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Open HAY204 Power Head

How do you open a model HAY203 power head and where can I find a replacement drive belt? Thanks. Lee

To open, lift off the top light cover by pressing in the sides. Remove the two screws under the cover. Pull the top and bottom sections apart by prying open the corner by a back wheel. Pull hard to separate the halves and access the motor, brush, belt, etc.

Model BV34S - Poor Suction, Vibration & Grinding Noises

I have a B.V. 34-S.-SV Built in to my home, (upstairs and down) that is 31 years old!! Worked great with no problems until now...poor suction, vibration and grinding noises...the motor has likely finally given up the ghost. I would like to replace the entire unit (motor) and diagram help for install. HEEELLLP!

We agree that the issue you described is definitely an indication of a faulty motor. Please click on the following link to view the motor replacement as well as general replacement instructions: Omar BV34S Replacement Motor Option & Instructions

Hide-A-Hose Retrofit Installation

Is there a way to install retractable hose in existing wall sockets for Omar's central vacuum?

Yes, the Hide-A-Hose can be installed into existing central vacuum systems BUT not using any of the existing inlets. There will have to be a HAH inlet installed, new pipe ran for the length of the retractable hose, and then connected into the existing pipe system. Call a local dealer that has HAH experience and they can help you.

Hot Exhaust

Hi, I just installed a used Omar Housekeeper 3000 to replace my Nutone CV350. I upgraded the wiring and installed dual exhaust pipes, each with a muffler and vented outside. The suction is great but I noticed that the exhaust pipes and motors get very warm, hot even. The unit uses two Amatek Lamb 115334 motors. Is this normal? Mark in Seattle, WA.

Yes, the exhaust and pipes will get hot. That is normal. If the pipes melt, that is not normal. If the exhaust runs are separate and no longer than 15-20 feet you will be fine.

Clogged Pipes

We have an Omar Vaccum system in our home. There is hardly any suction at any of the three ports in the house through the hose (with no attachments) but lots of suction when we attach the hose in the garage. Is there anything we can do to unplug the system before we call you for a rotor-rooter job? Suzanne & Frederick Goset

Try the solutions under #3 here:

Omar's Vacuum Replacement Hose

My electric hose is badly worn on both ends, and having seen a model with a swivel head, I wonder if that is available for my Omar's central vac system. Carol in Bellevue, WA

Absolutely! You can find compatible hoses at

CT18DX Models Replacement?

i need a Roller Brush for my Omars power head model # ct18dxq8 serial # d64902007. hope you can help

Sorry, but we do not currently sell the roller brush for any CT18 models; however, we do carry roller brush replacements for CT16 models.

Belt Needed

Hi There, I am looking for a replacement drive belt for a series 6677/6678 on an omar's central vac system. The belt is 9.5" x .5" wide. Do you know where I can find one? Thanks, Shawn in Woodinville, WA

Shawn, please give us a call and we'll direct you.

Omars BV-34-SV Filter

I have a home system model Omars #BV-34-SV 120 volts. I need a new filter. Which one should I order? Suzie,Poulsbo,WA

Hello Suzie, as long as the can is 14 inches in diameter then it takes this filter

Relay Needed

I need a relay for my BV-34-SV. How much do they cost? Can I purchase online? How much is the shipping and handling? I need this right away. FP

Hello, we show that our #241 relay will work. Simply ignore one post on each corner. Here is the relay and here is a general wiring diagram at the bottom of this page

Carpet Brush Options

Will the tubro Cat Zoom fit my Omar Built-in Vac System model #BV-34-SV? Can I switch to an electric power brush unit and keep my same system? How much should I expect to spend to do this?

The TurboCat Zoom will fit right in. However, your carpets will be cleaner you happier and healthier with a power and quiet Stealth Kit which is electric. The Stealth Kit will fit right into the holes in the wall for suction and will probably need the corded kit. It has an eight foot cord coming off the wall end of the hose that you plug into a nearby electrical outlet. The hose has wires hidden it in running all the up to the hose handle where the cord from the carpet brush clicks right in place. We'd love for you to test-drive it for 30 days!

Bag Filtration?

when we moved into our house it already had an omars bv-34-sv central vacuum system. i just ordered the stealth powerhead accessory kit for it and i was wondering if i need to get a filter for the main unit. i don't have the manual so i am not sure what maintenance it needs. also are there disposal bags? thanks

We show that Omar's is a permanent cloth filter. Take the dirt collector off the bottom, wrap a trash bag up over the unit and give the weighted cloth filter a good shaking. To troubleshoot your system use