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Pipe Adapter and Hide-A-Hose Stop Q&A

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Sch40 Adaptors

Are adapters to schedual 40 pvc sold? Also are in line ball valves sold.

Central Vacuum pipe will fit into Sch40 without any adaptors. It is not too of a connection considering the flow will be with the lip created when inserting central vacuum pipe into 2 inner diameter Sch40. Sorry no valve gates through us, try an RV store.

Coupling to Fit Adaptor?

I had to cut my HP Vacuflow 1.8125 OD pipe to access a clog. Where do I get a 1.8125 ID X 1.8125 ID coupling to join this back together? Is my only choice to splice in a 2"OD section of pipe between (2) of these 1.8125 OD to 2"OD couplings?

Sounds like you need another adaptor, a small piece of regular central vac pip and a coupling. Call us and we'll help you out.

Smaller Diameter Pipe Available?

Where can i find 1.8125 inch OD pipe lengths? If possible i'd prefer to get a length of pipe with a 1.7 inch inside diameter. Sincerely, Ben k.

Sorry, that is a outdated central vacuum pipe size. These adaptors work very well, though.