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Fit Over Elbow?

Will the collar clear a 90 degree fitting bell?

The collar only fits around the 2" diameter pipe, not around any of the fittings or elbows.


Is there supposed to be an "O" ring in the grove inside the above pipe collar. If so, please send me two because mine did not come with an "O" ring.

There never was an o-ring on the collars.

How it Fits on Pipe

There is a slop fit between the above collar and the 2 inch OD vacuum pipe. Do I need a coupling PVC vacuum connector #507 to fit in between the above pipe collar and the pipe or will the glue take up the slack?

It is more decorative than functional, therefore not a very tight fit. It cleans up the look of the pipe as the pipe goes into an existing wall or ceiling. Glue will hold it in place.