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Power Brush Motor (Many Brands) Q&A

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116-2643587 Parts for Base?

I have a Kenmore with the power-mate Model #116-2643587 and the motor is gone is this the replacement that I need? Thanks, Cathy from Clover

Sorry, we don't have parts for that vacuum base assembly.

116.22513 Motor

I have a Kenmore vacuum model# 116.22513 with a Power-Mate Jr. attachment. All of a sudden when I turn on the vacuum it starts making a loud grinding sound and the brushes do not turn. The belt is fine. Does this sound like the motor needs to be replaced? If yes, would this be the correct item? Thank you. Mark, North Brunswick

This may be the belt, check the teeth on the belt. If the motor you'd need to contact

116.24142 Replacement

Question :Motor replacement reference and cost I am looking the replacement model number and cost for the motor of my old but excellent Sears Kenmore Beaterbar Power Mate Model #116.24142. Thanks : Oscar

We do not have the motor but we have the original updated brush. It was originally made by Panasonic but sold under many names such as PowerMate and Hayden. This brush will fit your system and hose and satisfy your "excellent" approval.,480I,48045. If you have any questions please let us know.

116.5718180C Motor?

I have a Sears Kenmore Power-Mate Vacuum cleaner. I think a need a new motor. I was vacuuming and i could smell like it was overheating. Do you have a motor for model 116.5718180C


Sears no longer has a cross reference for that model you've given. The replacement motor we sell may be the exact one you need, it just needs to be the same size and mount the same. Use the description and ask for any other specs you need.

116.58412790 Motor?

i have a sears kenmore model 116.58412790 beater bar motor 747155 is this the replacement i am looking for. JAMES WEST BRANCH MICH.

Yes, this is the motor you would need for that model.

118139-19 Replacement?

My Nutone 650 powerhead motor (118139-19) is gone. Do you have replacement? Provide cost (including shipping, shipping time. Gene, Fort Mill, SC

Hi Gene, we don't have a cross reference for that. If the brush looks like our Hayden (which many others sold under different names) then you have a match. Otherwise we don't have the motor. Just for your information many others buy the Stealth or BlackHawk carpet brush as a replacement.

118139-21 Motor Replacement

I have a Hayden motor model #118139-21 & 0902:97G7. It is in the super pack power vacuum nozzle. The motor runs for little more than a second before it trips its circuit breaker. The Hayden model is HAY203 & the part number for the motor in the manual shows 4190. Will this replacement motor fix my problem? Thank you Fred Olympia,WA

Hi Fred if the motor runs and then trips it may also be that thread has wrapped around the ends of the roller brush. Take the brush apart and clean well to make sure it is the motor. If it is the motor then yes, this is the replacement.

118139-21 Motor?

My central vaccum was installed in 1999. I believe the hand piece motor is not working. Upon opening the hand piece, I found the following information that I am trying to validate before I purchase. Additionally, what is the cost of this item and shipping? Please assist. Thanks, Kumar Ametek Lamb Electric Division Kent, OH 44240 118139-21 120 Volts, 60 Hz C90FVH20000

Hello Kumar, this is the replacement motor for Lamb 118139-21. If fits Hayden, CT14D and DX, some Panasonic, and nearly all Kenmore Powermate vacuum nozzles.

118139-27 Motor Replacement?

I am looking for this motor to my Hayden powerhead, the number on the motor is: 118139-27 do you have this and how much for the motor?

You have found the correct replacement for 118139-27. Thanks for asking.

141BD304 Replacement Motor

The motor to the Hayden beater brush attachment has the following model numbers on it 141BD304. We have had this unit since 1991. Do you have this motor and what is the cost?

We believe this is the correct motor to replace your 141BD304 motor. First and foremost because it went into a Hayden power head. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you know for sure.

3600 Deluxe SuperPack

Is this the motor I need for a Hayden 3600 Deluxe SuperPack central vacuum system?

Yes, this is exactly the motor you need for that model.

Access Belt

lost manual for kenmore get to replace belt do i remove bottom plate ?

