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651HI replaced with 652HI

I recently replaced outlet 651HI with 652HI and find less suction during cleaning and more suction noise at the other outlets. Aren't these 2 outlets interchangable? Thanks, Terilee Hammett, Temecula, CA

Hi Terilee, yes this replacement is perfectly normal. Did you tighten all the inlets? If so, the door cannot seal properly and leaks. Unscrew it a bit and be sure the faceplate is not bowed in or out. If the inlets are okay but still leaking then the old internal gaskets may be bad. Take the faceplates, inlets, off and put 1.5 rounds of black electrical tape around the neck and reinsert. Let us know what you find.

Almond Color Available?

Is this unit available in Almond? Alex Marietta, GA

Sorry, only comes in white and ivory. You can use any of the basic inlets though as an exact replacement. The other styles come in almond.

Almond vs Ivory

Hi, I need to order a replacement inlet with an oval door. How can I tell if the one I have is almond or ivory? -Ingrid Nelson

Ivory is yellow/orange/tan-ish, almond is just off white - a little tan.

Attaching Wire

The low voltage wires will not stay connected to the screws. Any suggestions? Kathy from Somerville

Try to wrap the wire from left to right then screw. That way the screw will not push the wire out.

Available in Australia?

Can you send to Australia? What postage charges? Can they be use in Australia as we use 240volt?

You can find this products in Australia at Godfrey's Vacuum nationwide.

Beam Compatible?

Will this cover fit a Beam model #153 ?

Yes, this will fit your and other Beam systems.

Black & Decker Vacuum Receptacles Replacement

I am looking to replace at least one or two wall inlets for our central vacuum. They are the type that activates by pressing a single button. The brand is Black & Decker. Thank you. Jean Marson Woodinville, WA

Hello Jean, to replace some, not all your vacuum ports you will have to 1) be sure the industry standard ones fit your backing plate behind the faceplate. Read the text at the top of this page for that And 2) you will will have to put a new end on your vacuum hose. Cut the end of your hose off or pull your end off. Reverse thread this new end on the hose and you will be able to use it in the single and dual trigger point inlet valves We are assuming with this that the diameter of the inlets you do have is about 1.5 inches, not 1.25 inches.

Broan Vacuum Inlet

Will this valve replace theiilar Broan inet valve CV140W The control circuit for the Broan is 24VAC. Is this the "low voltage" refered to in these inlet valve/door?

Good Morning, this inlet valve will work if the ID (inner diameter) of your existing valve opening is 1.5 . Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) if your valve does not measure the standard size of 1.5 or if the suction is activated upon opening the door to your inlet valve.

Brown or Black?

Do you have this coverplate in black or in chocolate.

We have this one in black. It will fit your system but the door is different than the round door of the others in your home. This inlet is also available in other colors.

Change to Rectangular Style?

Hello - I currently have this style. Is it interchangable with the 653HW? I would prefer a rectangular style. Jim Lighthouse Point, FL

Hello Jim, yes you can replace your oval door faceplate with the rectangular or full face models.

Fasco Replacement Inlets / Outlets.

I have a system called The Master Vac by Fasco. It was installed in our house about 20 years ago, and I need to replace a few broken inlet covers and some brush attachments. Which inlet covers and attachments are compatible with this old system? The warranty has 1/88 on it and 8574-8039. This is the only paper work I have. Please advise which inlets and upgrades are compatible with this system. Thank you.

Our Basic Inlets will work with your system. Also, we highly recommend and electric attachment kit such as the Stealth Kit. It fits right into your systems and cleans beautifully.

Fasco Replacements?

My Fasco Vac is original to our home, over 30 years old. We are in need of replacement inlets throughout our home, as one is missing a gasket, another's "door" has a broken hinge and the third seems to not be sealed properly. The original paperwork for the system that we inherited with the house calls for Model 861PI (plastic) or 861FP (chrome) inlet. Will the above product work with this system? We are also experiencing problems with the system not turning off when we remove the hose from the inlets, and end up unplugging the machine. Thanks, Becky

Hi, yes, any of the rectangular Basic Inlets will fit your system. For the electronic issues please use this guide

Hayden 1500 Vacuum Inlet Valve Replacements

I have a Hayden 15oo what is your replacement part?? Bob Bolton Ma

Hi Bob, you can use ANY of the inlets on this page all the way down to the Inlet Valve Trims here

Hose for Basic Inlets

This looks like my valve. I need a replacement hose. Which hose do I ask for? The one I have now is grey and has an on/off switch on the hose. It is splitting. Can I repair it or does it have to be replaced?

It is best to replace it, honestly. If your inlet looks like the Basic Inlets, the best non-120volt hose that has an on/off switch is the Low Voltage Hose.

How to Attach Wires

how do you attach the wires

The wires from the system, the small low voltage wires, connect to two screws on the back of the inlet faceplate.

