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Pipe Adapter for 1.75 inch OD pipe to 2 inch Vac Q&A

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Replacing Kenmore Central Vacuum

I am replacing a Kenmore central vac with a Hayden 9000 cental vac. I need sone hoses to connect the new 2 inch from the vac unit to our smaller plastic pipe on the suction and discharge.

Hi, you need this adaptor to go to two inch but you may also need a bit of the 2 central vacuum pipe OD and a coupling.

Kenmore Central Vacuum Remodel - Add Inlets

I'd like to add 4 inlets to an old Kenmore central vac. Existing connections, inlets, etc. are for 1.75" tubing, all of which are no longer available. How do I extend the existing system when no manufacturer makes compatible parts?

Hello, you can pull this off quite easily. The part #507P2 adapts the central vacuum pipe to your old pipe. Here is the adaptor and pipe and fittings For the new inlet use #517 backing plate and any Basic Inlet Valve Run low voltage wire spliced into your existing wire or all the way back to the Kenmore Vacuum Unit. The bigger issue once it is all installed is the two different hose port diameters and using one hose. But that can be fixed easily as well for a little money. Buy these and put the metal part into the end of the plastic cuff. Put it in far enough so when you use the new inlets it goes in and allows the plastic cuff with metal ring to engage. Here is what you need and they will fit on your old hose,302-1.25ST. Or you can buy a new hose and put that metal part into it directly,303,302-1.25ST. If you have more questions please ask.