Hi, push the sides of the topmost section and it lifts off exposing the screws that open the entire brush. We sell the belt and parts and replacements for this exact brush on this page but sold under the name Hayden Sears, Panasonic, and others sold this brush for decades under different names. It has never changed except the roller brush look and feel, but the replacement sold online fits right in. If you want to replace the entire vacuum head you'll have to but the exact same one unless you are willing to buy a new hose and tool kits such as Stealth or EdgeLift (this is for those of you who have this brush with a built into the wall central vacuum, we don't have hoses for canisters). Let us know if you have any questions.

Beam Advocate Motor Replacement?

Do you have a replacement motor for a Beam Advocate Model:AP900 2 AMP power head? Old motor has following numbers: UQ251200-81R10 and E02369-7. Bob Marysville, PA

Hi Bob, sorry we don't have the motor for the nozzle you own. Unfortunately, money wise, the best we can offer is a new kit because of the incompatibilities of the older style connection to the hose. Call for specifics on the issue and your possible unique situation.

CT-14DX Motor?

I believe this motor is the replacement I'm looking for but before I spend the money on it I want to double check. I have an M&S central vacuum head which I am trying to replace the motor for. The model I have is a CT-14DX. The information on the motor itself reads: AMETEK Lamb(?) Electric Division Kent, OH 44240. Model#(?) = 118139-21 Serial#(?) = C90FVH20000 120V 60Hz G5 Is this motor the appropriate replacement for my vacuum? Thank you. Pierre Muldermans

Yes, this is the replacement. The entire head is in our Parts>Hayden section.

Dead Motor?

We have a Kenmore 116.22802 vacuum which worked one day but the next day was cactus. The power head is working but the vacuum itself is not. Any ideas??? Thanks Nicole...Toronto

Hi, sounds like the suction motor is bad. They usually go bad out of thin air, all of a sudden. Slap them real hard and it may work for a bit more. For replacing them motor, unfortunately we don't have that one.

Dimensions, Replace Ametek?

I am looking to replace a AMETEK C90FVH20000 Nutone Powerhead Motor. This motor looks right but is it? Can you confirm yes or no? Thank you for your time.

It is not an Ametek motor but can replace it if it is the right size. Here are the dimensions 2-3/8" tall, 4-5/8" long, and 2-11/16" wide. The belt gear had teeth, not grooves.

Frigidaire Nozzle Replacement?

Will this fit a Frigidaire Gallery CVS Power Nozzle or Carpet Brush. Our CVS was installed in 1998 and is White With Frigidaire Central Vacuum System imprinted on it. The Power Nozzle (Carpet Brush) and hose are gray and the rest of the attachments are black.

Hello, the Hayden power brush, or others we sell, may fit your system. A variety of hose and tool kits can be used will your brand because the wall connect for all central vacuums is standard. The key is the hose/wand connection to the power brush. We try to explain the connection online and if you need more detailed help please call us toll-free.

Hayden (Older Model) Compatible?

Will this fit a Hayden central vac installed in 1995. number on motor reads 0909 94G7..120v 60HZ....thanks, Lisa

Hello Lisa, yes this will fit all the Haydens that look the Hayden brush nozzle sold here. It has really never changed. It was also sold by Kenmore PowerMate for 30-some years. So this motor was in a lot of power nozzles.

Hayden Super Pack Motor?

will this motor replace my old Hayden Super Pack motor part number 4190? Bozeman, MT

Yes, this is the correct replacement motor. Thank you for asking.

Help Buying

Why would I buy this part from you for $90 something when Nutone sells it for $50 something. Does yours come with a better warrenty?

Please provide the link, we can match price and shipping costs.

How Many Splines or Cogs?

I have a CEN-TEC CT14DX electric head brush and I believe the motor in the bruch is going out. It takes some help to get going and it sounds like there is resistance on it even while the belt is not attached. Which motor do I replace it with? The Ametek-Lamb unit in it has a 7 spline hub while the same motor from Ametek-Lamb only has 6 splines. I assume that will make a difference so where can I get the correct motor with the correct hub? Thank you Jeff In Mesa, Arizona

The motor we have referenced is this one It has 7 cogs or splines on the motor shaft where the belt would go around. Hopefully that is what you are looking for.

Kenmore Cannister with MD Hayden Hose?

have 116.58412790 kenmore beater bar canister vacuum would like to use this head with central vac unit was looking at the hayden direct connect hose 343g appears that it may work with my extising wond and head will it?