Installing Gives Electric Shock?

Do you need to shut off the main electric switch before installing these?

No you don't need to turn off the electricity. The low voltage wire and a tiny amount of current and it will not shock you. If you feel more comforable have zero current, then unplug the vacuum in the basement or garage.

Is it the Same?

Will this work for my central vacuum ?? My vacuum cleaner starts working when I enter the hose in the wall. I have two that have the opening door closed and they look exactly like this one, but I am not sure if it is the same. Thanks

Hello, if they look like the ones online then they are the same. There has only been one manufacturer of each look.

Joya Central Vacuum Parts

I have an older Joya central vac and need to replace one of the inlets. Will this one work with my unit? What attatchments would work with it also?

Hello, that is a rare brand as far as we know. Read the text at the top of the Basic Inlet page to find if this and other inlets are compatible. All our hoses and kits fit these inlets included corded electric hose kits.

Kenmore Inlets Replacement

I have a 1987 Kenmore central vac system, with a 1 1/2 inch hose. I need to replace some of my inlets. Will this Part #651HW fit my system, and if not, do you have one that would fit? Thanks. Hank, Mamaroneck, NY

Hello Hank, the 1-1/2" diameter refers to the port hole in the wall when the faceplate door is opened. If it is that size then you can use this inlet to replace it. Read the text on top of the Basic Inlet page for more details. If the diameter is 1-1/4" then there are no replacements for it but there is a way, though laborsome, to cut out the backingplate and replace them.

Model 1750 Replacement

I have a Stealth Central Vac and I need a new inlet valve. Can you tell me what kinds I should get. The information on the inside lid tells me it is model 1750, listed 27z2, LR61865 for supoerhose 1/11. Thanks, Christine Bloomington

The inlets that directly replace yours are found here All the ones listed here are direct replacements. The faceplate always includes the less expensive backing plate, so don't be alarmed.

Need Smaller Budd Inlets

I need two 1.25" wall ports for the Budd central vacuum system. My mother-in-law already has 3 outlets and a 1.25" hose. She is adding a small addition and needs two more outlets (upstairs and basement). She does not need a new hose and the other 1.25" outlets work fine. Can I get two ports to put in the new construction?

The non-industry standard sized inlets from Budd are still available. Please Google Budd Central Vacuum for their phone number.

New Inlet Not Working

I just replaced one of my old inlet covers, connecting the old wires (black & white) to the 2 screws on the new cover, but it doesn't seem to work (the other inlets seem to work). Any suggestions? Thanks!

Hi, please becareful. Usually black and white wires are for 110 volts. If they are 110 volts then they should be connected to a different inlet such as SuperValve or ElectraValves. But if the wires are low voltage (please test them first) then touching them together should start the suction. Try that and see what happens. If the suction doesn't start then the wire is broken somewhere. Hopefully you can find where or you'll need to run new wire or buy a radio frequency hose and kit for the vacuum system.

No Contacts Inside?

My inlet valves look "almost" like this except they do NOT have contacts inside the tube. The vac turns on automatically when you lift the lid. My hose is all plastic. Unfortunately I can't figure out the make of my vac (this is the original vac from 1968 - the year condo was built). Will this model possibly work? Thanks, Paul, Marina Del Rey

Hopefully you can use these and simply change the end of our hose or buy a new hose. The key measurement is the opening the inlet goes into. It has to be 1-5/8" diameter. Remove your inlet valve and take a look. Read the text at the top of the Basic Inlet page for more help and let us know if you have any more questions.

Nutone Hose Compatible?

Does this fit a NuTone hose?

This inlet will fit metal end and metal ring end Nutone hoses.

Old Hose Missing Connection

I ordered several of these inlets a few weeks ago to replace nonfunctioning ones within a 25-plus years old central vac system (Colt Auto-Maid). Unfortunately, they do not power up when the hose is inserted. Jumping out the low voltage connections does start the vacuum, so I know there are no wiring problems. After careful examination, it looks as though the contacts in the inlet are set too far back to make contact with the metal ring on my hose end. Do you agree that my next step would be to order a new hose cuff with metal ring (Part # 302HCR)? If not, any suggestions, please? Debbie Ethel, LA

Hi Debbie, good job assessing the situation. Your hose end it not reaching the contacts inside the inlet hole. The easiest, most cost effective solution is to put a new hose cuff on your hose. The 302HCR cuff fits any central vacuum hose. The next best solution is to replace your old hose. A new hose will give you over 25% more suction (because it is smoother inside and old hoses have micro holes and cracks in them), will be easier to use and more gentle on your home. The best hose for you is the Low Voltage Hose, them the Basic Hose saves you a couple of dollars but is not nearly the quality or convenience of the Low Voltage Hose.