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18-inch Plastic Wand Q&A

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Options For Old Plastic Telescopic Wands

We have a MD central vacuum system. The Secondary Telescopic Wand is a two part plastic piece for our hard ward floor brush and the top plastic piece has cracked at the top. Do you have a replacement wand that would work?


We no longer carry the Plastic Telescopic Wand. However, we carry replacement wands that will work great! Please take a look at these replacement options: Wand Replacement Options for MD System

Dirt Devil Compatible?

Will this work on dirt devil cv950le unit

The plastic wands will fit any hose with a 1.25 inch outer diameter for your reference. You may view the specifics on this item by following the link provided. Should we be of further assistance, you may also contact us at the number listed below.


What is the OD at the thinner end? Can the thinner end fit a 1 1/4" floor brush? Thanks.

The thin end is 1.25" in diameter. Yes it will fit a standard 1.25" opening in a floor brush.

Compatibility With Portable Vacuum

Bill,Ohio will this wand fit the B&D cordless mini canister vac

All of our products are designed to work with central vacuum systems. The wand you have indicated will fit any nozzle with an outside diameter of 1.25", no adapters are available for non-standard diameters.

Upright Vacuum Compatible?

Are these wands compatible with Eureka SmartVac uprights? Rockville MD

Most likely they are. They are universal and fit most all vacuums. They are 1-1/4" diameter give or take a little.

Nutone CV554 Compatible?

I have a Nutone central vacuum cv554. Will this wand work?

Yes, this fits all Nutone models.

Husky Compatible?

Will this work on a husky vacuum model hv02000? I got this as a gift and need the extension to not have to lean down. Thank you.

Yes, this will work with all Husky central vacuums, all our wands will.

Beam Compatible?

will this work with the beam 2100 model? ours broke in 1/2 after 11 years of use.

Yes, this works with all Beam models.

Nutone Compatible?

I would like to know if I can use this for my NutTone model: CV 352? Janira - West Palm Beach

Yes, you can use as many of these as you want on any Nutone Central Vac. Thank you for asking.

Available in Black?

Can I get the wands in black?

Sorry, we only have them in gray. There are black ones from other vendors but the plastic is too thin.

Stealth Compatible?

is this for stealth style vacuums?

Hi, this wand fits all Stealth Vacuum Kits, all other Electric Kits and all Air Kits.

Fit Beam?

Can this be used for beam vacuum cleaner (model 2240). This is for the floor attachment that switches between hardwood flooring and carpet using a lever to switch between the two surfaces. The nozzle that the piece needs to fit into is about 3.4 cm diameter. The fitting part has a diameter of 2.8 cm. Will this work.

Hi, yes these wands will fit, guaranteed.

Hoover Canister Vacuum Accessories?

Sharon - Nickelsville, Virginia I own a Hoover Bagless Windtunnell Canister. I would like to order ext wands (406P) and a hardwood floor brush. I only need a simple 10-12 inch attachment with no wheels. I am unable to see which attachment will be compatible with the wands. Would you please recommend one. I am also interested in part # 403R round brush. Thanks.

Hi, yes our standard fitting accessories should fit your Hoover and many others. The wands, plastic and metal, fit all our floor brushes and accessories. Here are the ones you want to get,402D,403R.

Inner Diameters

Hello, Could you please tell me the inside dimensions of both ends of this wand? Also, does one end have a taper fit? Thank you, Howard Walker Plainview, NY

The wider end has an ID of 1-1/4 and slowly tapers down. The thinner end ID is a hair under one inch.

Longest Length

Tim from Sacramento. How many of these wands can be strung together for high places without them falling apart? I have a ceiling that is about 28' high at the ridge. I could use something 16' to 18' long. Can you get longer lengths?

Hi, you can put 11 of these together for a pretty sturdy vacuuming solution. We would do it at our homes!

Inside Ridge?

does this extension wand have a ridge on the inside, about 3" up from the wide end inside? I need a wand that doesn't have the stop ridge up in it. Also, do you have any wands that are 1 7/16 ID? and 18" long?

Hello, the plastic wand does not have a ridge as you describe so it will work for you. And sorry, we don't have any wands that wide.


Our extension wand for the plastic wand unit cracked at the top. I glued it and wrapped with duct tape for temporary fix but we need replacement soon as we use it ALL THE TIME. It is actually a 19" length piece. The outside diameter at the wide end is approximately 1 1/2". Is this the right replacement unit? (white, hard plastic). Annemarie

Hello Annemarie, that would be the correct replacements.

Now Selling Stiffer Style

You said you're getting stiffer wands (apparently more like the older ones) --can you tell me when? Also, will they fit together better so they don't have the problem of separating that some reviewers wrote about? June

The wands we now sell are very sturdy and fit together perfectly....just like the originals we sold.

Fit Button Locking Hoses?

Does it even fit the Stealth hose with the lock button?

Yes, it fits on the button locking hoses. You can slide it over the button or leave it on just before the button lock.


What is the OD and ID at the widest end? I'm looking for 1 1/2" OD and ID of 1 3/8". Is there a inside ridge on the wide end where you slide another wand into it? I am looking for a wand that does not have the inside ridge about 3" up inside that would stop another wand of different mfg. of fitting in. Thank You.

That is the measurement. Interesting timing, right now (August 17, 2006) we have some other plastic wands that look like the ones pictured but have the wider end that you don't want. Give us a month and see if our supplier has the original style.