Sorry, our hoses are for central vacuums built into the home and will not fit the cannister vacuums.

Kenmore Motor Failure?

We have a 1980 Kenmore 116.4054 Central Vac Sys. The #2919 Power Mate brush motor #700650 ramdomly trips the Solid State Protection Light and shuts down the brush motor. This has gradually gotten worse over the years, it started only if the brushes were set too low for the carpet, then even with the brushes set full high. It may run 1 second or 3 minutes on the carpet. It always restarts after cycling the on-off switch when held off the carpet. What do you think is the cause? Faulty Solid State Protection (identified as #741652 Motion Sensor), motor brushes or motor? Do you carry any of the three parts? If so, please advise costs. If it is the Motion Sensor and a replacement is not available, could a circuit breaker be substituted for it? Please advise; Jim Weston

Hello Jim, the problem sounds like the motor/brushes, but only the motor is available. We have some other parts too for the brush here But not the electric parts you mention. Remember that you can replace the hose and brush with a new tool kit from here

Kenmore Powermate Motor

Hi, Do you have a replacement motor for a Kenmore Power-mate 116-5716180? The motor part # is 4150971, Thanks! Mike P. Cooperstown,NY

This is the correct motor for your PowerMate brush that can be found here,

Kenmore Whisperbelt Motor

The WhisperBELT powermate for my Kenmore 116.xxxxx vacuum cleaner stopped working. I changed the belt but it didn't help. Does this motor work, or if not, do you have the right kind? Thanks, Mari, Fraser, CO

This motor will work in your Kenmore Whisperbelt carpet brush. You can view it here,

Motor C90FCAp00000 Replacement?

I have a Hayden Superpack Deluxe powerhead. The motor is a c90FCAp00000 JS.2B Suzhou Kingclean Motor Co Ltd 031221. Will this motor fit my powerhead? John Aston Pa

Hello John, yes this is the motor for the Hayden vacuum head, we guarantee it.

Motor Carbon Brushes?

Is it possible to order just the carbon brushes for this motor? If yes, please provide part number and pricing.

Not available, sorry.

Motor Cost and Complete Brush Replacement

I have a Hayden Power Brush, Model # Hay202. It has a Lamb Motor, Model 118139-21 in it and it is not working. What is the replacement motor for this brush and the cost? Also, If I wanted to purchase a new power head like this model, what model would I order and cost? Thank you. Mrs. Baker

Hi, the replacement motor and brush is here with the price,480,480I.

Nutone 0164566 Motor?

have a nutone power head motor is bad. model no. 0164566 - 2.1 amps on the side. do you have a replacement motor for it

Sorry, we don't have a cross reference for that brush motor.

Nutone Vooglas Brush Motor

have a nutone power brush motor that has "vooglas mfg. co. " on a label along with no's - 243-017 and a replacement available? Thanks- Keith, Grants Pass Oregon

Hi Keith, we don't have one of those and doubt Nutone does as well but check with their website. Nutone users have replaced there brush with the Original Stealth power head from us and been very pleased. The BlackHawk works as well and costs have as much.

Power Brush Motor

I need a Ametek 118139-21 motor for my Kenmore Whispertone 116.29512991. Can you provide pricing?


Hello, are you looking for the motor in the power brush? We would not carry the actual vacuum motor for that unit. Please refer to this page for power brush motor pricing.,480,480I

Power Brush Motor Bad? Trips.

Hi, I have a Hayden central vac system with a Super Deluxe Pack power brush head. The rollers stay on for 5 seconds then the reset trips, I press it and get another 5 seconds. I took it apart and did not have anything wrapped around the roller. The belt looks fine as does the roller. The motor felt very hot to the touch. I cleaned everything out and tried again but it does the same thing. Do you think this is the reset switch? Or the motor itself? Its from 1999.I thought if it was the motor it just wouldnt try to start, so before I buy the wrong part I wanted to ask! Thank you! Lynne Deerfield NH

That would be the motor. It wants to start but the parts can't keep the electricity flowing. We have the motor for sale through MD at

Power-Mate Replacement Brush

I have a Kenmore Power-Mate Compact (model number 116.22102600C) and the brush broke off the clip on one side, and I can't seem to find a replacement for the model. Could you please help me out, thanks!! Casandra, Grande Prairie, Ab Canada

The small clips that steady the brush into place on the ends are not available seperately. You will need to replace the brush roller assembly found here,

PowerMate 116.5481290 Motor?

