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PetVac Shed Eliminator Suction Kit Q&A

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Questions & Answers

Cat Compatible?

You show this tool being used on a dog. Have you ever tried it on a cat???

Customers have tried this tool on cats with success. Some customers claim that their cats actually enjoy the experience, it depends on the temperment of the cat.

Lint Brush Replacement

I already have the PetVac kit and love it, however, the lint/fur removal tool has fallen apart. Is it possible to buy another separately from the whole kit? Actually all I need to replace is the red parts that pick up the hair, the rest of the tool is fine.

We do not carry the red pieces separately; however, we do carry the lint brush. You may view/purchase this item by clicking on the following link:

Diameter Fit

Will the hose fit on 1-1/2 inch central vac hose

Yes the hose inserts into all central vacuum inlets about 1-1/2 inches diameter. The hose also slide on to the end of most all central vacuum hoses. This connection is preferred with the PetVac because it reduces the air flow and noise.

Hose Length

How long is the hose?

The hose in the PetVac Kit is 15 feet long.

Work for Cats?

will this work for cats?

PetVac will work on cats. We have customers who use it on them. The trick is it follow the directions in order for them not to be scared of it. Hopefully yours will not be.

Beam and Electrolux Compatible?

We have the beam solaire and it has oval fittings a the end of the hose that attachements sttach to. Will this work? The attachments for this product look round.

There is an adapter made for Beam and Electrolux Q and Solaire products that converts the D shape into a round shape. You can buy it here Most of Beams older products have the round shape but their newer product has the D shape.

Best for Pet Hair?

Hi, Would this be the best tool you sell for removing pet hair off the floor?

Hi, this is the best pet grooming tool we sell and it certainly helps keep the pet cleaner which means less hair on the floor. For hair that is on the floor you want to use your regular central vacuum hose and a 12 inch floor brush such as our #402W or #402D.

Portable, Upright Vacuum Compatible?

Would a vacuum cleaner have sufficient suction to work?

Hi, yes, the PetVac hose and tool actually only need a bit of suction to be effective. Any portable, upright, or canister vacuum cleaner can use this pet grooming accessory so long as the PetVac Hose fits on to the hose on the vacuum cleaner. It fits on hose ends that are 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" diameter. Most vacuums with hoses are this standard size. The 15ft PetVac grooming hose allows you to put the vacuum cleaner in another room so the noise will be less of an issue. Also, don't forget to rotate the ring on the hose to open the air bleeder valve. This reduces the suction if there is too much. When you start using the DeShedder tool, find the best angle, best pressure, and speed. Once you get the hang of it you will never want to go back to another grooming tool.

MUST Use Existing Hose with PetVac Hose

I plugged in the petvac hose directly into my inlet valve on my wall, and there was the most loud piercing noise I have ever heard. How can I fix this so I don't have to return it?

Hi, a central vacuum is so strong that the PetVac hose can't really handle it plugged directly into the wall inlet. A super loud whistle is created by the suction. All the literature and information on the website states the PetVac hose is to be used ONLY on the end of your existing, long, central vacuum hose. Then bleeder valve on the PetVac Hose and existing hose should be opened. NOTE: if the suction is still too strong, you can open another wall inlet and hold it open a crack using a pencil or something. Thank you for asking. Enjoy the product.

Available Alone?

Is the grooming tool available alone? Can't I just use it with my vacuum hose?

Hi, the vacuum hose included in the PetVac Kit for Central Vacuums is key to using the ShedEliminator with your central vacuum. Without it the tool would stick to the pet's coat. The hose has a bleeder valve that must be opened while using the tool. Plus, the bleeder valve is noisy, the 15ft long PetVac hose keeps that noise away from the pet. Also, the hose makes grooming a whole lot easier. The end of it is not bulky at all like a central vacuum hose handle. You are able to move about the pet with ease.

Really Long Fur

We rarely cut our dog's fur, and it is very thick. This is making it difficult to use the PetVac Kit to its full potential. Any suggestions?

If your pets hair is really thick, and you are having problems using the ShedEliminator, always brush your pets fur BEFORE using the ShedEliminator de-shedding tool, to remove all tangles. The ShedEliminator is not a comb or brush.

In Stock?

Are the PetVac kits in-stock and ready to ship?

Hi, yes, the kits are in stock and usually ship out the same day they are ordered.

My Pet is Afraid of Vacuum Sounds

I have followed the instructions you sent with the PetVac Kit (brushing my dog without suction a few times, then add in the suction sound), but he is still afraid of it. What can I do?

If your pet trusts you, he/she will eventually trust you brushing them. Start by brushing them with your vacuum turned OFF until your pet is relaxed, then have someone else turn the vacuum on while you are brushing them when you feel your pet is ready.

Too Much Suction?

What do I do if I have too much suction and my air reliefs are open? It can make the tools stick to my dogs coat

Hi, if your central vacuum is super powerful you can "bleed" off more suction by opening an inlet valve door part way. Use a pencil to hold the flap open part way. For effective PetVac vacuuming you only need a little suction at the tool.