockages. My kids have a bad habit of standing on the hose while I vacuum, could damage to the hose cause this kind of reaction from the unit? Thanks a ton. Cam

No real damage, it is a natural thing that happens as the motor dies. They don't slow down, they do what you are experiencing.

Transformer Replacement?

I have a 350 Nutone Vacuum System. I need Transformer Assembly Part No. 64672 (539B) and Relay 63206 (5173). Can you help. We just replace the Vacuum Reset Button and you still have to bang on the Relay to get it started. Can you help.

These parts are no longer sold and the comprehensive electronics replacement is the single power board. It is retroffited in. It actually saves money and makes the electronics