I have a Kenmore 116.2481290 with a Power-mate (116.5481290). Will this motor fit the power-mate? It looks the same but my old motor has foam wrapped around the center. Do I need to replace that too? Thanks! Anitra, Salt Lake City

Hi, this is the replacement. You don't need the foam, but if you can put some on the top that would be helpful. Thanks for asking.

Powermate Carpet Brush No Power

Hi, I have a 2008 Kenmore Cannister with Powermate 116.27814701. The motor on the Powermate appears to have stopped working. The belt is good and I've reset the overload protector. How can I check if the motor is good or some other connection is causing the problem. I want to be sure I'm replacing the correct part that causes the problem. Thanks, Russ Fairfax, VA

You can connect a 110v power cord to the motor directly to see if it turns on. If the headlight is not turning on, you may have no 110v running through the hose.

Replace Motor or Entire Brush

I have a Nutone powerhead CT-600, the motor bearings are gone do you have a replacement? Motor #118139-21 and could you give me a price also. Thanks,Ed Would you recommend a better powerhead? The pwr hd only last me 5 yrs. (third wand)

Hello, vacuum cleaners have become better since the CT600. The EdgeLift and Stealth are such brushes. They have a lifetime belt warranty - they shutdown when the brush gets caught on something. Imagine never changing another vacuum belt! The motors are stronger and they clean very well. Nutone hoses where the brush cord was plugged in manually can receive the Stealth. If not then consider buying a new complete kit. Here are the brushes:

Replacement Motor

UG-251200-81R06 Well, I believe this is the correct motor. I've pulled it out, and the best I can make of it are these numbers. I pulled it out of a vacuum power head (for a canister style setup in my basement) The model number of the power-head is :BM1176 it says Type"A" 2.1Amps There is a serial number#0412000698 Any help with a replacement motor (or direct me in the right way) would be greatly appreciated. I've now spent 2 hours online trying to find a motor!

This motor will be a good match as it was used in such a wide range of brushes. If you have any questions you can call our customer service at 800-997-2278.

Replacement Motor for CT14DX (CT-14-DX)

Is it possible to buy a replacement motor for a CT14dx? My husband is a mechanic and believes this will fix our electric brush.


Yes, it is possible. You will find this motor by clicking on the following link:

Same as Original?

The Hayden Brush Motor supplied may not be the correct replacement part for my Hayden Model HAY202 Powered Brush. The original motor is an Ametek, Lamp Electric Division Model # 118139-21. The replacement part is a Cinderson E246508.

Hi, we purchase these motors directly from Hayden. They switched manufacturers many years ago. The motor sold directly replaces the original and works perfectly with the nozzle. The quality is as good as the Ametek original motor. Thanks for asking.

Stealth Motor Replacement?

i have a stealth electric vacuum head for a md system and burnt the motor up in it. will this motor replace the rotafil r73/25v 120v 180w motor in it. thank you Daniel charleston sc

Actually, the motor you are looking for is here Motors are made specifically for the brush they are intended to be in and will not work correctly outside of that application.

Stops on Carpet

I have a Kenmore Central Vac Model#BM1176 TypeA and the power head freewheels fine until it makes contact with the carpet, then it stops and will not start unless it lifted up. I have taken it apart and cleaned the beater bar out and made sure it turns free by hand. There is just no torque (I can stall the motor with my hand on the beater bar) Suggestions???

The keyway gear on the motor shaft is sheared. The motor will need to be replaced. If your vacuum basically looks like this in the link one then this is your motor:,48044

VM454 Motor Replacement?

Hi, I have a 10 yr old M & S Systems Central Vac with an electric brush head. It appears the motor has gone bad. The electric brush head model number is VM 454. Is you Part#48044 the correct replacement motor? Thanks, Paul Dallas, TX

Paul, this could very well be the correct motor replacement. If it looks the same it is, the motor was used in many vacuums.